Keep Seeing Synchronistic Numbers? Here's What They Mean!

(11:11) Synchronistic Numbers can also have Personal Meanings!

By Fred S.
Keep Seeing Synchronistic Numbers? Here's What They Mean!

As of today, the often mind-boggling phenomenon of synchronicity has been referred to as everything from a ‘paranormal event’ to a ‘meaningful coincidence,’ to pseudoscience or just the universe’s way of communicating with us. Regardless of the varying definitions that different groups of people tend to give to this rather strange phenomenon, one thing is sure- the concept of synchronicity, first introduced by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung in 1952, has paved the path for many theoretical debates to take place regarding the topic.

What is Number Synchronicity?

Staying in tandem with Carl Jung’s definition of synchronicity as “a meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved,” number synchronicity refers to the repetition of specific numbers being made evident to certain individuals. Almost always unexpected, multiple testimonies report seeing synchronized numbers appear from everywhere from their digital watches, phones, wall clocks to even the timestamp on YouTube videos, or the random page number on a book.

Closely linked with either a subtle revolutionary event or spiritual awakening taking place in an individual’s life, whether or not they place any significance into what these numbers might mean solely depends on the people that encounter these synchronicity numbers. If you consider these numbers to be rather silly, chances are you won’t find any deeper meaning into their frequent appearances.

Why do They Appear, and What Does that Mean?

As we’ve already mentioned above, the meaning that the emergence of these synchronistic numbers implies is heavily reliant on the significance that individual ties to them. However, the more frequently that you encounter these numbers, the harder it becomes to ignore them, and consequently, the underlying meaning that they imply. Once an individual’s interest in the appearance of synchronistic numbers piques, they’ll most likely want to know the reason behind their emergence and the greater meaning that they add to an individual’s life.

Although it might be tempting just to hit the internet and Google the general meanings relevant to the synchronistic number that you’re seeing, we’d highly recommend that individuals try to figure out the personal implications of these numbers, instead of just forcing some highly abstract meaning onto your life (More on that, later). As far as answering the question of “Why do these numbers appear?” is concerned, perhaps the most valid answer is one which you already know to be true- you need to make some crucial changes to the way that you lead your life!

More often than not, we find ourselves floating aimlessly through time, without any purpose or motivation to be better, and utterly trapped within the clutches of our modern lives. Perhaps seeing these numbers is a much-needed wake-up call, or even a reminder to let you know that as lonely as it may be, there are forces beyond ourselves that keep a watchful eye on everything.

Different Forms of Synchronistic Numbers


Alternatively referred to as “Angel Number,” synchronistic numbers often appear to different individuals in an arsenal of forms and types. Since the synchronicity of numbers depends on the events happening in a person’s life, many factors come into play behind the reason you’re seeing the type of synchronistic number you’re seeing.

With that being said, however, the most frequently encountered form of synchronistic number has to be 11:11. Indicative of a wake-up call, eleven-eleven is closely tied with spiritual awakenings in the metaphysical realms. If you find yourself encountering this synchronistic number frequently, chances are you need to make some critical changes in your lifestyle. To further put things into perspective, if 11:11 were a sound, it would be that of a blaring alarm clock without a snooze button.

Once you become more conscious of the occurrence of synchronistic numbers, however, it is highly likely that the patterns of the appearing number will undergo a significant alteration. Simply put, synchronistic figures can vary in their forms depending on the situation that you’re in at a specific moment in time. Sometimes, you might encounter numbers in the forms of quadruples such as 3333, 4444, 5555, or 6666, whereas other times you’ll find the repeated appearance of a more random group of numbers such as 1717, 1919, 1212,1010, etc. The higher that your intuition becomes in identifying number synchronicity, the higher are your chances of seeing an angel number that seems to be completely random on the surface but entails a much deeper meaning for you.

Most Common Number Synchronicities and Their Meanings

As we’ve already mentioned above, a certain number of synchronicities appear more frequently than others. Still, the primary cause for the emergence of specific synchronistic numbers depends on the situation in which an individual is stuck. Although repetitive numbers such as 11:11, 1010, 4444, 777, and 999 are quite prevalent, to decipher what they might mean requires some insight into the connotations behind some numbers, and put that into the context of your personal beliefs.

Number 0 or 10

As per a consensus-based on a variety of factors, the number 0 is often believed to be representative of potential as the shape of the number dictates zero points towards the earliest void, or the circle of completion, which precedes the eternal force of life itself. Perhaps the simplest way to decipher the meaning of zero would be to think of it as contradictions co-existing with each other- it is both nothing and everything, and is the beginning of something new as well as the end.

Number 1

Quite similar to how a straight arrow function to display its willpower and precision, the number one is highly representative of confidence, leadership, and the virtue of strength. Moreover, the appearance of figure 1 also points towards empowering and discovery of the self, as well as pointing towards enhanced individuality.

Number 4

If we were to prescribe a sound specific to the feeling generated by the number 4, it would most likely be a gentle lullaby evoking a sense of great calm and solitude. Much rooted in the feeling of being ‘present in the now,’ the number four might be deciphered as the connection that an individual has with the physical realm. This connection that the number 4 has with the earth is also further demonstrated by the fact that there are four corners to the ground, four elements as well as four seasons.

Number 11

Perhaps the most frequently encountered number on our list here, the number 11 is also alternatively referred to as the ‘spiritual messenger.’ Undoubtedly, a significant number, encountering the number 11 has both negative, as well as positive connotations. As depicted perfectly by the saying “the eleventh hour,” the number 11 can either point towards the urgent need to make changes or reveal some essential truths about your destiny. Once you decipher how the number 11 ties in with your personal beliefs, you can use your insights to make some significant (and much needed) alterations to your life.

Number 12

The number 12 points towards the cosmic order, and as per numerology, it signifies that the number is characteristic of the creative and individualistic expression of the self. Bearing witness to the role that 12 plays in the cosmic order is that there are twelve astrological signs, twelve months in a year, twelve hours in a day, etc.

What do these numbers mean for you?

As simple and appealing as the prospect of Googling, the general meaning of synchronistic numbers might seem. The only way you can generate the most meaning out of the emergence of these synchronistic numbers is by finding out your personal meaning. A couple of ways you can figure out what these numbers mean and how they apply to your specific situation include the following:

Jotting down all your word associations with the repetitive number

Perhaps the easiest way to determine the real, personal meaning of the number is by brainstorming. Jot down every single word association that pops into your mind regarding the number. An example of this might be jotting down the words ‘triplets, tricycles, oddity’ in relation to the number 3. Furthermore, we’d also highly recommend that you take your immediate interpretation of the number into account instead of just ignoring it. 

What interpretations affect you the most?

The easiest way to determine the accuracy of an interpretation is to take into consideration the emotional response it triggers within you. As a general rule of thumb, the more emotionally affected you are, the more accurate the interpretation is. 

Living with Synchronicities: Do I Take These Numbers Seriously?

If you’ve made it to this far in the article, chances are you consider the appearance of these synchronistic numbers more than just a matter of mere coincidence. Once you’re tuned in to their presence, and consequently their significance, it might just push you into making some much-needed changes within your life. Do your research, figure out the personal meanings that these numbers imply, and live a more fulfilling life!

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Hopefully, by the end of the article, our readers have garnered an acute understanding of what synchronistic numbers are and specific tips to make the most out of them!