13 Good Luck Stones For Success And Wealth

Have you ever thought about good luck stones? Yes, even stones can bring success and wealth to you. Read on to learn more about these good luck stones.

By Palack
13 Good Luck Stones For Success And Wealth

Everyone needs good luck

You won’t find a single person on this earth who doesn’t want to be lucky. At one point of time, everyone has wished for good luck come to them in the name of fame and/or fortune. In order to find good luck, people often turn to stones or crystals because they are considered one of the easiest ways to find good luck. It is believed that gemstones have different healing and metaphysical properties and it's said that luck is the part of energy in many stones. This is what makes crystals and stones ideal good luck charms. There are variety of good luck stones are available some of them are highly popular and in demand compared to others. Choosing good luck stones for attracting wealth and success is not an easy task. A person needs to experiment with numerous stones in order to find which one can bring maximum good luck to them. The effectivity of good luck gemstones differs from person to person as well as from situation you want luck on your side.

Many cultures believe in good luck stones

रत्नों का प्रभाव ये रत्न वास्तव में कार्य कैसे करते हैं और हमारी जन्मकुंडली में बैठे ग्रहों पर क्या प्रभाव डालते हैं और किस व्यक्ति को कौन से विशेष रत्न धारण करने चाहिये, ये सब बातें अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण हैं। रत्नों का प्रभाव: रत्नों में एक प्रकार की दिव्य शक्ति होती है। वास्तव में रत्नों का जो हम पर प्रभाव पड़ता है वह ग्रहों के रंग व उनके प्रकाश की किरणों के कंपन के द्वारा पड़ता है। हमारे प्राचीन ऋषियों ने अपने प्रयोगों, अनुभव व दिव्यदृष्टि से ग्रहों के रंग को जान लिया था और उसी के अनुरूप उन्होंने ग्रहों के रत्न निर्धारित किये। जब हम कोई रत्न धारण करते हैं तो वह रत्न अपने ग्रह द्वारा प्रस्फुटित प्रकाश किरणों को आकर्षित करके हमारे शरीर तक पहुंचा देता है और अनावश्यक व हानिकारक किरणों के कंपन को अपने भीतर सोख लेता है। अतः रत्न ग्रह के द्वारा ब्रह्मांड में फैली उसकी विशेष किरणों की ऊर्जा को मनुष्य को प्राप्त कराने में एक विशेष फिल्टर का कार्य करते हैं। #astrology #gemstones #kundli #spiritual

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Many ancient cultures like China and Egypt have used good luck stones, gemstones and crystals for attracting good luck and love. They believe that these stones and crystals produce energy fields that encourage mental health and positive physical health. The way to use these gemstones varies from person to person. Some people carry these stones in their pockets to attract fortune and money while some people place them in their surroundings for practicing meditation. The only thing that is common is the cleaning of stones before using them. Even the cleaning process varies for different cultures. Some people soak them overnight in sea salt and according to their belief this practice removes previous energies and makes it free for use. For cleaning put stones in sea salt cover them completely leave it overnight while you sleep. Cleaning is an important step and must to follow before you use them.

1. Citrine: Lucky merchant’s stone

The light yellow colored, brightly sparkling stone is known as one of the lucky stones for business. This stone is known as the 'Merchant’s Stone' and it helps to increasing sales. In Fact, people also believe that keeping citrine in the cash drawer helps bring in more money and prosperity as it helps in expanding your business. This stone not only helps in expanding your business but it also promotes self - assurance, confidence and fortune. People also use this stone to dispel negative energy as it is also considered as a protective stone. This is the ideal stone for people who want to attract money, and fortune and for those looking for success in their business.

2. Aventurine: Good luck stone for attracting wealth

Aventurine is considered one of the good luck stones that helps to attract good luck and opportunity. Its name,aventurine, is derived from the Latin word Aventura. In Latin the word Aventura means chance, and this is the reason many investors carry this stone as a Talisman. Some people believe that this stone is beneficial for a person who enjoys playing the lottery. It is also said that aventurine also promotes originality, independence, emotional tranquillity and creative visualization. It is also used for promoting positive attitude and confidence. Yo can wear aventurine, or you can place it in your wallet or room for attracting wealth and fortune using its strong energy.

3. Peridot: Good luck stone for people want to be rich

The peridot is considered as a harmonious crystal. It is an excellent gemstone for people who want to have lots of money and have elaborate plans for getting rich. This good luck stone is also used for meditating to clear the mind in order for one to focus one they may gain success and money in order to be wealthy. These good luck stones are known for having a unique ability to increase wearer’s frequency to the universal code for attracting wealth.

