60 Things To Cross Off Your Bucket List Before Graduating College

If you are a college undergrad and you haven't cleared many of the things contained in the bucket list to be soon rolled out, it's time you wake up.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
60 Things To Cross Off Your Bucket List Before Graduating College

College Is More Than Getting Good Grades

Campus life is one of the most interesting life experiences for most people. Not only are you learning, you are also meeting different kinds of students from different backgrounds and perhaps, different countries too. It's indeed a socialization ground where all you have learned to be your social norms are challenged and cross-checked with those of your other colleagues.

While it is good to focus on your studies to get good grades, experience has shown that in most cases, you need more than good grades to make a mark in life. A lot of things happen in college that are not formally taught in the classroom but which would help your total being. As such, it would be counterproductive to shut yourself up in one place in the name of studying.

In this piece, we shall suggest 60 of such activities which should be cleared off your bucket list before you say bye to being an undergrad. It is understandable that we are not all the same and we don't all have interest in the same thing. That's the more reason we are making the bucket list all inclusive so that you would have a lot of options to choose from. So, without much ado, here are those things you should have done as a student before you graduate.

Bucket List To Cross Off Before Leaving College 101

1. Take an elective class in a course that is not related to your discipline. It helps to widen your horizon and makes you a thoroughly baked graduate.

2. Mingle and make friends with people from different backgrounds and countries and not just your familiar faces. Apart from the many ideas you would get from them, you cannot tell who these ones would become in the future.

3. Be an active member of a club or society in your college. It could be a departmental society or a humanitarian group. In fact, it could be a religious group; just belong to any that align with your interest.

4. If your college is multi-campus, get to its other campuses and see how other students go about their things. Won't it be embarrassing that you spent 4 years in a college without knowing what other students of the same college as yours pass through?

5. Volunteer to help your professor in his research. It projects you as a visionary student who could be called upon later to take up a position in the faculty.

6. Be involved in positive unionism. Get to know what opportunities you can gain by participating actively in student union government.

Bucket List To Cross Off Before Leaving College 102

7. Check out which of the sports team you can fit into and join one. Apart from the benefit of exercise, it's an avenue for socializing.

8. Try out new haircut and see how it looks. It's funny but you may never have that chance once you get out of the college.

9. Try out new dressing style. You never know when you'll hit the right style that may shoot you to stardom. Besides, the campus is a good place to create your fashion niche and perfect it. There, you'd get some honest assessment and criticisms.

10. Be available for the audition for your college's drama production. You don't have to be a Drama student to do this. And come to think of it; you may end up developing an interest in drama by so doing. This can be a big plus to your CV too.

11. Try being a vegan or vegetarian for a week. The college years are the best of times to try out new diets. If you can stay off meat while you are a student, it shouldn't be difficult to do so as an adult.

12. If you've started smoking while in college, ensure that you don't graduate with the sticks still in your mouth. Quit smoking before graduating. You can expect to get all the help you need to quit smoking from your friends and counselors alike.

Bucket List To Cross Off Before Leaving College 103

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13. Start a relationship. Everything is not about academics. Have a sweetheart that you can stand with and who can stand with you. The college days are the best time for this. If you get out of school before thinking about having a partner, chances are that you may have a few options to choose from then. 

14. Start a business before you graduate. It doesn't have to be huge. If you fail at it, you have only learned a way by which it cannot be done right. The experience from your effort could form a solid foundation for a later trial. 

15. Learn a skill besides your chosen field of study. It can be a business, computer, or programming skill. It puts you at a competitive advantage when you graduate. Besides, it pays to have multiple sources of income which you can bank on should your career become less demanded in the market.

16. Learn a new language other than your mother tongue. If you are an English, learn some French and Spanish. It makes you relevant beyond your national borders and brings some respects along your path.

17. Visit charity organizations and donate your widow's mite. You cannot tell how much impact this experience would have on you in years to come. That aside, it's possible you would never have such opportunities again.

18. Try writing a book or articles on issues and topics that other students shy away from. However funny or ridiculous your opinion may be, learn to make your voice heard through writing. Those who write are said to keep the leaders right.

Bucket List To Cross Off Before Leaving College 104

19. Go out of your way to do something great that is quite unlike you. You can do this by taking up a literary contest or speaking to a large crowd of students like yourself. That is where your confidence is built and you can face a lot of people when you leave college without fidgeting.

20. Have a study group and meet regularly with them to devise means of reading and preparing for exams well. In such a group, you can be sure you are doing more than just studying; a bond is being formed and each person would always seek to protect the right of the other.

21. Be sure to know how to cook several foods before leaving school. You can ask your colleagues who may be an expert at this to help you out. You wouldn't have the time after college to do so.

22. Fine tune your resume writing skills. You would likely do this a lot after graduation and that's not the time to start learning it. Besides, you can get a lot of brains to teach you how to do this at a discounted price or even free of charge. You would pay a lot out there to learn this.

23. Involve yourself in an intellectual discuss with anyone that cares and see to it that you argue your way through. If you can reason critically in college, you can do anywhere else.

