Boosting Your Immunity to Keep All Virus Away

Get your immunity level up to beat the crazed coronavirus

By Aey
Boosting Your Immunity to Keep All Virus Away

Immunity vs. virus

Since the beginning of time, man has always evolved. From the days we used to hunt and live in caves, we have evolved into social beings living in houses and condos having meals at our dining tables. While we might only think of ourselves as the most miraculous beings on earth, there are many things that are unnoticed. Viruses have since evolved and become accustomed to the environment around them. Therefore we often find ourselves fighting common viruses that have become resilient.  Whether it’s the common cold, chickenpox, HIV or something else, the viruses have mutated along the course of time and have become resilient.

 While the viruses have been growing stronger, we have fallen prey to unhealthy ways of life and have, therefore made it easier for them to attack us. We have introduced chemicals into our bodies such as food preservatives and many others that have weakened our immune systems and therefore, we find it hard to deal with a common cold at times.

While medicines are necessary if you get sick, the best way to make sure you don’t come to that is to strengthen your immune system. While this may be common knowledge, many people don’t know how to strengthen it. However, you don’t need to worry anymore, here mentioned below are a few ways you can strengthen your immunity system. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

How To Boost Your Immunity

Natural Immunity-Boosting Food

When we find out that we need to strengthen our immunity system, most of us freak out and start thinking that supplements or medications are our only option. However, that is not the case. If we change our eating habits, we can inculcate natural foods to our diet that can get the job done just as efficiently.

1. Citrus fruits

Some might just scoff at this, but you need to know about the benefits citrus fruits have for your immune system. Citrus fruits contain high levels of vitamin C, which is essential to boost your immune system. The human body does not produce vitamin C on its own, and therefore we need to take it in one form or the other. Rather than going for medicines try to go for citrus fruits.

Apart from citrus fruits, you can get vitamin C from green bell peppers, kiwi and broccoli too.

2. Mushrooms

Another food item that can boost your immunity system is mushrooms. While most of us treat mushrooms as a garnish on the food, you would be surprised if you found out how beneficial they are for the immune system. Mushrooms contain a high level of selenium, which is very necessary for the optimum functioning of your immune system. Not only does it benefit your immune system, but it also works wonders for your rate of fertility and your cognitive development.

3. Sunflower Seeds

If you don’t think that you can make a commitment to any of the foods mentioned above, another thing that you can go for is sunflower seed. They also contain high levels of selenium and vitamin E that are beneficial for your immune system.

Physical and Mental Activities

4. Mindfulness

A great way to make sure that your body functions properly and your immune system gets stronger is to practice mindfulness. While many might be skeptical, what one does not notice is that it is essential in strengthening your immune system.  Stress is the cause of our mental and physical health decline, and therefore mindfulness provides you with the break you need to reboot your system.

5. Sleep well

Apart from mindfulness, the quality of your sleep also makes a great difference when it comes to your immune system.  The constant use of phones and other devices in bed has messed up the natural sleeping patterns and when the body doesn’t get quality sleep to reboot, it starts malfunctioning. In order to make sure that your immune system is working properly, you need to commit to 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep.

6. Exercise

Another way you can strengthen your immune system is to exercise regularly. Exercise leads to the release of endorphins that in return, also boost your immune system. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go to the gym five days a week; it means you need to engage in any kind of physical exercise daily. Whether it’s walking, running or swimming, it is up to you.

Immunity supplements

While the best source of vitamins and minerals is food if you can’t incorporate certain foods into your diet supplements and an alternative that you can go for. Here mentioned below are a few that you can start taking.

7. Vitamin C Supplements

The best way to get vitamin C is through citrus fruits. However, other than the natural sources, vitamin C supplements are the next best thing. While buying supplements, try to go for ones that have the least amount of side effects. Be sure to consult your doctor if you have any sort of special condition.

8. Vitamin E Supplements

If you want to boost your immune system, then vitamin E supplements are also necessary.  As it contains high levels of anti-oxidants, it can boost your immune system and make sure that you’re immune to common viral infections.

9. B6 Supplements

Like every other system of our body, the immune system also needs a specific biochemical reaction to take place in order to function properly. If the components are not present, the immune system declines and slowly fails. B6 supplements are necessary for those who don’t eat chicken or fish as it can replace its nutritional value.


10. Astragalus Root

If you’ve been falling sick pretty often in the past few months then maybe this is what you’ve been looking for. It is an all-natural way to give your immune system the boost that it needs. Astragalus Root is something that you can introduce to your daily foods without even experiencing much change of taste. You can add it to your rice, to your soup or anything you want. Apart from the immune system, it is also known to work wonders for your cardiovascular system. It can also decrease the risk of heart attacks.

11. Licorice Root

If you’ve fallen victim to the common cold time and time again, then this is what you’ve been looking for. More often than not, you catch a cold with which you’re stuck with for a longer time than you should be. That can be the worst feeling one has to endure. The licorice root can make sure that you don’t have to go through it again.  Not only is it anti-inflammatory, but it can also sort out your mucus problem. You can add it in warm water, soups or even your detox concoction.

12. Ginseng

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Ginseng is also really beneficial for your immune system. Not only can it increase the functioning of your immune system, but it can also benefit your body in many other ways. It prevents heart-related problems and is also known to aid one’s fight against cancer. A teaspoon once a day will surely do the trick. If you don’t like to have it on its own, you can add it to anything that you like and trick yourself into having it.

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Food and physical activities are recommended for all, do consult your doctor before taking any supplements or Adaptogens. While they are beneficial, you might not need them in the first place. If you’ve gone through the above-mentioned information, you now know the different ways you can improve your immune system. The first thing that you should do is to go for fruits and physical activities that can boost your immune system. They do not introduce any chemical to your body. Remember that prevention is better than cure and the above-mentioned ways will surely help with raising your immunity and preventing sicknesses and viral infections.

Keep in mind that if you only do it once in a while, you won’t see any notable results. Adopting the above-mentioned ways is a choice that you need to take consciously and consistently. Remember staying healthy is a lifestyle choice; you can’t expect to put subpar things into your body and have optimum health.