The Colors Of Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit Everyone Should Know

Everyone should take a look at this guide for all of the colors seen on Kylie Jenner's lip kits, her sisters' sets and more.

By Annabel Crystal
The Colors Of Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit Everyone Should Know

The evolution of Kylie Jenner Cosmetics lip kits

Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics brand Kylie Cosmetics has a vast array of styles and colors available for her avid fans. Who knows if these fans are actual makeup fans or just want a piece of Kylie to call their own. The phenomenon that is Kylie Jenner has evolved into a worldwide cosmetics brand. With 16M Instagram followers on her makeup cosmetics account alone, she beats out competitors like Morphe, Fenty, and others. Business of Fashion values her business at around 1 billion dollars. On her website she currently has 41 MATTE lip kits, 12 VELVET lip kits out of which a few common ones are always out of stock, and so much more - so many colors.

So how did this begin? It began with an evolution of her lips with a combination of social media awareness and growth. She has been very open about getting fillers in her lips, which I am certain almost every girl above 18 years of age has by now, in order to change her appearance. Lip injections are nothing to feel shameful for. Beauty is unfortunately at the subconscious of everyone’s mind, and this is a game. So game on. 

Before the lip injections, Kylie was not blessed with natural thick lips. And being in a family of incredibly beautiful women, she must have felt some pressure to feel on the outside what she feels on the inside. The need for bigger lips also potentially stems from a need of love and attention. Unfortunately, in our society, the more beautiful a woman is, the more attention she gets, the more money she earns, and the more men she gets. Hopefully, this is becoming more and more a less true statement with women like Kylie breaking the mold and causing people to stop and think about why women do the things they do.

If you focus on her personality and not on her face, you can see her real, true beauty. She is livelier, more energetic and bolder than all of her sisters. She speaks the truth, which is so rare in our culture. She is also woke, humble, and sweet. While women are taught to be nice, sweet and tame, Kylie yells back and fights the norm and conventions of what it is to be a girl. She even relishes in her “thickness,” shunning thin beauty standards with a "bite me" attitude. Traditional beauty standards are repressing, so she has given us all a little bit of freedom with these new rules. 

So why, beyond the basics, do people look up to her so much and love her so much? It’s because of what she stands for: girl power, independence, hard work, and well, beauty and awe. No woman should feel the need for lip injections, so in hopes of a better future, I believe that a young girl like Kylie, expressing her true knowledge of beauty, which is a complete oxymoron of her face with those huge lips, will wake people up, awaken their subconscious and clear their subconscious of these false truths. And the truth is, all women are beautiful regardless of what they look like. We know this, we just play the game until we no longer have to. These beauty tools are temporary, they are quick fixes and just for fun. 

But Kylie is truly trendy beyond just her lips, and she is the future. Maybe this evolution is just the first of her many evolutions.

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Must-have colors from Kylie Jenner's lip kits

Out of the 41 MATTE lip kits, the ones you absolutely must try are Maliboo, Head Over Heels, Boss (also an Instagram favorite), and EXPOSED. These are the most hashtagged and reviewed lip kits by her Instagram followers and fellow MUA (makeup artists).


One lip kit in particular, Kristen Lip Kit, was supposedly named after her mom. It is a warm, red berry lip kit named after the bold, hard-working woman boss, Kris Jenner. In other words, all of her lip kits are must-haves. You can have an entire arm of swatches. 

The shades are much stronger and better quality than the famed competitor ColourPop.

Kim Kardashian West and Khloe's lip kits

Beyond just her lip kit sets, (not to be confused with ColourPop), which include one gloss and one lipliner, she has her collabs with her K sisters, like KKW, with Kim Kardashian West, which is a whopping $45 but comes with four perfectly Kim nude colors. Kylie's website states that Kimberly is a true nude, Kim is a peachy nude, Kiki is a pinky nude, and Kimmie is a deep nude. Kim is known for wearing nude colors, she practically made nude popular all on her own. She defines her aesthetic as being neutral, minimal and modern, like her mindset. Her set is not so much a lip kit as it is a set of lip glosses. Don't be afraid of getting color swatches on your body.


Her next collab was with Khloe called In Love With The KoKo, and the collection is very much Khloe. Khloe exudes a sense of major independence, having struggled with relationships, and an I-don’t-care attitude, a loud mouth, but one that is always on point. Her shades are Bunny, Doll, Baby Girl, and Sugar Plum. True to her personality, these names exude a touch of sass. Unlike in the iconic sense of Kylie's lip kits, Khloe's sets are also not lip kits but a kit of glosses. The lip kit is generally only for Kylie. Again, also way better than Colourpop's in my personal opinion.

