Nose Piercing: Which Types Of Nose Piercings Are Best For You?

Are you considering piercing your nose and wondering which of the nose piercing types and rings you should go for? Welcome.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Nose Piercing: Which Types Of Nose Piercings Are Best For You?

Nose Piercing: Overview

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Unlike before when it was almost a taboo to wear jewelry on your nose publicly, this beauty effort is fast gaining acceptance in all lands and among different interest groups.

Employers of labor that were once averse to the practice are now beginning to accommodate it by relaxing their once harsh stance of zero tolerance for nose piercings. As such, many people are embracing nose rings as one way to enhance their beauty nowadays.

However, in spite of this latest acceptance of nose rings, if you are not self-employed, it would be nice that you know your limitations when it comes to having jewelry on your nose. That's because some jobs permit nose piercing if the ring to be used is skin or flesh colored and are of a particular size.

Again, your choice of rings would have to depend on your threshold for pain. Different people can withstand pain at different levels. And with nose piercings, the bigger the rings, the more likely the pain.

Here in this piece, we shall be considering the different types of nose rings available to help you choose the best for yourself. This is premised on the fact that your choice of rings would determine the type and gauge of the piercing. If you are a starter in nose piercing, you will find the information given below very useful. So, let's briefly check these types of nose rings out.

Different Types Of Nose Rings

There are five types of nose rings in all, and your choice would have to depend on your need and experience in nose piercings. Some of the types to be soon discussed are best for starters only while there is a customizable type which can fit both starters and experts. Here are the nose ring types.

1. L-Shape Nose Rings

This nose ring type derives its name from its shape. It is like the English alphabet letter L. Many have adjudged it as the best for starters because it fits easily into the nose while resting on the inside of it. Rings that are L-shaped are not usually more than 7 centimeters long.

If you foresee yourself removing your nose jewelry before it finally heals, L-shaped rings are your best bet. Removal is relatively easy when compared to the other types, and that means you aren't going to encounter complications while doing so.

The main disadvantage of L-shaped rings is that they often fall out easily. Their level of security cannot be guaranteed like the other types of nose rings. Again, if you don't want a nose ring that would be too visible, you should consider other types other than the L-shaped types. L-shaped rings are very conspicuous.

2. Nose Hoops

This nose ring type is known by different names in different places, and it wraps around your nose very perfectly. It looks more like the English alphabet C with one of its ends sealed to forestall its falling out.  The different types of nose hoops are made from titanium, silver, gold or stainless steel whose quality compares to those of surgical equipment.

The main advantage of hoop nose rings is that unlike other types, it places less pressure on your nose piercing and that is a good quality for quick healing. There are also different types of colors for hoop rings such that you can be sure of getting your desired color.

You may, however, not find the fact that it is very conspicuous appealing. But then, if the quality and color are admirable, it's a feature you would want to be proud to wear. One other thing to not like about hoop nose rings is that it is not versatile in decoration. There are no too many options with this nose ring style as you would see in other types.

3. Nose Ring Types: Bone

Nose rings that are bone-shaped have one end that is bulbous while the other end is usually decorated. The bulbous end keeps the post firm in your nose piercing while the decorated end stays outside of your nose.

As the name implies, bone nose rings are usually straight in outlook and are the choice of many nose piercers. It is just some 7mm long at maximum, and it can easily be worn on the nose piercing with little or no discomfort.

The end that looks like a ball ensures that the ring does not fall out and you can easily remove it at will. For nose piercing starters and those who feel they may want to change their jewelry during the healing process, rings in the shape of bones are not the best. The reason is for this is that the end that should be inserted into the piercing is usually bumpy and this can lead to great discomfort.

But if you are looking for nose rings that aren't too conspicuous, bone rings are the best. They fit perfectly too, and you don't have to worry about them falling out. Bone rings are equally of various types and variants, and these include Labrets, Faux Hoops, and Micro Nose Rings.

