What Men Think Is The Perfect Body For Their Ideal Woman

Beauty, as a wise person once said, is relative. And with that in mind, here are different ideas that men have when it comes to choosing the perfect body of a woman. Read their thoughts, and more, below.

By Auntrone89
What Men Think Is The Perfect Body For Their Ideal Woman

The perfect woman body according to men

Beauty is relative, meaning that every man has his own idea of what the perfect body looks like. Different men will find different attributes in different women and individually term them as attractive. For instance, some men will love a woman for her nice, round butt. Others will be attracted to a woman’s facial structure more than anything else on her body. Therefore, it would be dead wrong to pick any specific female measurements, shape or appearance, and dub it as the ideal female body shape for all men. As you well know, the media is notorious for promoting certain body types and measurements as yardsticks for feminine beauty which is indeed very wrong. You need to understand that the media only cares about selling their clients’ merchandise and, more often than not, does not represent what the people really want. At the end of the day, most men will decide what kind of women they find attractive and their word will be final. Unfortunately, a lot of men have been influenced by the media because they usually don’t know what they want. Therefore, they would end up preferring the skinny, cute faced women over the rest of the women of the world. The media has also been blamed for overselling light-skinned woman and for that very reason, a lot of men have ended up preferring them over their black and chocolate counterparts. Thankfully, this wrong has recently been righted and we are seeing more dark-skinned women gracing the covers of popular magazines, changing the perception of many men in the process. Other men have also been strongly influenced by the places they grew up when it comes to picking their favorite women. For instance, men who grew up in Africa where “the bigger the woman, the more beautiful she is” happens to be the motto, they’ll almost always use size and measurements as their touchstones to beauty. Other men consider morals as beauty. They would, therefore, end up picking a woman with morals over the one with enchanting looks. When all has been said and done, beauty standards will always depend on two things; nature and nature. And at the end of the day, men will always go for whatever their heart desires irrespective of what really motivates them to do so.

1. Curvaceous : The perfect body type

A great number of men believe that being curvy is the perfect or rather, the ideal shape that a woman could don upon herself. Some have even gone on to point out coining dictums of this kind of shape. Some have gone so far as to even write songs and poems about the curvy woman and her beautiful figure. The curves are deemed perfect for some men because they feel these women who are curvy have the right feminine proportions. With the right kind of burst, bum and waist size, any woman can easily turn a hell lot of heads since she fits into man’s fantasies as the proverbial girl of his dreams. Also, size doesn’t really seem to matter much when it comes to curvaceous woman. What I mean is a woman can be big or small but still curvy. Which means that she’s proportional and perfect irrespective of her measurements if you know what I mean. In other words, this kind of woman will look perfect in any fitting outfits because they’ll always reveal just how “coke bottled” her shape is. This also explains why most men are attracted to the curvaceous woman. And it’s simply because he can see just how attractive her body is from a mile away. Men who have a thing for the curvaceous women also claim that she is perfect and attractive because her proportions make her look much more feminine other women. A woman who is thought to be femininely shaped will always capture the attention of the straight man and again, that’s what makes her the perfect woman according to most men. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised that most men easily fall for the perfectly curvaceous woman.

2. Skinny: The perfect body

Just like the curvaceous woman, the skinny woman has also managed to win a ton of men’s hearts over the years. This is partly because the media – and by extension - the fashion industry has played a major part in promoting their body types to the masses. Most of the fashion designers prefer using models with a slender female body frame because its perfect for marketing their designs. Still, a fair share of men will still find the slender female body more attractive than any other body type even without all the media hype. This is because they feel they can “handle” a slender woman with ease during sex. Others just love the skinny body frame just because. Ask them why and they won’t have a readymade answer for you. Apart from their specific measurements, men will also find “skinny” as their ideal shape of a woman because it normally comes with a pretty, attractive face. Most of the skinny girls are usually picked for the runway because it believed that their lack of fat makes their beautiful facial bone structure become much more pronounced. Despite this being just a mere belief, it has worked wonders when it comes to men deciding what their definition of the ideal female body time is. Again, there aren’t any specific female measurements or body weight that can qualify as the perfect female shape. As long as her bone structure is easily visible, then she qualifies to be referred to as skinny. Therefore, men would love to generalize it as the skinny women. And when asked for any plausible specifics, they’ll just say you’ll know when you see them. And when you do, you’ll fully understand why it’s hard to give any specifics.

