15 Useful Ways To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship

Worried that your needy behavior is spoiling the fun in your relationship? Here are 15 useful ways to stop being needy and have a happy relationship.

By Janani
15 Useful Ways To Stop Being Needy In A Relationship

Are You Needy In Your Relationship?

Being in a relationship means you need to be who you are and not completely dependant on your partner. Being needy and clingy in a relationship is going to make your partner pull away from you. When you act needy, it is going to create a lot of stress for your partner. When in a relationship, it is difficult to understand that you are needy. But if you have found that you are a needy person then it is time to change your behavior and make yourself a happy love life. Here are 15 useful ways that can help you to stop being needy in your relationship.

1. To Stop Being A Needy Person Learn To Be Confident

To overcome being the needy partner in a relationship you need to grow as a confident person. Think and behave in a confident way. Never let society define you. Becoming a confident person is not going to happen overnight. Rather it takes days of practice. Empower yourself through music, read books that motivate you and make yourself a better person. Being a confident person is one of the best ways to overcome being needy according to psychology.

2. Enjoy Some Alone Time

According to psychology, it is always good to spend time alone. Have some 'Me' time for yourself. It helps you feel empowered and be less dependent on your boyfriend or girlfriend. When you are in a long distance relationship and get plenty of time for yourself make sure that you make the most of it. Listen to some music, work out, have a good quality sleep or pamper yourself with a spa day. Getting to spend some time alone helps you to enjoy your own company.

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3. Be Socially Active

When you are needy, it means there are some unmet emotional expectations. So, to fill in that gap for your emotional needs try to be socially active. Meet new people, get to know them and make new friends and this will enrich your behavior and make you an emotionally stronger person. Even when you are in a long distance relationship try to make new friends; never be too obsessed with talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend all the time. By knowing new people you get to overcome being needy.

4. Learn To Say 'No'

When in a relationship never fear to disagree with your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can never always please your partner if you want to be in a long-term relationship. By being 'too nice' in your relationship you are actually losing yourself in that relationship. It might seem that when you agree you might be getting a lot of affection from your partner but that is not good in the long run. To get the relationship you want then it is sometimes wise to disagree with the things that are not right.

5. Never Make Detailed Plans For Your Future Together

It is always nice to see the future together with your partner. But, being together for a short time and making very detailed plans for your future will definitely scare your boyfriend or girlfriend away. Your initial days of being in love can make you both feel great passion and affection but you should never make plans based on that. Try taking things slow and never make a fast move. Making detailed plans for your wedding even before your partner pops the question is only going to make you look weird and creepy.

6. To Stop Being Needy Get A Life

According to psychology, it is important to have a life of your own when you begin to stop being needy. Keep yourself busy, rather than being idle. Focus on your career and grow as a person. Never be too obsessed with the love and affection that you receive from your partner. Understand that there is a life beside your boyfriend or girlfriend. Learn to appreciate that. Getting love and affection from your partner is fun but that cannot be your only goal in life. By doing something for yourself in your life, you can try and stop being needy.

7. Focus On Your Hobbies

To stop being needy you need to be more engaged in your hobbies. If you love to paint try to get creative and paint. Identify your hobbies and try focusing on them. Being in a relationship doesn't mean you need to be with your partner all the time. You can develop your interests. You can spend time on your hobbies together if you and your partner share mutual interests. If not, you can always follow your hobbies alone. This is one good way to stop being needy according to psychology.

8. Stop OverThinking

Overthinking in a relationship is always going to cause trouble. You need to sit back and relax and take things as it comes. Sometimes when in a long distance relationship, if you find your partner's pictures all over social media having a great fun time, it can make you doubt yourself. Never overthink that your partner had a great time without you or never missed you in the first place. Let them live their life. These small acts of overthinking will ruin any relationship including long distance.

9. Never Beg For Your Partner's Time

If your partner is extremely busy and doesn't find time to spend with you, you need to let go instead of obsessing over them. Never beg for your partner's time or bargain for time. Stop keeping track of the days that you spend in your life without them and being desperate to spend some time with them. It is simply going to make you look lifeless and your partner will be frustrated in the relationship. To stop being needy in your relationship you should never beg for your partner's time.

10. Stand Up For Yourself

Learn to communicate your needs and wants, never compromise too much in your relationship. Just for the sake of being in a relationship don't let the inner you die. It is okay to make a few compromises but don't make compromises your life. Learn to stand up for yourself. Never let your partner take too much advantage of you. It is simply going to make your life miserable. So, try to stand up for yourself and never be completely dependent on your boyfriend or girlfriend.

11. Love Yourself

Self-love is very important in life. To be able to love yourself means that you can accept yourself for who you are. Never be embarrassed about who you are or what you do. Be proud and love yourself more than anybody in the whole world. Accept your needy behavior and make an effort to change it. Tell yourself that you are going to be the change you want. Enjoy being who you are and as time goes by, you will be the confident and most secure person ever.

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12. Don't Let Jealousy Creep In

When in a relationship it's normal to feel jealous. But never overdo it as it is going to drive your relationship away. Initially, it might seem that you are jealous out of love because your partner spends more time with their friend. But it is just because you are being insecure and needy in your relationship. Being possessive is acceptable to an extent but when it controls your life you are definitely driving your partner in a different direction. To stop being needy and possessive you need to overcome your own insecurities.

13. Have Realistic Expectations

Never expect too much from your partner. Be a little realistic, your partner can never be there for you at all times to help you out. Sometimes you need to figure things on your own. Accept the fact that they have their own priorities in life too and you can never be their only choice. Even when your partner has been the one person you can also dependent on, it is good for you to do things on your own. You must be able to count on them but expecting them to be there for everything is not practical.

14. Respect Your Partner's Space

When needy in a relationship it is tempting to interfere in your partner's space. Never do that; make it a point to understand that everybody needs their own space and that your partner also needs some. When your partner alone time it doesn't mean that they are trying to get away from you because of anger or frustration from you. It is simply because they need some time alone to recharge their life and focus better on the relationship. Spending some alone time energizes your partner and makes them value you more.

15. Seek Professional Help

If you find it really hard to overcome being needy even after trying out all the tips and tricks, then it is always better to get professional help. To grow as a stronger person and to have a successful love life it is wise to get help and make yourself a mature grown up. Mostly being needy is due to anxiety and stress in life. So it is better to get therapy and figure out your issues. Never be afraid to seek professional help when you think life gets really difficult. This is one way to overcome being needy in your relationship.

Let Go Of Being Needy

Now that you have taken the first step in knowing how to overcome your neediness it is time to put a more effort into becoming a more secure person. Learn to let go of simple things, never be too worried or clingy or always expect an external validation. It is time to leave the neediness behind to have a good relationship with your loved one. You are unknowingly causing a lot of mental pressure for the one you love by being needy. So it is high time that you let go of your insecurity and become a grown person. Only when you learn to overcome your neediness will you have a happy and a successful relationship. If you don't you might end up driving away every person you fall in love with.

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