The Hair Color That Suits You Best For Your Skin Tone

Do you desperately need some change in your life? Start with your hair and decide which color suits you the best based on your skin tone.

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The Hair Color That Suits You Best For Your Skin Tone

Hair as a trademark of the beauty

Long, thick hair is a millennial symbol of female beauty, a trademark of every woman in the history. The way women make their hair and how they nourish it speaks a lot about her. Trends have changed over the years; various hairstyles and hair color were promoted and forced by hair stylists and designers. Following the fashion blindly, women were often adapted to trends in which they did not fit, whether haircuts or hair colors. There are universal rules that should be followed when dyeing hair. It is essential to take care whether your hair color fits with the tone of your skin and the color of your eyes Sometimes we are not even aware how little change can refresh our appearance. You've probably noticed that there are women who, for example, are forcing blonde hair, and have dark eyes and pale skin. These don't match. But when mentioned pale lady revives her hair with several light brown strands, the change is visible. Sometimes, it's more about the attitude and posture. There are many factors that affect your appearance, and hair color is just one of them.

How to choose the color that suits you

Women are prone to experiment, and hair is ideal for this. Whenever they feel the need for a change, women are going to the hairdresser to change their hairstyle or hair color. It often happens to be a mistake, but this error can not be corrected immediately (provided you do not want to wear a wig). The right color of your hair can rejuvenate you and give you the essential freshness. Except for quality care, it is necessary to pay attention that color matches your skin complexion. In this article, we will give you several tips on how to adjust the color of your hair with your skin, and how to get the most out of your looks. There are many factors that should be considered when it comes to changing hair color. In this article, we will take a look at the combination of hair color with the color of your complexion. Given that it is something that you can't often change (even if you're sunbathing from time to time), for each color of the skin we have listed several shades that perfectly match. It's up to you to decide and choose the right one.

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Best hair color that suits pale skin

Girls with pale skin tan usually have natural light hair color. Such hair offers countless possibilities for combining. Lighter hair is the easiest to cover and dye, but it's also hard to nurture it. Usually, people with pale skin have naturally brighter hair color. These are variants of blonde and beige or light brown shades. What further affects the right choice of hair color if you have a pale tan, is the color of your eyebrows and eyes. If your eyebrows and eyes are also naturally bright, this is an extra reason to not opt ​​for dark and intensive hair colors. This combination in no way supports the good and desired look. Pay attention to what kind of sub-tone does your skin have. Does it have a pink, or is it more inclined towards the yellow? Based on this, you should select the appropriate hair color. We observe that pale girls match the hues of honey or buttery blond (variations in dark blue). Also, you will not make a mistake if you decide for light brown or beige colors, or even to combine these. All shades of medium blonde will suit you too. Especially if your skin has a yellow sub-tone, you should choose darker hues of blonde or beige, all shades with the silver or gold reflection. If your skin is based on pink tone, you can choose lighter hues of blonde color, like white ash, or platinum. This color is almost white, and it is recommended to use it only if your eyes and eyebrows are a bit darker. This way, your face will get his shape, and you won't look like a ghost.

Red hair color for those who want to experiment

If your skin has a touch of apricot hue, an excellent choice for you will be red hair color, but a shade that almost overlaps with orange. It's a hue that girls with natural red hair have. If you are willing to experimenting, you can also opt for a metallic blonde color with the silver reflection that almost looks like gray hair. A red color is always feminine and sexy choice, and if you pick good and quality hair dye, you can make a tremendous change in your appearance. If your choice is any hue of red, take care because this color requires specific care. Unlike a blonde color, the red can easily wash off, and it can happen that, after a few washing, it's no longer the color you had at the beginning.

Not recommended hair colors for pale skin

If you have pale skin and it's hard for you to get tanned, do not in any way choose too dark and too intense colors for your hair. No matter how convinced you are that it will look good. No, it won't. On the list of "forbidden" hair colors for the bright skin tan are black and other intensely dark colors and shades of these. The reason for not choosing black or dark brown colors lies in the fact that too dark hair can increase the impression that you are pale and your face can look lifeless and uninhabitable. This "emo" look just doesn't suit everyone. If you don't have the attitude, you'll look exhausted and like you need to see a doctor.

Best hair color that suits medium light skin tone

First of all, let us explain what is "medium" complexion. This is a skin color that is not too pale; it's not sensitive on the sun, so when sunbathing, these people get beautiful sunkissed skin color. Rosy cheeks are a trademark of people with this skin color. This is the most common type of complexion, and it happens to be the most grateful when it comes to combining with hair color. Natural hair color of people with medium pale skin tone can vary, so as sub-tone of their skin. You can check which sub-tone you have by looking at veins on your forearm. Depending on this, it is possible to determine which color to choose if you decide to change. The most common is "cold" sub-tone — your veins are blue, and you can see these through your skin. The spectrum of hues that people with "medium" skin can use is wide — it can go from the brightest to the darkest. Even combining several hair colors will look good on people with medium skin, whether they decide for highlights, complete or partial dyeing. Ladies (or gentlemen, why not?) with "medium" skin tone should try "cold-based" colors such as brown with a grayish or silver tone, a color of sand or nuts. If you like warmer hues (which will suit you if you have darker eyes), a good choice can be rich brown, caramel-gold, or copper hair color. You can't go wrong with any shade of beige too.

