5 Ways to Learn About Raphael the Healing Angel

Interesting facts on who and why is Raphael is a healing angel

By AcaciaJ
 5 Ways to Learn About Raphael the Healing Angel

Who and Why is Raphael Known for Healing

Raphael the Angel is known for his powers of healing. This amazing angel can heal both humans and animals. Raphael is said to the only answer if he is called upon and he doesn't interfere with our free will. He also assists spirit guides in strengthening their abilities to heal as well. He is an angel of peace and is known too, for helping travelers along their journeys and helping to protect those in need.

Any good characteristic or quality in life that you may yearn to have Raphael can aid in you getting in touch with those qualities. Perhaps the most amazing thing about calling on him is he works fast to assist you in feeling better. Many tribulations in life can cause us to go array in our bodies and in our minds. Unfortunately, it’s very very easy to get off track in this life. But, No matter what the problem maybe you can be healed of them. Another amazing thing is that maybe it's not you who needs assistance, you can call upon him for a loved one or a close friend. 

You may be someone who is known for your encouraging qualities or staying strong for your loved ones or those around you. If asked, you could be gifted with more strength to aid in being strong and sharing peace to those who need it. Maybe you consider yourself as someone who would be good in healing, or, you have experience in healing others but you need to hone in on your abilities. 

Raphael can help with that, allowing you to help bring stability and a sense of balance to others who need it most. No matter where you are in life or what you may be going through Raphael is and always will be one prayer away for help. 

5 Facts that You Didn't Know About Raphael

1. Emerald green is his color

The color Emerald green is the color that represents Raphael. Upon requesting his help, you will begin to see the color green in a variety of ways. This could be showing up on your body, illuminating green light around the person. You will also know Raphael is present and working by the flashes of green light that may show up. 

The beautiful Emerald green could even manifest as a gorgeous rapid pouring of green colors. Perhaps the most intriguing of moments is how you will feel after seeing this green. You will begin to instantly feel refreshed, relaxed, and changed.

2. He shows up in various ways

Another fact about Raphael’s healing presence is he shows up in a variety of ways. This also includes making himself known in the physical realm in different ways. While it may seem odd he makes himself known by (you would never guess it), license plates. Many people don’t know this but yes, Raphael has the ability to communicate through license plates. 

File:1956 Colorado license plate type 1.jpg
Source: Wikipedia Commons

This is actually a favorite way for Raphael to get his messages across to those who call upon him. So, if you have prayed to this angel and happen to see a message on a license plate that lines up with what you asked for, don’t second guess. It is exactly what you think and hoped for. 

Raphael  also has the ability to show up in your dreams. While it may be easy to perceive him as a physical form of himself, he actually is more of an apparition or a ghostlike figure of himself. It could be a potentially easier way for Raphael to reach us  since our minds are more susceptible to being reached while we’re sleeping. It’s more difficult during waking hours since our minds are preoccupied from the hustle and bustle of life. 

3. You can call on him anytime and everywhere

We are free to call on this angel literally, anytime, anyplace. It doesn’t matter the time of day or the location we have the freedom to call on him for anything. So whether you’re at work, at an appointment, at home, or anywhere else you are always able to request his help and he will answer you. What’s more, is your requests don’t have to be only regarding physical or mental health.

Requests can be made for the betterment of societies and nations. For example, you can ask that Raphael and the other angels of healing direct peaceful energy towards countries who may be experiencing war. You can even ask that they help send peaceful energy to the researchers that participate in cures for deadly diseases. 

4. He doesn’t work alone

It is also said that Raphael does not work alone as he helps alongside Angel Michael and others, who is also known for helping to heal people of mental and physical afflictions. 

5. He can easily reached on Thursdays

Believe it or not, there is a certain day that Raphael can be reached. It is said that Thursdays which are referred to as 'Green Angel Day,' are the days specifically meant to pray to Raphael and he can be reached even faster. This is because the green-ray of Raphael is radiating even stronger these days. 

During this day, you can pray in the green-ray. This just means you can pray for whatever you need while the rays are radiating even stronger and God can either send Raphael and other angels who work alongside him or, he can send specific angels of the ray to come to you straight away. As you're praying God can even communicate to you through angels to help you in turn, better communicate and concentrate on what you truly need and desire from God. 

Get in Touch With Raphael For

Healing of physical and mental health problems

As previously mentioned, you can get in touch with Raphael when you need healing; this includes both physical and mental health problems. There are several ways this can help us as many things we may not be able to tap into on our own due to life situations and circumstances. Calling upon Rapahel can help to essentially alleviate those problems while creating better health within us to create the lives we long for. 

There are certain aspects of ourselves that we aren’t always able to develop on our own. In steps the beautiful powers of archangel Rapahel. He can help bring about clarity in our minds thus allowing for the development of creativity, enhanced intuition, and more importantly helping us to manifest our innermost goals and dreams for life. 

In search of inner peace

If you are in search of inner peace and peace in the world around you, Raphael simply awaits your request. He can share his abilities with us to help us feel whole and happy while giving love to ourselves and spreading it to those around us. It does not matter the extent of what you may be dealing with. Whether it’s broken relationships, generational problems, issues regarding your work life or home life, even love life. Deep down, in every walk of life we all long to live a life filled with happiness and peace.

All of us may be different in many aspects but we all seek to be happy at the end of the day. Whatever it is you seek within it’s very possible to obtain this by requests of Raphael. You name it, you can have it. From good fortune to good health, nothing is impossible. This lovely angel almost seems to be at our fingertips to allow us to see light when our world seems to be dark. When seeking balance in any capacity Raphael can and will help you to achieve inner and outer peace. 

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Life can get in the way of our happiness or others around us. This doesn’t mean we have to live in this way. Each day we wake up, we have the ability to make a choice to start a new and take our lives in the direction we want it to go. Life happens, and it always will. But, that’s okay because there are beautiful, positive forces out there to help us make it through. Sometimes it’s not so easy to put aside our pride with certain situations to ask for help. However, calling on Raphael can help to pull you out of those very situations.