15 Makeup Tips That Everyone with Hooded Eyelids Needs to Know

Got hooded eyes? You are not the only one. Lots of celebrities have hooded eyes too. Here are the makeup tips they follow:

By Saadia
15 Makeup Tips That Everyone with Hooded Eyelids Needs to Know

Got hooded eyelids? Don’t be afraid to rock that killer cat eye look.

It’s simple. If the crease of your eyes isn’t visible, you have hooded eyes. Are you up for some eye-popping makeup tips and tricks? Are you worried that your makeup won’t look as good as those who don’t have hooded eyes? When it comes to applying makeup on the eyes, each one of us has their own frustrations. But women who have hooded eyes have to be extra careful with the makeup. They always have to spend extra time getting their eye makeup right. Before sharing some makeup tips, let me explain what hooded eyes actually look like.

What are actually hooded eyes?

If your lid space isn’t visible, that means you have hooded eyes. But what exactly do they look like? How do I apply makeup to my hooded eyes? How can I make that smokey eye look pop? These are probably the questions that are running through your mind right now. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about them and getting your makeup right. Hooded eyes are either formed genetically or when your brow bone carries excess skin which folds over making your eyes look hooded. With the revolution in the world and technology, even the makeup industry has stepped up its game in coming up with tricks and hacks for eyes that can not only make you look good but can also help you do makeup within a really short time. Women with hooded downturned eyes don’t have to worry about spending extra hours doing makeup on their hooded eyes. If you think your only choice is to visit a makeup salon whenever you need to attend an event then you are so wrong! You can do gorgeous makeup at home too. At this point, you might think that applying any kind of eye makeup is kind of pointless. To get through this, you definitely need to know some hacks to make your eye makeup prominent enough. Your crease-free eyelid might lessen the chances of you doing any kind of eye makeup. But you need to stop thinking that way as there are plenty of ways you can shine brightly even with those hooded eyes.

How do you know your eyes are hooded?

Take a look in the mirror and examine the shape of your eyes. Can you see a crease in your eyes? Does your skin on the brow bone rest on your eyelids? Can you visibly see the crease without lifting your brow bone? If you experience similar things then you might have hooded eyes. But hey, don’t worry, you can still look beautiful by doing makeup at home.

How to apply makeup if your eyes are hooded, Asian, almond, downturned or close-set?

You need to learn a few makeup techniques to bring the features of the eyes back to life. A statement eye look is only achieved when you use the right techniques and the right tools to make your eyes look gorgeous. All women with hooded eyes will feel lucky today as there are some simple and easy makeup tips that can help you apply eye makeup easily to make those eyes pop and shine.

Makeup tips for hooded eyes

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Have you tried to apply eyeshadow and found it hard to ace that properly transited eyeshade look? Do you wish to apply smokey eye makeup but failed to make your eyes look mesmerizing? If the answer is yes, then we have got some amazing makeup tips for ladies with hooded eyes:

#1. Understand the game of light and dark makeup looks

Ladies with hooded eyes need to understand which area of the eye should be light and which should be dark. This helps make your eye features visible. The main part where you can play the light and dark game is above the brow bone. Make a crease so that your eyes get a little definition.

#2. Prime the lids

No matter what kind of an eye shape you have got, you always need to prime the eyelids well. I know it’s pretty hard to create smokey eyes on downturned eyes without making the crease prominent. Even a cat-eye is impossible without lifting the crease. If you want to pop out the crease make sure you prime your eyelids nicely and neatly. Use a primer on your eyelid first. You can use your finger to apply the primer as it helps in keeping the eyeshadow and other makeup products in place. If you do not have a primer, then you can use a drop of concealer or your foundation to prime your eyelids. Asian and almond eye shaped women can do the same.

#3. Use matte shadow to open up your hooded eyes

Always and always pick matte products for your eyes. As the shimmery and glossy products on eyes need room to sparkle, your hooded eyes won’t be a good match for them. But, you can apply the glittery makeup products in the center of your eyelids. Apart from this, get yourself some matte eyeshadows. Don’t just get the dark ones but also get the neutral tones and a couple of shades that match the real color of your hooded eyelids. After priming the eyelids, you can use the same color matte eyeshade to smoothen out the lid and to give a neat and clean eyelid for the further transition shades. Matte eyeshades suit downturned and close-set eyes too. Never be afraid to put a dash of highlighter on the top of the lid to complete your smokey eye or cat-eye look.

