15 Successful Tips And Tricks To A Great Poop

It's alright to talk about it, because everybody does it, and we usually do it everyday! We all poop, even if we consider the subject to be taboo. Here are some proven tips and tricks to poop better, let me share with you what I have found.

By LB Jones
15 Successful Tips And Tricks To A Great Poop

Let us get down to the nitty gritty and talk about poop! Did you know there are proven tips and tricks how to help you poop better?

This used to be a taboo subject but not so much anymore! You can now see images on social media of how to make your poop flow better and who on social media has not seen the toilet stool? Also known as the Squatty Potty, this should be an answer to all of life's poop problems but if you're constipated then your poop may not flow as easy as that. This is definitely not the case for many of us, by that we mean not being able to go often...this can cause one to be irritable but no need to fear I will show you how to fix your problem one way or another. With these tips you might can fix your problem or even fix an ongoing problem. Give as many of these a try or maybe all of them, who knows you could be on the way to a better you by tomorrow morning.

1. Fiber

Fiber is an old wives tale that everyone has heard of but....

Fiber is an old wives tale that everyone has heard of and there is a lot of truth to this. A plant based diet is actually a good way to get your juices flowing. I personally can testify to this, I eat a plant based diet and I poop three to four times daily. I am also never constipated. Have you ever heard of vegan poops? They are actually pleasant because you rid your body of its poopy contaminates daily. High fiber is recommended in the form of broccoli, peas, avocados’, okra and berries along with other remedies. Not only will you poop better but you can lose weight if you try to go plant based. It is easier than you think to eat plant based and your diet has a big impact on how you poop. Put good foods in and good poops out.

Getting more fiber in your everyday diet by eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, can help as well. “If you’re eating things that are low in fiber and high in fat, then perhaps you need to be eating better."

2. Exercise

Exercise not only gets your food moving it gets you moving, too!

Getting the proper amount of exercise daily helps dramatically change the way you poop. Just taking a stroll after dinner is great for digestion and it even gets everything moving. Have you ever been on a walk and then all of the sudden, the urge to poop hits? This is the process for your body and even just a little exercise does a body good. It get’s what is stuck, unstuck and it helps everything flow with ease. Even if you exercise before you eat dinner that also helps to get everything moving. A run before dinner is always good, and it's good for other athletic reasons as well.

3. Prebiotics & Probiotics

I love these, kimchi and kombucha are my favorites.

These are my favorites! I believe in eating your vitamins instead of taking pills if you don't have to, of course that is just me. Prebiotics come in the form of asparagus, artichokes, brussel sprouts and broccoli and probiotics are made of fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha. These are by far my favorites--I love kimchi and kombucha. These are very gut friendly foods that can increase the healthy bacteria often needed by our bodies. You can get some kimchi and add it to burgers, salads or anything you feel like adding it to. Kombucha can be pricey but there are so many sites that show you how to make your own which is so much better than the store bought.

These guys are food and fertilizer for gut bacteria, stimulating their growth and encouraging regular bowel movements.

4. Water

Water adds amazing benefits to your digestion.

Drink plenty of water on a regular basis and that should keep your poops nice and soft. If you happen to be constipated drink your water at room temperature maybe add 1/4 tsp of salt as this will help loosen up what is stuck. Water may also weaken the smell which would also be a plus. Drinking water can be hard which is understandable, you can get your water intake by foods also lettuce, cucumbers, watermelon, even fizzy drinks with no added ingredients like La Croix are great as well. You can do it just be creative if you are a water drinker, like me.

5. Gluten Free

Gluten is also the culprit to many intestinal problems.

Gluten messes with peoples intestines and causes things to not flow or work properly. I have an allergy to wheat aka gluten so going plant based and high fiber definitely helps you go often but by doing both you should prepare to go more often. Studies have shown that people with allergies to wheat having trouble pooping because the wheat reeks havoc on your system. On the plus side, going gluten free will help you lose weight and your poop won't smell as bad, either. Nothing gets stuck in your pipes and everything flows perfectly.

6. Less Stress

Stress does a lot to our bodies try to relax

It is easy for people to tell you to stress less but with the world being in such a hurry sometimes it makes going to the bathroom stressful. When you feel you are on a time crunch it makes your body tense therefore other parts clench which makes it almost impossible. So take time on the potty, give yourself time to sit and poo.

