Best 50 Designs For Famous Female and Male Celebrity Tattoos

Ask any celebrity and he or she will admit that having a good image is key to their success. This is why both male and female celebs are investing on tattoos.

By Auntrone89
Best 50 Designs For Famous Female and Male Celebrity Tattoos

Tattoos designs for male and female celebrities

In a quest to accentuate their public image, a fair share of famous people has opted to get either unique or beautiful tattoos from trusted artists. And thanks to blogs, SnapChat, and the almighty gram, we get to enjoy the latest scoop on celebrity tattoos and their designs.

Some of us have even gone to the extent of steal these thoughtful tattoo ideas, making them ours. And guess what? We aren’t apologetic about it either! Here are 50 male and female celebrity tattoos for your visual entertainment:

1. Justin Bieber’s eagle wing arm tattoos

Justin Bieber is without a doubt one of the most popular pop stars of the recent times. He also has a number of hot tattoos to complete his look and among them is the very popular eagle wing tattoo that happens to cover his entire arm.

Apart from being unique and perfectly finished, the famous pop star insists that this tattoo, as well as the other tattoos on his body, have a personal meaning. Either way, all that matters is that millions of his female fans dig it and that is good for business as far as Justin is concerned.

2. Whitney Port’s finger tattoos

Despite not being your typical ‘tattoo junkie’ celebrity, Whitney Port was recently spotted on the gram rocking one of those tiny, initial-designs finger tattoos. The initial tattoo is on her left-hand pinky. In usual fashion, most of her fans think Whitney got the tattoo after her recent engagement.

But Whitney Port, for reasons best known to her, has chosen to remain tight-lipped about her ink. It goes without saying that finger tattoos have been extremely popular especially in the recent times and that might have influenced her choice.

3. Kendall Jenner’s angel wing tattoos

Kendall Jenner is probably the most recognizable female celebrities in her early twenties. This is mostly because she is a member of the extremely popular Kardashian family. Kendall’s incredibly beautiful piece is tattooed over her shoulder, part of her back before extending over to her right arm. The wing tattoo designs are not only popular among female celebrities but also male celebrities. 

4. Johnny Depp’s 30 tattoos

Photo by Annie Leibovitz.

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With a highly decorated career that spans over three decades, it’s safe to say that Johnny Depp is a celebrity you’d never fail to recognize. Besides having a keen interest in acting and music, Mr. Depp also has a thing for needles and ink. Johnny Depp has 30 tattoos in total – a number that is most certainly expect to increase in the near future.

The funny actor has distinctive tattoos on his arms, legs and other places we can’t mention on any public forum without running the risk of being sued– just kidding. Mr. Depp is just one of the countless male celebrity with a penchant for tattoos.

5. Rita Ora’s ballerina tattoos

Rita Ora is without a doubt a young, beautiful and talented female pop star. That explains why no one saw her getting a tattoo until she got one. The gossip grind mill reported that the famous pop star got the beautiful ballerina tattoo on her left arm shortly after splitting with her longtime boo Calvin Harris.

6. Kelly Osbourne head tattoos

Kelly Osbourne, daughter to the legendary rock star Ozzy Osbourne, has and will never shy away from being herself. Throughout her life, she’s never had a problem going overboard when it comes to her hair coifs, outfits as well as choices for tattoo designs.

The famous fashion police co-host recently got one of those easy-to-spot head tattoos on the side of her shaved head. The tattoo reads ‘stories’. And if her past is anything to go by, then we can all assume that there is an extremely interesting story behind the head tattoo.

7. Lady Gaga’s trumpet tattoos

And while we are still on male celebrities, as well as female celebrities, who aren’t afraid of showing their true selves, the list wouldn’t be quite complete without Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga has the ability to use just about anything to express her deep passion for her craft. The beautiful pop star recently got a trumpet tattoo on her inner arm. The tattoo was apparently designed by Tony Bennett, the jazz sensation himself.

8. Cara Delavigne’s cute female tattoos

What makes this gorgeous celebrity’s tattoo collection breathtaking is that they come in different colors. She has a ‘breath deep’ tattoo on her bicep that’s written in white ink. She also has another one her wrist but this one happens to be written in black ink. And being the outspoken female celebrity that she is, Cara then decided to get a “BACON’ tattoo on her foot simply because she loves bacon.

Don’t look at me. I’m just as surprised as you are.

9. Dan Shepard’s new tattoo

Dan’s new tattoo is probably the sweetest tattoo we have on this list simply because of how creative it is in paying tribute to Kristen Bell, his pregnant wife. This rather sweet tattoo in the form of a bell is on his ring finger. And as we all know, the most important female in his world has Bell as her maiden name.

Smooth, huh?

