How To Style Curly Hair Undercut For Men

Undercut hairstyle are hot. These are also good haircut for boys. Here are a few undercut hairstyle for men with curly hair.

By Tanaya Nath
How To Style Curly Hair Undercut For Men

How To Style Curly Hair Undercut For Men

Both women's and men’s curly hair are hard to tame and challenging to handle. But they give volume to your hair and you, the endless possibility of styling. Finding a hairstyle for ahead full of curly hair is boundless.

Here I have collected some curly hair undercut styling options for men, something I am sure you would love. They will make you look like you just popped out from pictures from a fashion magazine.

The Long Curly Hair Undercut

Get your back and sides clipped short with a high-grade clipper. Let the volume be in charge of your curly hair. If you want to slim your face and add a bit of height, this is your kind of style. Keep the long length on the top. This is one of the handiest curly haircuts for men.

To style them, dry your wet hair from root to top using a hairdryer. This will lift your curly hair upwards and backward. Once you have dried your hair thoroughly, take some pomade, rub it in your palms and gently apply it through your hair. This will keep your curls glossy and neat like those pictures from a fashion magazine.

Curly Side Part Haircut For Boys

If you have thick wavy and curly hair more like women's hair, this hairstyle will look good on you. Get your sides trimmed with a long top. You can also get the hard part bladed in for saving time in the morning while styling.


Dry your hair roots up as you did in the curly undercut and used a vent brush to lift your hair. But instead of pulling it backward, pull it up and sidewards. You can also use your hand to style your hair on one side. Gently rub in some hair wax for holding the style and adding some natural shine. If you want to give your curly hair some waves, use sea salt spray or similar products for your hair. You will look like a model from the pictures of a fashion magazine.

Wavy Fringes Hair Undercut Men’s

Women's fringes or that of a man, fringes are beautiful to style. Keep the most length of your curly hair on the top and get the sides and the back trimmed. Use scissors to blend the hair on the top. Keep the longest length at the front and make them shorter as you move towards the crown.


When your hair is damp, apply some mousse for enhancing your curls. Scrunch your curly hair with your fingers as you dry them. This will give your curls some relaxed waves. Once your hair is dry, style your fringes into place using some texturizing hair product. Use a light hold spray if you want them to stay in place for hours.

Curled Quiff Undercut Haircut For Boys

This style requires medium or long curly hair on the top and shorter hair on the sides and the back. If you have thick and wavy hair, have the length layered a little for reducing the weight. When you are getting the haircut done, make sure you tell your stylist about how you are planning to style your hair so that he can adjust the cut accordingly.


Lift your curly hair upward and backward with a vented brush while you are drying them with a hairdryer for a more smooth finish, you must lift your curly hair backward while you are drying the sides as well. Use your fingers if you want a more textured and curly finish of the style. Scrunch your curls into place for refining them. Use pomade or similar hair products for gentle hold with a little hairspray. You can also find different styles of quiffs before you settle on one.

Long Curly Hair Undercut Fade

By incorporating fade into the mix, you get a uniform flow in your curly undercut. Flow as in when you move from long curly hair to shorter hair; your curl structure gets less visible. Remember one thing, in curly hair; the dryness increases with the length on the top. This means, the longer your hair gets on top, the dryer it gets. This is the characteristics of curly hair; it stays on the dryer side. Hence, it becomes vital that you keep hydrating them.


To style, dry your hair using the dryer while lifting them up. Add texture by using your fingers instead of a vented brush. Brush them around with fingers and apply some pomade or hair gel products for adding to the look. These are easy to style and maintain and looks like the pictures from any fashion magazine.

Extra Long Wavy Undercut Fade

This hairstyle gives you a seriously defined and awesome wavy look for your long curly hair. Have your sides clipped in the fade? The hair at the top is long, and it gets shorter as you move to the sides and back. This hairstyle is good if you don’t have really curly hair and have little curls or even better, soft waves like women's hair.