7. Practice Relaxing

Learning to relax eases more than just your bowels

Be stress free and practice relaxing goes hand in hand. When you feel stressed just relax maybe take a few deep breaths or read a book. Do anything to take your mind off of what you are doing, or what you're trying to do. Get your head right and breathe easy and if you know any yoga breathing techniques try them out. I'm not trying to make you look like a weirdo but when you got to go you'll try anything.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

The wonder cure in a bottle

Apple cider vinegar is good to get your acid churning in your stomach; this will help with the digestion of your food. If you dilute it with room temperature water and drink it first thing in the morning, it is a great way to start your day. Not only does it help with digestion but it a helps you lose weight, regulates blood sugar, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, detoxifies and it's also great for your hair plus it does a million more things. The only down fall is the smell and if you can get past the smell you are on your way to a happy poop. You get used to it and after a while it doesn't bother people, and they drink it daily.

9. Healthy Fats

Peanuts, avocados, oils oh my....

Healthy fats are a great natural lubricant for your body. I remember when I was a kid that a low fat diet was the fad diet people lost a lot of weight but they also lost important healthy fats that their bodies needed. They play an important role in the proper function of your body plus they reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. It is always nice to hear that it is alright to eat fats just make sure it is the right ones for your body some fats can actually clog you up.

Healthy fats such as coconut, olive, and macadamia oil; avocado; oily fish; peanuts; and seeds lubricate the bowels and help move waste through the colon

10. Use Spices

Add a little spice in your life

You can add certain spices to your meals, smoothies or salads helps aid digestion and to eliminate waste in the kidneys, stomach and liver. The spices/herbs help breakdown foods and help to improve flow in the intestines. Examples of the spices used are turmeric, cumin, black pepper, rosemary, cayenne, coriander seeds, oregano, cloves and ginger. When you add a little bit of these spices to smoothies you don't even taste them it is the same for foods.

11. Standing

Standing after eating instead of sitting or laying down

If you stand for about a half hour after eating, it helps a lot of different things especially digestion. When you sit it compresses your stomach so it maybe a little harder to digest. I know lying down after eating is never good especially if you have acid reflux. Standing after eating is not as hard as you think, wash your dishes, clean up the kitchen or take your dogs for a walk. It's easy if it helps you.

12. Magnesium

Eat more bananas and almonds

Magnesium is a natural laxative if you need to take a supplement to help ease discomfort. I would start with this before resulting to a harsh laxative. It can also be found in foods like flaxseed, oatmeal, bananas and almonds among many more Magnesium is mainly found in bones but the rest is used for an important role in muscle function. It's also is a water nutrient meaning it attracts water so the more liquid in your intestines the softer your poop will be. This is good news for an unhappy constipated person. With any drug or supplement it is suggested to check with a physician before using.

13. Yin Yoga

Get more yin less yang

What exactly is Yin Yoga? Well with yoga it's all about movement strength and flexibility but with Yin Yoga it's more like slow movements to bring flexibility and loosen tight muscles. You are actually encouraged to not use muscles, you just let the body naturally stretch. There is no need to force flexibility as it is a relaxing yoga. It helps to loosen muscles that are tight and it's a great relaxing exercise to learn. Once you master it, it will help out with more than just digestion issues.

14. Squatty Potty

Get more squatty to go potty

How many of you have seen the advertisement for the squatty potty? I have and even though I thought the commercial was a joke but it is an actual real thing. The point of this tool is to elevate your legs like you are in a squatting position. This is supposed to be the proper position where everything lines up perfectly to make your poo flow easily.

15. Laxative

If all else fails

One way to help you go especially you happen to be constipated is to take a laxative. This is a sure fire way to go poop. It is known to make your stools softer and which means they'll easily flow out but it’s only a short term cure. If you tend to have a harder time going poop I would definitely find a more natural method since laxatives can be harsh on your system. No need to damage your already clogged dam, I'd use this as a last resort. If you have no relief from being constipated or you don't poop better then by all means go for it.

Hopefully these tips and tricks will indeed help you poop better.

So there we have it, 15 ways you can poop better. Hopefully these help but if it does not help I would definitely seek a doctor’s advice. Doing 1 or more of these things, even most of them can improve your life. When you are sitting on a toilet there is nothing like flushing your problems away, literally. Yes it may not cure all your problems like world peace or win a million dollars but having to poop outweighs all those issues and becomes forefront on your mind. A happy mind makes a happy person, listen to your body it knows what it needs.