Hooded Eyelids? 10 Things Only Girls With Hooded Eyelids Know

Discovering you have hooded eyelids can get you down, especially when trying fun makeup looks. Can you relate to the struggle?

By Sharon S.
Hooded Eyelids? 10 Things Only Girls With Hooded Eyelids Know

#1 Asking Yourself, Why Me?

What are Hooded Eyelids?

Yes, why? The perfect storm of DNA created your hooded eyelids. That, and the natural aging process. Let us determine what hooded eyelids are exactly, shall we? Then we will go over makeup tips and tricks, botox, and fixes both big and small. Nothing can really cause hooded eyelids, just like nothing can really cure them - you are either born with them or not. First, set a few minutes aside for your and a mirror for some much-needed quality time. Try to position yourself in a place with natural light. If that is not possible, any well-lit room will do. Likewise, a magnified mirror is preferable, but any mirror where you can get super close to examine your eyes is fine. Second, look to see if your eyelid has a crease. If you don't possess that, you have a monolid, not a hooded eyelid. Now, mimic drawing a straight line across your lids (or hold up a pen/pencil, something thin enough to see when it is in front of your face), noting whether the outer corners turn up or down. If they do either of these things in addition to having a visible crease when your eyes are open, you do not have hooded eyes either. If you have a crease, but it is not visible when your eyes are open and hidden by your brow bone, your eyelids are hooded. There is an extra layer of skin dropping over your eyelid crease which will make your eyes appear smaller than they actually are. Watch the video below by Sephora for more about eye shapes and makeup.

#2 Being in Denial

Finding out your eye shape is one thing, accepting it is another. You can make a wish on a falling star all you want, toss all your coins in a fountain, or think as hard as you can when blowing out the candles on your birthday cake, and want it really really badly, but the fact remains is that your eyes are hooded. It would be best to start the acceptance phase of the denial cycle now; keep moving forward with the difficult realization that you have hooded eyelids and nothing will change it.

Source: https://tenor.com

"Leslie Know(pe)s Best"

#3 and #4: This is a Pain and Lots of Work

- Having hooded eyelids can be a real pain makeup-wise. You cannot, for the life of you, get that cut crease to look quite right, eyeliner makes your eyes look even tinier, and forget about creating a decent, sexy cat eye look! - Learning how to apply your makeup correctly is extremely frustrating, and takes loads of patience and practice. Fear not! There is help to be had on the horizon. Identifying your eye shape was only half the battle. Now we can move on to learning ways to "fix" your hooded eyelid, or at the very least, have your makeup pop instead of drop and stun instead of run. Bucky may be a sexy antihero/aspiring superhero and all, but we do not aspire to be his makeup twin. Sorry, Bucky!

"Bucky Barnes: Not Your Covergirl"

#5 So Many Gurus, So Little Time

Hooded Eyelids Makeup Tips and Tricks

In addition to taking up loads of patience and time (and drawer space), learning how to do your makeup well when you have hooded eyelids requires a lot of trial and error - most likely taking up loads of makeup to boot. There is an enormous number of beauty gurus online these days, so taking advantage of their vast makeup knowledge when applying it (literally!) to your own life is practically a no-brainer. Many people do take the shape, size, width, and depth of their eyes into consideration when buying and using makeup. Some of us just slap it on and wish for the best. For people who are concerned with complimenting their hooded eyelid shape and not overwhelming it, think about incorporating these makeup tips into your makeup routine. You may not have the option to fix your hooded eyes permanently, but you can definitely make them look pretty. Makeup application: it's a learning curve. Good thing we won't be graded on it. A basic fix could include things like: Tightlining: To make your eyes pop and more defined, take a sharpened liner to the top waterline of your eyes. This will make your lashes look fuller and your eyes bigger. Just be careful when wielding the liner so close to your eyeball. Eyeshadow placement: This is a huge deal when it comes to hooded eyes. Careful eyeshadow placement can mean the difference between a great smokey eye look or looking like you didn't put in an hour's worth of time doing your makeup because all that work pulls a disappearing act under your eyelid fold. You simply cannot walk around with your eyes closed to show off all your hard work. It's frowned upon in polite society. Eyeshadow color: Depending on what you want to highlight and draw attention to, using a matte shade will minimize the size of your brow bone, while lighter shimmery shades will make it look bigger. False lashes: A good set of false lashes, either self-sticking or applied with glue, can make all the difference in creating a look. Waterproof Mascara: Because it will smudge on your upper eyelid. Fact. Check out the video below by Makeup by Myrna for more tips and tricks. If none of them float your boat, there are plenty more videos and tutorials to choose from. Find one that suits your needs and style and voila! You'll be doing your makeup like a pro in no time flat.