#4. Highlight like a pro!

Your hooded eyes don’t only need the matte effect, they need a little sparkle too. Use a super-light shimmery highlighter which will look more prominent in the eyes. Apart from the hooded eyelid, don’t forget to highlight the inner corner of your eye and the brow bone. Highlighting the prominent parts of the eyes add a little more dimension. Even downturned eye shaped women can make their eyes fresh and alive with a highlighter. It’s an essential makeup item, you know.

#5. Apply eye makeup with eyes open

As you open your eyes and your hooded eyelids just disappear, this is the best time to check where you can add more depth or dimension to your eyelids with makeup to make sure your eyes don’t look hooded.

#6. Use waterproof makeup

Do you know why waterproof makeup formula is best for hooded eyes? It’s because such makeup doesn’t spread on your eyelid even if your eyes are hooded. Get yourselves waterproof mascaras and eyeliners and see your world change instantly.

#7. Don’t be afraid to wing it

You might be afraid all this time that a cat-eye makeup look is just not meant for hooded or close-set eyes. But here is a good news for you. You can easily do a winged cat-eye with a waterproof eyeliner and see everything sitting in place on your hooded eyes for long hours. All thanks to waterproof makeup!

#8. Always keep the eyeliner wing thin on hooded eyes

As you don’t have much space to show because of your hooded eyelid, make sure you are drawing a thin line with your eyeliner. This will give you more room to use other pretty eye makeup products.

#9. Fake a crease

You must have those eyeliner pencils with you in your makeup bag. It’s time to use them. Use your fingers to find the crease of your eyes. Grab a pencil and draw a fake crease under your brow bone. Do not press the pencil hard, just make a reasonably soft line. Start from the end towards the inner corner of your eyes. This way your hooded eyes will appear bigger. If you don’t have pencil then you can also use a transition eyeshade to make a crease or just plainly use your contouring shade. Women with close-set eyes should make a lighter and more blend-able crease with highlighting focus in the inner corner of the eyes. Using the right makeup products at the right spot does the trick.

#10. Blend it well

Before the crease you drew dries up, use a blending brush and start blending it gently. Blend in a forward and backward motion from the end to the inner corner of the eyes. Once you see the crease line has started to soften then take a neutral eyeshadow and blend it on the crease softly. Make sure you do not apply a lot of eye makeup product on the crease or your hooded eyes will look scary. But even if you make a mistake or blend some makeup outside the eyelid, you can always use a makeup remover or cotton swab to correct it and make your eyes look perfect again.

#11. Use the crease as a base

To accomplish a cat eye, use the crease as a base and make it a boundary for the eye makeup product you are going to use. Obviously, your eye makeup product will hide as you have hooded eyes. But here, applying a shimmery shade on the top of the lid, the inner corner and the brow bone will make your eyes pop.

#12. Make your eyes smokey

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Add a smokey touch to the cat-eye look by using some deep brown shades. Remember to extend the eyeshadow in a cat-eye shape to complete the effect of smokey eyes. Whether you have Asian hooded eyes or almond-shaped hooded eyes, smokey eyes will look great on you if you use the right makeup techniques.

#13. Add a hint of color to the lower lid

A smokey cat eye look is not complete if you don’t apply some eye makeup product on the lower lid of your hooded eyes. It doesn’t matter if your eyes have an almond or Asian shape. You can always add some makeup to the lower lash line to add definition to your eyes.

#14. Do the flick

The smokey or cat eye effect will be incomplete without a winged flick. To give your hooded eyes that bold look, start on with a waterproof eyeliner from the outer corner of the eyes. Make a wing and work in towards in the inner corner of your eyes. Once the flick is done then your eyes are set to make a statement. Use the right makeup on your hooded eyes and you will see a big difference in the results.

#15. Complete your makeup look with some lashes

Women with hooded eyes would do anything to make their eyelids prominent and they will try any type of makeup tip to achieve that look. So, once you are done with everything above, here is something that will play the role of cherry on top. Glue on some lashes to extend your natural eyelashes and give a dramatic look to your hooded eyes. Lashes are always a good choice whether you have Asian eyes, almond eyes, close-set eyes or downturned eyes.

As you follow these makeup tips, you won’t have to worry about what’s going to look good on your hooded eyes anymore. Good luck looking fabulous with these makeup techniques!