10. Drake’s ‘6-god’ tattoos

Drake, who is famously known as the 6-god, recently added a new tattoo to his ever-growing collection. He recently paid Doctor Woo a courtesy call which ended with the megastar getting one of those cool prayer emoji designs tatted on his arm right next to a six. Drake also has tattoos on other parts of his body. And from the look of things, the numbers will keep growing because as the ink community puts it, ‘Once you go tatt, you never go back’.

11. Zelda Williams’ hummingbird tattoo

The best tattoos are the ones that bear deep meaning to those who wear them. Zelda Williams hummingbird tattoo happens to be one of those tattoos with a deep, sentimental attachment. She got them in honor of her late dad, the legendary Robin Williams. Zelda Williams is just one of the many female celebrities who’ve had the super talented Doctor Woo work on their impressively done tattoos.

12. Paloma Faith’s female bird ink

If her ink masterpiece is anything to go by, then we can comfortably assume that Paloma Faith has a thing for birds. This exotic beauty had birds in flight tattooed on her back and never shies away from an opportunity to flaunt them especially in her breathtaking open back outfits. Bird tattoo designs are also popular among male celebrities.

13. Kanye Wests celebrity tattoos

Yeezus Tour Merch 💥

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Before I get to his tattoos, we’ll have to unanimously agree that Kanye West is the most vocal male celebrity of our time – period. Apart from his epic rants via Twitter, Instagram, and interviews, Kanye has seemingly found new ways of expressing himself through his over-the-top fashion designs and, yeah, you guessed right – tattoos. Kanye’s tattoos pay tribute to his late mom as well as show adoration for his wife and children.

14. Demi Lovato’s adorably female ink

Demi is just one of the thousands of female celebrities who’ve had their older tattoos conveniently covered up. She opted for the cute rose tattoo over the kiss tattoo which, in my opinion, was beautifully done. If you look closely, you’ll realize that it blends too well with her undertone. Demi took to the gram to express her obvious satisfaction with her new masterpiece.

15. Sam Smith’s anchor tattoo

Unlike most celebrities, the immensely famous Sam Smith knows that he wouldn’t be where he is if it weren’t for his legion of loyal fans from all over the world. It is for this reason that Sam has always reiterated that his fans are his anchor – hence the anchor tattoo on his arm. And needless to say, his adorable anchor tattoo makes it to the list of few celebrity tattoo designs that left fans feeling appreciated. 

16. Female celebrity tattoos – Miley Cyrus

When her Alaskan dog pet passed away, Miley Cyrus was still on tour and that left her devastated. She then decided to pay tribute to her pet by permanently adding him to her collection of adorable tattoos. Miley, just like Zelda, is one of the many males and female celebrities who’ve used their tattoos as a way to pay tribute to their loved ones, pet or human.

17. David Beckham’s legendary ’99 tattoo

David Beckham is the most attractive male celebrities in the world! That out of the way, it is important to note that he also has a penchant for tattoos. The football legend recently had a ‘99 inked on his pinky, stating that ‘99 was indeed a good year for him.

Apart from winning the FA Cup and Champions League in 1999, Beckham was also married to his current wife Victoria. Simply put, the event was a celebrity affair filled with the usual glitz and glamor.

18. Hailey & Ireland Baldwin’s matching tattoos

Matching tattoos have been a thing for both male and female celebrities and their loved ones for quite some time now. The same bug has seemingly bitten the famous cousins, Hailey Baldwin and Ireland Baldwin. The famous cousins, who also happen to be very fond of each other, got their surnames ‘Baldwin” inked into their middle fingers – in a cute, respectful way of course.

19. Kylie Jenner’s red, female celebrity tattoo

Granted that she is a member of the mega-famous Kardashian- Jenner family, always expect any news about Kylie Jenner to go viral, however trivial it may be.  And that’s exactly what happened when she revealed her red, hip tattoo whose designs automatically went viral.

20. Angelina Jolie’s female back tattoos

The once voted as the most beautiful woman on earth’s penchant for tattoos is common knowledge. Angelina has a plethora of tattoos on her back, neck, and hands. And needless to say, she looks hella great in them. She has even ended up inspiring many female celebrities to get customized tattoo designs since she looks hella great and confident in hers.

21. Kaley Cuoco's female moth tattoo

Kaley Cuoco is among the few female celebrities who settled for the beautiful moth tattoo - for reasons best known to her I guess. The hot celebrity picked the cute moth tattoo as the perfect cover up for her wedding date tattoo. This was after her split from her then-husband Ryan Sweeting back in 2015.

22. Zayn Malik’s jaw-dropping lightsaber tatt

Zayn Malik is one of those chosen few male celebrities that female fans just can’t get enough of. And to make matters worse, or better, depending on how you choose to see it, Zayn went ahead and got a new lightsaber tattoo on his middle finger. What makes this tattoo jaw-dropping is whenever UV light is shone over it, the lightsaber blade lights blue.

