What Do Dreams About Being Teeth Breaking Mean? 10 Common Nightmares, Explained

Have you ever had dreams about your teeth breaking? Or woken up in the middle of the night to find your teeth all intact? Then what do these dreams mean?

By Amanda Palmer
What Do Dreams About Being Teeth Breaking Mean? 10 Common Nightmares, Explained

All About Dreams

The world of dreams is amazing. While in the dream state, we create the impossible, do unimaginable stuff, get into unrealistic situations and sometimes get supernatural powers. Dreams also show us some very horrific incidents such as being murdered, murdering someone, giving birth to aliens and walking out in the nude. All these dreams seem silly, weird and strange the moment we wake up and we forget most of them the moment we step out of the bed. At the same time, some of these strange dreams leave an impact on our minds for a few days. The majority of our night dreams represent a state of our subconscious minds responding to our daily concerns and disturbing events in life. Many times, these dreams have an inner meaning or are an illumination to guide us in the right path in our real lives. Many times, these dreams, if interpreted correctly, may prevent us from further mishaps or give us a message that the future is bright. Dreams have an immense power to help us realize and bring to surface our internal beliefs and capabilities. These dreams also help us identify our innermost fears and help us dissolve our tensions. 

These dreams need to analyzed and interpreted in-depth to understand their hidden meaning and significance. Many dream experts have analyzed common dream patterns to understand the symbolism of every kind of dream. There are certain dreams which have been common to almost everyone. Such dreams are considered universal themes as they have been reported with a higher frequency as compared to other dreams. Such dreams demonstrate the suffering of humans for the same issues and the subconscious mind expresses them in a similar way. 

One such dream is the 'teeth breaking' dream. Dreams about teeth can be really unsettling. Dreams are more unsettling the moment we wake up because we are amazed by how real and vivid the dream image felt. When teeth appear in the dreams, they generally come across as falling, breaking, rotting, spitting teeth or losing teeth. 

It was established that teeth symbolize our inner aspects that are usually unrecognized. Everyone can see our teeth when we speak or they can be covered by our mouth. Interpreting or translating such teeth breaking dreams requires one to analyze one's situations in depth. 

The dream world is very fascinating and as you go deeper and deeper in it to understand the hidden meanings of various common dreams, you will be amazed to know about the vastness of the subject. Here below, we have the meaning of common 'teeth breaking' dreams decoded.

Dreams of Teeth Breaking

The usual teeth breaking dreams include dreams of teeth losing, spitting teeth, teeth crumbling or cracking, teeth turning black or decayed. These generally indicate a communication problem you might have had a few days ago. Teeth symbolize a person's inner power as it is up to you what you speak and when you keep your mouth shut. Your speech should be and can be controlled by you. If you had a teeth breaking dream, it could mean that you failed to convey your opinions or were unable to express your views clearly. It also represents that you silenced yourself when you should have spoken. 

A blackened tooth dream represents that you said something that made you feek ugly. A teeth breaking dream mostly suggests a communication breakdown in which you felt helpless to change another person's opinion. Losing teeth indicates that you are a timid person and feel ineffective about yourself. Such teeth breaking dreams amplify inferior feelings and also stresses the need to remove the hindrances and improve your communication power. 

Types of Teeth Dreams

While dreams have no definition, there are some common kinds of teeth dreams which have been interpreted numerous times:

* Pulling teeth:

There are various indications of this dream. If you were pulling your own teeth, then it could be related to your speech. It could also mean that you are holding something inside which is causing you a lot of distress. If someone else is pulling your teeth, it could indicate that someone in your waking life is trying to extract valuable information from you. 

* Rotting Teeth:

If you dream of rotting teeth, it could indicate your anxieties and fears which you have repressed deep inside. Rotting indicates decay and degeneration of your image. This could also suggest improper hygiene. 

* Broken/Crooked Teeth: 

A dream about broken or crooked teeth suggest embarrassment or insecurity that needs to be addressed. Crooked teeth suggest that something needs to be straightened out in your life. 

* Someone breaking your teeth:

This could indicate that someone is trying to ruin your personal image. 

* Teeth falling out: 

Teeth falling out dreams are an inner reflection of how you are thinking about yourself at that time. You feel lack of support in your life and trouble keeping things together. It could indicate that you are feeling torn apart inside. It could also mean that you are stressed about your job situation. 

