30 Best Short Haircuts For Anyone With A Square Face Shape

Square face shape is beautiful and needs a perfect haircut and hairstyle for appearing flawless. Here are a few short haircuts for square faces.

By Tanaya Nath
30 Best Short Haircuts For Anyone With A Square Face Shape

30 Best Short Haircuts For Anyone With A Square Face Shape

Hairstyles, on a large basis, decide how we will look. And it helps if the haircut and hairstyle are in sync with our face shape. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss a few short haircuts best suited for the square-shaped faces . And before we get into discussing best haircuts, let’s talk a little about the square-shaped faces. This is the kind of face almost every woman want, Indian, American or any other nationality. Square shape faces have all the best features with a well-defined jaw, high cheekbones over a flawless bone structure. If you have seen Keira Knightley from The Pirates of Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, you would know what how beautiful a square face shape looks like, worth envying, right?
Every good thing comes with a little baggage. Women with square face shape need to pick up their makeup and the haircut very carefully. They should be the best, the kind that accentuates their features, softening the sharp angles, especially of the boxy jawlines. The best haircut for someone with square face shape is a soft and flowing haircut. It will round off the sharp and angular edges, giving your face the touch of delicacy. Flowing hair hides the 1:1 ratio of length and width of the face, making it look a little elongated. So, here are a few best haircuts for square shaped faces.

Short Fiery Wispy Curls Hairstyles

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If you want to add softness to the sharp features of square shape faces, voluminous curls are the best way you can do that. For reducing the boxiness of your square face, keep short bangs and curl them a little. To have your square faces grab the attention, keep the color of your hair fiery.

Short Layered Bangs Lobs Haircuts For Square Faces

Lobs are one of the best and most favored haircuts for square faces. And it is because this short haircut has the power to change the look of almost every face shape, especially the squared faces. Lobs hide accentuates the best features and hides the width and boxiness of such Faces. They make your sculpted cheekbones and jawlines appear more attractive. However, while going for lobs for a square face shape, the haircut should be at least shoulder grazing. If you go for a short, sleek bobs, it will only end up making your square face look more full. I am sure you wouldn’t want that.

Short Curly Bob With Bangs Hairstyles

Bob cut hair at the shoulder length is an excellent choice for square face shape. Bangs make the boxed look of your face appear softer and a little elongated. And if you want to add a style, just give them nice big curls.

Short Mild Cascading Curls Haircuts For Square Faces

Curls are known for downplaying the short back of the square face shape. They have the potential to impart a delicate charm to the face by adding softness to the sharp edges and grace. The soft cascading curls aren't too time consuming and demanding. If you have shoulder length hair, you can add to them soft wavy curls for enhancing the look of your square face.

Short Sleek Bob With Fringes Hairstyles

We have discussed earlier that be it lobs or bob, for a square face shape, it needs to be at least of the shoulder-grazing length. Shoulder length bob will elongate the square face while the added fringes will downplay the width of your forehead. This haircut is best if your face is too boxy or square-ish and will look good on an Indian face as well.

Short Asymmetric Bob With Bangs Haircuts For Square Faces

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It is the slanted edges of the asymmetric bob haircut that makes it the best choice for square face shape. These slanted edges of the bangs create an illusion of your face being slender and elongated. It's the edges with that slight inward curl that rounds off the sharp jawline a little.

Short Wine Red Bob Hairstyles For Square Faces

The rich wine red colored bob haircut enhances the square face shape in the best way possible. It is a little wild and doesn't let you appear too stark. Also, it highlights the well-defined jawline and cheekbones of the square face shape. Isn't it just the thing you want for your square face shape?

Short Side Swept Bangs Haircuts For Square Faces

If you have a square shape face, side-swept bangs on your shoulder-grazing length hair is just the thing for you. These bangs give you a windblown look adding more appeal to your square face. The right amount of bounce and the volume of the bangs will accentuate the sculptured look of the square-shaped face perfectly. This haircut will also work best on Indian face with square shape.

Short Asymmetric And Wavy Bob Hairstyles

For a woman with square face shape, it is always fun to sport the asymmetric bob haircut look. If you have a sculpted jawline, keep your bob just above the shoulders. The haircut being asymmetric makes the face appear a little elongated. The soft waves will add dimensions to the square face.

