Professional Stylists Tricks: 20 Must-Do Curly Hair Care

Having a good hair day with a curly hair may need a lot of work. So here we are to help you get your good hair days with a 20 must-do curly hair care tips.

By Janani
Professional Stylists Tricks: 20 Must-Do Curly Hair Care

Curly Hair Tips

Curly hair can be a blessing and a misery. On one hand, no one knows about your hair loss or how fine your hair texture is. Everybody just sees a beautiful curly hair. But on the other hand, taming a curly hair is never an easy task to do. Curly hair not just comes with beautiful curly locks but with dryness, frizzy roots, and hard to manage curly strands. So, to turn your misery into a blessing we are here to give you the right hair care regime for your curly hair. Here are 20 great ideas and tips that can help you guys to get the right hair that suits any hairstyle or haircut that you desire with your curly hair.

Tip #1: Shampoo Your Scalp

Curly hair is drier and more prone to damage than the regular hair. So, it is very important to use the right shampoo for your dry hair. For a curly hair make sure you shampoo your scalp to remove the excess oil and dirt from your hair. One of the best ideas to look great in your hairstyle would be to use a shampoo that works best for dry and damaged hair. This will help you guys to wear your hairstyle in a fabulous way.

Tip #2: Limit Shampooing Your Curly Hair

Always limit your curly hair from shampooing it too often. Wash your hair once or twice a week to avoid getting dry and frizzy. Washing your curly hair frequently can cause too many tangles in your hair and thus it might lead to damage to your hair growth. If you have fine curly hair, then one of the best tips to avoid excessive hair fall is to limit shampooing.

Tip #3: Cold Water Baths

Taking hot showers with curly hair is a big No. Take cold water baths to avoid your hair from getting extra frizzy, dry, and damaged. Washing your hair in cold water has its own benefits. Your hair gets to shine, seals moisture in your hair, and flattens your curly hair as well. Hot water showers can leave your curly hair frizzy and it might strip away the essential minerals from your hair. So, for better hair growth washing your hair in cold water is one of the best ideas.

Tip #4: Use Towel For Drying Your Curly Hair

The quickest way to dry your hair would be to blow dry but it just leaves your hair frizzy and dull. For drying a curly hair the best way is to use a towel. Dab a towel to remove excess water from your hair and then air dry your hair. You can blow-dry your hair once in a while to get your favorite hairstyle. It is better to avoid blow-dry for regular use as it might cause damage to your hair and reduce your hair growth.

Tip #5: Style It While Wet

Styling your curly hair while it is still wet is one of the best ideas to style your hair the right way. For a curly hair, getting the desired hairstyle can be a difficult task but when you do it while your hair is still wet it gets easier. It works best for both thick and fine hair. So, guys with curly hair it is best that you style your hair when it is damp.

Tip #6: Use The Right Products

When it comes to curly hair using the right products for your hair type is a life saver. Never go overboard and try every product in the market. Make sure you know your hair before you buy a hair product. If you are going to dye your hair then you better use the right dye that suits your hair texture and type. Using the wrong products can cause more damage to your hair.

Tip #7: Pineapple Your Curly Hair

If you are looking for ways to be free from tangles for a curly hair then the best way to achieve that is the 'pineapple bun'. Gather all your hair and tie a top knot on your hair. This will help you have a better sleep without the worry of waking up to a bad unmanageable hair. This hair care trick works best for both dense and fine hair and for short haircut.

Tip #8: Trim Your Curly Hair Regularly

The perfect hair care tip for a curly hair is to trim your hair on a regular basis. This is one of the best ways to get rid of the split-ends and it will promote hair growth. Also, make sure you get a haircut while your hair is still dry as a wet hair might be of different length. Your hair gets to shrink while wet. So, guys never forget to get a new haircut while your hair is dry.

Tip #9: Use a Wide Tooth Comb

Curly hair is prone to tangles, so always use a wide tooth comb to comb your hair. You can even use your fingers to remove tangles. But never ever use a brush for combing your curly hair as it makes it difficult to manage. Using a wide tooth comb will also ensure you have less hair fall and gets easier to preserve the shape of the curls.