* Crumbling teeth dreams: 

A dream about crumbling teeth suggests your fears of getting older and feeling weak and dejected. This could also be a message that you need to change your mindset and let go of your ego. 

* Losing teeth: 

If you are losing your teeth in your dreams and looking in front of the mirror, it could mean that something is reflecting. You may be feeling distressed about a missing piece of information. Location in your dreams will give you hints as to where the issue is cropping from. It could be attachment issues, afraid of falling or fear of letting someone go. 

* Spitting out teeth: 

Dreams in which you are spitting out teeth could revolve around yourself image and weakening of something inside you. You might not be able to control something currently and feel it is falling away from your hands.

This is a first in a series interpreting common dream themes. One of the most common dreams people want interpreted is one where teeth fall out, this can mean many different things and the answer lies with what resonates to you: relating to your personal worries and cultural significance. For some losing teeth symbolises money worries, in some culture teeth relate to wealth. Another possible interpretation is that you're worried about aging or your appearance, teeth being one of the key symbols of youth. Inversely dreams of teeth falling out can have a positive connotation: the start of something new, a rebirth. The final meaning I want to cover is anxiety about how you express yourself, the teeth being part of the mouth which represents the words you are putting out into the world. The key to interpreting dreams is understanding how they relate to your life. Once you've figured this out try to work on the issue: sort your finances, work on self confidence and fears surrounding self expression. One of the best ways to deal with these issues outside of talking to someone you trust is journalling. Write down all of your anxieties, fear and work through them that way. #dreaminterpretation #teethdreams #teethfallingoutdreams #dreams #dreaming

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Meaning of Teeth Breaking Dreams

The most common interpretation of teeth breaking dreams is facing disruptive challenges and stress in life. It could be a costly compromise you will have to make in life and also about the misfortunes that may result from it. 

Common interpretations of breaking teeth dreams can be summed up as:

  • Stability and lack of balance
  • Issues with trust and reliability
  • Guilt over a broken promise
  • Fear or loss of someone or some kind
  • Regret in making costly compromises and the misfortune related to the compromise
  • A message to introspect into your current actions. 

Teeth breaking dreams are generally not related to positive feelings or happenings. You will need to think about all the symbols and imagery in your dreams to come to a conclusion about what your dream was trying to indicate. 

Think about what could disrupt your life balance and pleasure currently in life. You should also give a thought to something that can be unreliable in your life at present. It could be pointing to other people. Also, give a thought to your health and physical appearance. 

If you have said something wrong to a person or are feeling guilty about a broken promise, then such a dream is an indication that you should try and make amends. 

Breaking teeth dreams should be taken as an invitation for deeper introspection into your life. Think about all the issues causing hurt and pain. Clear your social image if possible, make amends with people whom you have hurt, do not trust anyone blindly and if you have made some costly compromises in life, be prepared for the aftermath. 

It is wise to not take teeth breaking dreams lightly and give it some deeper thoughts. It basically all sums up to a feeling of being powerless and helpless in a situation. If such is the case, your dream is just signaling your inner frustrations and inability to control the situation. Introspecting about the various issues revolving your current life situation always ends up positively. Either you come up with an alternate solution or you know that nothing can be done and kind of accept the situation. Such a dream, if taken by its indication, might help you to learn to accept certain situations in life. Remember, nothing is constant in life. If such dreams are an indication of some loss or unpleasant situations, better times will come too. So, do not get disheartened and take such dreams only as indications. 

Teeth Breaking Dreams and Death

There have been some instances of strange connections between teeth breaking dreams and death. In some cases, it has been reported that many people who had teeth breaking dreams experienced losing someone in their lives soon after. Teeth breaking dreams and subsequent death can be very unsettling. However, every time you see a teeth breaking dream does not necessarily mean the death of someone in your family. 


Different Interpretation of Teeth Breaking Dreams

Teeth spitting, breaking or rotting dreams have been recorded since the time dreams had started getting interpreted on a wider scale. In the Greek culture, teeth imply death and illness. In the Chinese culture, teeth breaking dreams represent speech problems. In the Western world, people are more inclined towards their image and looking good. In their teeth breaking dreams, often a mirror appears for the dreamer to see the reflection of himself or herself. This could indicate that one needs to do a self reflection of his or her own insecurities. 

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Various interpretations of teeth breaking dreams have been made. Now that you know what it could mean or indicate, you can be more prepared about what to expect or do a deep self-analysis and try and fix your possible life errors in your current waking state.