How To Get The Perfect Shade Of Dark Burgundy Brown Hair Color

A burgundy brown hair color ranges from dark red to maroon to dark wine. Here is how you can get the perfect shade of dark burgundy brown hair color.

By Amanda Palmer
How To Get The Perfect Shade Of Dark Burgundy Brown Hair Color

Burgundy Brown Hair Color

Burgundy brown is an often undervalued glamorous hair color. This cool cousin of auburn sure knows how to raise your swag quotient. Burgundy brown is an eye-catching color that oozes of elegance and I-know-my-fashion attitude.

The best part is that the color is not too bold. For those who are first-timers or those who wanna uplift their style statement without going over the edge, this one is a perfect choice. We have all commonly seen Brunettes in America, but you can blend in some strands of vibrant deep red to your otherwise traditional hue to get noticed. 

But before you plunge in, it is better to analyze your skin tone and decide whether burgundy is the right hair color for you. Unlike other hair colors, burgundy is available in wide array of tints and shades and so no matter your skin tone, there is definitely a shade of burgundy that would suit you just fine.


A burgundy brown looks sassy on a pale porcelain skin and looks striking and dramatic on a darker skin tone. The shades of burgundy will differ according to the skin tone, but you will be surprised how with a small change in the ratio of red:brown: purple, this awesome shade can match your skin tone. 

People with cool undertones should opt for a burgundy shade with a light violet hue. This light violet looks perfectly matched with the blue hue shining through the skin of a cool undertoned person. For people with warm skin tones, burgundy with a tinge of true red would pair beautifully. 

Apart from deciding your burgundy shade based on your skin undertone, you also need to analyze your current hair color. This color might not be too drastic a change for brunettes or redheads but for a blonde woman to get her hair colored in burgundy could be quite dramatic. 

There are various shades of burgundy brown such as cinnamon, classic, vivid, maroon, oxblood and many such others. It adds a mysterious aura to your personality. Initially, only brunettes attempted burgundy brown to add a slight change and groomed look to their style. But these days, even blondes go burgundy brown within a few hours to create a bright and eye-popping look. The color might look too flashy initially, but it gets more and more subtle as you shampoo, and after 24 shampoos the vibrancy would mellow down completely. 

DIY or a Professionalist?

If you are a first-timer, I would suggest that you get your hair colored by a professional hair colorist. I know there are numerous DIY videos on Youtube which tempt you to save thousands of money and try coloring your hair at home, but if you have never done it before, please do not attempt it at home.

A professional hair colorist can also guide you in the process of choosing the perfect burgundy shade for your hair. You might end up choosing a warm-toned burgundy even if you are a cool-undertoned person. Look at the burgundy brown shade card and try to picture yourself in different shades of burgundy. Ask your stylist's opinion too. 



Be prepared about investing in different products for the after-care of your color-treated hair. Color-treated hair needs additional care. There are a variety of shampoos and conditioners available on the market specially formulated for color-treated hair. The shampoos like L'Oreal Paris Expert Vibrancy Intensive Shampoo and such others do not strip off color coated on the hair strands. They are relatively milder and ensure the vibrancy of the colors. You also get intense conditioning products and serums which provide added nourishment and conditioning to your color-treated hair.

Before using a heat styling device, you need to apply special serums to avoid a lot of damage to the hair. Big companies like L'Oreal, Revlon, SP, etc., have come up with various hair mask and serum products which are recommended for color-treated hair. Similarly, you also get hair mousse, and hair sprays specially formulated for color-treated hair. 

Best Brands

While choosing the brand of your burgundy hair color, choose ammonia free colors. Ammonia free colors are harmless on the skin and hair. Hair colors with ammonia and other harmful chemicals can lead to hair damage and hair thinning. Below mentioned are some brands which make ammonia-free hair colors:

* L'Oreal Paris:

L'Oreal Paris is one of the first manufacturers of ammonia-free hair colors. Their products being ammonia-free, the hair color imparts a lovely color and also conditions the hair without posing any damage to the scalp and hair. This is also one of the best hair color brand available.

* Clairol:

Clairol is a reputed brand which manufactures ammonia-free hair colors. Their formula color coats the hair evenly in not more than ten minutes and also manages to cover the greys naturally. This hair color begins to fade away after 28 shampoos. 