Tip #10: Comb Your Hair Bottom Up

To easily remove tangles and to have a stress free combing make sure that you comb from bottom to the top. Combing the hair from roots will damage your hair and cause excessive hair fall. So it is always better to comb your hair from the bottom to the roots. This is one of the best haircare regimes for your curly hair. Combing your hair from bottom clears the knots from bottom thus preventing breakage of your curly hair.

Tip #11: Cocktail Your Hair Products

Finding the right product that matches your hairstyling needs is a difficult task. So, it is better to mix two different products if it gets you a better hair. You can even mix coconut oil and your styling gel or mixing serum and mousse if it works right for your curly hair. Depending on your hair type these mixing of products can have a great effect on your hairstyle. So, never be afraid to try out mixing the right products as per your choice.

Tip #12: Condition Your Hair At The Ends

For dull hair days never use a ton of products that cause damage to your hair. It is better to use oil or serum to moisturize your dull hair at the ends to get a perfect bouncy look. You can simply use your fingertips to apply products that nourish your hair.

Tip #13: Use A Satin Or Silk Pillowcase

The right pillowcase to use for a curly hair is either satin or silk. Using a satin or silk can make your hair slide down the soft material while using a cotton can get your hair stuck in your pillowcase. This can help you get a manageable hair. Sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase can protect your hair from breakage or damage. This helps your hair to retain the moisture all night leaving the hair less tangled.

Tip #14: Coconut Oil Treatment

For a dry and damaged hair, it is always wise to pamper your hair with coconut oil. Coconut oil not only moisturizes your curly hair but also nourishes the dry and damaged hair. Your curls will stay hydrated and nourished when given proper care. Massage with coconut oil and leave it on for one hour and then wash your hair. This way you can seal the moisture in your curly hair. Coconut oil can make your hair smooth and nourished.

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Tip #15: Deep Condition Your Hair

Curly hair can become frizzy, dry and damaged. So to ensure that your hair stays healthy and in the right way make sure that you deep condition your hair every week. You can either use homemade hair masks that treat your hair the right way or you can use products that work best for your hair.

Tip #16: Use Styling Products That Moisturize Your Hair

Using styling gels on your curly hair can leave them damaged and cause harm and hair fall. Always use hair products that leave your hair moisturized as curly hair lack moisture. Even while you dye your hair make sure you use dye products that lock the hair moisture.

Tip #17: Use Anti-Frizz Serum

Try using an anti-frizz serum to tamper your hair against frizziness. Using an anti-frizz serum can make your hair manageable and can leave your curls the right way by controlling the frizziness. Use only a small dime-sized portion of anti-frizz serum as this helps in smoothing your hair. Make sure you massage it evenly all over your hair for better results.

Tip #18: A Big No To Heat

Never apply heat to your hair for styling them it can make your hair rough and dry. For curly hair, dryness is natural but if you use heat you are causing more damage to your hair. So, stay away from heat rather try some natural ways to style up your hair. Or you can use heat once in a while but with proper care.

Tip #19: Avoid Using Products With High Alcohol Content

Using hair care products that have high alcohol content can leave your hair dry and damaged. It can make your locks like dull and lifeless. This will make you use more and more products to follow a proper regime. So, it is better to use products that are alcohol-free to ensure you have moisture in your hair.

Tip #20: Ask An Hair Expert

It is better to seek a professional hair expert if you have been dealing with dry, dull and damaged curls for all your life. Although these tips can help you it is better to seek an expert and get advice based on your hair specific hair type.

To Sum Up Hair Care Tips

People without curly hair always see people with curly hair as a blessing but what it takes to maintain a curly hair is not known. It takes a lot of your time and patience to maintain your hair. Now that you know all the tips for taking good care of your curly hair it is wise that you follow them at home. Though curly hair can be difficult to maintain when handled with proper care it can give you the best looks. Even with all the difficulty, curly hair can make it worth the effort.