10 Best Home Remedies To Get Thicker Hair Fast Naturally

If you want thicker hair naturally, below are 10 tips and tricks you can use to give your hair a nurturing boost right from the comfort of your home!

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10 Best Home Remedies To Get Thicker Hair Fast Naturally

Rapunzel, who?

Nothing radiates beauty and youth like a head full of thick hair. While hair loss may be more common in men thanks to their hormones, both men and women of all ages go through thinning hair at some point in their lives. There are many causes for hair loss and hair thinning including diet, hygiene routines and stress but most of these can be battled by following a few simple steps. Below, are ten different ways you get can thicker hair naturally and fast right at home!

1. Sulfate-Free Shampoo

One of the easiest tips featured in this post is as simple as getting rid of your shampoo and conditioner. Not a lot of people know this but most commercial hair as well as skincare products contain sulfates, a detergent composed of sulfur-containing mineral salts. They are responsible for creating that lathering effect when used in beauty products and has also been deemed harmful for hair and skin because of its aggressive ability to strip our skin and hair from its natural oils. Shifting over to a product that is “sulfate-free” will cleanse our hair while keeping our scalp protected giving us a better chance at healthier and therefore thicker hair.

2. Boost Hair Growth

While we are on the topic of trading shampoos and conditioners, we can also discuss how certain ingredients in formulas can actually promote hair growth in both men and women. Shampoos that contain peppermint or eucalyptus oil have proven to increase circulation and flow into hair follicles, which is where each strand of hair grows from. Philip Kingsley, one of Britian’s greatest trichologist actually suggests massaging the scalp for 30 seconds before washing to get an extra inch of growth per year!

3. Extra Help for Thicker Hair

Vitamins do wonders for our bodies. They can boost our immunities, increase muscle growth and development and they can also promote healthier, thicker hair. Taking supplements such as biotin and fish oil are one of the most common tips by trichologists when it comes to achieving healthier and thicker hair. When used consecutively, they can reduce split ends and restore hydration. Don’t forget to consult your doctor beforehand!

4. Naturally Strengthen with Oils

Most of the best beauty tips include ingredients that can be found in your own home! Applying oils such as coconut, olive and castor are a great substitute for fancy and overpriced salon treatments. These natural oils restore shine and prevent a dry, irritated scalp which in turn gets rid of dandruff and makes hair healthier and thicker. Below are three of the best oils to use as well as how you should apply them and why they are going to do wonders to your locks!

A. Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

Coconut oil has quickly become a sensation in both the beauty and food industry. Not only is it great for skincare and a healthy substitute for fatty ingredients, coconut oil can also be used in hair! The oil is rich with Vitamin E as well as lauric and capric acid, all of which can be absorbed by our hairs. The properties strengthen the hair as well as remove sebum build-up from hair follicles. Applying the oil overnight to your tips and scalp can help hair grow fast, long and healthy!

B. Olive Oil for Thicker Hair

Olive oil is probably the most common ingredient found in the kitchen. Used in both cooking and salad dressing, this natural oil can do a lot more than partake in the preparation for a tasty meal. The oil is rich if omega-3 acids and minerals which makes it the perfect treatment for softer, thicker and healthier hair fast! When applying, heat the oil to body temperature. Then, massage into the scalp and hair. You can leave it on for 30 to 45 minutes or overnight. Don't forget to wash it out with a mild shampoo!

C. Castor Oil for Rejuvination

This natural oil is created by pressing castor seeds and have been known to boost immunity, prevent acne and encourage hair regrowth. While we may not be balding, castor oil can be used to not only restore hair growth but as well as increase it. Over time, the use of castor oil can lead to longer, shinier and thicker hair. Castor oil contains about 9 fatty acids, omega-6, vitamin E and minerals. It's also rich in antioxidants which makes it easier for our hair to retain its keratin and leaving in its wake, smoother and stronger hair. The best kind to use for the hair is going to be the organic or cold pressed castor oil. Apply a sparing amount and run through the hair from roots to tip. Like the olive oil, you can choose to leave this on for 15 to 30 minutes or overnight!