* Garnier:

Garnier offers  a huge range of ammonia-free hair colors ranging from brown to burgundy. Their colors do not drip and require almost no clean up. This one is considered the best in India due to its affordability and availability.

* Organic Color Systems:

Organic Color Systems manufactures ammonia-free hair colors which retain the protein level and moisture in the hair. 

* Matrix:

Matrix hair color provides a wide ranges of colors to choose from. Their range is free from ammonia and do not smell. Their colors do not have any side-effects on the hair. 

Skin Tone

Before deciding on your shade of burgundy, you should analyze whether you are a warm-toned or a cool-toned person. Follow the steps below to analyze:

* Check your wrist in normal sunlight. If the veins appear greenish, then you are a warm-toned person. If your veins appear bluish, then you are a cool-toned person.

* Sometimes, it is difficult to analyze whether the veins appear bluish or greenish, in such cases, it is entirely possible that you are a neutral-toned person. A neutral-toned person's complexion appears olive in color. 

* You can also decide by skin undertones. A skin with a yellowish undertone looks good with warm overtones, eg. Copper Blond hair color.
* For skin that has pinkish undertones, cool colors like ash blonde look good. 

* Women with dark brown or black hair should opt for burgundy highlights too. 

* Burgundy has many permutations. It is a color which is neither here nor there. If you choose burgundy towards the red or coral pink side, it can be suitable for cool-toned skin. If you decide burgundy towards a brownish side, it is more suitable for warm-toned skin. 

Choose from the Wide Range of Burgundy Brown Hair Colors

Now you come to the most important part about deciding your shade of burgundy brown. If you browse through various magazines, you will find that many celebrities sport different shades of burgundy brown. Finalise on someone who has a similar complexion like yours. Cut that picture out and take it to the professional you intend to get your hair dyed at their salon.

Do not attempt a DIY yourself if you are experimenting on a particular shade of burgundy brown for the first time because many times the shade which you finally get is not exactly what you have in mind. A colorist will know better and guide you. You must also have a lengthy discussion about going for a dark color if you have always had very light hair. To reverse the hair color might take months.

You can choose between different shades of burgundy brown:

* Cabernet which suits warm tones
* Cranberry for a pinkish or a peachish complexion
* Raspberry for a pinkish complexion
* Cinnamon for a warm tone
* Merlot hint for both warm and cool skin tones
* Cherry color for neutral or yellowish complexions.

Burgundy for Blonde Hair

Now if you color your already light hair with a burgundy color, the result will be a bright purple or violet. The way a color appears on hair depends on the natural color of the hair. For blonde hair, to get a bright purple or violet will not be desirable.


In such cases, you need to dye your hair first with by mixing a base color such as brown-red. After your hair has a brown-red base, you can further coat it up with your desired shade of burgundy. 

Those who have dark blonde hair color might not need to apply a base color first. There are some stores which offer a 'burgundy blonde' hair color which is a mixing especially formulated for those with very light blonde hair. This mixing produces vibrant red/violet undertones which look great.

Burgundy for Dark Hair

Dark hair can be black or brownish-black or very dark brown. To coat such shades of dark hair with burgundy can be quite tough. The reason is that the color appears too subtle and hardly noticeable. Most of the time, you don't even see any difference in your hair after coloring your black or brown hair with burgundy brown. 

In such cases, it is recommended to get your black or brown hair dyed at a salon. They will either recommend a vibrant shade of burgundy brown which on application will give you the desired effect on your black hair or they might first suggest you to lighten your hair with bleach. They also know about mixing the exact amount of bleach to avoid lightening your black hair too much.

Burgundy for Brunettes

Brunettes are the perfect hair types for burgundy brown hair color. Their hair color ranges from light to medium brown hair. The burgundy brown tones can be easily visible with their brown as the base color. Any shade of burgundy can an experiment with the desired results.

Burgundy for Red Heads

Red hair coated with a purplish burgundy gives you the effect of highlights. This is a great option as you can groom your hair and change your look without going over the top. Red hair works very well as a base for burgundy hair color. 


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Hope you now have enough information about choosing your perfect shade of burgundy brown hair color.