#6 My Wallet is Crying

Improving Hooded Eyelids With Other Methods

Let's be clear right away: there is no permanent fix for hooded eyelids. There are, however, cosmetic procedures you can have performed that may help the appearance of hooded eyelids. These procedures do not come cheap, and frankly, something this major shouldn't be either. If they are performed wrong, they can cause irreversible damage. We recommend investigating these procedures thoroughly before deciding if this is the route you want to go, and then researching the doctor or facility that will be performing them. Going under the knife is not to be taken lightly. Cosmetic procedures also are not typically covered by insurance. There needs to be a legitimate medical reason - proven by a doctor - that your reason for wanting this kind of surgery is medically necessary. Otherwise, you will be paying for it out of pocket. Start saving. Botox: botox can raise the eyebrows to reveal more of your eyelid and minimize your hood. Eye Lift/Blepharoplasty: This procedure tends to be performed on older women as opposed to young ones. As we get older, our eyelids are more likely to droop as the skin loses its elasticity. An eye lift involves removing excess skin on the eyelid. Brow lift: This procedure is where the skin of the forehead and brow are raised, which in turns lifts the eyes and eyelids.

#7 No, I'm Not Tired

In fact, I was able to get a full 8 hours of sleep and just downed three espressos from Starbucks, but thanks for noticing my eyes, Karen. Go back to your cubicle. Having hooded eyelids means having people - both friends and strangers alike - think you are tired all the time and perhaps make not so nice comments. And sure, maybe you did stay up later than usual while marathoning A Handmaid's Tale on Hulu, but that is no reason to ask constantly if something is wrong or if you're sick, just because your face looks a certain way.

"Coffee Squirrel is a Happy Squirrel"

#8 I Just Want a Decent Cat-Eye

Is that too much to ask? Apparently, it is. Sometimes too much of a good thing is not very good. Please see numbers 4 & 5 - because almost every makeup brand touts its liner as the best, longest lasting, finest black eyeliner you can possibly get, you end up with ten different types in your makeup drawer. Retractable, liquid, brush, inky, pencil - the list goes on and on. We recommend watching some YouTube guru tutorials. There are surprisingly more than one ways to skin a cat...eye. Different artists showcase different techniques, from using a guide with your liner to starting from your bottom lash line, or drawing on points and connecting the dots. Almost all of the videos encourage adding false lashes to complete the look and give the appearance of a fuller eye. Makeup artist pixiwoo has a great tutorial and an innovative way to try out a cat eye.

#9 These Celebrities Haven't Been Held Back

And neither will you! Movie magic aside (along with a healthy dose of false lashes and makeup) celebs like Taylor Swift, Blake Lively, and Emma Stone all have hooded eyelids. Stars! They're just like us! (If we were also super ridiculously rich and popular and had a team of professionals doing our makeup.) Note to self: Step 1 - find out who does their makeup. Step 2 - learn how to sing and/or act. Step 3 - become a huge sensation and take over the world.

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#10 Embracing the Hood

So what have we learned? How to not just slap on your eyeshadow and other makeup and take some tips from the pros. Don't waste birthday wishes or money on botox because you want to change your beautiful, one of a kind face. You aren't alone out there in hooded eyelid-land; there's always someone out there who has the same experiences, frustrations, and wins too! Go forth and be your best hooded eyelid self 'cause you don't let a little thing like eye shape stand in your way. As the great RuPaul says, "If you don't love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love anybody else?? Can I get an AMEN??!" Listen to Mama Ru. She knows what she's talking about.