Love the Camera and Want to be a Cam Girl? Read This First!

Find out more about the good and the bad of being a Camgirl

By Evelyn
Love the Camera and Want to be a Cam Girl? Read This First!

What is a Cam Girl?

Have you wondered what it takes to become a Camgirl? Do you think you've got it? Some women say it's a great way to be a self-employed freelancer, a way to pay debts and something they enjoy doing. If you're seriously considering being a Camgirl then stick around and read this first. We're going to tell you about what it takes and the good and bad of becoming one.

A Camgirl is essentially a female webcam model. What they do is that they perform in front of a live webcam and their show is streamed to a live audience. What kind of performance they do in front of the camera varies but they are typical of the sexual nature. It may involve stripping and acting provocatively. Some Camgirls opt for keeping their clothes and just talk to their online fans.

This kind of work is done primarily by college students that want to earn some extra money. A woman named Jenny Ringley was the first American college student who became a Camgirl back in 1966. As of today, there are around 12,500 webcam models (including Camgirls) online at all times. The efforts all these girls do daily as Camgirls has made camming a multimillion industry.

Most Camgirls are self-employed and they work from the privacy of their homes. This is an advantage because it gives them autonomy over the content they stream and how they choose to present themselves. What this means is that they get to choose how sexually explicit they are going to be in front of the camera or how provocative they can get. The things they can do in front of the camera varies and it goes from stripping or masturbating to yoga or hula hoop in their underwear. They can also choose what topics to chat about, whether they are intimate or about any other thing that takes their fancy. They get to decide who they talk to and whether to move from a public chat to a private one. They get to do this with selected fans and it includes an extra fee.

The camming websites that host these shows are either public or, for some selected Camgirls they are private To ensure that they are not distributing child pornography, these websites do verification of the Camgirls' streams to ensure that they are at least 18 years old. They take a percentage of what the Camgirls make.

How is it that a Camgirl makes money then? The online viewers or fans have to pay money to access their favorite Camgirl streams. Some sites offer the viewers some free content (to get them hooked) but for any extra footage or special features they charge a fee and it can only be seen by pay subscribers, like for live web chats with a favorite Camgirl. When fans really like a Camgirl they may send more money in the form of tips and/or goods, this is the way they show appreciation. They may also send more money when they ask the Camgirl to perform a special request just for them. A Camgirl can make some extra money by making and selling videos to fans. 

To build their brands and their relationships with the fans, Camgirls have to maintain and update daily their social profiles and blogs. Camgirl's success depends on building relationships with their fans. Their viewers or fans seek out these connections, that's the allure for them as they say they can't get this when viewing traditional pornography. So it's important for a Camgirl to foster this kind of relationship by chatting with them and making them feel like their part of a community.

Being a Camgirl is an easy way to make money (if you do things right) and like we said it's a popular choice for a lot of college girls and unemployed women. It has a lot of pros or good things about it but it also has some cons that you should take into consideration if you're thinking of giving camming a shot.

Let's talk about the good things or the pros first.

The Goods

Like everything in life, there are two sides to being a Camgirl. There are girls that are so into it that they don't actually do it for the money They do it because they really like it and it's their way of expressing themselves, the money is a bonus. But there are any other number of girls that get into it because of the money and how much they can make. 

Whether you're thinking to become a Camgirl because you like it or because you want and need the money, there are some good things about it. 

You get to set your own schedule

Not many jobs give you the benefit of setting your own schedule. This is a big incentive in becoming a camgirl, the chance to work at your convenience. You can set your own hours and you have to answer to no one.

You're the Boss

That's also a big perk, you're your own boss. There's no one telling when you can log in or log out. The decisions about every stream rely on you. If you choose to stay logged 24 hours, no one will ask you why, as long as you're entertaining, that's it.

You can block anyone who annoys you

You have the choice to block anyone who's being rude or disrespectful or just plain annoying. In most workplaces, you have to follow a code of conduct, even when someone mistreats you you can't do more than report them and hang in there. Webcamming gives you the freedom to block this kind of person from your environment.

