The Best & Worst Bangs For A Heart-Shaped Face

Not every bang is meant for every face shape. Here are some bangs that are best and some that are worst for heart shaped face.

By Tanaya Nath
The Best & Worst Bangs For A Heart-Shaped Face

The Best & Worst Bangs For A Heart-Shaped Face

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A heart-shaped face is unique. They have a widow's peak hair growth at forehead that makes the V of the heart. However, not everyone with the widow's peak has a heart face shape. The widest point of this face shape is forehead and the narrowest on their chin. And yes, they are different from the inverted triangle face shape. So, don't confuse them.

The best example of this face shape: Kourtney Kardashian.

Here, we will discuss some bangs idea, the best and the worst for heart face shape. But before that, let’s take a rundown on how to determine your face shape. There are four ways to identify your face shape.

            1.   With the widest part of your face:

  • If your forehead is the widest part of your shape and jaw is the narrower, you have an inverted triangle face shape.

  • The meaning of wide cheekbones could be oval, round, heart shape or diamond face shape.

  • With a wider jaw and narrow forehead indicates a pear face shape.

  • If they are all equal, you have a square face shape.

    2. Your Jaw Shape

  • The meaning of rounded jaw is oval, round or long face shape.

  • Pointy chin with wide cheekbones and narrow forehead means you have a diamond face shape. However, if your cheekbones or forehead are the widest part of your face, your face shape is an inverted triangle.

  • The meaning of square jaw is square face shape.

    3. By length of your face

  • If you have a rounded jaw with equal width and length, you have a round face shape.

  • Face with a little more length than its width, rounded chin, and cheekbones being the widest part, you have oval face shape. The meaning of pointy chin, instead of rounded ones, is that you have an inverted triangle or heart face shape.

  • If you have a noticeable longer face than it is wide, you have a long face shape.

    Widow's Peak

    Widow's peak with a pointed chin, with your forehead being the widest part of your face, and tapered narrow jaw, you have a heart face shape.

Best Bangs For Heart Face

Women with heart face shape can carry certain bangs well. These bangs add balance to their face by hiding the widest portion, the forehead in the case of heart face shape, and accentuates the narrow portions, i.e. the chin. Paired with the right makeup, these bangs can completely turn the look of the face. Here are a few suggestions for bangs that are best suited for heart face shape.

Bardot Bangs

These are very versatile bangs that go well with many face shape. They are especially good for heart face shape. The outer edges of the bangs are cut slightly longer and are naturally separated at the middle, right at widow's peak.
Everyone with widow's peak will have this cowlick naturally. So, let it be and don’t fight it. Let the bangs take the look they want; they might make you look better with right or little makeup.

Curtain Bangs

These are the certain version of Bardot bangs. Curtain bangs lay just above the jaw. These bangs add a little width to the narrow parts of your heart face, .i.e near your chin. These bangs carry enough weight.
Hence they behave well with a cowlick. This is a good hairstyle if you’re widow’s peak is not very prominent. You can add cascading waves to the rest of your hair for a different look.

Straight Long Textured Bangs

Women with heart face shape can also wear straight-across bangs. All you have to do is wear them softly textured and long. The thickness and the length of these bangs weigh down any cowlick. Hence, they lie more flat. Its textures break up the horizontal line, and that is important.
This prevents your forehead, the widest part of your face, from appearing even wider. These bangs lie below your eyebrows, right over your lids. Make sure you don’t curl the bangs or your hair. It will spoil the look.

Chopped Bangs

These bangs are a variation of straight-across bangs. These bangs are long, have medium weight and are broken up at the ends. Accompany them with the textured waves on the remaining part of your hair.
Also, these bangs have eyebrow skimming length that brings out your eyes beautifully. You can add a little makeup to accentuate your eyes even more.

Long And Side Swept Bangs

If you have a sharp widow’s peak, you can show it off with long and side swept bangs. These bangs lift your hair a little on one side of the V. It sweeps down, flirting over your opposite eye. These bangs and the right makeup can never go wrong with heart face shape. You can also add soft waves to the rest of your hair with these bangs.

Side-Swept Bangs

It is difficult to maintain side swept bangs covering the forehead if you have a heart face shape. But then, it isn’t impossible. Your bangs will try to separate at widow’s peak and they won’t stay together.
This will add to the glamour. However, if you want to keep them together, immediately blow dry your hair. This will prevent them from drying naturally and taking their original place.