The micro nose rings are rings suitable for individuals with micro (small) nose. The ornamentations are quite small too, and even if your nose isn't small, but you want the ring to be discrete, you should check out any of the micro nose rings. Labrets fit for piercing gauge between 18 and 20 and starters can use it because it has a multipurpose top.

The Faux Hoops which is the last variant of bone nose rings has a lot of decorative options from which you can choose to purchase. The versatility in decoration is one reason many people settle for it as the jewelry of their choice. It is similar to the L-shaped nose rings earlier discussed.

4. Fishtail Nose Rings

If you have been having difficulties selecting appropriate jewelry to match your nose piercing, fishtail is what you need to check out. Among the nose ring types, fishtail is the only one that allows for users customization.

However, the customization would have to be done by your piercer. Fishtails have been so made such that it has an additional length extending to as much as 19mm.

Unlike other types of nose rings, fishtails do not have a bulb at any of its ends, and that's why it is open to customization. After you might have purchased it, your piercer would have to sit with you and determine what piercing gauge you want before customizing it to fit you accordingly.

There is hardly any disadvantage to these nose rings other than the fact that you cannot do the customization yourself; a piercing expert has to do that for you after asking the relevant questions.

5. Screw Rings

The other names by which these nose rings are known include nose hook, nose stud, or nose twister. The end of the jewelry consists of a screw with which it is held in place to the nose piercing. Screw nose rings are of two types namely right and left bends, and each is suitable for the right and left nose respectively.

Once screwed to your piercing, it remains fixed to your skin, and it is less likely to fall out like other types. In fact, of all other types of nose rings, screw nose rings are the firmest and arguably most common.

However, one downside of this nose ring is its difficulty of insertion. When you have just pierced your nose, it can bring some discomfort more than other types of nose rings when trying to screw it into place.

A Reminder Before Choosing A Nose Ring

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We have just considered the different types of nose rings available with a look at the pros and cons of each. The fact is, it is always good to start with the small rings. That's because while your nose piercing is still healing, you are not to replace or remove the jewelry, as doing so can lead to some complications which can extend the healing time.

The different types of nose rings mentioned above would help you make decisions as to which jewelry would fit you and which won't fall out. But more than these factors, one other thing to consider when choosing a nose ring is your level of tolerance for pain.

Nose piercing is no doubt a painful pleasure; but if your threshold for pain is low, you will do well to pick small jewelry. As it is, the smaller the jewelry, the smaller the piercing gauge. And when the gauge is small, the pain is also reduced.

In choosing any of the rings put forward here, your work or extra-curricular activities should be put in mind. Generally speaking, outdoor activities that involve pulling does not go with big nose rings. With your screw rings or big hoops on, there are more than enough chances that you would injure yourself and damage the nose piercing with it.

Making The Right Metal Choice

One common challenge with nose piercing is rejection, and that occurs when the skin isn't accepting the metal type inserted into it after the piercing. The metal types that are usually rejected by the skin are those made from inferior titanium, silver, and steel.

One great concern with using steel is that it often gets very cold and that isn't too good for swift healing after piercing. Other metals such as silver that are of inferior qualities can result in serious skin irritation or skin discoloration that is permanent.

Your best bet to overcome this menace is to go for the best in quality for your nose piercing. And thanks enough, many of these good pieces of jewelry aren't that expensive. With a budget of about $40, you can get a very good L-shaped or bone nose rings.

Final Words

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Success in nose piercing is largely predicated on two decisions; the first is the decision of which piercer to settle for, and the second has to do with the decision of which nose ring to use.

With the piercer, you would have to research, check pictures, ask questions, and read reviews about body piercer before submitting your nose for anybody for piercing. That's because a wrong decision by he/she can turn out to be very expensive.

As with the choice of nose rings, we have examined the options available to you in this piece with their pictures. You may get more pictures of each type online as pictures can better help you make an informed decision. Happy nose piercing experience we should say, and good luck!