60 Best Slimming Hairstyles For Chubby & Fat Faces To Look Thin

If you happen to have a fat face and don't know the best haircut to don, worry not because I got you covered. Here are 60 haircuts that will look good on you.

By Auntrone89
60 Best Slimming Hairstyles For Chubby & Fat Faces To Look Thin

The best haircuts for beautiful, fat-faced women

If I am to be honest, there are plenty of haircuts look hella good on women with fat, beautiful faces. Therefore, it is important for any beautiful, fat-faced woman to carry out an in-depth research in a bid to find which of these haircuts are best suited for them.

It’s also important to remember that apart from what haircuts are looking good on whom, different people also happen to come with customized preferences. Thankfully, there are more than enough haircuts for fat-faced women to go around. Some of these haircuts include the following:

1. The vintage glam look

The vintage glam look is one of those haircuts that will give any beautiful, fat-faced woman a shot at being Marilyn Monroe’s doppelganger.  It involves donning amazing, tight curls which are effectively swept to the side. This hairdo has been known to accentuate beauty by adding to the roundness of that beautiful, chubby face.

2. The Boho waves haircut

The Boho waves haircut is a favorable haircut for fat-faced females for a number of reasons, one of them being its ability to elongate their round, beautiful faces. And the fact that it looks funky and serious at the same time makes it the perfect haircut for just about any season.

3. The curled bob haircut for cute, fat-faced women

The curled bob haircut is perfect for women with fat faces because it puts emphasis on the roundness and in the process making them look a tad cuter. And in as much as the curled bob is heralded as a haircut best suited for women with curly hair, it has been proven time and again to also work wonders for the round-faced women with straight hair.

This seems to be the case because curls can be fashioned out of straight hair as long as one has the right kind of hair products. Lastly, the curly bob haircut is so beautiful that even women with slimmer faces can rock it and still look hella good with it.

4. The perfectly pulled back coiffure

If you happen to be a hardworking, round-faced, plus size woman, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. To achieve the perfectly pulled back coiffure, one has to carefully wrap their heap of curly hair at the back.

Then she will allow a few long, curly strands to fall by the sides, achieving the elongated face illusion. If done properly, the fat-faced women rocking this hairstyle will end up looking like the perfect bridesmaids.

5. The broken-up curls hairdos

The broken-up curls haircut involves trimming one’s hair to shoulder-length curls which are left to invade most of the fat-faced woman. This haircut is best suited for chubby-faced women who are either at work or on vacation.

Either way, this all-season haircut will still make the round-faced woman look hella beautiful. And apart from that, the broken-up curls coiffure happens to be one of those haircuts that are super easy to maintain and doesn’t take up much time as well.

6. The center part haircut

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Any fat-faced woman with a long, thick head of curly hair can effortlessly pull this look off. And just as the name suggests, the center part hairdo involves splitting the hair into two parts, allowing both of them to flow gracefully over the chubby-faced woman’s shoulders on either side. What makes this particular hairdo magical is its ability to elongate a beautiful, chubby face.

7. The loose ponytail hairdo for cute, fat-faced women

Any bold female with a beautiful and rounded face should consider wearing the loose ponytail hairdo at least once in their lifetime. This is because there are a plethora of advantages associated with the loose ponytail haircut, one of them being hella easy to coif as well as maintain.

The loose ponytail coiffure consists of a middle partition complemented with messy tendrils on either side. This haircut looks extra good on the round-faced woman with amazing cheekbones.

8. The best side bangs for fat-faced women

The best side bangs for fat-faced women is one of those sexy haircuts that round-faced women can rock at any given time and place and still look like a gem. And apart from being looking graceful on both straight and curly haired women, this incredible hairdo always oozes elegance, even when donned by the slimmer faced woman.

To achieve this timeless look, the woman has to have her front fringe side swept while the rest of her hair is tied into a neat bundle behind her head.

9. The famous side-twisted curly hair hairstyle

Most beautiful, plus size women love the famous side-twisted curly hair because it’s one of those timeless hairstyles that make a woman feel hot and sexy without even trying. In addition to that, the side-swept faux cornrows will not only show her beautiful round face but also her amazing facial structures as well. To pull this look off, the round-faced woman has to have a lot of hair.

10. The fringe with tight curls hairdo

The fringe, as all women know, is one of those ageless haircuts best suited for any woman as long as she has long, thick hair. To achieve this look, the hair over the forehead area is straightened and trimmed just above the eyebrows. The rest of the hair is allowed to roam gracefully, bringing out the beauty and intensity of the fat-faced woman’s beautiful eyes.