23. Cheryl Cole’s female little heart tattoo

We live in a world where many famous celebrities would want to overboard with their tattoo designs so as to grasp the much-needed attention. But there’re also those who like keeping it simple, from the colors all the way to the designs. The latter seemed to be the case with Cheryl Cole. Instead of going overboard, the celebrity chose a little heart tattoo on her middle finger, again, not in a disrespectful way.

24. Female celebrity tattoos: Sophie Turner’s wolf ink

Despite being temporary, Sophie Turner’s wolf and flower tattoos are simply way too beautiful not make this list. Besides being the most beautiful budding female celebrities in Tinsel Town – arguably – Sansa looks hella good wearing tattoos as floral designs have a magical way of accentuating her natural beauty.

25. Female celebrity tattoos: Rihanna’s many tattoos

Rihanna is one celebrity who is so comfortable and confident in her own skin that she has absolutely no problem sharing her most private tattoos with her fans. And just like some notable male celebrities, Rihanna has tattoos on her arms, legs, neck, and belly and the never-ending list goes on and on (you get the drift). Thankfully, the celebrity tattoo artist who does her artwork is definitely a pro as all of Riri’s tattoos look fabulous.

26. Lottie Moss’s female under-boob tattoos

When Lottie took to SnapChat to flaunt her new under-boob tattoo, she immediately attracted both male and female eyeballs in equal measure. Lottie’s piece has three little bards flying under her boobs which is quite a pretty sight to behold in my opinion. The artist really did a commendable job on this piece and therefore deserves a standing ovation.

27. Randy Orton’s badass tattoos

Pre match pump courtesy of #alphacreHD @1stphorm

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Many famous wrestlers are not only known for their huge pecs and well-chiseled abs but also their distinct tattoos. One of these wrestlers with conspicuously different tattoos is the Legend Killer himself, Mr. Randy Orton. Judging from his unique mixture of tribal, skull and flower tattoo designs, it's quite easily telling that the wrestler is pretty personate about his ever-evolving ink.

28. Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner’s matching tattoo

Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas’ brother, and Sophie Turner’s fiancé have a few awesome tattoos on him as well. But his rather famous tattoo – probably the most famous of them all – is the matching tattoo the couple got together. Curt Montgomery is the talented tattoo artist behind the matching masterpieces. Curt also boats of an impressive resume that includes tattoos he’s done for many other males and female celebrities besides Joe and Sophie.

29. Brooklyn Beckham’s ‘momma’ tattoo

Brooklyn is among the few male celebrities who got the title purely by default. This simply means he became a celebrity by the virtue of being lucky enough to be born to celebrity parents. That aside, Brooklyn chose a custom love shoulder tattoo dedicated to his beloved celebrity mom and former Spice Girls pop star, Victoria Beckham. Looking at the ink on the gram, one could easily conclude that Vicky was elated.

30. Female celebrity tattoos watch: Ruby Rose

if you’ve been a staunch follower of Ruby, then you already know that she loves dipping her body in ink. Thankfully, her tattoos are as beautiful as they are riddled with deep, personal meaning. For instance, she has one on her right shoulder blade dedicated to her godfather Lionel Rose. For those who don’t know, Lionel Rose is a famous Australian boxer.

31. Pete Davidson’s cute celebrity tattoo

In honor of his cute, super famous boo Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson took to the gram to show his cute, AG initial tattoo he had inked on his right thumb. What makes this tattoo one of a kind is the beauty in its simplistic designs. Such cute tattoos are a very effective way of expressing love and adoration for someone without uttering a word.

32. Celebrity tattoos: Lil Wayne

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The most conspicuous thing about Lil Wayne besides his amazing talent is his full body tattoos. Wayne takes a lot of pride in his ink and he has even made it clear that his tattoos have deep meaning to him. Lil Wayne is just one of many male and female celebrities wearing full body tattoos.

33. Female celebrity tattoo: Paris Jackson’s chakra ink

Paris Jackson, daughter of the late king of pop, is one of the many female celebrities obsessed with spirituality. The teen celebrity took to social media to flaunt her colorful chakra ink. The tatt is all about the seven chakra symbols running he her chest all the way to her belly button.

34. Celebrity tattoos: Wiz Khalifa

Positive Role Model 🐉

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Another popular male celeb with a body full of tattoos is Wiz Khalifa. Wiz has never shied away from sharing his inking sessions with his fans. It is believed that his ink has played a huge role in netting him so many adoring females as fans the world over.

35. Female celebrity tattoos: Selena Gomez

No celebrity has ever made the semicolon tattoo designs more famous than Selena Gomez. She got it with the cast of the ‘13 reasons why’ show that is presently running exclusively on Netflix. She and some of the casts got the semicolon designs inked on their wrists.

