Proof of Past Lives: Bizarre Cases and How to Connect to Yours

Past lives, reincarnation... are we here to improve ourselves?

By Aey
Proof of Past Lives: Bizarre Cases and How to Connect to Yours

The Concept of Past Lives and Reincarnation

Reincarnation and past lives are two interrelated terms. If, say, a school of thought believes in the idea of reincarnation, it may also believe in the concept of a past life. A past life relates to the idea that each soul has lived multiple lifetimes. However, it should be kept in mind that science does not provide ample evidence that suggests that past lives, do, exist. One of the foremost reason why science has failed to back up the concept of past lives is since this experience cannot be ‘measured’ by any scientific method – hence its accuracy and authenticity remains in the shadows. Many scientists across the globe have consensus over the concept of false memories. Memories can thus be, according to scientists, be manipulated to suit the subconscious of the individual.

Moreover, when it comes to the concept of reincarnation – it is a word that originated from Latin. It means to “enter the flesh again”. In clearer terms, it revolves around the idea that all human beings continue to live even after their death – the debate is still being circulated across different schools of thought regarding whether it is the mind or the soul that continues to live.

The concept of reincarnation stretches way back into the philosophical theories that emerged in Ancient India. Early civilizations such as those that settled in the Ganges valley have been found to believe in the idea that afterlife comes – making these early civilizations one of the first to have strong beliefs in reincarnation. One of the foundations of Buddhism is also based on the idea of reincarnation. However, just like the concept of past lives – the concept of reincarnation finds little support from the scientific community. The only logical explanation science provides concerning reincarnation is through the study of genetics. From the lens of genetics, reincarnation is nothing but a superficial title given to a more scientific concept of gene inheritance from an individual’s ancestors. Through the passage of generations, our genes and the habits and memories stored within them might trick us into believing that perhaps “we’ve done this before” or that maybe we have a liking about something we didn’t even know. Whatsoever, other than this – there is no logical, quantifiable understanding of the concept of reincarnations from a scientific viewpoint.

Real Life Bizarre Cases to Proof We Have Past Lives

1. Joey Vervey

Ever since she was a little girl, Joey Vervey claims to remember her past lives – ten of them, to be precise! From the tender age of three, Joey found herself telling amazing stories from her previous reincarnations with unusually precise details that she simply couldn’t have ‘made up’. When she turned five, she found herself as a subject of study for various investigative journalists,parapsychology professors, and reincarnation gurus who all took a keen interest in the possibility of past lives.

As bizarre as it sounds, she remembers her past self from 200 million years ago as a cave dweller, using the tools primates used for hunting and safety – tools such as bones and stones. She remembers running from a dinosaur. Her jaw-dropping recollections were proven by the fact that she was able to lead researchers in the same caves she called home somewhere in South Africa. Moving forward a couple of centuries, she remembers living as an Egyptian slave as well.

2. James Leininger

Leininger’s story is as unique as Vervey’s. Raised in modern-day Louisiana, Leininger was fond of playing with toy planes, however, he soon started to complain of nightmares that involved an awful plane crash. He was reported to scream in the middle of the night, exclaiming “Airplane crash on fire! Little man can’t get out". Then, on the next day, while playing with his toy planes, his family recalls him slamming the toys on a table so aggressively that it would cause scratches on the table, all the while yelling, that his airplane has crashed and is on fire.

His erratic attitude let to his parents becoming anxious about his wellbeing, all of which led to him finally confessing that he lived as a pilot during one of his past lives. He went on to share intimate details of his past life, including the name of the type of planes he used to fly, the names of his friends, and the nickname his friends gave him. His father was able to confirm his story as being true after carrying out extensive research regarding the name of the type of plane James used to fly – what he learned left him speechless. Indeed, there was an aircraft series by the name of “USS Natoma Bay” (the name of the aircraft type James had mentioned) that was operated during World War II – and it crashed, killing the pilot, Jack Larson (a friend James had mentioned was with him during the crash).

3. Vladimir Levinski


Levinski is widely regarded as one of the most talented pianists ever to have graced the music industry. When asked about how he’d learn to play, he was once reported to have said, “ I have no time for them, I have a technique of my own”. But what startled his friends and family was when Levinski started to recognize himself as the reincarnation of German pianist and composer, Franz Liszt. Many people failed to understand his “obsession” with Lizst, especially when he halfway through a concert, he stopped playing to talk about Lizst. The audience was disappointed, but Levinski was proud of his ‘former identity’ and considered his concert a success.

4. Gus Taylor

Although it isn’t very astounding when you hear of a baby being born 18 months after the death of his or her grandfather. However, Taylor’s story may force you to reconsider even the most mundane incidences. The story begins when Taylor was almost two years old and his father was changing his diaper. Taylor then confessed that when he was his father’s age, he used to change his diapers. Ever since then, he is reported to explicitly state that he was the reincarnation of his grandfather. He told intimate details of his grandfather’s life – details he could never have known since his parents hadn’t mentioned them before – details such as the fact that his grandfather’s sister was murdered and that his grandmother used to make milkshakes every day for her husband using a food processor, near the end of his life.

How to Connect and Learn from Your Past Lives

Time present and time past

Are both perhaps present in time future,

And time future contained in time past.

If all time is eternally present

All-time is unredeemable.

T.S. Elliot, “Burnt Norton”

It can thus be said that the past, the present, and the future coexist in the same instant. This, the possibility of having past lives is very much likely. However, this theory can neither be accepted nor denied – it all depends upon your own beliefs and experiences.

Some of the ways by which you could both reconnect with and learn from your past life or ancestors are by making notes of your dreams and then visiting a professional past-life regression conductor. Even though you won’t be promised that the results of the interpretation are accurate, you could get some sort of insight into the kind of person you are in this life. The idea behind this strategy is staying open to all forms of the possibility that could lead you back to the origins of your subconscious.

Just like I’ve mentioned before – trying out past life regression can be a useful tool for when it comes to untapping some hidden clues about who you were in your subconscious or ancestral background. You don’t always have to take in notes of your dreams, an expert would ask you a couple of questions, guide you in meditation and help you better understand yourself by offering a reading. However, as I mentioned before – the results may or may not be accurate – in the end, we choose to believe and deny whatever we want to.


Although this is a topic that falls into the intense debate by many cultures, religions, and societies – we cannot deny the fact that many people have indeed shown pieces of evidence of their past life recollections. However, it depends upon your faith and religion whether you choose to believe in the concept of recollection or not. What matters, in the end, is that you have to understand – past life or not – that each action has a consequence and that it’s wise to appreciate the life we’re currently living for each moment is history in the making!