85 Best Popular, Trendy & Cool Tattoo Designs For Girls In 2018

It's a truth universally known that tattoos are becoming more and more trendy. Follow us to see 85 of the best popular and cool female tattoos in 2018.

By Gloria Yasmin
85 Best Popular, Trendy & Cool Tattoo Designs For Girls In 2018

Best Popular, Trendy, & Cool Tattoo Designs

Tattoos vary drastically and come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. That alone can make it hectic to choose the perfect tattoo suited to females. Fret no more! We have shortened your search and made a list of 85 of what we predict to be the best popular, trendy, and cool tattoo designs targeted for girls this 2018. So, sit back and relax as we walk you through the best ink for females. Enjoy!


2018's Most Empowering Female Tattoo

Let's kick this list off with our very first pick. It is bold, cool, and definitely trendy for a female. It's such an empowering tattoo to get etched on your skin this 2018. Because nothing shouts flower power and girl power more than inking a female sign with flowers on your skin.


Subtle, Yet Cool Designs

Perhaps, you're not feeling too bold. Perhaps, it's your first time and you don't want something too show-offy. If this sounds like you, then you could and should opt for the trendy white tattoos well-suited for females. They are subtle, yet also cool. They are not your traditional black or colored tattoos. They are white, therefore more discreet. Take a peek at three of the best white tattoo designs we found. 


Unleash your inner girl with some beautiful butterflies. 


Do you want to build a snow man ❄️

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A tattoo as unique as a snowflake and as your style.


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Follow your arrow in this cute and discreet manner. 

Mini Tattoos

If you're not feeling the white ink, for whatever reason. Whether it be that you want something that stands out a little more, but not too much then small tattoos are your to-go pick. They are also subtle and great for first-timers. Here are the best 5 mini tattoo designs to get in 2018.


Opt for enhancing your style statement with a tattoo like this as your forever accessory. 




Trendy Helix Tattoos for 2018

We've heard all about the helix piercing hype. Now the trend emerged to helix tattoos. These type of designs are also on the miniature scope. Not only are they small, but they are cool. What makes them so cool is that they are on or near the ear; hence the name.  Here are the top 3 helix tattoos well suited for females this 2018.




Helix tattoos are so discreet they won't be calling out too much attention. Yet, they're cute enough to make a bold statement. 

Textual Tattoos

If you're feeling a little bolder or want something with more depth, textual tattoos are where it's at. What better way than to get a statement across than with words to state what you want to convey. The following picks are the best popular and empowering female tattoos. 


What better way to preach and practice self-love with a beautifully crafted textual tattoo. 



Small, subtle, and stylish text. Because, girl, you're a winner!


We all have flaws, and that's okay. Embrace them. Again, self-love is empowering. 


Continue to continue on; no matter what. 



Be mindful that textual tattoos come in all sorts of fonts; make sure to choose yours carefully. Whatever the words, if it's meaningful to you it's worth it. 


Tattoos for the Wanderlust Females

If you are the type who has a strong desire to travel, the following picks are tailored just for you. These tattoo designs will forever be your companion wherever you may wander. Bon voyage!



Black and Bold

As mentioned, and seen, tattoos come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, but sometimes black ink stamped on your body can make an even bolder statement than even the most colorful tattoo. Take a look for yourself at 2018's best, boldest, and black tattoos.




And the boldest of them all is pictured above. It is of course not suited for the needle squirmer. And we definitely wouldn't recommend it for a rookie. But just the black and boldness of it made it to the list. Because that's such a style statement to be worn proudly, every day. 

Ink in Vivid Colors

If black isn't your thing because you find it to be dull and you happen to have a more cheery and colorful nature then getting ink in vivid colors would most appeal to you. The following tattoo designs are in. 


Would you just look at that beauty? And the process itself. Wow, just wow!


Watercolor Tattoos

Because colors do pop, but sometimes even a regular colorful tattoo can seem plain, watercolor tattoos are the next big thing. They are trendier than the regular colorful tattoos. The new kid on the block. They are beautifully crafted and splashed with color to give it that lustrous watercolor effect. See for yourself and you'll soon discover why the following made it to the list of best popular and cool tattoos for females. 


This one here is on the edge of black and color but with a splash that makes it all the more appealing. 



And again more butterflies, but this time with that watercolor effect that gives that flutter-like essence.


Thigh Tattoos

The following trendy thigh tattoos look amazing on women. This 2018 rock a thigh tattoo to enhance the sexiness of your thighs and your extremely bold nature.


That one there has a watercolor splash in the mix. Which is why we added it to our list because it has double the wow-factor. 



Flower Designs

Of course, we couldn't leave out any flower designs. Especially since floral prints are in. Most of our picks include flowers we had to make a category for flower tattoos. They are beautiful and they match on any skin. Take a look at some that made it to the list. 







Whether the flower tattoos be in color or black they look good either way. 

Wear Your Ink on Your Sleeve

Now that we've included bolder tattoo designs, it's safe to add the full sleeve designs to our list. Because this list doesn't discriminate at all. It includes top picks ranging for beginners all the way to the tattoo-junkies. Because tattoos are a beautiful art form. Here are 2018's sleeve tattoos without losing their feminine touch. 




Hand Designs

We are well aware not everyone would be comfortable enough to showcase tattoo sleeves, but perhaps they would be interested in hand design. It could be a starting point for the sleeve or just something beautiful to flaunt. 


