5 Easy Ways To Do A Half-Up Topknot: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Want to learn how to do the hottest new celebrity hair style? Check below for easy and simple ways to rock this fun trend and best style your half-up topknot.

By Nicole Madden
5 Easy Ways To Do A Half-Up Topknot: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Easy, Fun, Fashionable: The Half-Up Topknot

The best kind of fashion trends showing up on the scene these days are those that are fun, easy, and low-maintenance. Luckily, these traits all describe the newest hairstyle to take over our Instagram feed: the half-up topknot. This isn't your mother's topknot. This new style is quicker to do, requires fewer hair products, and best of all, looks good with both casual and fancy chic outerwear. With just the normal hair styling supplies you have laying around the house, you can create a variety of unique styles that are sure to be a hit whether you're at the gym, work, or grabbing an after dinner drink with friends. For each method, we've listed the simple steps to create the knot with a little variation between styles, and each style should take minimal time. Remember to leave yourself extra time if you choose to curl or straighten your hair, or if you're unfamiliar with how to braid or create a bun. Read on for five different methods on how to get this fun and easy look.

Supplies for a Half-Up Topknot

To get the proper half-up topknot look, you'll want the right supplies to tie that knot up top tight. The required supplies are the minimum you'll need to actually create the knot. We've also listed a variety of optional supplies to help your top knot process go even smoother. Gather the following before attempting any of the five easy methods listed below:

Required Supplies:

Hairspray Dry Shampoo (A must if you're using this style to hide your not-so-clean hair.) Comb Bobby Pins Hair Tie or Scrunchie (Pick something that either blends into your hair, or is a bright, bold color. Hair accessories are a fashion statement now.)

Optional Supplies:

Paddle Brush Hair Pins (to help secure any larger or taller knots) Hair Clip (to keep any extra hair out of the way as you work with your knot) Curling Iron Straightener Other hair products for curls or heat protection

Dirty Hair

This style is used by many celebrities to hide those unwashed hairs, so feel free to skip that shampoo and style away. The topknot actually holds a little better if you've avoided washing your hair within twenty-four hours. If you are freshly showered, you can make your hair a little dirty by using a little bit of hairspray or even dry shampoo.v If you have very fine or thin hair, avoid using too much hairspray or other products by using just a little at a time. Otherwise, you risk causing giving your hair a greasy or flat look. If this happens, use the dry shampoo on hand to help remove the extra product. And remember, you can always skip the shampoo and just use conditioner. This will avoid stripping the oils from your hair that make it soft and shiny.

Method 1: Straight and Simple

This half-up topknot method is best for those with short (shoulder length or shorter) styles, or those with very thin or fine hair. 1) Begin by straightening all your hair, taking time to make sure the hair in back and around your face is free of curls or waves. 2) Using the comb, separate the hair on the top half of your head. If you need something to aim for, try using a line about halfway between each ear and the crown (about where your head makes the turn towards your ears). 3) Twist the hair into a tight ponytail, then continue to twist until it is in a knot/bun. Secure with a hair tie or stylish scrunchie. 4) From here, you can make the bun as messy or as tight as you'd like. If you'd like a more casual style, gently pull and spread the hair apart with your fingers, loosening the bun from the hair tie. You can even pull a few pieces loose (especially if you already have face-framing bangs). 5) Apply hairspray, and use bobby pins to secure any loose hair that accidentally escaped from the bun.

Method 2: Tight and Tall

This topknot style is best for very long hair, well past shoulder length. It is better to have it straightened, although beach waves are also a good match for the tall knot. This method is a variation on the Straight and Simple Method listed above. Your hair will need to be hairsprayed before twisting it into a bun. Dirty hair will "grab" the other hairs better, helping it stay nice and tall without collapsing. 1) Follow steps 1 and 2 from Method 1. 2) Carefully twist your hair into a ponytail. From here, you will continue to twist, but instead of twisting hair into layers that extend out from the first twist (the base), you'll overlap, pulling up with each twist and adding height. 3) As you twist the hair, use bobby pins or hair pins to help your hair maintain shape (especially if you have very long or thick tresses). If you're having difficulties with the knot falling apart, apply coats of hairspray as you twist. 4) Secure with multiple hair ties. If you have them, brightly colored hair ties add a little bit of flair to your style. Make your half-up knot as tall or as short as you would want. 5) Hairspray and enjoy!