3. The big beautiful woman: The perfect body

The big, beautiful woman, popularly referred to as the BBW, has been an all-time favorite female body type for a while now. People have had their preferences shift from one different body type to the other over the years, but the BBW's have always appealed to a fair share of men hence are referred to as the perfect body shapes. As far as this body type is concerned, size is all that matters. These women come with every feature plus-size, explaining why a good number of men find them irresistible. Ask them and they’ll gladly say, “The bigger the woman, the more of her to love”. What I mean by that is a good number of men also refer to the BBWs as their ideal or perfect woman body type because it translates to getting everything big. The BBW also happens to be perfectly attractive to some men because they have much softer bodies thanks to the even distribution of fat throughout their bodies. BBWs also have bigger arms and legs in addition to their big boobs and hindquarters and that makes them even more beautiful. And because of their beautifully pronounced features, a BBW turning heads is usually an easy affair. All she needs to do is walk past a man with a smile on her face and boom! He is enchanted. And despite the media not giving them many props, there will always be a good number of men who will always show their love and appreciation to the big, beautiful woman simply because they are just that, big and beautiful.

4. Apple shape: The perfect body

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The apple female shape is simply the shape of a beautiful woman who only gains fat in her midsection. And by mid-section, I mean her waist, belly and butt. Any extra weight gained in a woman’s butt is always a course for celebration in the male kingdom. Most of us don’t even know why we celebrate this type of shape but we love it, even if we don't know why. More often than not, this kind of body is genetic because nobody can determine where and how to distribute fat in their bodies. Once you eat, the fat will decide on where to go based on how your body is genetically wired. And in this case, it always winds up in the midsection of the female body. This body type might also distribute fat to the woman’s face more than other parts of her body. This explains why their faces are likely to look smooth and radiating with youthfulness and hence making them a tad more attractive. Despite fat accumulation being easy on her belly, waist, and butt, women with apple shaped body types will have trouble accumulating fat on their arms and legs. Also, her breasts might or might not be huge, all depending on her body anatomy and genetics. Again, a lot of men find this as the ideal female shape because they pretty much love size when it comes to specific places on a woman’s body – period. Women with such body types might also come with narrow hips with fat on their tummies and the area just above their hips, which a fair share of men still find to be attractive.

5. Hourglass: The perfect shape

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The perfect hourglass woman shape is almost the same as the curvaceous body type. The only difference is that the hour-glass shaped woman has more in the boob area than the woman with a curvaceous body type. The curvaceous woman might be much bigger or thicker than the woman shaped like a perfect hourglass. It all bears down to the measurements of specific body parts. A woman with the perfect hourglass body shape can also be described as the wasp-shaped because of her thin waist, unlike the curvaceous woman who carries more weight in that particular area of her body. Most women strive to have this kind of body type because it is believed to be among the most attractive woman body type according to most men. Despite being thought of as the ideal measurements a woman can ever have no amount of gym or dieting can pull this one off. Why? Because the women with the perfect hourglass shape have nothing but their genetics to thank. The only other way that women can achieve the perfect hourglass body shape is through surgery – which in my opinion shouldn’t ever be considered as an option. Hitting the gym on a regular basis can increase the size of the bum while reducing a woman’s waistline, but never go under the knife. Most men find the hourglass figure as the perfect or ideal woman shape because it not only shows beauty but also represents the epitome of youthfulness. Even though they may not know this, men are innately wired to look for youthfulness in women so as to increase the chances of their offspring surviving. But despite this being the case, women should learn how to accept their bodies for what they look like and change for no one but themselves. There will always be countless men out there who will love your body type no matter what.

6. The wedge-shape: The perfect body type

Some men find women with a wedge shaped body to be the most attractive simply because it is a symbol of strength. It is also very easy to spot this kind of body because the size of the woman’s upper body is usually bigger than the rest of her body, including the mid-section and the lower body as well. Men who choose this female body type as their perfect or ideal body shape are specifically into broad shouldered women. The woman with this kind of body type can easily venture into the field of bodybuilding because of her strong upper body frame. All she would need to do is put in extra work on her lower body and she’ll be good to go. This female body type can also come with bigger, more pronounced boobs but the hindquarters are usually smaller or flatter, or both. In summary, as far as this female body type is concerned, the measurements on her upper body will always be much bigger than the rest of her body. There are times when her body comes with a bigger butt but still, her shoulders will always be well pronounced because of their naturally huge size. Apart from having a big upper body, these women may or may not be muscular. Some of them might have a bigger upper body because they store fat strictly on the upper body and not the lower body. In summary, if you are the type of man who is into strong, beautiful and tomboyish women, then this is the kind of body type that you are likely to be happy with. And this doesn’t mean that women with other body types can’t be tomboys or beautiful. It’s just that women with such a body type are highly likely to be tomboys because their physiology allows for it.

7. Skinny with big boobs: The perfect body shape

As mentioned throughout this article, there are quite a number of things that men find attractive when it comes to the body of their ideal woman. One such features is none other than her breasts. Countless men have gone on record confessing that the perfect female measurements or her ideal shape are when her boobs are bigger when the rest of her body is beautifully slender. Some men are just too obsessed when it comes to specific female features and they would love to focus on them especially during lovemaking. And since their only focus is the humongous size of her boobs, they rarely pay attention to her other parts of her body. Also, men have always associated these women with having pretty faces. These women also happen to be very light, which gives the men a whole lot of options when it comes to making love to them. And apart from the big boobs and cute faces, there might be other features of their bodies which will make women with such body types more attractive to the men. But when all has been said and done, the breasts will always stand out which is why big breasted women will never go out of fashion. And since the first thing you’ll always see whenever you meet women donning this incredibly beautiful body type will be their well pronounced boobs, don’t be shy to compliment her respectfully.