Henna Designs

Other tattoos for the hand include the much-coveted henna designs. These deserve their own category because of their carefully crafted inking, such as the ones below. 




Finger Tattoos

Maybe you would really love a hand tattoo or a henna design, but perhaps a full design on your hand is not professional enough depending on your career. We understand, which is why we included ink on your hand, but in a more discreet manner. Say hello to our top finger tattoo picks. 




..🌹 Finger Tattoo 🌹.. #Tattoo #fingertattoos

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New ink on my tiny hobbit finger ✨🌙

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Just as beautiful as a freshly done manicure, except bolder. And without the hassle of having to get it refilled. 

Wrist Tattoos

Keeping it in the surrounding areas, wrist tattoos are also trendy. And they too can be easily covered if need be. A wrist tattoo is an accessory itself. Permanently unique and cool.



Best Back Designs

Become mesmerized with the best back designs for 2018. The beauty behind these tattoos is that they have always been trendy and will continue to remain that way. They can be easily covered when needed in a professional setting, but can easily be shown off by picking up your hair in a ponytail and/or wearing clothing that reveals the back. These tattoos are the most convenient and also awesome to have. 








Cool, Hip Designs

Even more discrete than a miniature tattoo and a back tattoo is getting a design imprinted on a place that isn't revealed too often. Unless it's summertime and you're at the beach sporting your two-piece. But on the regular, having a hip tattoo is exactly that: hip and cool. 



#coverup #feathertattoos #smallcoveruptattoo

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Shoulder Tattoos

Show off a little skin. Get permanently ink off the shoulder. It speaks sophistication for females. It is most popular and it just looks sexy. 



Flowers make the best shoulder tattoos. 

Necklace Tattoo

Let's move things up a little. Let's talk about those trendy necklace tattoos. The following is the best popular 2018 tattoo. Look at the beauty. It's hard not to lust after something like that. 


Lace Tattoos

Lace tattoos speak of elegance and grace. They are sure to boost your feminine look. They are stunning and add sophistication. 




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They showcase cool vibes and are extremely attractive. 

Twinsie Tattoos

Twinsie tattoos aka matching tattoos are also trendy. And no, we're not talking about a matching tattoo with your boyfriend. This is only for females. So, if you have a best friend, a sister, or any other female you're close with here are the best tattoos to get with them this 2018.




We Heart These Tattoos

Heart inspired tattoos, what's not to love about them? We heart them. Heart tattoos have always been popular and continue to be popular this day. It must be because deep inside everyone is a romantic at heart. Whatever it may be heart designs are absolutely beautiful and amazing. And they are the best way to show your love towards someone or just showcase you're loving personality. 


Anatomical #heart tattoo by @wittybutton_tattoo · Seoul 🇰🇷

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This design is our top pick of heart designs because it isn't your basic geometrical heart shape. It is a replica of the anatomical heart and yet it still conveys its loving meaning. 



💙 Baby Blue 💙 #manicure #acrylicnails #crystals #nude #hearttattoos

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Simple heart outlines are super cute and trendy. 


Why settle for one heart when you can have two. Black and bold. 

Ankle Tattoos

Said to be the coolest, trendiest tattoo designs for women. Ankle tattoos are gaining popularity these days. A type of tattoo that allows us, women, to tastefully express ourselves. They are an appealing mark, therefore adds to their charm. 



Funky and fresh. You can't go wrong with a pineapple design. 

Foot Tattoos

These designs are gaining popularity day by day as well. They have a striking appearance well-suited for girls. Feet tend to be a well-exposed area for females thus getting ink on your feet is appealing to many. They are your signature statement. 




Symbolic Tattoos

We believe all tattoos ought to be meaningful and symbolic to the beholder. After all, you wouldn't want to ink something you don't even like. It's a huge decision to stamp something on your skin that you will live with on the daily. The following symbolic tattoos can vary but are in this 2018. 


Attention state-lovers, we know how you feel about YOUR state. Which is why we know you'd love to sport a cool design of state of choice. Pictured here is Texas because everything is bigger in Texas, but you could easily swap it with the state of your choice. Trust us, state tattoos are trendy, that's why they made the list. 


Or how about the infinity tattoo? They've been around for a while, but their meaning and symbolism have grown significantly. You cannot go wrong with this design. 


Go ahead and choose your particular zodiac sign. These typed of tattoos are extremely cool. Express yourself this way. 


Show off a part of your culture by etching something that expresses and signifies it. 


Date tattoos weren't very popular years back, but are gaining popularity this 2018. They possess a mystery only known to the beholder which makes them interesting. Opt for a date that has special meaning to you and get it stamped on your skin. 


Last, but definitely not least, the semicolon tattoo. It is the sign of survival to many. They may be small tattoos, but the significance of them are huge. It is something that started years ago, yet continues to be popular to this day. And it is understandable to those suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction, and self-injury among others. This tattoo is a symbol of continuation which is why it made the list. 

It's a Wrap

There you have it a list of 85 impressive, trendy tattoos. This is a list of the best popular tattoos for females this 2018, but remember the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the perfect tattoo for you. This list is just to serve as an inspiration. So, go ahead let your imagination soar and don't let this list limit you. There are no rules when it comes to inking and that's the beauty of it. Just go with what you love and is meaningful to you. 





Remember, a tattoo is more than ink, it is your style statement. Make sure to choose something you'll be proud to wear every day. 

We hope this list has made your inspiration sparks start flowing and give you choices before inking a permanent picture on your body.






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