10 Unmistakable Signs She Wants A Relationship With You

Have you been dating her for a while and you can't figure out if she wants a relationship with you? There are some unmistakable signs that indicate she does and here are 10 of the most obvious ones.

By Saadia
10 Unmistakable Signs She Wants A Relationship With You

Wondering if she wants you?

There is no doubt about it that women are hard to read. For men, it is often a struggle to figure out what we are feeling. They aren't really as subtle as they think they are in reading us. If you're a guy who has been dating a girl for a while and you can’t figure out if she is serious about you, you've landed in the right place. When you start dating someone, in the initial phase, it's easy for anyone to become blinded by the surging hormones and hence you ignore critical signs that tell whether the other person is into you or not. Here are 10 obvious signs that tell she wants to be in a relationship with you. If you can’t see them, that means she is just not into you. Let’s begin:

1. Her body language is one of the signs

One easy way to figure out if she wants to be in a relationship with you or not is to observe her body language. For that, you will have to pay close attention to her. Watch out for these signs:

Too much leaning

While talking, she'll face her body towards you. As the conversation continues, she might start leaning closer to you. When the conversation starts, she may not be sitting right next to you but you'll notice that once the conversation is over, she is noticeably closer to you.

Touching knees

You will notice that when she is setting next to you, one of her knees is touching yours. She might not do it hard, but it will be gentle enough that you won’t even notice it.

Playing with her hair

Hair is among the most desired attributes a man sees in a woman. So, if she wants to be in a relationship, she is definitely going to draw your attention to her hair. Here are the signs you should watch out for. If she is twirling her hair around her fingers or flipping them, it means she likes you. But if she is braiding her hair or tugging at it, then it means she is bored and isn’t serious about you.

2. When she takes you to a family event, she wants a relationship

Here is one of the most obvious signs she wants to be in a relationship with you! If the girl asks you to spend Christmas Eve with her parents or she asks if you are interested in going to a family event with her, she wants you. It’s her way of slowly integrating you into her circle of friends and family. She is digging you hardcore, my friend. A girl doesn’t take you to a family event for no reason, things are serious here.

3. She thinks you are funny

Girls don’t laugh at all jokes guys crack. When you notice she is laughing at pretty much everything you do or say, she has a crush on you. She will act like she is amused by whatever you do. This is one of the signs that she wants to be your girlfriend particularly when you know you are not great at cracking jokes.

4. You have lots of things in common

When a girl finds out she has a lot of things in common with a guy, she never misses a chance to be in a relationship with that person. That’s why she often pushes to all conversations to the stuff that both of you have in common. Why? Because she wants to bond with you and want you to make it exclusive. She will give you signs that you both have the same likes and dislikes and you can have a meaningful relationship.

5. She asks a lot of questions

This is also one of the unmistakable signs she wants to be with you. You might find her asking too many questions about you and your past. No girl would want to waste her time trying to figure out a person she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with. Most of these questions will be casual because she doesn’t want things to be obvious. But all she is doing is trying to do is figure out if there is a chance she can be more than your girlfriend.

6. She wants to meet your friends or family (definite relationship signal)

This is definitely a clear signal she wants to be in a relationship. Now that she has introduced you to her friends, she wants your friends to know that she is your girlfriend. She wants this relationship to be exclusive.

7. You catch her looking at you (often)

When a girl likes a guy, she ends up watching him a lot. If you catch her looking at you, it’s probably because she wants you. Catching her staring at you is a good sign. Girls who don’t want to get serious avoid gazing at guys. So be on the lookout for such signs.

8. She remembers the things you say (another definite relationship signal)

If the girl likes you, she will always listen to you. In fact, you will be amazed to see how they remember the little details. If it surprised you that she remembers something you said, it is a sign she wishes to be your girlfriend. Here is a side note: Don’t judge us harshly on this one because we are keen and we can’t help but remember the little things.

9. When she spoils you

Nope, she won’t be buying you fancy gifts but you will notice her doing extra things for you like baking you cookies or bringing your favorite candy bar. That means she is spending her spare time thinking about you and she wants the same from you. You will find her treating you often. It’s her way of showing that she cares about you. Whenever she can, she will be eager to help you. She definitely wants things to be exclusive. It is one of the signs that are hard to ignore.

10. When you are her go-to person

Whenever she has something to share, you are the first person she shares it with no matter what time of the day it is. It doesn’t always have to be something special. Maybe she wants to call you to pour her heart out to you or she just wants to hear your voice. There are also chances that she needs your advice. Whatever it is, if you are the first person that comes to her mind, she wants this relationship to be exclusive. Is there anyone else in this picture? Not even her best friend? Then it means she is slowly trying to make you a part of everything she does and become a part of your life too.

Some more important signs not to over-look!

She wants to be in a relationship

There are some people who feel lost when they are not in a relationship. In fact, they are needy for a relationship, which is why they hop from one relationship to another without taking any break. All they long for is someone to play the role of their partner because they constantly want to feel complete. They feel incomplete when they are single. Trust me, you don’t want to be with such a person. It is one of the signs that indicate you should totally avoid that person. You should only be in a relationship with a woman who is happy to be single. She is the kind of lady who likes being on her own and doesn’t mind asking for help whenever she needs it. Some guys mistakenly believe that such independent women don’t really want to be in a relationship but that’s not true. Such women want to be with someone whom they can share their life with. They are not up for playing games. Don’t ignore these signs, consider this an opportunity to take this relationship further.

She is over her past relationships

Whether it is a man or a woman, they can only be serious about someone if they are ready to let go of all the past relationships and the hurt they caused. If a girl is dating you just for the sake of distraction or rebound, it is easy to tell. She will always be distracted, she won’t be serious about committing and she will never introduce you to her friends or family to begin with. Be careful about these signs. On the other hand, the woman who wants to be in a relationship with you will be over her exes and you can clearly tell it from her attitude.

Red Flags

Sometimes, a girl is just playing with you. As much as you should look for signs that say she is interested, you also need to be aware of the red flags that say she does not want a relationship. Like:

She does not agree to plans

Just pitch the idea of going on a vacation together or even going to a concert. If she consistently puts every plan off, she doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

She is playing too hard to get

Do you have to constantly prove yourself? Are there always obstacles in the way to be with her? Here goes another red flag that says she doesn’t want a relationship.

It is expensive to date her

Is being in a relationship with her is taking a toll on your bank account? If the relationship is becoming more about money than you two, then tell her you have to go on a tight budget for a few months. If she starts complaining or runs off, there is your answer. She never wanted to be in a relationship.

She always makes you feel insecure

Ask yourself these questions. What are your feelings about this not-so-exclusive relationship? Does she make you feel safe or cared for? Do you ever feel secure? Are these your own insecurities or her actions make you insecure? The answer to that will tell if you two can be in a relationship.

To be honest, if the woman sees a future with you, it is easy to tell from her face because she is excited and happy every time she sees you. Recognizing this beforehand always helps you define your relationship. Once you are sure about everything, take a deep breath and make it exclusive. Who knows this could be the start of something wonderful.