24. Contest an election at whatever level and lose. But if you win, it won't be a bad idea. However, never manifest apathy to how things are run at the students' union level in your college.

Bucket List To Cross Off Before Leaving College 105

25. Where it is allowed, instead of living in the school's dormitory, choose to stay off campus. It's a way of preparing you to face the real world out there.

26. Start saving. The fact that you are a student doesn't mean you cannot save. Those savings would prove very helpful in the first few months after graduation.

27. Befriend any of your professors before you leave campus. It's hard to think you went to school at all without doing this. Your professors have links with employers of labor and can give you a strong recommendation letter for a grad school.

28. Be sure to check out every department and faculty in your school. You should know and master all the buildings and the various routes that lead to them. Wouldn't it be funny or embarrassing for a stranger to ask of a building on your campus and you don't even know where it is?

29. Follow your friends to have a firsthand experience of the beautiful scenes of nature. You can choose a weekend to do this.

30. Put a freshman through his or her registration, course, or any other thing he or she needs to do. It has a sense of fulfillment it gives.

Bucket List To Cross Off Before Leaving College 106

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31. Utilize the library very well while still a student. Once you graduate, you might not have access to so large a volume of books as now that you're still a student.

32. Enjoy all the discounts available for students. It's funny and profitable to do so. You get to buy more at a less price.

33. Attend an all-night party. It feels good to unwind and learn happens at such events. You may want to make up for such an all-night party by sleeping all-day the next day. It's part of the fun!

34. Make sure you aren't into cultism or other illegal deals. The consequences extend beyond the walls of the college. It can be used against you when and if you want to contest for any public position in your city in the future.

35. Choose a top rated firm for your internship. It's never a crime to dream big. The more reputable the firm is, the more comprehensive your professional experience is likely to be.

36. Have a college mentor who can either be a mature student or one of your trusted professors. They will help you later in your life when you need a clear-cut guardian on what to do next.

Bucket List To Cross Off Before Leaving College 107

37. Identify a problem in your college and move to solve it. Nothing gives life to your CV more than this. The world is looking for a problem solver and if right from college you have demonstrated this ability, you can be sure you would be a hot cake out there.

38. Be generous with your smiles and hugs. You don't know who needs them desperately. That aside, you benefit yourself health-wise by wearing a smile. No one wants to stick around a sad fellow.

39. Join the campus journalist club or seek to write for it very regularly. It would help you to develop your writing skills. If you aren't allowed to join, you can write to the editorial board. Just keep writing.

40. Be involved in many campus traditions and it won't be a bad idea if you can establish and sustain one yourself.

41. Be kind to a sick fellow by donating your blood. This is a gesture that would live to be forever appreciated.

42. Make use of the college's counselling unit. Never think you know it all; there is usually something to gain from everyone especially from experts. This same service would cost you a lot out there.

Bucket List To Cross Off Before Leaving College 108

43. Partake in a marathon race organized by your school even if you aren't an athlete. A lot of ideas come to your mind when you participate in events like these apart from the health benefits involved.

44. Ensure you don't go around campus showing too much skin. It pays to be decent at all times. 

45. Take time to rest very well. Life is not as busy on campus as you think. It's a lot busier out there!

46. Sign up for one of the gym clubs on campus and put yourself in a position where you cannot drift back. Such clubs can even help you form concrete ideas on how to tackle many of your challenges.

47. If you have the money, you should consider studying abroad. You get more ideas and see more people and culture this way than studying in your home country.

48. Take a lot of pictures. You would live to appreciate those pictures when you finally graduate out of college. 

Bucket List To Cross Off Before Leaving College 109

49. Plan on going on a trip with your buddies via road. You can hardly have any other funny moment than this. As you embark on this journey, several ideas would pop up in your mind that you can further implement.

50. Be a campus guide for a prospective student. This experience will linger for long in the mind of that candidate as well as yourself.

51. Go round the city your college is located especially if that city is not where you are from.

52. Learn how to swim. Life is dynamic and you never know where this skill would be needed. Your campus probably has a lot of pools; take advantage of it and learn.

53. Get your face painted with your school's color. It's part of the fun of being an undergrad.

54. Your school probably has a sweatshirt; make sure to get one before you graduate.

Bucket List To Cross Off Before Leaving College 110

55. Create a network with the alumni body of your department and school in general. This is a great social capital for when you get to the real world out there.

56. Get noticed by sitting in the first row in your class for a whole month. Funny, isn't it?

57. If you've got a friend in a college different from yours, spend a night or two with them in their college.

58. Document some of your major campus experiences in a journal. You would be amused by these things when you get to read them later.

59. Spend some of your time in the campus' dorm. It's an avenue to interact with other students and also learn to accommodate different characters.

60. Face your studies squarely. Remember you were first a student before you could plan of all these things. Be studious!


So many students pass through the college without allowing the college to pass through them. That’s because all the ideas they had before coming to college is to study and nothing else.

Granted, the demands of your academics can be great but if you plan your time very well, you can still get to do many of the things listed in this bucket list without severing your academics in any way.



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