How To Rock The Bohemian Style Fashion For Men

The Bohemian style does not only apply to women nowadays but also to men. Upgrade your wardrobe with this new trendy style and dress to impress!

By Ally Uyao
How To Rock The Bohemian Style Fashion For Men

What is Bohemian?

Ideals of Bohemian center on the free-spirited pursuit of life, love, and almost anything under the sun that also touches on the arts as to music, literature and even religion.
Originating from the region of the Czech Republic or the former Kingdom of Bohemia, the term later was translated to a new trend of fashion, lifestyle, and culture. People in today's age has now attributed the style to a vibrant and lively abandonment of the traditional boundaries of fashion.

What Does the Bohemian Style Entail For Men?

Bohemian style has been around for quite some time, but it did not reach the style of men at first, but now it has arrived. And it is different from the women bohemian style.
For the men, it has more of a rugged and earthly nature that is uncomplicated and straightforward. Some men might even have this style already without them knowing it. Somehow, it is inherent and intrinsic for male as it exudes sexuality and confidence.

How to Achieve the Right Look?

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to attain the style. And that's also the focal point of the bohemian trend as it recommends free and easy fashion that fits your inner personality. It can be subtle, dramatic or overhaul of the whole look. All walks of life no matter the age can make this look happen and that actually is what bohemian stands for as of today.   

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10 Outfit Ideas to Perfect the Bohemian Vibe

Now that you are familiar with the bohemian style, it's time to learn a new thing or two about the fashionable items you might need in your new quest for a bohemian feel. Just do remember that it is still up to you on how you will own the look.
You may pick-up or discard some ideas but don't be hesitant to attempt some things. Keep an open mind because you might like our suggestions and enjoy! 

1. Try Your Hand at Washed-Out or Light Denim

Did you know that denim was invented in the mid-19th century when it was created for Western men laborers and was at first not that strong to withstand anything? I bet you didn't know that and even after a long period, it has still persevered and continue to thrive in the fashion industry today.
Dare I say; brands out there find countless ways to take it to the next level. Yep!  Denim is absolutely making a comeback for fashion-savvy men! It never did lose its draw for everyone; it continues to be relevant and contemporary in the post-modern world. Denim is a staple of every male and female's wardrobe.   
Most of the denim men wore now are not only for trousers but also for jackets and shirts. They add edginess to a man's clothing even when he is wearing something as simple as a white undershirt.
If you have a creative bone in your body, you can stitch in patches of your favorite things or any random design to make your jacket more personalized and consequently stand out in the crowd. Don't be afraid of the denim trend and instead, make the most out of and make all the females fall for you with a single look. 

2. Try Incorporating Art in Your Everyday Wear

Now, if you have a deep interest and love for any kind of art, then you can definitely without a doubt blend it into your attire. There are a lot of categories and various genre of visual arts that you can use or buy from different brands of menswear.
You can pick designs from different backgrounds such as minimalism, pop art, realism, baroque, romanticism, photorealism, abstract expressionism and much more. Likewise, you can explore and even create your own.
Who said only professional dressmakers get to alter the clothes you wear? No one is stopping you from unleashing the inner artist within and applying it to your fashion sense. Do party in this and it might change the whole ball game of the way you dress!

3. Try for the Worn-out and Vintage Feel Attire

For this trick, you can go for an effortless look and the less time you put in, the better. Bohemian style does not have any strict restrictions or boundaries into what men can wear, and this is actually an advantage in anyone's book.
A wrinkle in your dress shirt won't damage the vibe you are aiming for. So, you don't have to incessantly worry if you forgot to iron your clothes and it turns out to be not that clean cut and proper.
This is a plus if you are out on a party and your clothes get rumpled, it will maximize the result you want. So, take a stab at a more sedate grasp on your menswear and bohemian will be your daily signature.

4. Try Loose Pants in Almost Any Occasion

Yes, you read it right! Loose pants are in when it comes to bohemian style. You may ask and say that it does not fit every man and not for every event, but this tip proves you wrong.
There are limitless possibilities on what you can pair your loose pants with. Tuck in or out, light color or dark themed shirt and pants, floor-length or mid-knee. Whatever it may be, you can play with the available options at your disposal. This free-flowing type of trousers sends off an airy and nonchalant feel that can make any female feel comfortable in your presence. 

