Full Moon Ritual: Letting Go Of Negativity

Many appreciate the power of the Moon because it boosts rituals which are performed while the orb is in the phase known as the full moon.

By Tashke
Full Moon Ritual: Letting Go Of Negativity

The importance of a full moon in the world of magic

It's known that people from all over the world have worshiped the Moon for several millennia. They carefully observed phases of the moon in order to gain a better understanding of how the orb affects their lives. Depending on the lunar phase, they decide whether they'll do something or not and they base all their decisions on the moon - is it new or full moon? Is it the first quarter? Or the last quarter? For centuries, magic has been connected to the full moon. This celestial body is one of the central symbols of magic, and most of the rituals are performed at the time when the energy of Moon is at its' zenith. The energy of the full moon can be transferred to us during rituals but we need to search for it, it won't just magically appear out of the blue. Visualisation plays a huge role in these rituals and when we imagine something will happen, it will. We need to invoke the positive energy of the full moon, and then we'll be ready to receive it.

How does full moon affect us?

Science has confirmed the effect of the moon on the events that take place Earth. However, there is still no solid evidence that a full moon affects the human psyche. In addition to its' influence on the flow of water and the occurrence of the tides, the Moon can have a significant impact on our dreams, health condition, and behavior. Negative energy is fed by negative emotions. It's normal to feel sad, angry or frustrated but the problem occurs when you don't deal with your negative feelings, and they begin to manage your life. This is the primary reason why you often feel physically exhausted.

Happy Full Moon in Virgo Questions to ask under the Virgo Full Moon Have I been too picky or critical of myself or anyone else? Do I underrate myself or play small? Have I been worrying and complaining too much, and thus attracting and creating negative energy in my life? Have I given of my time and energy to help others? Remember the importance of being helpful to others. It's important to find a balance between… Being down to earth and grounded but also allowing yourself to dream! A Full Moon is a perfect time to do a 10 minute releasing exercise to let go of anything that feels heavy or you've been holding onto like resentment, anger, upset or bad feelings lingering in your mind, body and spirit. Sit quietly for 10 minutes or so think about something you want to release and let go of that feels heavy in your mind or body. It can be a situation, person, your own limiting beliefs. Focus in your heart. Take some deep, cleansing breaths. Release any stress, worries or cares as you breathe. It's great to follow this releasing exercise with a few moments of focusing on gratitude for all the things, people and things you appreciate about yourself and your life. For more on working with the Moon Cycles for releasing, forgiveness, gratitude and setting goals and intentions look for my upcoming monthly New Moon and Full Moon group live events. You will be able to register and attend from the comfort of your home. More details coming soon. For those in the Los Angeles area I have my upcoming New Moon Sound Bath with Wolf Ambassadors on Mar 17 and some New Moon events with Baby Goats coming in April. VISIT ME AT kirstenkorotinternational.com for updates. Happy Full Moon xo Kirsten #virgo #fullmoon #fullmoonmeditation #releasenegativeenergy #balance #meditation #mooncycles #fullmoonenergy #gratitude #fullmoonhealing #mooncircle #breathe #letgo #soundhealer #cleanse #shiftyourmindset #shiftyourenergy

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Release negativity with the help of full moon

Let's clarify one thing - negativity is not the same as black magic and possession. The first one is a human factor, a kind of a character trait, and the other two are caused by other people with the intention to hurt and endanger us. Negativity does not always have to be visible. A person who possesses negative energy doesn't have to feel physical and psychical consequences all the time; sometimes you only need to follow events that happen to you. Wrong energy attracts not-so-desirable situations, people, feelings, etc. It's necessary to release negativity and start the healing process of both your body and your soul. If you often find yourself in weird situations, or negative things happen to you, the reason for this might be those negative feelings you posses. You might not even be aware of how you're feeling. There are some rituals which should be performed during the full moon and this is the best time to release negativity. It's a great time to fill yourself with positive energy while letting go of the negative.

Like attracts like. You attract the vibrations of people and situations into your life that resonate with the vibrations you send out. Your underlying thoughts, feelings, beliefs and vision attract people and situations to you to mirror those thoughts, feelings, beliefs and visions. When so-called "negative" people or situations are attracted to you, you must stand in your integrity and investigate, to interrogate your underlying thoughts, feelings, beliefs and visions to see what needs to be healed. This will assist growth and evolvement to occur to ensure you no longer require the mirror of that negativity to be attributed to you. To "positively" develop attraction of comparable desires and needs from other people and situations remind yourself of your good qualities, have clear intent without doubts and, through positive action, wait receptively and expectantly for the manifestations of like attractions to occur.~ #angelic #lawofattraction #angel #spiritual #spiritualawakening #manifestation #manifest #manifesting #vibratehigher #vibrationalenergy #raiseyourvibration #negativeenergy #releasenegativity

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Full moon ritual for releasing negativity

