100+ Best Cool & Meaningful Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

It's hard for guys to find the right arm tattoo design, something meaningful but also looks cool. Look here for tons of ideas!

By Daina
100+ Best Cool & Meaningful Arm Tattoo Designs For Men

Meaningful Arm Tattoos

Meaningful tattoos are not just for women, guys! It is not feminine to get a tattoo that means a lot to you, rather than a “cool” spider tattoo or a “basic” anchor tattoo (although these could mean something deeper, so keep reading!)

Tattoos About Love

You should not get a tattoo with any girls’ names on it, unless that girl is your mom or your daughter. Stay away from tattoos that reflect a boy-crush (or even a marriage that is never a permanent thing) and stick to tattoos about what IS permanent—love. And what better place to showcase the tattoo than your arm?

Check out these arm tattoo ideas for guys about love:

Heart with scroll (basic “MOM” tattoo, but with a lot of meaning)

Loved one’s handwriting

Kid Names

Remember when I said you should not put any person's name on your body unless it's family? Check out this name tattoo. Two daughters and in amazing handwriting!

Family crest

Baby’s Handprint/Footprint

Portrait of your pet

Tattoos About Life

Many meaningful tattoos center around the idea of life. Arms are great places for these tattoos, as they are a constant reminder for you. 


This tattoo design has it all—compass, map, quill. This tattoo is for guys who love all things vintage travel!

Luck signs

Horseshoes and cards are definite symbols of luck. Guys who believe in luck should design their tattoos to reflect that!


The meaning of anchor tattoos on guys is a simple one: you are a guy that is grounded, somoene who has hope for the future. 


This eye design is crazy! Notice the imagery of waves in a storm and the lightning bolt. There is so much symbolism for the storms the eyes witness in this one arm tattoo. Definitely not for a simple guy!

Cross or religious symbols

A cross, or even rosary as this picture shows, is meaningful for religious guys who are not afraid to show their affiliation with their beliefs.

Tree of Life

Tattoos About Death

Angel wings

Make an angel wing into a sleeve for the best version of the angel wings tattoo.


Grim Reaper

Memory flowers

Tattoos of Animals


The lion represents pride and power, two qualities that make this animal the best tattoo to add to your sleeve.




The phoenix is symbolic, indicating that the guy who has this tattoo, much like the mythological creature, rises from his own ashes. Nothing can keep this guy down!



Zach keeping it classic. Healed. Thank you man! #blackwork #eagletattoo

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“Quoth the raven, nevermore.”

Перекрытие. Графичный ворон. Как вам?) 🔺 Давайте я расскажу как ухаживать за вашими, уже сделанными татуировками. Сейчас лето, и в это время они получают самое сильное воздействие. Но если соблюдать простые рекомендации, То ваша тату годами будет выглядеть как свеже сделанная😌 🔶 Для начала нужно увлажнять свои татуировки. В нашем регионе очень жесткая вода, которая сильно сушит кожу. Поэтому я рекомендую после каждого приема душа - мазать увлажняющим кремом. 🔶 Летом мы получаем воздействие солнечными лучами сильнее, чем в другие периоды. Татуировка становится тусклее не из-за того,что пигмент выгорает итд, а из-за того, что наша кожа загорает, и лучам света тяжелее проходить сквозь неё и отражаться от пигмента. Краску под кожей тупо становится плохо видео из-за загара. Поэтому на людях с очень белой кожей всегда татуировки кажутся ярче,а на смуглых людях наоборот. Потому, летом при каждом выходе на улицу просто намазывайте татуировки солнцезащитным кремом с самым сильным индексом защиты. Эти очень простые рекомендации позволят вашим татуировкам всегда выглядеть отлично. И помните, что татуировки с вами на всю жизнь, поэтому делайте только у хороших мастеров🙌🏻 . . #blacktattooart #tattoo #raventattoo

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Geometric forms of animals

This one was captioned “for his twin boys”. C’mon guys! This is the meaning of getting tattoos for a meaningful purpose! You may also find geometric cat designs are pretty cool.



Tattoos for car guys

Gear shift

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Minimalist car design

Vintage cars

Vintage cars are a sign of a true car guy! They also make for unique items for arm sleeves.

Your own car


An odometer is a symbol of power and speed, something that is best as a tattoo showcased on a car guy’s arm.

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General Lee

Car logo

Car parts

Tattoos with Cool, but Meaningful, Designs

Dream catcher

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A mandala is a spiritual symbol that symbolizes the universe in Asian cultures. No wonder why a guy would want one on his arm!


Templar Sword



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Arm bands

Arm bands are a new tattoo trend. These may represent many different ideas, such as for a passing loved one, a tribal band, or strength.

This arm band tattoo design is one for you, creative guys! Arm bands with landscapes are super unique.

Bio/anatomical tattoos


Travel-related tattoos

For guys who love to travel, consider one of these travel tattoo ideas for your arm.

Coordinates mark your favorite location or locations. Put your home, hometown, where you had an amazing experience, or your favorite vacation spot.

Music Notes

Book references

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Tattoos of Symbolic Objects

Anatomical Heart


Feather tattoos symbolize the flight of the humans and the freedom of birds that we strive for.





This one is for the guys that made paper airplanes, wishing they were something more. There is more than meets the eye for many guys!

Dog tags


Clipper ship on my love to finish off his sleeve @spc6342

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Flag tattoos

Flags represent nationality and patriotism. This is why they make great for arm tattoos, as they can show loud and proud.


For his mom.... What makes tattooing so great is the immediate satisfaction of giving someone artwork to represent how THEY feel. I’ve shown my work in all different venues, even alongside historical photographers that I idolized, but when you can give someone something that gets them just a little closer—closer to feeling, closer to remembering, closer to an understanding...whatever the case may be—delivering that is the best feeling an artist can have! Thank you so much for the honor and trust. Big or small I will continue to give every tattoo you trust me with my all... happy Mother’s Day (a day early). #respect #ribbontattoo #cancerribbon #colortattoo #mainstreetatudiosmansfield #mainstreetmansfield #mainstreet #mainstreettattoo #tat #tattoo #tttism #tatuje #ohio #ohioink #ohiotattoo #ohiotattooers #ohioartists #comegettattooed #mansfield #thinkbeforeyouink

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Memorial helmet & ribbon by @kasperstattoos

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Choose a meaningful arm tattoo for you

There are countless options for you to choose from when it comes to arm tattoos. When you consider what tattoo to get on your arm, make sure you are picking something that is meanginful to you. Since the tattoo will be on your arm and available for all to see, it should be something you will not be embarrassed about and are proud to showcase.