5. Try Open Leather Sandals in the Streets

Open footwear was first seen in our history books back in the ancient times of Egypt, Greece, and Rome when men were not bothered by any sense of style or have fewer options to wear. Nowadays, we bring back the old tradition of wearing open sandals specifically leather for a more unencumbered look for men.
Some women might even say that this trend makes a man more appealing and interesting to them because it represents a mellow and relaxed side of a man. If you are not that indiscriminate on trying new footwear then experiment on this, you will surely not regret it. Any menswear will fit the bill for this open sandal.
As can be seen in the photo below, the openness of the sandal also mirrors a similarly sweeping and extensive show of skin by the men. Why not duplicate it and try it for a change? 

6. Try Matching Boho With Modern Pieces

The notion is something to think about, right? If you can't decide on a single entire bohemian look then why don't you just pick one boho piece and layer on modern clothing to mix and match everything? It can satisfy both your fascination and avid interest in anything bohemian and modern.
A bohemian piece can be as simple as an inner top or crafty bracelets and watch. You do not have to sweat it and instead can use one different piece every day to integrate into your whole menswear.
Especially when there are many multiple physical and online stores are different now which cater to the artist within you and your desires of eclectic taste. There is no hardship on finding bohemian items to buy and add to your collection. 

7. Try Accessories That Have Personality

Accessories can act as an accent to your style of choice, and in this instance, we go for bohemian, and there are many available products and brands now on the internet.
You can create your own and browse or peruse handcraft-made websites which sell hats, rings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, glasses, beanies, and so much more. Even tiny and seemingly inconspicuous details matter when you want to define the kind of clothing you prefer.
They send out a message about your personality, disposition and discerning eye for style. Females do notice these things, and they are not inconsequential. Moreover, it's another layer to finish the whole bohemian look. 


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8. Try Earth-Toned or Floral Patterns in Your Shirts

Not every guy out there is comfortable donning any flowery shirt on any day, and that's okay. The good news is there are more to it than just flowers; you can either go with earth-toned shirts such as brown or green that have printed designs of vines, palm leaves and such.
However, if you want something bolder, but not the loud-in-your-face kind, then you can opt for a pastel-themed shirt that does have floral print on them.
It does set off a romantic mood and does come with a particular type of mystery to a man. You can wear it as formal attire to attend an event, party or a casual get-together. Good advice for this is to select a skinny fit design that hugs the silhouette of your body to show off your nice physique whether you are going for long or short sleeves.  

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9. Try the Suede For A Test Run For Fun

Suede is a game-changer for all brands out there. It elevates the playing field from the regular leather. Some may even say it is the new leather of the 21st century.
First and foremost though, suede is a form of leather which has a frayed appearance and raised surface made of the malleable underside of the animal skin. It bears the color ranging from beige, yellow to brown. It has become a fashion statement that men are also fond of by adding depth and maturity to those who wear it as a jacket, shoes, and shirts.

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10. Try Growing Out Your Hair or Beard

You probably at one point thought of growing out your hair or beard. It can be regarded as messy or unkempt for some, but if done and maintained the right way, it has a relaxed and enigmatic effect on all females and males alike. Even when wearing comfortable and rough-around-the-edges clothing, you'll be a show stopper in any party.
Arrange your hair either in a loose flowing mien, ponytail or just air-blown and your attire will undoubtedly scream bohemian. 

Bonus: Boho Statement Jewelry Lookbook for Men

Check out these artisanal pieces for your jewelry! Beads, stones, rocks, you name it, and they can be styled as accessories in whatever mood you are in at the moment. Suitable for any gathering, seen or unseen, they add a certain charm to your whole look.

Finish the Bohemian Style Effect

Hope you picked up a thing or two about the bohemian style in this article. Just remember, go for effortless fashion and unstructured style. It also is not just about what your attire, but also your laidback lifestyle and outlook.
You can go all the way and experiment with all the ideas we presented or just stick with one and make it a staple. The important thing is to rock the look with the right attitude.


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