People will often hurt you during your lifetime and if you teach yourself the virtues of forgiveness, your soul and psyche will be more relaxed. Being vengeful will not bring anything good and the anger will only poison you. It's essential to release the negativity it caused and this will start your process of healing. We propose a ritual you can perform on the night of a full moon when the vortex of positive energy is the strongest. You don't need much, just some items to set up an altar, and a will for a ritual of healing and letting go negativity. On the night of a full moon, find a place where you can perform a ritual and make the altar as you want. These can be materials of gentle colors, candles, stones, bowls, dried petals, etc. The point is, this altar reflects you and your soul. If you can do this somewhere outside, it's even better; this way, the full moon energy will reach you directly. Sit or stand in front of the altar so the full month does not make a shadow over it. Light candles, and align gems, calm down, breathe deeply and relax your mind. Visualize the vortex of positive energy is entering you and is healing the whole your body. Think about the negative energy you want to get rid of. Concentrate, and write down on the paper all the negative you want to eliminate from your life. On the second paper write the positive things you want in your life. This is a kind of letter to the Universe, with the full moon acting as "an agent" in contact with it. After you make both lists, be sure to burn both of them. Let the first list of go and while the paper burns, visualize the bad thing as it "goes out" from your body and life, for example, you want to release negativity and invoke more positive energy. There's no special chant for this, but you can say something like: "Dear Universe, I no longer need the lessons these bad things would teach me. If I haven’t already, I want to learn these in a different way which will open my heart to everything good that will happen me in future." Then burn the other list in the same way, but now imagine all the positive energy is entering your body. It triggers other good things as well, say another chant and make sure you're honest and with an open heart: "Dear Universe, I invite these emotions and circumstances into my life, to serve my highest and best welfare. These things will fuel me to be of better service, to be more present, and to keep open my heart for all good things that will come." Breathe, and after both papers burn out, sit still a bit observing the full moon. After this ritual, convince yourself that it is only a matter of time before positive energy will start to work. In the meantime you must practice patience. Still, good things happen to those who wait for them.

Full moon ritual for forgiveness

Forgiveness is a virtue, and not everyone is capable of that. When someone hurts us, we do not always feel sorry for him or her and very often when this happens, this event becomes a turning point in our lives. While some things can be quickly forgotten, that feeling of difficulty and pressure which is bothering us still remains. We're not say that they should be forgiven and forgotten at all costs but there are situations when forgiveness is not deserved. Do not think of it this way, however, because you deserve inner peace. If you don't feel as though you can forgive someone, we're offering you a simple full moon ritual which will help you to forgive and release negativity from your life. For such things, it is good to have a special place, an altar, on which you will be able to perform rituals whenever you need to. That would be a place where you will feel calm, cozy and comfortable and in this way, you can project that good energy into your everyday life. It would be ideal if you could place an altar on a terrace or next to the window, in order to have a good view of the full month, during which it is recommended to perform that one perform most rituals. Close your eyes, then slowly inhale and exhale. Remove all nervousness and stress from yourself and for a few minutes during the full moon ritual, be the world's most tranquil person. Say aloud the name of the person you want to forgive, and pronounce "I forgive you". Feel the peace and energy of the full moon and if possible, open your heart and direct the sense of forgiveness to this person. You can do this ritual for everyone that has hurt you, even if that was something irrelevant. For those who have hurt you more, repeat "I forgive you" several times during the ritual, all the time looking at the full moon; by every word, you'll release all negative feelings.

Ritual of writing to yourself

A piece of paper can endure much without judgement in return and this is the point of this "ritual." You can do this whenever you feel the need, not just when it's the full moon. Whenever it's hard for you, sit and write a letter to yourself. At the time of e-mails, chat and text messages, this may seem strange to you, but it can be very liberating. During this ritual, transfer your thoughts and feelings to paper, as well as what you have to say to a future or past yourself. Let your words be encouraging, full of positive energy and enthusiasm. What kind of energy you transfer to those words, such energy these will emit when you read the letter, sometimes in the future. For example, on the night of a full moon, you can write a letter of support for a decision you need to make. With this ritual, tell the future to yourself that there are no wrong choices and that wrong shouldn't be our only attitude towards it. Note to yourself that releasing negativity will relieve your presence and that you are the master of your life. This ritual serves to remind you of that. Being happy and relaxed is easy, we just need to learn to go with the flow.


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Letting go is the key

Letting things run their course does not mean that you completely lose control over your life. Sometimes it's easier for you to accept those things and events, than to waste time and energy in an unsuccessful attempt to change the course of destiny. Don't try to change others but start by looking within yourself. After accepting your emotions, and taking steps to make you feel better, the next step is to decide to release negative feelings. Rituals performed in the night of full moon can help, but only if you have a will and desire to work on yourself. Once you return to the point of peace, you will be able to start creating positive changes. Not one ritual will help you if you are not ready to receive good things in your life.