4. Topaz: The gorgeous and powerful crystal for attracting fortune

While talking about good luck stones that can bring money, success and fortune yet another on this list is Topaz. It is a powerful and gorgeous gemstone. You can find a yellow topaz or one that has shades of light. It is known as one of the highly beneficial good luck charms for people who are striving to attract wealth. Topaz has the power to manifest a wearer’s strongest plans through willpower. This is the reason why topaz balls are also commonly known as money balls. Wearing topaz can lead your journey to your fortune.

5. Jade: The growth gemstone

Jade is known as a growing crystal because this crystal has the power to attract money and to make the crystal grow. This oriental crystal is considered to be the ideal one to clear your thoughts while making crucial decisions about investing and dividing the money. This gemstone is not just used for attracting and growing money but it also protects you from disasters and evil. Jade is also said to be a gemstone good luck and can attract love. This is why business owners keep it in their shops and offices and parents place it on their babies to protect them from evils. In order to attract good fortune and money, a person needs to meditate with Jade.

6. Labradorite: A prominent stone for good fortune

The Labradorite is known as a healing crystal because it is well known for attracting good fortune. The Labradorite wands are exceptional for conducting energy that works for attracting monetary benefits. This healing crystal is enriched with esoteric properties that make it ideal for protecting a person from making bad decisions that may result in money loss.

7. Sapphire: A gemstone for ending bad luck

Sapphire is another gemstone that can successfully attract good fortune and money. This good luck stone is excellent for ending your devastating financial loss. Holding Sapphire close to you will ignite your meditative circle and it will light up the power to attracting riches. It also helps in regaining lost wealth. This gemstone is ideal for people who are setting up a new business or trade as it brings success and good fortune.

8. Garnet: A stone for relieving the burden of financial problems

The Garnet is an ideal gemstone for people who find themselves under the burden of financial problems and a victim of fate. This stone is considered the perfect one for times of poverty. The bright rays of this gemstone can attract wealth that will relieve you from the fear of financial loss or drudgery. If you combine Garnet with Citrine, you will be able to make sound decisions about property or investing money.

9. Malachite: A stone to help someone connect with influential people

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Malachite is another good luck stone because this green crystal is well-known as a growth energy crystal. This is a gorgeous stone that has varying degrees of greenness. The Malachite is considered as an ideal stone for people who are trying to connect with influential or powerful people for getting help in achieving fortune and fame through big financial deals.

10. Quartz: A good luck stone for new business

The clear Quartz an excellent stone for people setting up a new business. This crystal has powerful, intuitive energies that tell the wearer about nearby hazards. This is why it's considered a crystal that can strengthen your luck during an interview or while signing a deal. If a person wants to attract good luck or to double his luck, then they are advised to bring home Tourmalinated Quartz. This stone is considered one of the super luck stones as it carries the energy of Tourmaline and Quartz. This stone helps in clearing bad vibes as well as energy blockers to fill your life with good luck.

11. Amber: A stone to install positive change

Amber is known as one of the gemstones that instills positive changes in a person’s life and it's counted as one of the golden manifestation crystals. This good luck stone is used for making lots of money as well as restoring lost money. When you are planning to invest your money in properties place this crystal on the property, as it will clean all of the negativity away.

12. Tiger eye: Stone for bringing focus

The Tiger Eye is another gemstone listed as a good luck stone. This gemstone helps in bringing insight and focus. It helps you approach important situations in a better way. The Tiger Eye is labelled as an 'all- knowing' stone as it helps people gain better clarity. This is why people find Tiger eye helpful while signing important business dealings as well as in keeping them grounded in complex situations where they need a clear mind.

13. Carnelian: One of the luckiest gemstone

The Carnelian is well known as one of the luckiest gemstones. This stone is considered the powerhouse for productivity, success and prosperity. It is a bright, beautiful orange toned stone that brings energy, courage and creativity to the person while they are trying to get rid of fear. The Carnelian is an ideal stone for times where a person is giving an important presentation or wants to take a crucial decision.

These are just a few gemstones that can attract good luck, money and fortune as well as success. These crystals and gemstones also carry different energies and they can bring a lot of changes to your life. These crystals can help attract good luck, however, you must keep in mind that wearing or keeping these crystals can’t make you fulfill your desires or your dreams. You need a positive attitude along with the magical energies of this crystal in order for everything to fall into place. People say that negative mind can discourage the good luck. However, you have different stones to help you in removing negativity and thoughts from your mind and emotions. The energy and results of good luck stones differ from person to person. When you opt for buying any crystal for bringing fortune or good luck in your life, you must look for the one that you find and feel the luckiest for you. The protective and mystical properties of these gemstones always retain their original essence.