Top 10 Feng Shui Colors To Make Your Living Room Beautiful.

Have you ever wondered which colors would be best for your living room? Here we've got the best Feng Shui colors to make your living room look beautiful.

By Brittany O
Top 10 Feng Shui Colors To Make Your Living Room Beautiful.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is designed to have your environment aligned with who you are as a person and where you want to go when you want to feel in sync. Your home is pretty much an image of who you are. If you keep it clean, then you are neat. If you keep it colorful, you are seemed as lively, fun, and energetic. When you move into a new home, you want to feel as safe and confident as possible. Feng Shui provides that with different furniture placements, and even with different lively colors.

Also, pay attention to what you bring into your new home as every item has energy. Also keep up with your house just as much as you keep up with yourself. This provides nothing but positivity when you do that for both yourself and your home. 


What are Feng Shui colors?

If you haven't known about Feng Shui colors and what they persist of, then you've found the right place to learn about it.
Feng Shui colors are colors that can either bring good or bad vibes. But I'm pretty sure you want the good vibes. Feng Shui colors consist of green, pink, yellow, gold, purple, black, blue-greens, deeper blues, white, grey, and brown. Each color represents specific energy you may want to create. 

If you look at the chart below, it'll show you the different colors that are considered Feng Shui.

This chart goes a bit more into the perspective of what each color may represent and why they express it.


Below are the top 10 colors that will make your living room beautiful:

1. Green

Greens are always a color that some people may pass up because, well, they simply don't like the color.
But little do people know, green represents growth and new beginnings when provided in a living room. It also represents healing and freshness, which everyone loves to do. Sometimes when we get so caught up with work, we need to step outside for some fresh air.
So when we step into our living rooms, we feel growth from what we may have learned from the day, or even healing from an argument with a co-worker or loved one. Some houses even have an off olive green color as their walls for background or even green couches with a very light grey wall color. 

2. Orange

Orange is such a beautiful and bright color. It promotes happiness and is so uplifting to look at. Having some orange in your living room is great because when the sun comes up, and hits the orange on the wall.
A couch, pillows, or paintings,  it becomes a breath-taking place of comfort and happiness. Orange is probably the best color for a dining room or the color on your walls for the entrance way to your house. But having orange in your living room brings nothing but happiness.


3. Pink

What does the color pink make you think of, exactly? Is it the hearts of valentines, or just love in general? The color pink in Feng Shui represents love, romance, and partnership. Now with this color, you can always mix it with white to give an extra pop of color.

4. Yellow & Gold

Yellow and Golds are beautiful colors, and personally, this might be a favorite. Many living and dining rooms contain bits of yellow and gold color to them. Yellow and Gold represent power, patience, wisdom and even stimulates your health. Yellow and gold are combination colors that can light up the room and make you feel calm and even relaxed.
These colors are another color combination that's great in your dining room as well. Yellow and gold can make a beautiful wall color when decorated with the right colors.


5. Purple

Purple is such a pretty color. And there are always different shades of purple such as lavender. Purple inspires spirituality, adventure, and even prosperity. All three of these are amazing for the soul and can be so inviting when used in your living room.

6. Blue-greens

Blue-greens can be such a beautiful mix of colors. You can use blue-greens for an aquatic-themed living room, or even just as it is and it'll make the room, pop!
Blue-greens in Feng Shui represents youth, new beginnings, and can always inspire confidence within. It's easy to use when decorating as well since many stores provide blue-green items such as pillows, curtains, and even antiques.


7. Deeper blues

Deeper blues regard to your navy and dark blues. These blues can always be mixed with yellow, white, and grey colors in your living room. Deeper blues provide wisdom and introspection when you use it throughout your living room. It can always help you gain that energy for the need of extra knowledge. 

8. White

Now we know that white can stain easily, but when used properly throughout your living room, it can stay pretty neat and inviting.
Whites provide clarity, precision, and communication energy for those in the room. It also makes you seem modest. Also, white goes with any color.

9. Grey

Grey can seem like a dull color, but in reality when its mixed with blues, red, blacks, whites, pretty much any color, it makes those colors seem more bright. Grey give us helpfulness energy and It's like Ying and Yang. Definitely a color to have in your living room when it comes to having Feng Shui.

10. Brown

What does brown remind you of, exactly? The bark on a tree? The soil under the grass? The color brown is like having a sense of stability and security. Browns go well with red, yellow, and even oranges.


So including any of these colors can brighten up your home or even your day! They can be used anywhere amongst your house as well.