Wispy Fringes

Layered and feathered wispy fringes can do good to heart face shape. Textures of this bang soften the face shape. Also, they can be easily styled in many ways. You can style them off to one side, away from the face or towards your face.

Worst Bangs For Heart Face

A heart face shape isn’t meant to carry certain hairstyle and bangs. It is because they tend to highlight, even increase the disbalance in this face shape. They make the broad forehead appear wider than they already are. Or, a particular hairstyle or bang can make the narrow chin appear even more narrow.
This makes the beautiful heart face shape look really odd. Hence, it is advisable for women with this face shape to stay away from these bang styles.

#fbf Rachel asked for a curved fringe to help grow out a disconnected piece she had on one side. _____________________ I held her fringe in my comb in front of her face. Because of the roundness of the head, the sides of her fringe had to travel further than the hair in the middle. _____________________ Because of this, even if I cut a straight line, the hair fell longer on the sides and shorter in the middle. _____________________ When I cut hair, I think about what I want to be longer and what I want to be shorter. I make what I want to be longer travel more and make what I want to be shorter travel less. _____________________ I hope this helps you not just in doing a curved fringe but in doing other haircuts. If you have a friend that might find this helpful, please please please share this with them by tagging them. ❤️❤️❤️

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Blunt And Heavy Bangs

If you have seen the bangs of Kerry Washington, they look way less amazing than the ones mentioned before. These bangs are very heavy and are cut from higher part of your head. Also, they don’t have any texture to breakup the line.
Their length hides your eye and are curled inside a little. These bangs are very heavy for a thin and petite face. These blunt and heavy bangs can dwarf the bottom half of heart face shape that is already narrow. Not a good choice.

Heavy And Curly Bangs

Although Milla Jovovich can carry these heavy and curly bangs beautifully even with her heart face shape, not everyone can. They are still considered the worst choice for women with heart shape face. They look deliberately cut so thick and from high up on the head.
Since they are cut so high, the widow’s peak will not be able to create a cowlick. Hence, they will lie flat without any separation. This bang will overwhelm rest of the features of your face.

Wispy Bangs

In general, thin wispy bangs, don’t suit the heart face shape. They are considered very problematic for this face shape due to the cowlick. Think of it as Goldilocks with the thickness of bangs. You don’t want them like Kerry Washington, that are too thick or like Eva Longoria, too thin.
These bangs are very hard to control and take care of with widow’s peak as strong as in heart face shape. Also, the clump together very quickly on a sweaty or oily forehead.

Thin Bangs

These are worse than wispy bangs. They stick together in defined sections. Another thing that makes it unsuitable for heart face shape is that widow's peak creates a cowlick that makes these bangs curl instead of letting them lie flat.

Straight-across Bangs With Chin Length Bob

This is a strict no-no. Never pair your straight-across bangs with a chin-length bob cut hair. The rest of the hair stopping right at jaw with the horizontal line of the bangs puts all the emphasis on the point of the chin. This makes the lower half of a heart-shaped face narrow.

Separated And Curly Bangs

If you have noticed the curly bangs of Juliette Lewis, you would see that they never seem to stay together. Sad, right? She could have gone for Bardot bangs like Kourtney Kardashian, instead of these oddly under-curled and side-parted bangs. She could also have added a little texture - texturizing your bangs goes a long way. And for a more refined and finished look, add the perfect makeup.


Women with a heart face shape can do a lot with their hair. Just keep in mind not to do anything to make your forehead appear any broader than it already is.

Blunt bangs from temple to temple or curled bangs at eye level aren’t recommended. And pay attention while wearing your hair up and away from your face.

If you are in love with ponytails, leave out a few pieces of hair around your hairline. These pieces of hair are called wispies. They help in keeping the balance. Side bangs are the safest, and you can go back and forth between the curled side bangs and straight side bangs.


With everything being said and done, don't let a few points be the judge of what bangs or hairstyle will suit your face shape. Be bold and try as many different styles as you want and discover what works best for you and your heart shaped faced and makeup choices.

You might end up carrying the worst bangs for your face shape pretty well. So, just go ahead and try any bang you want and then decide which one suits your face shape and which one doesn't.

Let your look be your decision.