Feel Nothing But Pain? You Might Have Twin Flame Separation

All about twin flame separation and how to get over the pain

By Kazuko Otsuka
Feel Nothing But Pain? You Might Have Twin Flame Separation

What is a Twin Flame Separation

Have you ever experienced a gut-wrenching separation that left you powerless and unable to function normally? It can be a breakup with your partner or a breakup with a friend or the death of your partner; whatever the case, the pain you felt after the separation was unlike any other pain you’ve ever experienced in your life before. You’re left wondering, “Can I get over this pain?”

You’re probably going through a twin flame separation. A what now? Yes, a twin flame separation. To go through this kind of separation, it has to be with your twin flame. Your twin flame is your mirror soul or your other half. If you’ve ever heard of the term soulmates, well, twin flames are connections even more profound than soulmates. To attain a twin flame is finding your other half. The growth and connection are undeniable in a twin flame connection. Because of this deep connection, unlike ones you get in a typical relationship, the pain felt during and after the separation is intense.

Cue in Katy Perry’s hit song, “The One That Got Away.” A twin flame separation should not be taken lightly. This phase is an emotional, spiritual, and, for some, even physical pain. Not handling it properly can have significant consequences. Just like in any relationship, we go through different stages with our special someone. There’s the “honeymoon stage” where everything is roses and butterflies, and there’s the “runners and chasers” stage where one partner is giving more effort to keep the relationship alive. In a twin flame relationship, you go through all of these, but just 10x more heightened.


Are you in this position? How do you know? There are some clear-cut symptoms to watch out for a twin flame relationship. Read on to distinguish the signs of a twin flame separation.

Symptoms of a Twin Flame Separation

Disputes Left and Right

At the beginning of a twin flame separation is the abundance of arguments. You begin to take notice of the increase in disputes. It can be small misunderstandings or big ones, but they mostly lean towards spiritual and emotional fights. Since a twin flame relationship relies heavily on the spiritual connection, attacks towards this connection greatly affect the strength of the relationship.

Are you at this stage or already past it? Arguing is mentally, emotionally, and even physically tiring. It takes a toll on all states of your being. It’s even harder when the person you’re fighting with is your other half or your twin flame. You might even feel like you’re arguing with yourself at times. Disputes left and right, disputes everywhere. This is not a good sign.

Runners and Chasers

Have you ever played any type of chasing the game when you were a child? Think back to that moment when you were young. First, imagine yourself as the one chasing the kids around you. Imagine and feel your heart pounding in your chest as your feet touch the ground. You are the chaser. Now, imagine yourself as the one running away. Imagine the fear wrapping you as you hear the loud footsteps of the chaser behind you. Imagine the adrenaline rush as you push yourself to get farther and farther away. You are the runner.


Now, imagine all of this, but in a relationship. When there is a runner there is a chaser. A chaser tries their best to keep the relationship going; they give their all, sometimes too much, just for another day to be together with the runner. It’s sad, but it’s true and this happens in so many relationships.

In a twin flame relationship, the runners and chasers aspect takes a more in-depth approach. Both flames understand the situation. One flame knows he or she is the runner, and the other one is aware that he or she is the chaser. This awareness makes the situation harder. With both flames conscious of this, getting over it is almost close to impossible. The awareness makes it hard to come to terms with each other and it only adds to the growing distance between the flames.

The Split

After all the running and chasing, comes the split. You’re now past the constant bickering and have reached the split. For many, this split is permanent, while for others, the split is temporary. There is a stage in a twin flame relationship of separation. Many describe it as a natural occurrence in a twin flame duo. If this is the case for you, then you have something to look forward to. Who knows, you might just reconcile and fix the bond with your twin flame in years to come.

Longing For Them When They’re Gone

Past the split, comes the longing. This is a difficult time for twin flames. Even if the separation was consensual for both parties, the longing that comes after the split is immense. You miss your twin flame more than ever before, and you feel lost without them. You remember all the memories you spent with them, and you feel powerless.

Because of the nature of a twin flame relationship, the longing that comes after the breakup is undeniably strong. Both flames are left wanting to relive the moments spent together but are unable to. Longing for someone you can’t have is a pain no one should experience.

Committed But Apart

After the sleepless nights of tossing and turning, comes the delusional stage. Though apart from your twin flame, you still feel committed to them. There is a spiritual bond present around you that makes you feel as if you still need to act committed in your twin flame. Because of the deep connection you had with your twin flame, any new connection you make would feel inadequate. Though you’ve already separated with your twin flame, your mind and spirit make you feel otherwise. This is a very hard symptom to get over, hard, but not impossible.

What to Do During a Twin Flame Separation


Almost close to impossible for many is accepting the separation. According to this news site, there's no need to admire a twin flame union, each individual has to still work on him or herself first.

Accept where you are in your relationship with your twin flame and don’t beat yourself up for it. It’s not worth another sleepless night. It’s not worth pushing your friends and family away. It’s just not worth it. Accept your current situation and prepare for new things.

Remember Your Worth

Think back to who you were before the start of the fights with your twin flame. Think back to you before all the heartbreaks and sadness. Think back and hone that image of your past self. Remember your worth. You are a beautiful human being and the universe loves you.


It may sound oxymoronic, but you need to trust your twin flame. The current situation you are in is also hard for them. They’re also having a tough time coping with the separation and trusting in each other is all that you can do. Despite all of the hurt and feelings of betrayal, there is a trust between the flames not present in other relationships. Remember this and things will get better.

Healing Yourself From a Twin Flame Separation

Cut Yourself Some Slack

You are never to blame for the separation. To heal from a twin flame separation, you need to tell yourself this over and over again. “I am not to blame. I am not doing anything wrong.” Unlike normal relationships, a twin flame separation has outside forces taking part in the relationship. Some see a twin flame relationship as part of the journey of the flames. Keep this in mind and stop butchering yourself.

Love Yourself

An important stage of the healing process is learning to love yourself. Learn to find enjoyment in doing new hobbies. Your life is bigger than what you had with your twin flame. Remember that. Love yourself and enjoy your time alone. That is a luxury people take for granted.

Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

The healing process takes time and effort. You have to want to get over it and get better. You have to push yourself to get better. Staying down in the dumps forever won’t do you any good. A twin flame separation is all part of the process. One flame disappears and comes back. Remember this as you go through the pain of separation. Remember that it is not permanent and better things are yet to come your way.

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Getting over someone, especially a twin flame, is not an easy task. It’s like trying to get over your perfect half-your complete clone. Because of the bond made in this type of relationship, the pain of separation is harder and more intense. It seems possible to get over, but it's not. With the right mindset, you too can get over the pain of a twin flame separation.