11. The twisted ponytail coif for fat-faced women

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The good news about the twisted ponytail coif is that any beautiful, fat-faced woman can pull this look off as long as she has beautiful, long hair. To achieve this look, the chubby faced woman will start by tying a low ponytail behind her head, allowing a huge volume of hair floating above her head.

She’ll then leave a slim bang of hair on either side of her head to complete the charm. The twisted ponytail coif is the perfect hairdo especially for hot nerds who don’t have time to waste on hair maintenance but still wanna look ravishing.

12. The milkmaid braid coiffure

This look has the ability to make a beautiful, fat-faced female ooze with sex appeal while making her look like a Greek goddess plucked from a mythical movie set. To achieve this look, the long, plaited ponytail is simply wound up over the woman’s beautiful, round face, cleverly taking attention from the roundness of her face and at the same time accentuating her exquisiteness.

13. The half up-do for beautiful, round faces

The half up-do hairdo is universal, meaning it’ll look good on all women irrespective of whether they have straight or curly hair or have a chubby or slimmer frame. This hairstyle focuses on adding a lot of volume on top of the round-faced woman’s head while leaving long, straightened strands of hair flowing freely to the sides. If done correctly, the half up-do coif will make a fat-faced woman’s face look a tad slimmer.

14. The waterfall twist coif for the fat-faced woman

The waterfall twist coif is another one of those universal hairdos that both slim and plus size women can rock and achieve that mother nature aura sitting pretty on their heads like an aureole. To pull this look off, a woman will start by plaiting her long strands of hair on the sides of her head before letting it flow freely down her shoulders.

15. The high ponytail hairdo for plus size girls

The high ponytail hairdo is definitely among the very best haircuts for the corporate, round-faced woman. Nothing says “focused” more than donning this impressive and haircut. And apart from being super easy to do and maintain, the high ponytail hair coiffure involves simply tying up the long hair on top of your head, leaving the rest of the long strands to fall freely and lazily on your back.

16. The straight โ€“ divine part hairdo for plus size girls

This is one of those haircuts that will look extremely good especially on a confident woman with a cute, fat face. The straightened hair strands are usually trimmed just above the shoulder line, with some of it carefully side swept over an eye. This is one of those power looks that say this beautiful, chubby woman is unstoppable without her ever opening her mouth.

17. The fat face pixie haircut for plus size girls

Any doll faced female with a beautiful round face should consider donning this incredibly sexy and rock star look at least once in their lifetime. This is because they will not only look incredible in their short hair but also show off their beautiful facial features as well as jewelry – if they have any. This is because the sides will be trimmed much lower than the top, leaving her looking cute and tomboyish.

18. Bold bangs best for the round-faced queens

If you have a chubby face and would love to pull that coveted ancient Egyptian queen look, then you should definitely try the bold bangs on your long, curly hair. But first, you’ll have to your curly hair straighten as the first step towards achieving your desired look.

Then, you’ll have straightened hair strands divvied up into layers over your forehead before being trimmed just above your eyelids while the side-swept layers are left to roam straight down. Thankfully, this is a look that can look good on slimmer girls as well.

19. The badass female Mohawk

Any beautiful, plus size woman with a beautiful fat face should consider donning this hairstyle especially if they match to their own drumbeat. Apart from making her look hella sexy and independent, the badass Mohawk hairstyle because is extremely easy to maintain. In summary, the badass female Mohawk may not be appropriate for any official setting, but it will be hella effective in showing your personality.

20. The sexy layers haircut for plus size girls

The lovely, sexy layers hairdo is best suited for women who have both beautiful round faces as well as long, thick heads of hair. For this look to work and ooze with the desired charm, the woman has to have naturally curly hair and not straight hair. If done right, the sexy layers haircut will have those amazing, bouncy curls that’ll automatically accentuate the beauty of any beautiful, fat-faced chubby woman.

21. The sleek and straight hairdo

The sleek and straight hairdo is a female haircut that is traditionally reserved for elegant, “corporatist” round-faced woman. This is because this haircut is not only easy to maintain but it also accentuates her beauty rather effortlessly. If done properly, the straightened layers are supposed to hug her cute, fat face lovingly. This shoulder-length haircut will also help show her adorable neck and chin, making her look even more beautifully chubby.

22. The long, luscious bangs for the fat-faced girl

Just as the name suggests, the long luscious bangs haircut is the perfect haircut for females with long, curly hair and cute, round faces. The thick volume of curly hair in this haircut will effectively help in reducing the roundness of your head while still making her look beautiful. The side braid will also help take attention away from the roundedness of her by acting like an elongation to her cute face.

