Davey Detail Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Rose McGowan's Husband

Not so known for his art as he is for being Rose McGowan's husband, David Leavitt (also known as Davey Detail) has always been a mystery to the public.

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Davey Detail Wiki: 5 Facts To Know About Rose McGowan's Husband

Davey Detail - early life, age, height and net worth

Davey Detail, age 34, is an American visual artist who is also known for being Rose McGowan's ex-husband. Unfortunately, his profession is not interesting for most media and magazines, so it's quite hard to find out some facts about him and his work. Detail, whose real name is David Leavitt, was born and raised in Bellevue, Washington. He was always interested in art so it was kind of a logical for him to study art at The Art Institute of Seattle. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles where he went to The Art Institute of California in San Francisco. This young artist, whose height is 5'10", was spotted in 2013 when he married McGowan, and again, after their divorce in 2016. It was the first marriage for both Detail and the star of 'Charmed'. After that, his glory faded away. His net worth certainly decreased after the divorce to an estimate of $700,000.

Fact 1: Detail's and Rose McGowan's traditional wedding

Although this problematic actress is known for her outbursts on the red carpet (we remember the 'dress' she wore at the VMAs in 1998), Rose McGowan wanted something more traditional for her first wedding. The wedding ceremony was intimate, attended by only 60 guests who were mostly friends and relatives. It was closed to the media, and the pictures were later sold to several famous magazines. Being an artist, Davey Detail had an important role during the wedding preparations, as he designed the wedding invitations in his CYRCLE style. Davey Detail is a Jewish, so a rabbi married the couple in a romantic ceremony held at Paramour Mansion in Silverlake, California. The wedding dress was simple and elegant, which is something certainly not typical for Rose McGowan. It seemed that the young artist finally tamed Hollywood's bad girl after all of her scandals. The wedding was planned very precisely, and Rose McGowan described it as a magical experience. As it can be seen in the photos that were later published, a lot of attention was paid to details. It was a fairy-tale wedding, but it did not have a happy ending, unfortunately, as the couple divorced after three years of marriage.

Fact 2: They separated a year before the divorce

Several months after the divorce, the star of 'Charmed' admitted that things in her marriage did not work because she wasn't into commitment. She said that her former husband, Davey Detail, had always been her friend and that they would be in a good relationship after the separation, although her demand for the court was to avoid giving Detail any spouse support. McGowan wants to dedicate herself to her movie career. McGowan also revealed that she and Detail separated a year before filing for divorce. The media managed to photograph McGowan in the company of an unknown man shortly after the divorce, but the rumors about him being the main culprit for the separation from Detail have never been confirmed. Rose McGowan is currently shooting her new movie and dating the producer Beau Boost. A statement from Detail, her ex-husband, is still expected.

"Here’s the deal, I only wanted to [be] married for a short period of time. If I don’t conform to other societal norms, why would I have a traditional marriage?"

Rose McGowan's tweet briefly after the divorce was announced.

Fact 3: Detail is not a fan of social media

Although he is considered a commercial artist, Davey Detail does not advertise his work, exhibits, and art on social media. Unlike his former wife, Detail avoids every opportunity to promote himself in this way. While they were married, Rose refrained from publishing photos and talking publicly about their love on Instagram. Detail's ex-wife is currently linked to a sexual harassment scandal. McGowan accused Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein of raping, and she publicly attacked her colleague Ben Affleck for failing to defend her. About a month ago, McGowan's Twitter account was suspended due to the insults towards Ben Affleck.

Fact 4: Rose's ex-husband cofounded CYRCLE

Although this fairly known visual artist has had many exhibitions so far, he is recognized by the artwork he has created with two other colleagues. The name of this art collective is CYRCLE, which was created in 2010. Davey Detail explained that the goal of his work is to express the duality and the sensitive nature of men through an aesthetic form and balance. Based on the success of the exhibition, Detail and his colleagues created and performed a unique show named 'CYRCLE Manifesto'. Thanks to this collective, he traveled the world and organized a variety of exhibitions in numerous art galleries.

Fact 5: Detail's CYRCLE is a huge commercial success

Although his work wasn't widely recognized before he became Rose McGowan's husband, Detail is a very reputable artist in U.S. art circles. The collective has experienced a great commercial success that makes Detail famous. Many celebrities, like P. Diddy, have part of CYRCLE's art in their private collections. Davey Detail had that honor to show his work as part of one of the most famous music videos of all times: 'Happy' by Pharell. Also, in many commercials, you can see pieces of CYRCLE's collection, the most popular certainly being the one he made for Audi. After a huge success exhibiting the collective's art in numerous galleries across the United States, Detail decided to expose his work on a global level by organizing numerous exhibitions in Europe and Asia with his co-worker, David Torres. This dynamic duo is simply unstoppable. It seems like the divorce wasn't that hard for Detail since he focused on his career and moved on.

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