Kourtney Kardashian x Kylie lip sets

Kylie Jenner's last collab with her oldest sis, Kourtney, consists of a group of bundles that include shadows as well as perfectly KOURT lips. The font used in KOURT’s name is so Kourtney. I am having a hard time describing the attitude that it gives off. I suppose Kourt is synonymous with unique fashion style and “beach” style, as it is more daring than her sister Kim in a more authentic fashion sense, great taste in interiors, and with a summery feel. Her lip kits are not just lip kits but single lip glosses and eyeshadow palettes. Don't be afraid to try getting some color swatches on.


Kourt is always in a bathing suit on her Instagram after all. She is the most natural out of her sisters, always promoting well being, natural foods, gluten-free meals, and more. She is also the most motherly out of the sisters, making her synonymous with mother nature, which is then synonymous with earthy and sensual. My favorite lip kit shade of hers is Rad. These sets are also of a much higher aesthetic and quality than ColourPop's.

Kylie’s pop-up shop has so many colors

Kylie Jenner's most current lip kit shades are a bit out of the ordinary. They are called Shady & June Bug, which come in a blue gray and a magenta pink, respectively, just in time to celebrate her San Francisco pop- shop just for the weekend. Her velvet lip kit has a new shade called Party Girl, which is a bright hot coral. Don't be afraid to try these getting some color swatches on.


The great thing about the lip kit is that it solves every woman’s struggle to search for and find a liner that matches with your lipstick so perfectly. Liner is important to pair with your lipstick because it helps keep the colors from “bleeding,” which is the effect that happens after long wear. 


Excuse me as I go visit the pop-up shop real quick and check out all these lip kits.

I’m part of the problem. 😂 #kyliepopupshop

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Kylie x Kris Jenner

Kylie Jenner's most recent collaboration is with her mom, Kris Jenner, and their set is called “Momager.” The packaging makes Instagram memes come to life, as it is covered with her notable sayings, reflecting the boss lady she is. The best color is Avalon, which has an orange-red undertone. Her mom's lip kit is not necessarily a lip kit either but a foray of colors and palettes.

Final answer: go for Kylie Jenner's lip kits

Kylie Jenner's pop-up does sell exclusives that are not on her website, so if you ever get a chance to go into one, you should! It is Kylie come-to-life with merch that represents her unique aesthetic, mood, and persona. 

The quality of the lip kit and products in general (I have actually tried them myself) is surprisingly great. The high price of the products will not deter you, as they are very well-made and hydrating. In particular, the Velvets are really hydrating although they are matte. Most matte lipsticks are too dry and crack when you smile. The applicators are also of high quality, and the packaging feels incredibly high-end.

Kylie even has an entire traditional lip creme collection, Sherbert being one special color. If you can’t handle selecting just one shade, she has an entire bundle of all of her shades at $290, but it comes with 19 lip kits. Her OG Trip, which comes with the original 3 shades that she launched, is currently on sale for $36 on her website. 

Her Posie K Trio lip set is the winner of the 2017 Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award for Best Bright Pink Lipstick, which in the Beauty world is very prestigious. The set features the same shade, Posie K, which is a cool berry, in gloss, velvet, and matte finishes. 

Kylie even has a collection that is dedicated to her daughter Stormi called “The Weather Collection”. I would say that it represents her daughter perfectly, considering her daughter is a gorgeous perfect biracial baby, and both of these sets are complete opposites. The Calm Before The Storm set showcases yellow tones, sun tones, and pastel colors, so it seems to represent the Sun. 

However, I draw some deeper meanings from these sets. The Eye Of The Storm set showcases darker shadows, a black lipstick and what I believe to be a brown eyeshadow. This is a new era after all, and the contrast of light and dark is very welcoming and very on trend. Her weather collection comes with 11 pieces, currently sold out, and it is still unknown if it is limited edition or will be back in stock


The great thing about Kylie’s colors is that they are truly unique. They include shades that are obviously well thought out and well produced. They all have subtle, smart twists to the usual red or the usual pinks.


It would be too easy for me to say you can find these colors anywhere. However, the formulas are truly hand picked by Kylie herself, so they definitely have a touch of Kylie.


Her wall of lip kits at her pop-up shop will not let you down. Her collection is so color conscious that you will be inspired. It will make you want to wear a new shade every day.