23. The blonde bob haircut for females

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Just like the name suggests, the blond bob haircut is best suited for the round-faced woman with nice, naturally curly hair. Fortunately, this haircut can also look good on slimmer women as long as they have cute, round faces. The short shag bob is what will draw the looker’s attention from the roundedness of her cute, fat face.

24. The side part coif, best for round-faced girls

The side part hairdo is not only reserved for plus size women as any other woman with a beautiful, round face can rock it and look like a queen. The side part hairstyle involves parting of hair at 2 o’clock right before sideswiping it on one side, leaving the ear and cheekbones on the other side exposed. This seems to be the perfect coif for beautiful, fat-faced women who want to have that mysterious aura towering above them.

25. The high bun hairdo

Just like the name suggests, the bun on the high bun hairdo has that elongation effect on the fat face, making it appear slimmer than it actually is. Thankfully, this haircut is very easy to maintain and is, therefore, best suited for the busy, round-faced woman.

26. A-line hairdo for the beautiful, fat-faced woman

Any cute, fat-faced woman with straight hair can don look and turn heads with the least amount of effort. To pull this look off, the fat-faced woman will need a long bob that ends pointed edges on either side. The perfect high bun haircut doesn’t extend past the neck area and has the effect of making a cute chubby face look slimmer and elongated.

27. Layers and loose waves haircut

The layers and loose waves haircut allow the messy waves to dominate the female’s head. But instead of the hair going well past her shoulders, the haircut will allow some hair cover part of her forehead. If done properly, the messy and chic nature of this particular haircut will effectively divert the attention from the roundedness of her face.

28. The fiery crop + caramel highlights hairdo

The fiery crop + caramel highlights hairdo is not only a cute haircut but is also effective in revealing the wild, fiery side of the round-faced woman. It also looks hella great on both the chubby as well as the slimmer-faced girls thanks to the splint-like layers which are effectively complemented by the choppy bangs on either side. This artistic style can look good on the curly hair though not as good as it would on a short, straight haired woman.

29. The irresistibly banging balayage curls

Like most of the haircuts listed here, the banging balayage curls make any fat face look slimmer, which is also the reason why most beautiful, plus size women love it. Unfortunately, this hairstyle is strictly for chubby women especially those with the nice, long and curly hair. To achieve this look, a woman has to spread her huge volume of curly hair in alternate directions until they are satisfied with the outcome.

30. A platinum hairstyle for a platinum fat face

In order to recreate this look perfectly, a fat-faced woman will be required to, first of all, have those choppy, blond layers in place. And if done properly, the haircut should allow her curly hair to barely touch her shoulders. The rest is usually side swept in all the directions.

31. The best-layered silver blonde bob for chubby girls

Every cute, fat-faced girl needs to check out the layered silver blonde bob for a number of reasons. First, it is easy to maintain and at the same time having that desired slimming effect on that beautiful, chubby face down a little.

32. The light brown balayage haircut

This haircut can doll up any beautiful, fat-faced female thanks to its magical, alternating curls. Apart from being natural, this look will effectively hide the roundness of the chubby-faced woman.

33. The messy lavender balayage bob haircut

The most appealing thing about the messy lavender balayage bob haircut is its rather unnatural coloring. In addition to that, this cut will look hella good on women with curly hair with not so big foreheads.

34. The bright purple bob for adorable fat faces

This particular haircut has the capacity to turn any beautiful, plus size woman with a round face into a badass, neck breaking rock star. To achieve this hairstyle, the round-faced woman will have to carefully chop her hair, leaving it with choppy or pointy edges which will, in turn, articulate her jawline.

35. The short pixie with asymmetrical bangs

This is arguably the best haircut for women with cute, round faces. Apart from tomboyish haircut being super easy to maintain, this “Tinkerbelle” haircut will allow the fat-faced woman to show off her beautiful facial structures.

36. The bob haircut with choppy layers

The bob haircut with choppy layers is one of those fancy, chick haircuts that any fat-faced or chubby woman can rock in any given season and still look incredibly relevant, hot and sexy.

37. The wavy hazel blonde best suited for chubby faces

This textured, medium haircut looks extremely good on any female with a cute, round face. Achieving it involves having loose waves covering her cheeks and looking very impressively funky.

38. The silver blonde pixie bob haircut

This version of the pixie focuses on hiding one side of the chubby face. This will, in turn, achieve that aura of mystique that every woman would kill to have. Quite conveniently, this coif will also look good on both curly hair and straight hair, making any fat face look a tad slimmer.

