Being Chased In A Dream? Meaning & Interpretation Of Chase Dream

It's surely a scary thing to be chased in a dream whether by someone or by something. Get to know the meaning of such dreams and what you can do to avoid them.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
Being Chased In A Dream? Meaning & Interpretation Of Chase Dream

Being Chased In A Dream: Meaning & How It Feels

Going to bed to sleep and finding oneself in a dreamland where all sorts of things happen is essentially a part of what it means to be a human being. You would have to be an angel or a divine being of some sorts to be free from dreaming. That's because every human being dreams.

In a single dream, you could find yourself crowned as the king or President of a prosperous nation. And just before you know what is happening, the same you can become someone hiding, being chased around, stalked, or even killed by the police. That's how unconnected some dreams can be. But then, certain dreams are so vivid and distinct that we know that they have a special message embedded in them.

Depending on our individual culture, background, and religion, the importance we attach to dreams differs. It is considered unnecessary if not absurd in some cultures to attribute any special meaning to the events that take place in our subconscious. Whereas, in other places and cultures, dreams are treated with much seriousness as though they were a revelation from God.

If you are reading this piece, the chances are that you attribute a great importance to dreams and would want to know the meaning or interpretation of one you are currently having. It's certainly not a great experience to be chased in a dream by anything or anyone; it saps you of both your physical and spiritual energies.

There are numerous cases of people who have landed in the hospital because they suffered shock as a result of a terrifying dream. In fact, certain people get killed in the dream and eventually die in real life. If your chase dream only occurs once, you may want to see it as no big deal; but if it has become recurrent, there is definitely more to it than meet the eyes.

In the sections below, we shall be analyzing your chase dream in the number of ways possible and their respective meaning or interpretation. Bear in mind as you read that your state of mind before sleeping has a lot to say about the kind of dreams you have.

If you have been having terrible fights with your spouse, or you went to bed with an empty stomach, you don't need any Oracle or soothsayer to tell you that you are only reliving or projecting what is going on within you. It would, therefore, serve you well to resolve all pending issues within yourself so as to put your mind at rest.

The dream scenarios we shall be examining here are those that are purely spiritual; that is, you were in the best state of mind before sleeping, but you keep seeing yourself being chased by someone or something in your dream. Check below to see the meaning or interpretation of your nightmare.

Chased By Someone In A Dream: Meaning

When you are being chased by someone, two things are possible. The first is that you can identify the person chasing you, while the second is that you don't know the person. For the first scenario, another possibility is that you don't even know the person in real life but you can see the individual's face and form in your dream. In another situation, that person may be a familiar foe.

Whichever way it comes, what it means is that the individual in question is either on a mission to hurt you or is seriously desirous of having you as a partner. The key to discerning which is which here is to observe the person's demeanor as they chase you in the dream. Are they friendly or mean?

Some chases can be that of love while others are meant to harm the one being chased. Although you wouldn't have to go into hiding to avoid being chased, it would serve your interest well to weigh every gesture from the chaser before acceding to it.


To stop having this kind of dream, you should try to move closer to the individual in question and reconcile with him or her if you think you have hurt them in any way. You should not inform them of the dream or cite it as the reason you are befriending them so they don't get upset.

First, begin by forgiving them in your mind, then you should do your best to seek their forgiveness too. As it is, many people result to take their pounds of flesh from their offenders when those ones refuse to apologize. If you are sincere with your effort, they may be appeased and stop the attack. 


However, if they feign ignorance or claim that you have done them no wrong, you should be battle ready. Prayer remains the most effective weapon in this regard. Make sure you do not forget to say your prayers before sleeping, and each time you are woken up by the nightmare, you should know it's a wake-up call for prayers.

When Chased In Your Dream By Animals

If you are being chased by an animal in your dream, what it means is that you are being hunted by your own untamed temper. That is, you are probably being governed by anger and this is already taking its toll on you.

Animals in a dream symbolize wildness and to be chased by any would mean that the wild part of you is about to get you into trouble. The closer the animal, the more likely your temper is getting the better of you. Rather than hiding and getting killed by your passion, it's better you seek help.


The solution, in this case, lies in your hand. You need to deal with your anger before it deals with you. One practical step you can take here is to consult an expert to help you get over that tendency. It pays to act when you see this sign because failure to do so can prove lethal to you.

When You Are Being Chased By Yourself In A Dream

There are some dream scenarios where it is not the police, an animal, or someone you know that is chasing you but your own self. Sometimes, you may be chased just by a part of yourself.

The meaning of this dream is that you hate yourself in some ways. It could be that you have a habit that you don't like or a part of yourself that is disgusting to you. This is what is being projected to you in your dream as the chaser.

Running away or hiding somewhere secret won't solve the problem; you should determine prior to another dream that when next you are being chased by yourself, you would quit running but face the chaser squarely and ask him why he's chasing you. Once you know what the issue is, then you can seek the right help.

You Saw Someone Being Chased

Another possible scenario to your chase dream is that you could be seated or standing watching someone being chased. The chaser could be the police, masquerades, or an animal; once you aren't the person being chased, what that dream means is that you would live long.

Of course, this dream does not suggest that you should voluntarily get stay in a spot expecting that things would just fall in place for you even without making efforts; you would still have to work hard to be great in life. It is only an assurance that no matter how hard things may be where you are, you would always make a headway.

Another meaning to it is that you will live long and see your children's children. In short, observing someone being chased in your dream is a good omen.

If You Are Being Chased By The Police

Having a dream in which you are being chased by the police means that an evil act you have done is about to be unearthed. Maybe you have been hiding for a long time to avoid being discovered. The constancy of the chase reveals the intensity with which you are being sought.

Another meaning of being chased by the police is that your life is not secured where you are currently living. If this is the case, you would have been seeing some signs in real life suggesting that you could be killed by hoodlums in your vicinity if you still continue to stay there. It would, therefore, be wise to change your environment.

If You Are The One Doing The Chasing

Let's say you are not being chased by anyone but you are the one chasing; the meaning of this dream would have to depend on the person or object of your chase.

If you are chasing a human being that you are familiar with, the meaning is not far-fetched. You desire the individual and you are longing to unite with them. You probably want to have a relationship with them and trying to do everything to please them.

Suppose you can't even figure out what you are chasing in your dream, your mind should go straight to your work. You've probably got stalked or been lagging behind and you have to put in more efforts to catch up with others.

On A Final Note

Being chased in a dream by someone or something has a central meaning and message which is avoidance. It could be a habit, person, or environment you are to avoid. When such dreams become recurrent, it means you have to act fast so you don't get killed, harmed, or stalked.

Even if in the end nothing happens, you should not take a chase dream for granted. It is usually a strong warning by your spiritual man that a danger is imminent and just because the danger was averted does not mean you should become complacent with such dreams in the future.