The 6 Celebrity-Verified Body Workout For That Perfect Summer Body!

6 best body workout plan for beginner and used by celebrities

By Sophia R
The 6 Celebrity-Verified Body Workout For That Perfect Summer Body!

Full Body Workout For The Perfect Body Image

The mental and physical well-being that the training provides makes your self-esteem and your health in general improve. It is normal to feel lazy when thinking about practicing sports, especially if you are not used to it, maybe it is because you have not found the activity that motivates you to move.

If you are looking for the perfect body image, go for full-body training. A full-body workout is the best way to burn the most calories and tone your body in only one routine. You will be basically working every muscle at the same time. Most of the time, activities to train like this involve a lot of movement, cardio, and energy, so be ready to sweat! 

Find a motivation, put yourself to it, be strong, have perseverance, and you will conquer that beautiful body!

6 Best Full Body Workout Plan Easy for Beginner and Made Popular by Celebrities

As actors, actresses, singers, and models inspire us in many aspects, they can also be a great example to follow for workouts and exercise routines. I mean, many of them have beautiful and fit bodies that we can all look up to. Many also share their amazing workout routines that are created by the best and most expensive trainers in the world, and you will be getting them for free! Isn't that a gift sent from heaven? 

We invite you to get inspired and try the training that some celebrities practice to keep fit. You can also have an enviable figure and enjoy the benefits of different activities that are dynamic and fun, just like any of your favorite Hollywood stars do. We decided to gather the 6 best celebrity workouts out there. Check them out down below:

Suitable for Beginner

These next routines are for my friends out there that are just beginning with exercise and the fitness world, but still, want to achieve beautiful bodies or maintain theirs. These beautiful stars follow them to stay healthy and fit, and they are achievable for anyone regardless of their gym experience, or lack of in this case. 

Don't be scared and try any of these routines the next time you hit the gym:

1. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson (@katehudson) • Instagram photos and videos

Kate Hudson is probably one of the fittest celebrities in all of Hollywood. And we are not talking only of privileged genetics, that also, but of a work of fitness that becomes remarkable in any of her public appearances.

Although her abs are worthy of framing, the actress has confessed that her favorite exercise is the “Brazilian butt lifts”, a circuit composed of 5 exercises to tone the buttocks created by the coach Leandro Carvalho. "It just really concentrates on your core and your ass," the star confessed to Harper's Bazaar. Now, this routine is perfect for my pals that are just getting started in the fitness world and what to tone their bums for the summer. Definitely try it on your next visit to the gym.

2. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel (@jessicabiel) • Instagram photos and videos

Jessica Biel regained her enviable and toned body after childbirth thanks to the help of personal trainer Jason Walsh, with whom she trained at the gym up to 4 times a week before becoming pregnant. The secret? A machine called VersaClimber that mimics the exercise of climbing. "Anyone can do it, the best thing is that VersaClimber is super safe, it's a natural movement, a crawling movement, we're all born with it, it's low impact. It reinforces the movement patterns suitable for the upper and lower part of the body. It has a high impact on cardio or conditioning. Metabolically speaking, burns calories more than anything else, "the coach told E! News. I guess we should all go find this machine, then.

3. Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima (@adrianalima) • Instagram photos and videos

The passion that Adriana Lima feels for boxing, a discipline she has practiced for years and is responsible for her perfect physique, is well known. "Boxing is the only sport I practice, I train with Michel Olajide - the best boxer in the world! - between 3 and 5 times a week, I burn 1,000 calories per session", Adriana Lima told the May 2014 issue of Vogue Spain.

But things have changed in recent times because, in an interview in Los Angeles, the model confessed that now she also combines boxing with cardio and weight training. "I go alternating the days, but it's hard to do the same when I travel because I have to work with what I have at my disposal during my stay, but I always find the way, today, for example, I went running and that's all I did. " Just do these alternate routines at your rhythm and get that body you want so much!

More for bodybuilding

If you are a little tougher and have more experience and resistance when it comes to exercise, this is the right post for you. Are you looking to build muscle and become stronger, too? Again, you are in the right place.

Today, we will recommend you 3 amazing exercise routines that our favorite muscular celebrities follow in order to have that amazing body you also want. As they are very demanding and require experience, make sure you are ready for high intensity before trying them out, as you can hurt yourself if you are not. 

If you are, hit the gym and follow any of these bodybuilding routines your favorite celebrities owe their amazing body to:

4. Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller News (@siennarmiller) • Instagram photos and videos

This next exercise routine is way more difficult and requires way more preparation than the ones before, so you might want to stay away if you are not that fit. At this point, it is very possible that you already know SoulCycle, a temple of spinning which is attended by famous people like David Beckham and yes, also Sienna Miller.

The founders, Elizabeth Cutler, and Julie Rice opened their first store in New York in 2006 and today, almost 10 years later, 12,000 spinners practice it daily in their 47 stores distributed throughout the continent. Sienna has said that she attends these classes several times of the week. In addition, she also does yoga three times a week at home with a private teacher no matter what. Quite the exercise routine, we must say.

5. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling (@goslingdaily) • Instagram photos and videos

Although it might look like Photoshop, the body of Ryan Gosling is the result of an infallible sum: healthy diet plus training sessions of four or five days a week for two hours. His routine is marked by arms, back and chest works with some cardio thanks to running or cycling.

To all this, he adds his passion for Muay Thai, a mix of martial arts and boxing that is perfect for strengthening the core. It was as a result of the preparation for his role in the film 'Only God forgives' when the actor was hooked on this sport from Asia and has not stopped since then. I guess you should try it if you are looking for a body like his!

6. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) • Instagram photos and videos

In his training for the saga of Thor and -Avengers, Chris always tried to perform a series of compound exercises that incorporate both large and small muscle groups. This results in high impact results in the gym, by participating in heavy lifting exercises.

For Chris, it is necessary to lift high weights, which means that you will have to perform a few repetitions with those weights trying to do between 6 and 8 repetitions for each heavy lifting exercise.

Another factor to consider in Chris Hemsworth's training is rest.

Given the intensity of the training routine, it is important to take adequate breaks to be in perfect condition for the next session. Remember that a large part of muscle gain is achieved during rest and recovery periods. It has been said by Chris himself!

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You have got no more excuses anymore! Now you have the most successful, premium, and perfect workout routines of the world. Best of all, you didn't even have to pay 1 cent to any trainer or for any exercising plan that wouldn't probably work as good as these anyways. I mean, after all, these are the ones responsible for the amazing bodies of the stars named before. 

Head to your local gym and start working out to these Hollywood originated exercise routines. You will have that amazing body sooner than later if you follow them as the celebrities do. Good luck and happy exercising!