Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers: Why Are You Seeing Them

There is a spiritual meaning attached to each number. If a certain number keeps appearing to you repetitively, find out the meaning. Read on to learn more.

By Dagmar Thomson
Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers: Why Are You Seeing Them

Spiritual Meaning of Numbers: Why Are You Seeing Them

Everything in the world has an arithmetic formula that vibrates and produces a tone. When these melodies are produced, they create a musical masterpiece that is released into the universe, therefore giving each number a different meaning. Numbers are one of the sacred ancient arts of the people. The connection of these numbers in the universe shows the marvel of God’s creation and how unique and beautiful they are. Some spiritual numbers are easy to tackle, while some have an in-depth meaning, therefore, they require a Bible study. Each spiritual number has a unique symbol that must be decoded. Here are simple pointers to help you understand the spiritual meaning of numbers. However, it will require an in-depth study on your part in order to understand how spiritual numbers are unique.

The Spiritual Meaning of Number One

Numerology – Interpreting Your Life Path Number To calculate your life path number you just need to convert the month to a single number or a master number (November stays 11 rather than 2). Then convert the day of birth to a single digit or master number. Next, add the total digits of year and reduce this sum to a single digit or master number. The individual digits representing the month, day, and year, be they single digits or master numbers, are then added together, as necessary to reduce the sum once again to a single digit 1 through 9, or to the numerology “master numbers”, 11 or 22. These master numbers, as components of the date or as a final result, are not reduced any further. Interesting idea of where you passion and destiny meet.... For the #Leaders, like me...😉 Life Path Interpretations Number 1 You are all about power. Number 1’s often become great leaders. For this reason, they make great entrepreneurs, freelancers, generals, commanders, CEOs and producers. A number one is usually blessed with motivation, enthusiasm, creativity and inspiration. They tend to be physically healthier and mentally stronger than most people are. They often lust for success (especially material) at any cost. Number 1s who stray from their paths often end up in clingy codependent relationships. #numerologylifepath #numerology1 #numerology #destiny #spiritualnumbers #spiritualdevelopment #BeOpen

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The spiritual meaning of number one symbolizes the beginning during God’s creation. It is also associated with humankind. It symbolizes a strong will, determination, pure and positive energy in a leader. Number one is the backbone of other numbers. It helps us to dream big and it distinguishes between right and wrong. Spiritual numerology number one symbolizes masculinity, principles, and self-drive. The spiritual number one is used in the animal kingdom for a different meaning. If you see a lone creature, and it happens to be your spirit animal, it comes bearing a message for you. An example of a spirit creature is a wolf. When you see this spiritual creature, you should recognize that you are going in different paths and you should concentrate in one path only. A wolf symbolizes a pathfinder. In the Bible, number one has a different meaning, that the almighty father created the world first. This spiritual number one has different meanings and it is upon you to figure out which message is meant for you.

Spiritual Meaning of Number Two

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The spiritual meaning of number two is more feminine. It is the mother of the universe. It symbolizes peace and partnership. Number two does not like confrontations and she is forgiving. She has humility and she does not lose herself easily. Number two knows her path and does not lose focus. She uses the observation skills and the power to persuade anybody to agree with her own terms since she works on the sideline. Spiritual number two avoids rushing the things she considers best, and she does not expect a pat on the back for a well-done job. Spiritual number two enjoys any form of art but preferably, the music she tries to be up to date with it. She loves socializing and she makes friends very fast. She tries to learn as much as she can from her new friends. Spiritual number two is a loyal friend and she shows devotion to a person who supports her. She has a temper but at the same time, she is docile. This brings a balance in her world. Without spiritual number two, the world has no meaning. She is the mother of the universe. In the Greek folklore, the spiritual number two meant a fertility case, a marriage, and childbirth. In the animal kingdom, number two is symbolized a peacock, lion, and cow to mention but a few. If you dream of two cows or see a pair of birds together in a repeating manner, this is a message for you. You should try to find out its meaning.

Spiritual Meaning of Number Three

The spiritual Number three is the product of number one and two. It signifies the inner child and creativity of the child. The child is filled with the hope and a lot of potential. This child has excellent social skills and this comes with the creativity. The spiritual number three has a lot of energy and humor hence making a perfect combination of the law of attraction. Spiritual number three does not do well with life challenges. It may be optimistic but when faced with challenges, it seeks its innermost being for help. Number three is not responsible, therefore, when it comes to relationship matters, they all fail. It is best to be friends with the spiritual number three than to be in a relationship with it. Being playful is what makes spiritual number three happy. In the animal kingdom, the meaning of spiritual number three is a playful animal such as cats. If you see a cat, a crow, or a camel in a repeating trend, you should be aware of changes. In the Greek folklore, the meaning of seeing three crows symbolizes major or drastic changes. Therefore, be on the watch and do not ignore the meaning of this symbol. Number three may have different meanings but is upon you to receive the messages.

