How To Curl Your Hair With Velcro Hair Rollers Like A Pro

Need help in curling your hair like a pro with velcro rollers? We have you all sorted with our easy tips and tricks on using velcro hair rollers.

By Amanda Palmer
How To Curl Your Hair With Velcro Hair Rollers Like A Pro

Velcro Hair Rollers

A major styling device back in an era when heat styling was not invented, velcro rollers have been forgotten many years now. Velcro hair rollers help you style your hair in pretty curls without damaging them. Although curling hair with velcro rollers takes time, the effort is worth it as you do not expose your hair to excessive heat. 

Velcro roller curls can be used to create soft and pretty curls for an evening party or a special occasion. The curls created by a velcro roller last quite long. These are available in various kinds and of various sizes. You can choose the big ones to get retro curls just like Marilyn Monroe or choose the small rollers for ringlets like curls. 

This hair product has been used since time immemorial. When we think about velcro rollers, the quintessential image of our grannies wearing them comes to mind. There are plenty of velcro hair rollers to choose from, and if you are confused as to how to use them, then we have got you all sorted.

The below guide teaches you how to use velcro hair rollers step by step and also gives you a brief about the type of curling rollers available.

Gather the Curling Essentials

So before you get rolling, here is a list of few things that you will need:

* Velcro Rollers: Select rollers according to the size of curls you desire. Big rollers result in big curls while a small one gives you small curls looking like ringlets. Some rollers come in assorted sizes, and you can style your hair in big and small curls at the same time too. 

* Hairspray: Choose a light hair-spray that is light and will not feel heavy or stiff on your hair.

* Anti-Frizz Serum: This product helps to keep your frizz to a minimum level. 

* Mousse: Select a light mousse which helps in holding your curls in place and at the same time does not make your hair stiff. 

Do not use hair gels because they tend to make your hair stiff and sticky. You can let go of some products from the above list depending upon the texture of your hair. If you feel your hair is not frizzy, then you don't need to buy an anti-frizz serum.

Similarly, decide for a hair styling hairspray or mousse. Keep in mind that your curls should feel soft and natural and not artificial and stiff.

Get Your Hair Curl-Ready

Before you start curling, you have to make sure that your hair is washed and conditioned properly. Before you curl hair, it is necessary that your hair is all fresh and free from its natural oils and stickiness. After you wash and condition your hair, as usual, apply your anti-frizz serum and volumizing spray before you begin curling.

Next what you have to do is an essential tip before you curl hair. Whether you choose to towel dry your hair or use a blow dryer, you have to remember to keep it 90% dry only. The little dampness that remains will help to curl hair better with rollers. Ninety percent dry means it should be wet to touch yet have certain dampness to it. You can even use a water spray to mist your hair in case they get too dry. If you try to curl hair when they are very wet, the process will take longer especially with long hair.  

Just before you start putting the rollers, spray the hair with a light hairspray. This will help to hold the curls in place. You can now begin with rolling.

Make Sections in Your Hair

You can now divide the hair into three sections. If your hair is not staying in place, you can use hair clips to hold them. Take one section, and you can split it into some more sections. This depends on your hair length and thickness. Each section of hair should be less than the diameter of the roller. Before putting the roller, comb each section well to remove any tangles.

Attach the Curling Rollers

Read the below steps to attach the curling rollers to your hair:

* To place the roller in each section of hair, begin by placing the roller near the scalp.

* If you want outward, curls place it on the section of the hair and if you desire backward curls, then place it behind the section of hair.

* Now gently slide the roller to the bottom of the section of hair.

* Just when you reach the end, gently roll the hair onto the roller back to your scalp.

* The benefit of using velcro rollers is that the hair clings to them and they secure themselves.

* No external pins or clips are needed as in plastic rollers.

* Repeat this for all the sections of hair.

Wait For a Bit

Now that all the hard work is done, it is time to sit back, relax, sip some tea and flip over a magazine!

You need to give some time to the hair to set. Thick hair needs more time to set, and wet hair also needs some time. Wait for an hour before you remove the rollers. An hour is considered ideal for thick and long hair. You can always finish your other chores at home while your rollers are attached to your hair. This way, you can even leave the rollers for hours together. 

If you are in a hurry and do not have an hour to wait for your hair to set, you can always speed things up by using a hairdryer. Do not use high speed of the hair dryer. Keep it at a low setting to avoid damage. Point the hairdryer in the same direction that your hair is rolled. If you point it in the opposite direction, you might end up getting an untidy curl with lots of flyaways and frizz.

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Remove the Rollers and Style

After your hair is completely dry, remove the curlers. Mentioned below are some tips when you remove the rollers:

* Instead of unrolling the rollers, you must pull the gently to one side. Doing so, you will let the velcro rollers gently brush down the length of the hair and prevent frizz. By pulling it gently to one side, you also keep from unwinding the curl.

* Remove the rollers on the bottom of your scalp first and then move slowly to the top. 

* Velcro rollers get tangled in the hair if not used properly and slowly. Take your time and unroll each roller properly to the side. 

* After removing the velcro rollers, you can style your hair the way you want. Do not brush them roughly as these will uncurl the curls. Use your hands to set the curls the way you want.

* If you must, use a wide-toothed comb or a soft brush to style your hair neatly.

Different Types of Rollers

There are different types of rollers available in the market, bendy rollers, hot rollers, plastic rollers, velcro and many such others. The roller price depends on the quality and material of the rollers. Velcro roller price is quite less as compared to hot roller price. A foam or bendy roller price is also quite affordable. 

One good thing about rollers is that they add volume to flat hair roots and help to bring some character and substance to the hair look. The curls can be made without any heat or clips as the velcro rollers are self-gripping. Velcro rollers are generally costlier than plastic rollers but cheaper than hot rollers. 

Bendy rollers or flexi rods give your ringlet like curls. These can bend in any shape, and this helps them to stay anchored at any length of the hair without needing clips or pins. Bendy rollers can be pulled out easily. Bendy rollers add a lot of definition to curly hair textures. 

Plastic rollers were invented much before the bendy rollers, foam rollers or even the velcro rollers. Plastic rollers are used in the same way as velcro rollers, but the plastic rollers are not self-gripping. One needs pins or clips to grip the rolled section of hair on plastic rollers. 

Hot rollers are available in many varieties. There are jumbo hot rollers, and there are normal hot rollers. The jumbo hot rollers help to create loose wave kind of style. Hot rollers are ideal for those who cannot wait for long to curl their long hair. Hot rollers curl the hair instantly with heat. They help to style the hair instantly. 

Some people use roller kits of assorted sizes. This creates a voluminous look. A large roller or a medium hot roller is used on the central portion of the hair while the smallest rollers are used on long hair to make the curls loose and bouncy.


Rollers have been used for a very long time to style one's hair. Many people who have straight and limp hair use curling rollers to style their hair in natural looking bouncy curls. Curls also add a lot of volume to one's hair. 

It is easy and quick to style your hair with hair straighteners or curling heat devices, but these cause oodles of damage with their high heat. You will end up with dry hair and split ends if you use too much of these heating devices. Velcro rollers are not only damage free but the curls last for up to three days, and they are very affordable.

You should have a kit of assorted velcro rollers with you. You can use them to get a celebrity like glamorous curls whenever you have ample time to get dressed.