15 Spiritual Goals You Should Set For the Upcoming Year

Another year has come to an end. It would be wise to start setting certain personal goals for the coming year. The following spiritual goals might work for you.

By Dagmar Thomson
15 Spiritual Goals You Should Set For the Upcoming Year


As the year ends, start to think of what you have accomplished so far. You then might realize that most of your resolutions were not accomplished. This could mean that maybe you had too many issues going on in your life. It could also mean that you were not committed to your resolutions in the first place. This is a good time for you to sit down and think about setting spiritual goals. Spiritual goals can help your life acquire fresh meaning. They make you think about spiritual wellness and how some of your goals can be based on faith. Setting spiritual goals helps you re-evaluate your personal relationship with God. Having spiritual goals helps you to have stronger spiritual wellness. At the same time, setting these goals helps you to become happier and your life can have new meaning. As you are setting your personal goals, always keep in mind that you have a whole year to achieve them. Here are some of the spiritual goals you can set for the upcoming new year:

1. To Have Unshakeable Faith

As you carry out your day-to-day activities, you may encounter some difficulties. No matter how good the start was, life always finds a way to throw problems your way. One of your spiritual goals should be having unshakeable faith. Have faith that nothing can make you fail in life. Ensure that you constantly practice your faith and believe that everything can be solved when you believe in the almighty.

2. Believe That God Loves You

Along the way, you've gone through some ordeals and asked yourself if God really loves you. You feel like you are abandoned and forgotten. Well, as the year starts, you should think about setting a spiritual goal that you believe God loves you. Have faith that God completely loves you. Ensure that this year you believe in God’s love for you and enjoy it. Have faith that nothing can hinder you from God’s love. When you believe in his love, then you can grow in your spiritual wellness. This year you should believe that God’s love for you is rock solid and that your personal relationship with him will grow even more.

3. Walk in Life Like You Are Righteous

In the past, you may have felt like your life has had no meaning due to your failures. You have felt so guilty because of the mistakes you have made. Can you imagine walking into this year with no shred of guilt? This is possible when you allow Christ into your life, and then God can proclaim you righteous. When you are righteous, you have nothing to be guilty of. You get the chance to leave your mistakes and failures in the past by accepting God into your life. You can finally have a life with meaning when you become righteous.

4. Set a Spiritual Goal To Face Bad Days with Strength and Bravery

This is the year that your personal relationship with God grows. Make sure that this year, you believe in his word. Your spiritual wellness will grow when you believe that all things are possible through God. This year, ask God for things that are impossible and believe that he can make them possible. Believe that you belong to God and he will make the impossible possible just for you. Overall, believe and trust in God for his word can be trusted. Whenever you are facing difficult situations, believe that God is watching over you. Let him be your strength. God always makes difficult situations simpler.

5. Face Bad Days with Strength and Bravery

In the past years, you have had bad days that took a toll on you. They left you feeling weak and depressed. Make this year different by setting a spiritual goal that you will be brave and strong. No matter what life throws at you, you will remain strong. You will endure all of the bad days because of your bravery and strength. This year you will live your life filled with courage. By believing that God is by your side, you will go through each day with strength and bravery.

6. Believe That You Were Chosen By God

One of your spiritual goals this year as a believer should be to believe that God chose you. You should believe that God wanted you to be part of his flock. With this knowledge, you can protect your heart by surrounding it with love. This will help you face any storm that comes your way and withstand rejection and hateful remarks from others. Your life will grow and it will start to have meaning when you overcome such hurdles in life. You are God's chosen one and you should never forget that.

7. Live Like You Are Completely Free

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When Jesus died on the cross, he forgave all of our sins to set us free. As you start this year, have this in mind and do not let go of your freedom. Make sure that nothing stands in the way of your freedom, be it a bad relationship, your work, or even spiritual goals. God ensured that you enjoy your freedom and you should not take this for granted.

8. Face Your Battles Like You Are Victorious

As you begin this year, be aware that you are going to come across trials and battles. Always remember that God promised that you will be victorious in all battles. Therefore, as you face any trials do so with confidence that in the end, you are going to be the winner.

9. Live As if You Were Created For a Purpose

This year, make it your spiritual goal to live knowing you were created for a reason. Remember that God carefully put you together and that he had a specific reason for you. You should live your life this year knowing that you were created to be amazing and you should live your life as you are supposed to.

10. Always Take Time to Rest

As the year starts, ensure that you set apart some time to rest. You will face lots of trials and battles that will leave you weak and tired. You should remember that God also rested after he created. You also need some time to recover your energy. On the days when you feel like you need strength from God, then ask for his power to hold you up and keep you going.

11. Pray Everyday

You should set this very important spiritual goal this year. Put aside time every day for praying. You can even set a special alarm on your phone that reminds you that it is time to pray. Praying will enable your personal relationship with God to grow daily. It also gives you time to say thank you for the blessings in your life.

12. Living in Harmony with Others

God’s word encourages us to live in harmony with other people. Ensure that this year, you can be used as an example by society as someone who is harmonious. You should lead your life as your faith requires you to. You can also try to learn about the faith of those close to you. This should help you to live peacefully with others and avoid problems.

13. Have a Spiritual Journal

You can have a spiritual goal this year where you keep a spiritual journal. This is a document that shows your favorite prayers or even how you perceive some of the scriptures you have read. It shows your journey as you grow spiritually and improve your spiritual wellness. This helps to show how far you have come and it encourages you to want to grow even more. You can even note down the blessings that you have received. This helps you to become grateful for all the good things that are in your life. In the journal, you can also note down the things you did wrong that day and how you could have done them differently.

14. Re-evaluate Your Hardships and Trials

In the past, you have always looked at the challenges in your life like hardships. This kind of thinking will not help you grow as a person. This year, look at personal challenges like they are a test of your faith. Whenever you face a challenge, always count your blessings and be grateful for them. Never pity yourself this year for the challenges you are encountering. Instead, take that time to improve and strengthen your personal relationship with God. This way, your spiritual wellness will grow and you get to learn from your mistakes every single day of your life.

15. Have a Spiritual Goal to Read Your Bible Always

Make this an important spiritual goal that you have to accomplish this year. You can even set a goal where you will ensure that by the end of the year, you have read the whole bible. Reading the Bible daily helps you learn more about what God wants us to do and how you can lead your spiritual life. As days go by, you will become closer to God and your personal relationship with him grows. With the start of each year, people have different goals. Most of these goals are never achieved, as they tend to fade in the middle of the year. You can change this by deciding to set spiritual goals as the year starts. Setting spiritual goals will ensure that you have a strong personal relationship with God. They also help you to improve your spiritual wellness. Spiritual goals help you re-evaluate your life and learn from your past mistakes. Do not go into the new year before first evaluating your life goals. Think of what you have achieved and what you wish to achieve spiritually. As the year goes by, you will see that your life has more meaning since you will be living by your spiritual goals. As you sit back and think about what New Year goals you should make, why don’t you try setting these spiritual goals and see how your year will turn out to be?