Hair colors that suits medium dark skin

This is another type of "medium" skin color; the medium dark complexion also belongs to the widespread skin color, and most people of mixed origin have it. This skin is beautiful and perfect for combining with different hair colors. Sub-tones of this complexion are going yellowish or to other warmer shades. Males or females of medium dark skin color have an exotic look, which reminds us of long, sandy beaches, the sun, and cocktails. Being medium means it can be combined in many ways. For people with yellow sub-tone, the perfect choice is warm shades like brown and beige. From mocha to chestnut or chocolate, brown hair color is something you definitely should try on. And it's easy to re-dye it, which is a great thing for ladies who are indecisive. You can try out many shades and just can't make the wrong choice.

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Contrast with blonde and red

Hair stylists are dubious about the combination of medium dark skin color and blonde hair color, due to the excessive contrast that can cause it. However, we have so many examples this mix can be a winning combination (remember Kim Kardashian and blonde-gray hair color). Ombre hairstyle in a blend of platinum blonde and beige can be perfectly matched with a warm shade of skin color. If this is too much for you and you are not willing to experiment, you can try to refresh the hair color with several highlights in platinum blonde color. But what if you want to be a blonde? No problem — opt for shades of blonde color with golden or sand sub-tone. Something like J.Lo, which is a perfect example of this combo. Rihanna is an excellent example if you want to jump out of the frame and opt to be a fired red-hair. Try to choose not such intense shades, to avoid your appearance looks aggressive.

Is black hair color a good choice?

Here's an interesting fact — people with pale skin color cannot have naturally black hair. Although it seems to us that it is black, it's a very dark shade of brown color. Genetic black hair has people with dark skin. There are also exceptions for people with a mixed origin, but rarer. It is logical that this color fits any darker skin tone the best. But is it always so? It depends on many factors, as we have indicated in some of the previous paragraphs — the color of eyes, eyebrows, face shape, etc. The best choice would be a black color with admixtures of brown or purple reflection. Such a hair color does not look false, and you will not look like a plastic doll. This hair color is quite ungrateful. On the one hand, it can be your ally, making you look sexy, decisive and strong. On the other, can be your worst enemy, especially if you're prone to a lot of hair color changes. Once you dyed your hair in black, you will need a lot of time to change the color. You will probably have to let your hair grow out because it is difficult to dye any darker shade over again, not to mention black.It's almost impossible to get some brighter colors without using aggressive products and treatments that damage your hair. So, before you decide for black color, think twice.

Hair colors that are a big NO for medium complexion

There's a bit contradiction when it comes to colors you should avoid if you have medium-dark complexion. We mentioned that blonde hair color could look great in combination with the "olive" skin, but only if you choose the right shade. Also, we mentioned an example of Kim Kardashian. It depends much on the person and her attitude; is she able to bring out the type of sexiness that a blond hair can give. And Kim definitely can do that — she is still a trendsetter, and even though she makes a mistake in her hairstyle or dressing, behind her is the team that will correct all those faults, making her look perfect anytime. The general advice is to avoid platinum or ashy shades of blonde for dyeing entire hair — these can make you look tired and much older, and this is certainly not your goal. Rely on highlights or a combination of two or more similar hues. In this way, your hair will look more natural and lively.

Best hair color that suits dark skin

By dark skin color, we mean pigmentation from medium to dark brown — this is not the same as medium dark skin we mentioned above (it is the "olive" skin and belongs to the pale complexion, or should we say very light brown). It is wrong to think that women with dark skin color should be limited only to dark shades, potentiating black and deep brown. Sure, these colors seem logical, and most likely the environment will not notice your change. Not to drastic contrast looks more natural. But still, why not try something new? Somehow it is an unwritten rule that women with dark hair dye in brighter shades. In people with dark skin, it is difficult to determine sub-tone of their complexion. That's why we will do an optional split of medium and dark brown skin color. For the first group, a great choice is all shades of chocolate, chestnut or caramel brown (looks good on both male and female), or a combination of these. For a fresher look, you can add several highlights in brighter hues like the color of sand or honey. If you are a traditional type, stick to warm tones; you can't make a mistake with these when you have a medium brown skin tone.

As for the person with a very dark skin tone, their selection is almost same as for people with medium brown complexion; besides, they can opt for cold tones of brown color too. Highlights in similar hues as your natural hair color are not a good choice because it will merge, and change will not be visible.