Short Blond Round Bob With Fringes Haircuts For Square Faces

Blond isn't the color very preferred by many Indian women, so they can retain the original hair color for this haircut. Round bob cut hair is a very chic and urbane way of hairstyling. Round bob frames your face, hiding the sharp edges. Thus it makes your square face appear elongated. Fringes hide the width of the forehead and are the best haircut if your fave is too square or boxy.

Short Wispy Wavy Bob Hairstyles

We have discussed far too many times that bob is the best haircut for women with square face shape, be it Indian or any other. We can improvise on the bob to find a haircut that's trendy and suits us. Wispy waves are one such addition. Wispy, wavy bob haircut can accentuate that perfect jawline of yours really well. Not just that, it will also add the goddess-like look to your face. Start the waves from the crown. It will hide the width of the forehead.

Short Dirty Blonde Medium Layered Haircuts For Square Faces

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Layered haircut softens the features of the square face. Also, it makes the face appear elongated. Have your hair cut in layered short, up to the top of your shoulder. You can also add some soft waves and dirty blonde color.

Short Straight Long Bob Hairstyles

Shoulder-grazing bob is yet another variation of bob haircut that suits best on the square face shape. It will flatter your high cheekbones and sharp jawline. It will also hide the sharp edges of the square face, making it appear elongated. Use off centre partition and a round brush along with blow dryer for curling the edges a little.

Short Fine Layered Bobs With Bangs Haircuts For Square Faces

Bobs, as everyone knows by now, enhance a square face. It is the most preferred in short haircuts and the best for square face shape. Add some layers and bangs to it for a more flattering effect. It is also a good pick for someone with less hair volume. Use side partition and straighten your layers using the straightener. Gently add twists to the bangs by turning them inwards with dryer and brush.

Short Round Bob With Bangs Hairstyles

Here we are with another bob haircut for square face. Like we have already discussed a few times earlier, bob haircut hides the sharp edges of the square face shape. Also, they show off the best features of this shape. This makes them preferred haircut for this particular face shape. Round bob with bangs frames your face, making the appear elongated. Make a little off the center partition and let the bangs fall on your forehead in style. Straighten your bob haircut and just turn them a little inwards using a big round brush and dryer.

Short Messy Layered Haircuts For Square Faces

For more fun and flirty haircut for square face shape, get a long bob with layers and some loose waves. Tousle them and highlight them if you want to. Mahogany or deep brown shades of hair makes the Indian square face looks at its best, highlighting the sharp jawline and cheekbones.

Short Messy Shaggy Bob Hairstyles

Shaggy haircuts go back to the 1970s. This style came with them and never left. The messy and shaggy bob is yet another best look for the square face shape. The haircut itself is easy to maintain, especially in the mornings. They needn't be tamed a lot. Also, they make your boxy face appear elongated.

Short Asymmetrical And Messy Pixie Bob Haircuts For Square Faces

If you like having a Pixie haircut, you shouldn't shy away from having one even if you have square face shape. By layering it right and giving it asymmetric touch, the short Pixie Bob turns out to be the best haircut for a square face. For adding dynamism, you can add highlights to the layers. Blonde highlights look best in the different layers, and it also accentuates the waves. Indian hair also looks good with light brown colors, if not blonde.

Medium Layered Haircut With Centre Partition Haistyles

Simple is always the best. Go for a non-messy, center-parted medium layered haircut. This haircut can be styled very easily. You can also add some loose waves for framing your square face shape. Or you can keep it straight. For the shoulder-grazing length haircut, you can also go for slightly inward turned edges for framing the face. This haircut will not only hide the boxiness of the square face but also highlight the beautifully sculpted jawline and high cheekbones.

Short Urban Pixie Cut Haircuts For Square Faces

This haircut is for someone who prefers short length hair over waves and curls. Urban Pixie cut is modern, edgy and chic. Get the sides and the back clipped, and the top grazed. It will give you shorter hair in the back and sides, but the lock at the front will be stylishly falling over one side of your forehead. It will hide the wide and boxy forehead, making your face appear a little elongated. This isn't the best haircut but a good one nonetheless.