39. The dark honey blonde pixie bob

This is one of those hot, sexy-without-even-trying hairdos that any beautiful, round-faced woman can don with the least amount of effort. All she needs is her beautiful hair, a little bit of technique, voila, she is good to go. She’ll start by parting her short hair on one side, leaving it looking like a side-swept pixie of sorts. 

40. Ash brown waves + framing highlights hairstyle

This haircut allows the chubby-faced woman to show off her full cheeks as well as her other attractive facial features freely. And if done properly, this haircut will leave her face much more highlighted and for that matter, a tad more beautiful than before.

41. The mid-length wavy hazel blonde coif

Any fat-faced woman can effectively use this particular coif to correct the shape of her head. This look is not only easy to pull off but will also have a seemingly magical way of adding beauty on a chubby woman’s face.

42. The long choppy pixie coif

The long choppy pixie does quite an impressive job at balancing the roundness of any beautiful, fat face. In addition to that, the long choppy pixie haircut is also quite easy to maintain.

43. Long, layered caramel blonde

The long, layered caramel blonde brings the undeniably sexy edginess on fat or rounded face, bringing the much-needed proportion a woman’s already beautiful fat face. This hairdo also leaves a lot of room for body movement hence its association with freedom.

44. The cropped bob + choppy ends for fat faces

This coif is effective in the flattening any cute, round face. This is mostly because of its choppy waves coupled with the soft, gently floating waves. The coif is quite easy to maintain and will effectively tuck those cute, chubby cheeks away from the glare of onlookers.

45. Subtle caramel balayage + face-framing layers

This haircut is perfect for any woman with long hair and not just the fat-faced woman. The uniform cut from the break and the uninterrupted flow of her long hair will have an impressive elongating effect on any fat, beautiful face with grace.

46. Chocolate hair + partial blonde balayage

This haircut is appropriate for round-faced girls, especially with that long, curly or straight hair. If coiffured properly, the chocolate hair + partial blonde balayage haircut will look good on any round-faced woman irrespective of their skin tone or hair texture.

47. Curly updo coif best for medium hair

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This hairdo utilizes the wispy tendrils on either side of a round-faced woman to sort of elongate her beautiful, round face. Thankfully, this classic updo looks good with any hair texture as well as facial structure.

48. The pixie with blue bangs coif

This hairdo looks pretty much like the normal pixie cut the only difference being the side-swept over the fat-faced woman’s forehead. More often than not, the side-swept bang that crosses the forehead is usually dyed blue, giving her that exclusively sexy, rock star aura.

49. The formal hairdo for fat-faced women

The formal hairdo involves cute, face-framing tendrils, bold highlights as well as loosely donned curls. The coif works perfectly when the curls are loosely tied behind the woman’s head because it makes the thick volume of curls will effectively make the roundness of her head seem less pronounced.

50. Wavy pastel pink lob with bangs

The only thing a round-faced woman needs in order to pull this look off is pink hair dye and a sharp pair of scissors. And once the sides have been carefully trimmed to the desired size, the resulting bangs will be easily styled right before being dyed pink, finally achieving that “I woke up like this” sexy look.

51. Purple haze with bangs haircut

The purple haze effectively diverts the attention from the round face thanks to its beautiful, fringy edges.

52. Medium wavy coif best for chubby faces

To achieve this haircut, a fat-faced woman has to have thick volumes of hair evenly distributed over her head.

53. The grey ombre coif

You can count on the immaculate black to white fade to draw attention from a beautiful, fat face any day!

54. The shoulder-length cut

If you aren’t a big fan of spending big on hair, then the shoulder length cut is for you. In as much as it’s quite easy to maintain, you can still count on it to still deliver.

55. The playful shag for cute, fat faces

The playful shag coif effectively drowns the obviousness of a round, fat face effect under the thick volume of hair, making it look a hell lot slimmer.

56. The bob + elongated front locks

This is another version of the famous A-line bob haircut with much more edge than the original.

57. The Mauve

This coif is all about short hair dyed in red.

58. The long bob

Just as the name suggests, this hairdo entails the original bob that is has simply been elongated.

59. The black and blonde balayage bob haircut

This is simply a balayage bob with black and blonde shades.

60. The messy bob + the best long side-swept bangs

This hairdo involves thick, short hair layered around the round face over the forehead but not past the shoulders. It can be styled with long, swoopy bangs to accentuate beauty.


Any fat-faced woman should feel free to pick any coif from the 60 hairstyles that will work perfectly for her. And if one doesn’t have the experience to do so, then I strongly suggest getting in touch with an experienced hairdresser.

Consequently, women shouldn’t shy away from trying out new coifs as doing so is the only way anyone ends up having incredibly hot hairdos in her arsenal.