Blow dry your wet curly hair while combing back. Use a brush for adding the defined waves. Take some pomade, rub between your palms and then gently run it through your curly hair. You can also add some soft hold spray or similar hair products for keeping the style in place. In no time you will look like a model from the pictures of a fashion magazine.

Long Curly Hair Pompadour With Undercut

If you have shorter curly hair and you want the same look as the ones above, you can. You can have a sharper and more pronounced undercut. Now, for classic pomp, blow dry your hair. Then apply pomade and blow dry again. Mound the pomp in the way you want like you can throw them at one side and use a comb to shape them. With shorter hair, this might come out right, however.


For styling the shorter curly hair, have your sides grazed into fade that starts right at your temple. This will give you a clean look. And of course, keep the hair at the top longer. Wear your hairstyle with some scruff for a cool dude look.

Mini High Top Curly Undercut Haircut For Boys

If you have tight curls, make it look tall. You don't need to wear it super-tall or high. The best thing you can do is to keep it shorter and let your curls pop out. It will make you look devilishly handsome by creating a more curly effect on top.


Pair up your tightly curled hair with a tight undercut and add in the shaved design. This will give you the ultimate mix of haircut techniques. Spitz on some light hold spray or similar holding hair products for keeping those curls in place. Steal the show away.

Tousled Curly Undercut Fade

This tousled curly men’s undercut is for a more relaxed and laid-back look. If you are the kind who wants to look sharp without having to spend a lot of time styling it. In this hairstyle, the undercut is a bit longer and the top is a bit shorter.


For this undone look, have to keep your undercut fade longer, unlike all the previous hairstyles. Let your wavy, curly hair at the top be a little shorter. This will create a blended look. Blow dry your curly hair and style your waves at the top with a little pomade or similar hair product if not it. Flip your curly hair on one side and blow dry them again. Apply some holding spray or similar products to keep your style in place. It is the style right out of the pictures of fashion models.

Messy Curly Undercut For Your Hair

You have read the tousled undercut; this is a messy look of it. But it is a little different in its way. It is more like just out of bed kind of style, perfectly messy and tousled. And you don’t have to make it perfect because you want a messy look.


Have the curly hair at the top a little extra long. This gives you some more curly hair to play with. Keep your undercut faded and just grazed. Side part the top hair, take a dab of pomade or separation wax and style them. Let them fall over your forehead a little if they want to. Styling your curly hair at an angle will give that tousled, messy look you have been looking for. Pair your hairstyle up with some cool outfit for a fresh look.

Ruffled Scissor Curly Undercut Men’s

If you are not the kind of guy who spends time doing hair, and yet you want nice hair, this is the perfect undercut hairstyle for you. This style gives you the freedom and the look both.


This is a fringy style. Keep your curly hair at the top an inch long or so. Style them forward. Don’t get your undercut done with buzzers, get them done with scissors instead. Let your curly hair fall over your forehead for a more relaxed look. Dab some pomade in your palms and gently apply them on your hair towards the front.

Long Hair Fade To Skin Undercut Men’s

If you are a beard keeper, you will rock this look. The undercut fades into the skin, and your hair is kept longer. This will need some time in styling, but when done, you will have a superb look.


Karapiet your hair at the top long and have your undercut done on the sides and back. Make sure this undercut fades into your skin. Now, style the hair on the top section by section. Throw all your hair on the side and start at the back. Take a section, dab some pomade and set it. Now take the section in front of it and style it in the same way. Do this with other two sections as well. Use a little of comb and hands for styling. Press the section between your palm, press it back together and then set it down. Comb them lightly for adjusting the style. When you are done with all of them, spitz a holding spray.

Two Way Styled Undercut

An undercut could be very versatile. You can style them in different ways. Keep your hair at the top longer and have your undercut done cleanly with buzzers. You can style this cut in two different ways.