Short Lob With Wisps And Root Lift Hairstyles

Lobs are a beautiful haircut for women with square face shape, be it Indian, American or any nationality. Add some wisps to your lobs for a softer look and tease them at the root for a little lift. Teasing them at the root will make them a little messy. It will also add a little height to your head, making your face appear longer, rather than square. You can also let the bangs at the front fall over your face for hiding the sharp edges of your square face shape.

Short Chopped And Messy Lob With Centre Partition Haircuts

The long choppy bob cut is by far the best haircut for anyone with square face shape. For some extra volume, add the shaggy layers to your centre parted lobs. The added volume will make your face appear fuller and elongated. You can either keep it messy or use a brush and blow dryer for turning the edges a little inside. It will make your haircut frame your face, thus hiding the sharp edges and boxiness of the square face shape.

Short Loose Curls Haicuts For Square Faces

Curls are enticing. Anyone with square face shape and the shoulder-grazing hair length could go for loose curls. The front layers with the side bangs will highlight your cheekbones and jawline, the best features of the square shape face. You can curl the bangs yourself by using a wide brush and the curling iron. Make sure you curl them away from your face. You can also have your hair colored platinum for bringing out the best features of your face shape. Indian women might not like the idea of platinum blonde color, so they can opt for shades of brown.

Short Crop Hairstyles

Usually, extremely short haircuts are not the best picks for anyone with square face shape. Because the blunt cuts hitting right at the corners of your jaw isn’t recommended. So, for wearing a haircut like short crop, you would want to soften the texture of the edges. This will not make your jawline appear too boxy or wide. The soft edges will frame your face in a way that it will look elongated.

Short Blonde Lob Haircuts For Square Faces

There are many wonderful haircuts for square face shape but none as sexy as the blonde lob. The cascading waves of this haircut just graze your shoulders. The lob haircut hides your eyes a little and exhibits your beautiful smile. Not just that, it also hides your wide forehead and the sharp edges and allows you to flaunt your well-structured jawlines and cheekbones. For Indian women with a square face, blonde is just an option.

Short Soft Pixie Haircuts For Square Faces

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A soft pixie cut is the kind of hairstyle that goes with every face shape, especially the square and the long face. The side-swept bangs of the pixie cut fall gracefully at your forehead, hiding its width. This makes your face appear less wide and a little elongated. Soft pixie cut leaves you with enough length of your hair to play with, for different occasions, easily.

Short Edgy Pixie Haircuts For Square Faces

If you know Judi Dench,  you would know what I am talking about. The flying edges in this haircut add to the volume of your crown, adding to the length of your face. This is why it is one of the best haircuts for small face shape. Even though this cut has many layers, it can be styled very easily every day. Keep in mind that the less you do with this haircut, the better it will be for your face shape.

The Great Short Cut Hairstyles

This is one sexy and playful cut that works best with a square face. The long bangs of this haircut hit right at the chin, drawing attention to the sculpted jawline of your square face shape. It also hides the sharp edges of the square face and draws the attention away from it. Its gentle fall over the forehead makes it appear a little less boxy and wide, thus making your face appear not so square-ish.

Short Fringes Haircuts For Square Faces

The short hair on square face shape should just end around the chin for the best impact. Also, it should be layered at the front for accentuating cheekbones. This face shape doesn’t need the hair lying  too flat as it makes the face look more square-ish. Fringes have the advantage of preventing hairs from lying too flat, thus giving your face a little length.

Short Edgy Cut Haircuts For Square Faces

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If you want to go bold, you can go edgy. These cuts are hot and in trend. A little from one side is grazed while the other side has bangs. This haircut exposes your features from one side while it hides it from the other side. This makes the sharp edges of the square face appear softer.

These are just a few short haircuts for the square face shape. You must not strictly adhere to these rules and experiment with the haircuts to find what suits your square face shape the best. You can do your own hairstyle and color your hair to accentuate the sharp features and add dimensions to the square faces. Short haircuts are good and easy to maintain; hence they have highly sought after.