36. Celebrity tattoos: Busta Rhymes

Another mega celebrity with an obvious penchant for outrageous tattoos is none other than Busta. Even though he hasn’t added any ink tattoos, Busta has amazing arm tattoos on his massively built hands, making him look like a full-size tiger.

37. Prince Jackson’s ‘dad’ tattoo

Prince Jackson joined the list of male celebrities who used tattoos to honor their late dads. The celebrity got an amazing tattoo of his dad, the late Michael Jackson, on his arm. In this tattoo, the late king of pop is drawn with angel wings doing what he did best – dance. And apart from this iconic tattoo, Prince also has other amazing tattoos on his body.

38. Female celebrity tattoo alert: Bella Hadid

Bella got a tiny monochrome wing inked at the back of her foot right above the ankle. This is one of the masterpieces by the male celebrity tattooist JonBoy. The tiny tattoo trend has really gone viral especially with the female celebrities.

39. Celebrity tattoos: Trey Songz

The fact is, Trey Songz is loved by everyone – both male and female. Apart from his boyish good looks and nicely sculpted body, Trey is also famous for his prayer tattoo designs inked on his left pec. Despite having other tattoos on his body, the one on his pec seems to be the most outstanding.

40. Female celebrities tattoo alert: Iggy Azalea

@fashionnova gems

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Iggy is indeed a very beautiful woman. And so, expect that her collection of beautifully done tattoos will only accentuate her beauty. Female celebrity has a tattoo of a blind horse on her forearm. It’s safe to assume that it has a meaning attached to it.

41. Cara Delavigne and Jourdan Dunn’s matching tattoos

The two British supermodels decided to get matching “DD” tattoos. And needless to say, they really ended up looking like a million bucks. The rather famous initial tattoo was done in the famed Bang-Bang tattoo parlor, which happens to be Cara’s favorite tattoo parlor.

42. Female celebrity tattoos: Beyoncé

Beyoncé new tattoos shortly after giving birth to her adorable twins. This came as a surprise because the pop star had never shown any interest in getting her body inked before right up until now. And if the photos doing rounds on social media are anything to go by, then it’s safe to conclude that her tattoos are beautifully done.

43. The Rey Mysterio rosary tattoo

Apart from having an impressive collection of tattoos on his body, legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio has quite a number of amazingly done tattoos. But what really stands out about is the rosary tattoo that he has around his neck. It goes to show just how spiritual Rey is.

44. Eminem’s Hailey tattoo

Eminem loves his daughter Hailey. And apart from featuring her in some of his older songs, the legendary rapper also has a burst tattoo of her. Eminem also has a tattoo in loving memory of his old friend Proof.

45. Celebrity tattoos: Rick Ross

Judging from the number of times Rick Ross has performed without a shirt on, we can simply tell that he’s not only comfortable under his skin but also loves his tattoos. He has well over 50 tattoos.

46. Adele’s ear tattoo

Adele got her small ear tattoo on her ear back in 2013. The tattoo is a simple letter ‘A’ and in as much as it was tiny, it somehow managed to spark a hot online debate. Does the ‘A’ stand for her name or her son’s name? guess we’ll never know.

47. Birdman’s star tattoo

The legendary rapper has a penchant for weird tattoos. But the one that takes the cake is the star he had tattooed on top of his head.

48. Tyga’s full body tattoos

Just like it’s the case with his mentor Lil Wayne, Tyga also boasts of a body full of tattoos. He also has one dedicated to the child he had with model Black Chyna.

49. The Rock’s Maori

The rock #inked #tattooinspo #tattooideas #therocktattoo #therock @therock

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Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock, is proud of his Samoan ancestry and chose to celebrate his roots through his iconic Maori. The artwork stretches from his left pectoral, going over his shoulders before stretching over, covering his left arm. It’s just too awesome.

50. Nicki Minaj

Nicki also boasts of quite a number of impressively done tattoos and has absolutely no problem sharing the world. The famous pop star and rapper has ink on her legs, feet and so on. Despite having these tattoos, Nicki has made it clear that she isn’t getting any more tattoos any time soon. But we all know, one thing you should never say is never. Thing is, she is still young and has a lot of things to accomplish. And as we all know, accomplishments do come with its fair share of tattoos. So, at this point, all we can do is wait.


Not all female or male celebrities have the best tattoos in the world. Some of them aren’t that pleasing to the eye. Also, there are those that bear deep meaning while others are there for cosmetic reasons. Tattoos are beautiful and can be used for good. Therefore, if you ever want to get a tattoo and look like your favorite celebrity, I suggest you, first of all, find a good tattoo artist to do it for you.



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