5. Handle with Care

Most people are not aware of the harm our brushes can cause on just-showered, clean hair. When our hair is wet, it's more prone to damage therefore larger bristles can actually cause breakage. Instead, after patting hair dry with a towel, use a wide-toothed comb to get out any tangles!

6. Naturally Thicken with Eggs

Another DIY hair mask right out of the contents of your kitchen! Eggs contain a significant amount of protein which, when applied to hair, can promote thicker and stronger hair. When applying, use two eggs on damp hair from root to tip. You can leave the treatment on for 30 minutes. After, wash and rise with a mild shampoo!

7. DIY Hair Masks

While not the most glamorous way to bring shine back into your locks, the DIY hair masks are a great way to keep your hair healthy without spending too much. While the previously mentioned tips require just one item from the kitchen, these treatments can be a combination of many. Some of the most common ingredients for these masks are honey, coconut oil and even yogurt! There are so many recipes online for an equally diverse amount of purposes but below are two simple recipes for thicker hair!

A. Ginger and Olive Oil

Begin by mincing ginger and warming up the olive oil. Then, apply the mixture from roots to tip and leave on for 30 to 45 minutes. Rinse out with mild shampoo. These ingredients together not only stimulate the scalp and therefore encourage growth but it also gets rid of dandruff and leaves hair softer than before.

B. Apple Cider Vinegar and Green Tea

Apple cider vinegar has a horrifying smell and taste but it is amazing for both your stomach and hair. This recipe will not only add volume but it will also soothe any irritation of the scalp. Get started by mixing 1/4 cup of the vinegar with a cup of cool green tea. After the shower, apply the treatment by brushing it through the hair. Do not rinse!

8. Alter Food Relationship

One of the most difficult tips found in beauty and health posts is always the part about changing your relationship with food. Often times, these diet alterations are extremely hard since most require abstaining from the more unhealthy foods. In this case however, the key to thicker and shinier hair is not getting rid of the things you already eat but adding the beneficial ingredients. While vitamins can give you an extra boost, adding foods that have a significant amount of protein, omega-3, fatty acids and iron can help benefit not only your hair but your overall health! Some foods that contain such nutrients are salmon, nuts and beans!

9. Rest Easy

You may be working the nine to five or going to school and staying up late to do work but no matter how much you absolutely need to get done, remember that a well-rested mind is worth a lot more than a foggy, sleep deprived brain! One of the most simplest and easiest thing to do to achieve thicker and healthier hair naturally is by simply getting enough sleep. A recent study done by British experts was able to connect hair loss with sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep affects a person's immunity, hormones and stamina which can lead to an internal unbalance. Hair loss is almost always caused by such disturbances.

10. Give it a Break

There are so many ways you can give your hair a short but sweet break. The first is to stop washing your hair everyday. Our hair produces natural oils that protect and retain moisture. Shampooing on a daily basis breaks down these natural oils and dries out our locks. Most hair types can usually last about two to three days without a wash. If you are insecure about how your hair looks and fear that it might have become too oily from the lack of washes, remember there is always dry shampoo! This kind of shampoo not only adds volume but it can also absorb any excess oils. The second way you could give your hair a break is to take a break from putting any chemicals on it. Perms and hair coloring suck out all the nutrients from your hair. Leaving in its wake, a head full of dry split ends. The dyes and extra heat can also cause hair thinning and premature hair loss. A break from the two above will be greatly appreciated by your hair and in time you will notice the difference!

Rapunzel, you.

While some people may not pay too much attention to the care of their hair, you can't deny how good a head full of thick, bouncy waves look or how youthful a person appears with thicker hair. The best part is, you don't have to wait hours on end for an appointment at fancy salon or pay the extra price! There are so many natural ways you can achieve Rapunzel-like tresses for less. Some of the easiest ways mentioned above include applying different oils and getting more sleep. While altering your relationship with the food you eat may be among the more challenging of the thicker hair tricks, once you see the results, it's definitely worth it! Plus, there is definitely nothing more rewarding then a good hair day and you can achieve as many of those as you want by following the steps above!