One, you can style them backward. Blow-dry your hair backward and apply some pomade. Use your hands to brush them backward and style them. This undercut hairstyle will have a lot of volume. Second, you can style the hair from back to front. This style will be messy and slick. The hair will fall over your forehead, giving you the boy next door look. The little curls or waves will add a little glamour to your hairstyle like the pictures of models.

Wisteria Undercut Men’s

Wisteria is a flower that droops when in full bloom. So, the name suggests the kind of cut and styling this undercut will need. It is unique and bold in many ways. So, go for this style only when you know you can carry it well.


If you have long curly hair, keep it at the top and get your sides and back cleaned with buzzers. Keep the bottom one-quarter of your hair in its natural color the rest in turquoise or any other color you want. If your curls are tight, loosen them a little. Use some pomade and style them from back to front, keep the base stiff. This will make them fall over your head and sides like wisteria flowers.

Triple Colored Undercut Men’s

This gets bolder. If one single color is not good enough for you, go for three of them. Maybe, they could give you a look you have been looking for. However, this hairstyle needs perfection. So, get it done by the hands of someone who knows the job and is perfect in it. Otherwise, you might end up looking funny for a long time.


Keep the length of your hair at the top. Get the sides and the back cleaned and the hair at the front a leveled line. Divide the length of the hair into three parts. Keep the bottom part in its natural color. So, you don’t forget the original color of your hair.


Just kidding.


Get the middle part done in fiery red. It will add the heat to your look. To tone it down, get the top part done in cool blue. The fire and the water together will add a little mystery to your look.

Peacock Undercut Men’s

Let’s go one step more wild and bold than before. This undercut hairstyle is as magnificent as any women’s hairstyle. If you have short curly hair or long ones, and you are bold enough, you can carry this undercut hairstyle pretty well. And you wouldn’t need to do a thing with your hair every day. Good, right? Let’s begin styling it.


Have your sides and back cleared with the short undercuts. The hair at your top will be shorter than in the other styles. In other colored undercuts, we had kept the original brunette color of the hair. But not in this. In this, we will color the base nude that can barely be seen on the back and sides. The hair on the top will be a mix of powdery blue and green, making it appear like a peacock’s color. And if you have blue or green eyes, your hair will complement them well.

Cool Curly Undercut Haircut For Boys

Undercuts are everything but boring. They add tons of interest to your hairstyle. Here’s one really cool and romantically curly undercut hairstyle for you. This one will need a little attention every day, but everyone will love them for sure.


Have your sides and back done in the faded undercut. Keep the hair at your crown longer. Starting from the back half of your crown, crop them a little shorter. Blow-dry your hair towards the front. Take some pomade, gently apply it on your hair from back to front and blow dry again. This will make your long locks fall over your forehead randomly. Place them the way you want. Spitz some light hold spray to keep your long hair in place.

Fauxhawk Undercut Haircut For Boys

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Fauxhawk or faux Mohawk is a known hairstyle both women and men’s hairstyle. It adds a little length to your face and height. If you have a round face or square face, you can use this haircut for adding the length. But if you already have a long face, avoid this one. It will make our already long face ridiculously long.


Keep your hair at the top long and curls big and tight at the front. Have your sides and back trimmed with buzzers. Blow dry your hair from the back to front, apply some pomade, and style them from sides to up and towards the front. Use your fingers to adjust the curls at the front and let them fall over at the center of your forehead. Apply some holding spray to keep your curls in place. You are done.


Who said styling hair is just a women's terrain? Women's need styling, men, need to style their hair as well. Undercuts have been used a lot by the military, and they are hot. Slowly it stole the heat of common men and gave them an uncommon look. These undercuts evolved and became an identity in itself. You can style these undercuts in many different ways.
Apart from ones mentioned above, there are a plethora of styles that can be found over the internet; giving you the freedom to improvise and create your signature undercut hairstyle.
A cool look doesn’t come from copying the clothing from a fashion magazine. You need right accessories, the right attitude and of course, right haircut to go with it.