Spiritual Meaning of Number Four

Spiritual number four is a masculine number. Its spiritual meaning is strength, masculinity, reliability, and aptness. This is the spiritual number of foundation and persistent. This spiritual number four prefers to work on the sideline where it can pay attention with minimum interruptions. Number four takes great pride in meeting the work goals. This spiritual number loves his space. He works persistently and he has a photographic memory. His perfect memory enables him to socialize well, although he loves to keep to himself. When the spiritual number four comes to the animal kingdom, it has different meanings in different cultures. For example in the Chinese myth, if you see four animals such as a tiger, a dragon or big lizard, a bird, and a black turtle, these four animals are trying to tell you to be alert. If you see four dogs coming towards you, they might be telling you to focus on your goals. If the dogs move away from you, they are telling you to take a break from your goals. It might be difficult to know the meaning, but it is wise not to ignore the meaning of seeing these animals.

Numerology Five

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The spiritual number five lies between masculinity and feminism. It has interesting characteristics due to its nature. The spiritual meaning of number five is pure energy. The nature of spiritual number five is moving from place to place looking for new experiences and its meaning. This spiritual number five becomes steadier and firmer when in a relationship. On the other hand, number five has many friends who complete its unique character. It is unfortunate that most number five become mature when they reach their early thirties. However, they are able to run their own businesses. Due to their charming character, they are able to succeed in businesses. When it comes to the animal kingdom, spiritual meaning of number five symbolizes freedom of acting. An example of an animal that represents number five is a starfish. A starfish exudes energy and its ability to adapt to nature with all five senses. In some culture, the meaning of seeing a starfish is good health, long life, and patience. In other cultures, when you see a starfish, it has a meaning of something daring and exciting coming your way. You may be confused with all the different meanings number five has, but it is advisable you read in great depth to understand the whole meaning.

Spiritual Numerology Six

The numerology spiritual meaning of number six is love. It is more feminine. It portrays nurturing, giving, educating, and protecting. It is harmonious due to its nature. Not much escapes the eyes of the spiritual number six. It tends to carry the burdens of other people, and most of the times it is taken advantage of. Number six does not waver from her responsibilities. Due to its nature of maternal instincts, it is associated with mating animals such as wolves, swans, and fish. When you see a repeating occurrence of animals in a group of six, then you should know it is a message concerning your relationship. Be keen to look if the animals are harmonious with each other or they are in discord. If you see these animals in a group of six, they are trying to speak to your maternal nature. Do not ignore this Bible spiritual meaning of numerology. Luckily, number six has a straightforward meaning; you do not have to go into details.

Spiritual Number Seven

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The Spiritual meaning of number seven is the search for the truth. It is always seeking the truth and nothing seems the way it is to number seven. The meaning of spiritual number seven is to comprehend things. It is always seeking for the things that do not have an easy answer. It sees things in a unique way and it has less interest in money matters. Seeking for the truth is meaningful than financial matters to spiritual number seven. Number seven is the lucky number. In the animal kingdom, seeing animals in a group of seven means you are lucky and fortunate. Examples of animals that are likely to be in seven are bees, ladybugs, spiders, goldfish, and horses. Therefore, when your dreams keep on repeating or if you see these animals, you are fortunate. On the other hand, lucky number seven loves solitude. Therefore, the meaning of seeing a group of seven animals may elaborate that many people surround you or you need people’s company.

Spiritual Number Eight

The meaning behind the spiritual number eight is prosperity. This number symbolizes wealth and power. It involves the financial status of a person. The characteristics of this spiritual number are determination, order, mindfulness, productivity, and practicality. This number is often associated with a successful career. When it comes to relationship matters to number eight, it uses more logic than romance. An example of a spirit animal that is associated with number eight is an octopus. In some cultures, it has a different meaning. Animals such as deer and frogs are associated with prosperity. If you see these animals in a group of eight in a repeating manner, you will prosper in your career. Seeing animals in a group of eight can also mean you that you should believe in yourself.

Spiritual Number Nine

In the spiritual numerology meaning, the number nine symbolizes global thinking. It is characterized by compassion for both animals and humans. It has patience, harmony, and perfections. This is a sacred numerology. The Greeks and the ancient Romans saw this spiritual numerology as a sacred number since it held the meaning of prosperity and good luck. In the animal kingdom, the meaning of number nine is symbolized in some animals like an eagle, camel, a demon, and a snake to mention but a few. When you see these animals in a repeating manner or you dream the same things in repeating trend, this is a sign that you are either overworking yourself and you need to take a break. It could also mean that you are going to prosper. It is a clear indication, that numbers give us a deeper insight spiritual numerology meaning of the things surrounding us. Consider numbers as a one way of spiritual awakening. Do not ignore those signs that keep on repeating themselves since they are sending a message to you. All these numbers have a different meaning and some have more than one meaning to interpret. With this few guide, it is upon you to read in great depth to understand the spiritual Bible meaning of the numbers, and how they affect us further.

999 signifies the time of completion or passage of time. It could referred to completing a project, shifting careers, or giving up an outdated way of thinking. It could also be a sign to move onto the next lesson of life as a current lesson has just been learned. The angels applaud you and look forward to helping you on your journey moving forward along your Path. 999 is an indication a major part of your life is wrapping up and you should take any necessary steps to finish the task at hand. Enjoy the Energy of new, fresh beginnings and the unknowns that lie ahead. It represents closure commitment and commitment to change, and the beginning of starting the cycle of life over for another ride. - Laurra Warnke - Paired with the amazing #Selenite! #999 #spiritual #spiritualnumbers #numbers #change #close #cleanse #universe #crystals #crystalhealer #lightworker #energy #powerful #stones #yoga #namaste #believe #meditate #growth #happyhippie

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