There's no meeting face-to-face

If you're not a fan of face to face interactions and prefer doing it digitally, then becoming a camgirl can be a good thing for you. You get to interact with all kinds of people on your terms without actually meeting them, It's pretty safe as long as you don't give them any personal information.

You can adopt an alias

If you're not totally on board with reveling your real name to the viewers you can use an alias or a fake name. This will allow you privacy.

Other goods

You don't have to have sexual intercourse with anyone so no worries about STDs or pregnancies. If you become a fan favorite, they will shower you with gifts, it's a great way to do networking.

The Bads

Since there are many misconceptions about being a Camgirl, there are some cons or bad things you need to consider too.

It can diminish your chances of getting another job

Once a show is streamed and uploaded, it's going to stay on the web literally forever, so if you decide to look for another job or want to run for office in the future this kind of past is not going to help you achieve those goals.

There's a social stigma attached to the adult industry

People in your life may not understand what you do for a living because the adult industry is very stigmatized in society. It'll be easier to tell people you work in sales or customer service for an online company.

Success is not instant, it takes a while

Yes, you make can money working as a camgirl but it's not going to be easy, you really will have to work to get there. You have to be patient and determine if you want to succeed as a camgirl.

Some customers are going to be rude and want freebies

This is not the norm, but occasionally you're going to come across annoying viewers that want you to do things for free. You don't have to put up with it though, the majority of platforms will allow you to have complete control of who can stay in your chat room and who you can block.

There are going to be slow days

A big part of the business is fluctuating traffic and some days you'll have to wait for hours to get one fan to pay for some one-on-one with you. Those days could be frustrating but if you want to succeed you'll have to bear with this and have patience.

How to become a Camgirl?

The allure of being a camgirl is understandable. You get to make tons of money but beware that is not for everyone, it's not as easy as you think but if you're set on giving it a try here's how you can become a Camgirl.

Make sure you love it

Not everyone has the chance or the luxury of doing a job they love. There has to be at least a spark of interest on your part for you to love doing the job, if not it's going to become another soul-crushing job. The road to success in cam modeling is long and hard so make sure it's something that you really like.

Be aware that the studio scene is full of scams

There are some studios that are legit but the majority of them are scams. You'll do better by signing up for the streaming sites independently and doing everything on your own. You can use camgirl forums for support.

Do a cam site research

Since there are many to choose from you'll need to do thorough research to find that one that's right for you. Ask yourself these questions while deciding which way to go.

  • How much of your tips do they take?
  • What plugins do they offer or allow?
  • If you want VR, can they do that?
  • Do they feature fan clubs or store links?
  • Is the cam site new or an established one?
  • When do they payout?

Join a cam community

You can get lots of insight into the business by joining a community. There are people there who have been on the business for a while and their input could prove invaluable. 

Be prepared for a ton of competition

You may have what it takes to be a camgirl, you're hot, talented, and creative but there are thousands out there with your same qualities and all of them have a webcam too. So you need to handle this and set yourself apart. How? Follow these guidelines.

  • Decide what you're comfortable doing and your style
  • Choose a name and don't change it
  • Be consistent with your broadcasts and have a good work ethic.
  • As optional, have a store set up or offer videos fans can buy
  • Be adaptable

Connect with your audience

You can choose not to chat with your viewers but if you really want to connect with them and build your brand then you should do it. Set times and duration, it'll be worth it in the long run.

Build your followers

A big piece of your income will come from your regulars, and it takes a lot of work to get them. You can do this by being really active in your social media, posting hot pictures and using the right hashtags.

Safety Tips

Another thing you need to consider before setting up your webcam and start streaming is your safety. So follow these safety tips so you can protect yourself from trolls and unpleasant surprises.

Change your settings in your social accounts to private

This will prevent any eager fans to look you up in your personal accounts and google your first and last name, putting an end to your privacy.

Don't use a personal email to set up with cam sites

Keep your business and personal accounts separate so people can find your personal information.

Don't use your real name

Don't reveal your real name for any reason, use a fake one always.

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Becoming a Camgirl has an allure but now you know it's not for everyone. Take into consideration all we've talked about here and make an informed decision. Camgirls can make a lot of money but it has its risks, you have to really like it and work a lot.



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