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Colors to avoid

We have explained why the black color is not always a good choice. And what if you have naturally black hair, and you want to change something about yourself? You do understand that you can't become a blonde from the first try (and hopefully you won't experiment with this). The advice is to start slowly — begin with a few highlights, and then proceed with slightly shading of hair in brighter colors. What is the right black hair color for people with pale skin or the right blonde for melanin ladies? A bad choice of blonde color for dark skin tones is that yellow color. That is the biggest NO in the world. Simply, there's no good way to wear this and not to look cheap. Sorry, but that's true. And what about poorly done ombre, or should we say, "home-bre?" :) We won't explain too much, just take a look at the photo below. Believe us, it's worthy of paying a few dollars more to get a desirable result, instead of doing it at home (or to let an inexperienced hairdresser dye your hair) and being sorry for months.

Wanna be extravagant? Dye in pink or purple color

No matter how unusual it may sound to you, dyeing your hair in colors other than blonde, brown, and black (okay, red too) is a trend that has been present for years. From the image that was intended for rebels and unpopular teenagers, it slowly found his way to the red carpet and became an everyday choice. It took time for stylists and designers to realize that vibrant and cheerful colors are not a gamble as far as hairstyles are concerned. Colors of love, such as pink and purple, are taking the scene, but it's not a rarity to see a girl or a guy with green or blue hair color. Especially the purple color can look nice and elegant on your hair. You may have noticed that there is a black color with purple hues, which is so shiny in the light and fits perfectly to girls with a darker skin tone. Here we are not talking about nuances and highlights — this paragraph is dedicated to girls who want to be completely different. You will stand out with this hair color, but pay attention — it's not for everyone. If you have a pale skin tone, no shade of purple won't flatter you. A gentle pink color, which you can perfectly fit with a platinum blonde or light beige, suits you better.

For wearing purple hair color, you should have a darker complexion. To be understood, here we do not mean the purple hue that will make you a barbie or a manga cartoon character. In cosmetic shops or better salons, you can find beautiful shades of purple hair colors that are not aggressive and do not seem too false. An excellent choice is any color that is extracted from blonde color, just slightly shaded (as in the picture below).

Hair colors that suit every skin tone

In the variety of shades that we have listed for each color of the skin, in particular, we have to mention several nuances that are universal, or with more or fewer deviations, suit to everyone. Moreover, some of these shades are intended for males too. One of them is variant of brown color, known as caramel. With this shade, neither blondes or brunettes have to worry; in both cases, they will make their hair trendy either in classical dyeing, balayage, ombre or any other way of hair shading, or even highlights. Sun-kissed blonde color, with the addition of orange-reddish shades, is the latest trend, which returns the blonde hair on the big door. Natural blondies with pale skin can make their hair colors more trendy if they add to the root a few shades of darker tone — light brown or color of sand. This trend will make hair maintenance a lot easier for both male and female — it will delay the need for painting while the hair grows. As for girls with darker skin color and hair, a pair of shades of this color will refresh their appearance, while a complete transition to this hair color can make them completely new person. The general advice is, if you're not sure in your decision, opt for highlights rather than complete or partial hair dyeing.

A few tips how to dye your hair

You've done the biggest part of work; you finally selected the right hair color depending on your complexion. The hair dyeing is not a science but requires knowledge of some techniques. It is best to let it be done by a professional. Along with a good hairdresser, you can make a right decision about your hair color or style. Besides changing your hair color, a good hairdresser will recommend you quality hair care products as well as protection from external factors such as wind or UV radiation. Every hair care brand has special collections for colored hair and hair damaged because of extensive dyeing. Do not, at any cost, insist on a hair color that does not suit you. There are exceptions when different shades or colors that can suit you very well; there are many ways to check it before deciding about dyeing and drastic changes. Modern hair salons have computer programs to help you in a decision to change hair color, and together with you, determine whether it will fit you or not. If you decide on home-made variants, you can try with a color shampoo; the effects wear off after a while, so if you change your mind, you can change your hair.

Different hair color as a symbol of changes

Instead of a simple conclusion, we will look at the eternal question: Why do women dye their hair when they want a change? The right answer would probably be because this change is the most noticeable, and in the end, it's not difficult to do it. And as we have already mentioned that beautiful, long and nourished hair is a symbol of femininity, in this way, women are trying to regain their self-confidence, which they lost for some reason: maybe they broke up a long-term relationship, quitted their job, or wanted to seduce someone. However, you may not have known, but even dyeing can become an addiction, and last until you completely ruin your hair. Along with regularly dyeing your roots, the proper hair care is essential. A set of chemicals found in the industrial hair color can easily damage your hair and skin on your head, so it is important that you give it special attention when you start to dye it.