Exploring The Trend Of Unshaven Women - Natural Beauty At It's Best?

Celebrities who are unshaven and is it worth it for you to try?

By Sameet
Exploring The Trend Of Unshaven Women - Natural Beauty At It's Best?

History Of "Unshaved" To "Shaved" In Society

Hey beauties, if you're confused with the new and changing trends of shaving rituals over the years, then you've come to the right place. Yes, there was a time when hair removal was not included in the slightest of trends, but now it has moved the world.

So when was the time women actually started shaving? In American history, the time was around 1915 when this self-grooming trend was introduced. If you recall the fashion prospectus of that era, there weren't much body parts visible so hair removal was limited to the face and neck mostly. Even for that razors and blades weren't used, but homemade remedies and industrial hair-removal creams. Razors became common only when safety razors for men were brought in by the markets. This new safe and convenient invention made a breakthrough and got adopted by the ladies too.

World War I Effects

North Carolina Government and Heritage Library, CC BY 2.0, via Wikipedia Commons

After this great war, many modernizations took place, bringing facilities like separate baths and showers, more awareness in the people about hygiene and also grooming. In the 1930s, nearly every residence building had clean bathrooms and people used to bathe daily to prevent contagious diseases. Now, this war was also subjected to an advertisement by the Gillette Safety Razor Company, which introduced safety razors for men and women both. Shaving was never so easy and cheap.

Why did shaving became so popular?

In the starting days, there was a conservative approach to the idea of women shaving and buying razors even when Gillette made one especially for women called 'Milady Decollete'. For this purpose, women used depilatory creams and other methods to hide their leg hair until World War II. They used to hide them under nylon stockings which also went short due to constant need for nylon and silk in the military those days. It took time but eventually, women adapted to the easiest way around hairy legs, that is shaving. Initially using their husbands' razors, they finally reached the confidence to own this method for themselves.

The Growing Trend of Keeping Body Hair as Natural Beauty

As much as people love the clean and smooth aftershave effect, now owing to your body hair and flaunting it has become as popular. If you follow hashtags like #hairypits on Instagram, tens of thousands of images will pop up, all creating examples for themselves. This trend is growing as fast as women are embracing their natural beauty and not changing a part of their body as it holds significance.

Celebrities Who Do Not Shave (And Proud of It)

We do look forward to style icons for various trends and culture bends, but what we should be following is the way they pull it off. Let's say you start off with this hair-less new life, but would you be proud of it? It will take some time but you'll get there. Here's how these popular celebs do it:

1. Madonna

Madonna (@madonna) • Instagram photos and videos

Our pop queen has always had a taste for different and outstanding. So it was also not a surprise for her too this hairy version of her as she proudly flaunts it.

2. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) • Instagram photos and videos

Not just proud of her own hair, she likes to show them off in different color dyes and make a statement. In multiple photoshoots and magazines, you will find her being an example for the millennials. She makes them sexy and she sure says that loud.

3. Drew Barrymore

This cutie has been keeping her fuzz since the 90s. Also, her attitude has always been so casual about this preference, she never showed it off and kept secretly inspiring everyone. Drew kept it personal and real, long before it became fashionable.

4. Mayim Bialik

mayim bialik (@missmayim) • Instagram photos and videos

Our star from the show The Big Bang Theory has been spreading girl power and evoking it. She gave a great statement about girls having to shave through their lives to be attractive and said, "If we never told girls to shave, would they? If we modeled a cultural acceptance of our body hair, would they spontaneously feel the need to remove it weekly, monthly, or daily? If we all wore bathing suits that covered our natural forms instead of the form that only hairless young girls who have not birthed babies can wear, would our girls and boys have a more or less realistic notion of what the human body 'should' look like?" Think about it.

5. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) • Instagram photos and videos

The way she carries her shaggy legs through Hollywood is amazing. It's the way you act in your own skin that makes you who you are. All you could see in her is confidence and she doesn't need a spa day, or waxed/shaved legs for that. 

Pros And Cons Of Keeping Body Hair

Here are some pros and cons to help you figure out whether this works for you or not.


1. Hair protect you

All parts of your body that are covered with hair have this natural barrier against the environment. Arms, legs, armpits and ESPECIALLY pubic hair are so important to stop those opportunistic infections to invade. When you shave your pubic hair, you leave your skin down there vulnerable to all sorts of infections.

2. More pheromones, more fun

Pheromones sure sound like a mystery but a study in 2007 by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine claimed that our body hairs release pheromones which help us attract a potential mate. So basically it's like your own personal love mist.

3. Armpit hair prevent friction

Even though after shaving your skin feels smooth, but it gets left totally defenseless. Since it sweats a lot there, and your arms are down most of the time, a lot of skin rubbing and friction can produce wear and tear to your skin. Those little cuts can leave rashes and can become irritated too.

4. More touchy feely

You already know that your hair follicles run deep in your skin, along with that follicles run your nerve endings. So basically touching the hair can cause direct nerve stimulation and hence, more feely. So why compromise on pleasure when you can get better orgasms and sex experiences.


There aren't many to it, honestly.

5. Odor and oil

A lot of hair can cause a lot of secretions. Those secretions like sebum and sweat are always there but when the hair hasn't been trimmed or waxed in quite a while, those secretions get absorbed in hair and give a bad odor. 

6. Constant grooming

Just like your head hair, your body hair needs special care too. It's not like you decide to keep them and let them be as they are. No. Just like guys like to groom their beards, gals have to do the same. Special hair oils, trimming down there, keeping it clean. All these things seek time and attention and it's just easier to let them go.

Should You Follow This?

So to shave or not to shave? It's all up to you. It's your body, your rules. But if you think that removing your body hair is going to make you look more clean and hygienic, then think again. If you keep yourself and your skin healthy and germ-free, then hair doesn't really matter. It's your personal choice, whether you want to do this for yourself or follow a culture or a celebrity who means a lot to you. Either way, it's your decision, whatever you make, be proud of it.

Things to look out for

Going this road, you can encouter the following hurdles your way:


Of course, you can't do literally anything your without somehow displeasing the society. But so what? You're the master of your thoughts and decisions, don't let them get you down for a second. People talk, take is like a test, not a downer.


Adapting something like this can be hard especially if you didn't live like this before. But a little patience and loads of confidence can cure it in no time.

Your partner

There comes a time in a relationship when you're so casual and comfortable with each other that superficial things like 'looking perfect' don't really matter. Other than that, your partner should respect the ways you want to treat and keep your body, or else they're not worth you.

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Shaved or not, you are perfect. The moment you realize this fact, it's a whole new world. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise and follow your heart and take care of that beautiful skin, hair or no hair.