8. Inverted wedge female body shape: The perfect body shape

The world also has its fair share of beautiful women who have much bigger lower body measurements. This makes their lower bodies much bigger than their midsection and upper body. This is as a result of having fat stored in the lower areas of their bodies. Needless to say, a good number of men love this kind of female body type because of their obsession with bigger lower bodies. Some men love bigger lower bodies for reasons only best known to them. Again, such a perfect woman body type can be as a result of muscle or fat accumulation which will, in turn, make them so attractive. And with that said, there are plenty of women who would love to change how their bodies look. The first thing to do would be listing the things you don’t like about your body. And once you do that, you can list those you can change and work towards changing them. And for those that you cannot change, you’ll have to learn to accept your body because you are still beautiful. Honestly speaking, there are literally millions of men who hope to have a woman with the body type such as yours. Ask men and they’ll tell you. Without further ado, here are the two things you can do to change your body:

1. Hit the gym

There are plenty of women who would love to attain their ideal shape for their own personal reasons. And as I mentioned earlier, there are certain things that can be changed while there are others that cannot be changed. Therefore, after paying attention to your body, you’ll have a rough idea of what it’ll take to attain that ideal or perfect size. Then after that, you’ll be expected to hit the gym. The first few days of exercise will seem like a prison sentence with the gym as the pen. But after a while, this will subside and you’ll start feeling strong, healthy and sexy. You’ll find out that it takes a lot of hard work to attain your idea of the ideal female body type. Apart from finding the perfect gym, it’s very shrewd for you to determine the perfect exercises. These specific exercises will effectively focus on a specific body part you want to grow or reduce. And in most cases, that’ll mean having an experienced trainer who’ll help you exercise the right way. For instance, if you want to lose weight from a specific body part, then the trainer will know the right exercises for you. The same should happen when you want to build a specific muscle on your body. When all is said and done, you’ll need to stand firm because the power to change your body and life, in general, is placed squarely on your hands. And as for the parts of the body you can’t change, acceptance would do you some good.

2. Change your diet

If you ever find yourself feeling unsexy about your body, then maybe it’s a high time you made a change in your diet. As earlier hinted, eating junk food will only cost you a ton of health-related problems, most of which will be psychological. Therefore, a change in diet, which might look simple and insignificant at the time, will end up doing so some incredible good to both your body and your life, as well. A balanced diet will help your body feel sexy as it rapidly burns unhealthy fats that accumulated in your body over the years while building lean mass. And irrespective of your body type, men will easily describe you as the perfect woman with the perfectly attractive female body. This is because you’ll look sexy with youthful with vibrant skin – which are far more important qualities that a man subconsciously looks for in a woman. Therefore, if you ever want to have that ideal body shape irrespective of your body type, then you’ll have no other choice but to drop the fries and chocolate glazed donuts from your menu. You can replace the unhealthy foods with fresh vegetables, fruits and some natural proteins such as eggs and fish. The good thing about these healthy foods is that they are as affordable as they are available. And if you commit to a strictly clean diet, then you’ll start realizing some amazing changes in your body that’ll make you feel super sexy without spending too much. You might even be surprised that most of these unhealthy foods are more expensive than the healthy ones – bummer! And even if you keep your sexy measurements, you’ll always end up feeling sexy and good about yourself which is all that matters. You might want to couple the good diet with some exercising so that you can tone up that sexy your perfect body type for the men who find it helluva attractive. Do it for yourself, but also be generous so that others can behold whenever you step into their focal points.


When all is said and done, different men will have a preference to different measurements as far as their ideal woman body shape is concerned. Therefore, the most important thing for women to do is accepting themselves for who they are and look like. This is because there will always be a good number of men who’ll find them attractive. What I have been trying to say throughout this article is that all women are beautiful in the eyes of men, regardless of how they look. There are also other things that men can use for defining a beautiful woman. Some think a woman is as beautiful as how she carries herself. You might have the qualities of the most beautiful woman in the world but if your personality sucks, well, these kinds of men would opt not to come close to you. Therefore, as a strong woman, you shouldn’t resolve to unhealthy methods in your quest to acquire the perfect or ideal size in order to please men. Again, it is very important to do whatever you can to change the changeable. But when it comes to the things you cannot change, the most important thing you can do is accepting yourself for who you are and move on! For instance, you can’t start eating junk food to gain a ton of weight and become a big, beautiful woman. Most of the naturally BBWs are healthy because they eat healthily and even work out. Finally, men will always fall for women who are comfortable in their own skin. Therefore, live a healthy and happy life and the right men will appreciate you for the perfect and attractive woman you are with the perfect body type you have!


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