Method 3: More Topknots, More Fun

What's better than one top knot? Two top knots! This style can be done with any length or volume of hair, even fine or short. 1) Straighten or curl your hair as desired. 2) Separate the hair on the top half of your head. Secure the bottom remainder of your hair with a tie or clip. This will help keep it out of your way as you style the rest. 3) Separate your hair into halves again, using the comb to split the hair evenly on either side of your crown. 4) For each side, twist hair into a ponytail, then twist again into a knot. 5) Secure with a hair tie. Gently pull and separate hair from under the tie until a messy look is achieved. 6) Hairspray, then remove the rest of your hair from the clip or tie. A few curls give a fun accent to this method. If you're looking for a different take on this style, you can also separate the hair using a line that runs from ear to ear. This will give you a top knot in front, layered over a top knot in back. Just make sure you make the back knot larger and the front knot smaller to keep your do looking stylish and not bulky.

Method 4: Curls For Days

This method is best for medium to long hair. For a curly sweetheart-type style, you can begin by curling your hair prior to styling your top knot. You can also opt to curl post-knot, depending on how curly or messy you'd like the topknot to be. 1) Decide if you want tight curls, a head full of fun beach waves, or something in between. 2) Separate enough hair for a top knot. Plan on separating less hair than you did for the other how to methods, since curls will add plenty of volume and bulk to your knot. 3) Twist hair into a knot. Secure with hair tie. 4) Due to the curls, plan on using multiple bobby pins to secure your knot and any loose hair. The pins will add stability to the knot, especially if you decide to twist it tall. 5) Apply ample hairspray.

Method 5: Braided for Ease

This style will be easier to achieve with medium to long hair, but is also possible with short hair as well, depending on your experience with braiding. Want to know how to get a clean looking half-up topknot, without looking too stuffy? A braided topknot is your answer. This style can be done with either a standard braid or a french braid if you already know how. 1) Begin by separating the hair for your topknot from the remainder. You'll want to tie or clip the rest of your hair out of the way so you can easily braid your knot. 2) Thoroughly comb out hair; tangled hair will make any kind of braiding difficult, and will make the final product look messy (and not in a good way). 3) Each section of hair should be fairly thick, to give yourself a nicely sized braid. If you are french braiding, make sure to take hair from each side of the head evenly. 4) Coat hair with a light amount of hairspray, then braid normally. It's easy during this step, so plan accordingly. 5) Once you reach the end of your hair, put a small tie at the end. 6) Twist hair into a knot. Secure with a tie. 7) Use a bobby pin to hide the end of the braid under the edge or in the center of the topknot. 8) Hairspray and curl or straighten the remainder of your hair. You will probably need to use a combination of multiple hairpins and hairspray to secure the braid, or you risk it untwisting and falling from the top of the head. It is better, in this case, to use actual hairpins as opposed to bobby pins.

Rock Your New Half-Up Topknot

There are a lot more ways to rock your half-up topknot out there than just what's on this list. All you have to do is a quick Instagram search for #topknot to see all the unique ways people have come up with to work with this style. You can jazz it up by getting creative with your twists, braids, and curls; you never know what new style you can create. Now that you're an expert on all things topknot, pull out this style anytime you're in a rush from the gym or looking to stay cool on hot days. It's all the fun of a half updo, without the fussy look of the full topknot. And don't be afraid to accessorize with unique pins or ties; with the return of the scrunchie to the fashion scene, there's no limit to what you can do!