15 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Friends

Sometimes we need to set some time apart from our busy schedules and spend some quality time with friends. Find out ways in which you can do this.

By Dagmar Thomson
15 Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Friends

15 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Friends

Times change as you get older. Life becomes busier as responsibility increases and your status changes. You will forget the free time you used to have as you become so caught up with the responsibilities until you forget your best friends. You do not have spare time to check on each other, yet your friends are the people who understand you better and they will never fail you. Their memories fade away slowly as the years pass by. Spending quality time with your friends is something that you all have to work on. If you place responsibilities first before your friends, there will never be the right time to spare to spend time together. Spending quality time with your friends has proven to be important and healthy. Therefore, ensure you make responsibilities less significant and spare a day or two for spending quality time with your friends. Here are a few pointers on ways in which you can spend quality time with your friends despite your status demanding your attention.

1. Spare Time to Remember Your Friends’ Birthdays

It is normal to forget the most important days in your life as your responsibilities increase. Such days include family birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and others. Most people are reminded of their birthdays from the Facebook reminders. Ensure that you make a habit to write family birthdays on your calendar to keep track. You can also put a birthday reminder on your phone and keep track of them. This will help you to surprise your friend during his or her birthday or her Childs’ birthday. You can also join forces with the rest of your friends to plan a small birthday party for the birthday person. This will be a great way to spend quality time with your friends. This will make them believe that they are important in your life.

2. Plan a Getaway Holiday Together

We all look forward to spending a getaway holiday far away from home with friends or family. However, these plans are rescheduled often due to different circumstances. You can plan a getaway trip with your friends and try to catch up on the lost times. You can put your demanding status on hold and try to enjoy yourself. This will keep your bond stronger with time and you will all get a break from your daily lives. To make the trip more exciting, arrange to visit a place where you all have never been. You and your friends will have an adventure and you will get to spend quality time.

3. Plan to Sweat It Out With a Friend

When you are full of responsibilities and your job status is demanding, it can be tough to spare some time to work out. Having a daily exercise is important to our health. Therefore, find time during the day and tag a friend along for motivation. You can plan to spend quality time with a friend at the gym, track, trail, or a yoga class. This will be a great way to multitask. You will exercise and spend quality time with your friend. You can plan to have this workout session regularly.

4. Create a Club Meeting

You can choose a restaurant where you get to spend quality time with your friends. This is a fun and succulent way to spend time with friends while catching up. You will enjoy a variety of foods. Therefore, to make this bond stronger, you need to come up with a regular date where you can be meeting. For example, you can meet in the last week of every month on a Friday at a certain restaurant. This will ensure you and your friends will commit to the meeting. You will get to spend quality time catching up on old times.

5. Spending Quality Time on a Yard Sale

Holding a yard sale is a great opportunity to spend time with your friends and earn extra cash. You can invite some close friends to help you out with the yard sale. They can help carry the stuff in the yard and arrange them. Remember to have several beers to keep your friends entertained as you sell. This is a good way to ensure your house is clutter-free and you get to spend time with your friends catching up. You can make this a tradition to be doing with your friends.

6. Get Involved By Volunteering

You can offer to volunteer in the community alongside your close friends. You can get a bunch of your friends to commit to a day at a nursing home or children's orphanage. This will give you an opportunity to spend time with your friends as you catch up. You will also feel great as you get to do a good deed.

7. Join a Common Sport Together

As we get older, we need to focus on our physical and mental health. A healthy body results in a healthy mind. Therefore, we need to keep fit and make it a part of our daily lives. To do this, you need to invite your friends for motivation as well as to bond. Playing sports together will bring a spirit of friendly competition and you will be motivated to better yourselves. You can offer a friendly match to have more fun. This is a good way to keep your friendship going. Having a common sport is a sure way of spending time with your friends. You will always look forward to it.

8. Plan for a Wine Tasting

If you and your friends are wine lovers, you can plan to go to a wine tasting. This is a better way to spend time with your friends. It will also be a great idea as you get to discover and taste different types of wines at many festivals. You will also get a chance to taste different cuisines. You can make this an annual date where you will be meeting with your friends for wine tasting.

9. Have Breakfast Together

You can decide to skip breakfast with your family and have it with your friend. Having breakfast occasionally with your friend is a great way to reconnect. You get to bond over a cup of coffee for 30 minutes before heading to work. Ensure you are spending your time once or twice a week with your friends to connect. This will make your friendship valuable and stronger.

10. Plan to Cook Dinner

This is a great way to enjoy a home-cooked meal and have a lot of spare food for your family. Invite your friends to get in the kitchen and try new recipes. It can be fun and you can learn a lot from your friends. You will have a wonderful experience as you get to taste different foods. This experience will enable you to know who the better chef is amongst your friends. This will make your friends appreciate you for a good time. You will also get a chance to spend quality time with them.

11. Have a Nail Night

This goes to the women who love to care for their toes. You do not need to give the tender loving care for your toes all alone since it can be boring. You can book an appointment for you and your friends and invite them over for a nail polishing session. Alternatively, you can decide to hold a nail night at your house. Remember to tell your friends to bring their favorite wine so that you get to enjoy your nail night. Try different types of nail polish or the trending polish you saw in a magazine.

12. Plan for a Clothes Trade

As you grow older, your status will change and so will your responsibilities. You and your friends will notice you have piles of clothes that you do not wear. You can incorporate responsibilities and see your friends by planning a clothing trade. You will get rid of some of the clothes you do not need and at the same time, you will get to spend time with your friends. You can swap clothes with your friends and donate the ones you do not need. This is a better way to spend quality time catching up. Your house will also be clutter-free from piles of clothes.

13. Start a Monthly Laundromat

People use Laundromats to clean big items such as comforters, blankets, sheets, and pillow cases. This is a great way to help your spouse with house chores. Instead of doing the washing alone, you can use this opportunity to bond with a friend over a board game while waiting for the monthly wash to finish. You will get a chance to connect with your friend as well as spend quality time together. You can plan to make the monthly wash where you get to bond with your friends.

14. Plan a Reading Night

Spare your time and set a night for reading with your friends. It can be fun especially if you all love reading. Plan for a cozy spot where all of you can get comfortable reading. You can decide to start a book together and make it a reading club. You will enjoy spending this time with your friends since it will make your bond stronger. You can decide to create the reading club weekly to make your friends commit.

15. Schedule for a TV Date

Everybody has a television series or a movie that he or she becomes addicted to. When you are unable to watch it, you can schedule to catch up on it thanks to the present technology like Netflix. Therefore, if you are a fan of a series, you can invite your friends for a TV date. You can make the date to be more fun and exciting if you can invite your girlfriends to join you and your friends. You can order some wine to share with your friends. However, avoid inviting friends who are spoilers. Despite your status changing and responsibilities increasing, you need to make time to spend quality time with your friends. Therefore, you should make it a priority and a lifetime commitment to bond with your friends occasionally. Having a relationship with your friends is an important bond you need in your life since it is healthy for you.



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