50 Easy & Cute Updos For All Types Of Hair - The Beginner's Guide

Sweep your hair up to create a cute updo hairstyle. Pick your favorite from the below guide of 50 easy and cute updos for beginners.

By Amanda Palmer
50 Easy & Cute Updos For All Types Of Hair - The Beginner's Guide

Cute and Easy Updos

The internet is buzzing with cute and easy updo tutorials. These updos are not only easy to make, but they also look really cute and make your hair more manageable. A great fashion fad these days, the demand for easy hairdos and cute updos is on the rise and everyone is seeking a different yet cute updo style for their own hair. 

The internet also has plenty of magnificent updo pictures. But these cannot be done without professional help. Here we have a collection of easy updos which get done in a jiffy and add an edge to your look almost instantly. 

When you sit to style an updo for your hair, remember, you don't have to get perfect results. Everyone is craving for messy updos, so if you manage to create a messy hairstyle with a bun yourself, you never know, it could become your statement signature style. You always need to work on clean hair and remember to sit with a lot of clips, bob pins and a mirror with good lighting. 

Hair updos are an easy way to style your hair when there is a shortage of time or when you feel your hair is a little greasy. They are not only quick to do but also look cute and feminine. They transform you from looking chaotic and tired to looking fresh and chic within seconds. Even a messy updo has loads of appeal. 

Browse through these easy and cute updos and take your pick:

1. Low Small Twisted Bun

Twist your hair in a simple and low bun to give you an elegant look. This is an easy updo hairstyle which looks very elegant. You need to twist and roll the bun secure it at the base of your neck. 


2. Cute Rolled Updo with Puffy Crown and Side Bang

A messy updo style, this one is perfect for short hair. All you have to do is take your short hair and try to roll them up towards the base of your neck and secure with pins. Take a thin-edged comb and slowly pull some strands from the front of your hairline to create a puffed up look. Leave some bangs hanging on the sides. 


3. Textured Chignon with Twisted Side Sweep

This elegant hairdo is perfect for a romantic date. It can be done on medium hair, long hair or short hair. You need to add a wavy texture to your locks and twist them in a long layered side sweep and make a low bun at the base of your neck. 


4. Low Polished Twisted Updo with Highlights

Leave a side-swept bang loosely. Take the rest of the hair and twist in a dramatic updo and secure it at the base of your neck. Add some shining spray to give a polished look to your updo. This hairstyle can be done on short hair, long hair or medium hair. 


5. Beautiful Bouffant with Long Wide Fringes

A bouffant is one of the most sought-after hair updo styles. Leave your wide fringes on your forehead. Take the rest of your hair and sweep them up in a dramatic updo as shown in the picture. Create a graceful bouffant bun on top of your head. 

6. Messy Twisted Spiral Updo with Highlights

Twist your entire hair in a spiral and pin the spiral a little above the base of your neck. Take some strands out of your hair to create a messy look. This style looks great if you have dramatic highlights in your hair. 


7. Side Angular Loop Bun with Hair Bows

Create an angular loop bun at the side of your neck and secure it with a pretty hair bow. This style is ideal for long hair or medium hair. 


8. Blonde Beehive Updo with Heavy Fringes

Section off your fringes from one side to the other. Take the rest of your hair and create a puff and secure the ends at the base of the neck creating a huge beehive effect. 


9. Relaxed Low Folded and Pinned Updo

Twist your wavy locks from the front and twisting them, take then back to the rest of your hair. Repeat this for both the sides. Take these twisted wavy locks and together twist them with the rest of your hair into a low bun. 


10. Low Side Updo with Long Wavy Side Sweep

This one is a very easy updo and does not even require a mirror. Leave your long wavy bangs and take the rest of your short hair and secure them in a tiny bun at the base of your neck. A very casual updo, this one can be done for a casual outing. 

11. Glossy Twisted Updo with Polished Top

A hairdo perfect for medium hair, this one looks elegant and chic. 

12. High Updo with Random Twists and Turns

Sweep your hair tightly on the top of your hair and make random twists and turns and secure them with bob pins to give an elegantly done up look. 

13. Casual High Folded Updo with Crystal Pins

This one looks very tough to do but is actually the wavy hair texture which is doing the trick. Sweep all your hair in an updo as shown in the picture and add a pretty crystal pin. 


14. Sexy French Twist with Volumized Crown

A French twist updo is one of the most elegant hair updos. First, create a puff in the front and secure it with a spray and bob pins. Next twist all the hair in a french twist. 

15. Messy Huge Bun with Long Divided Fringes

Create a casual updo look leaving some long fringes. Remove some strands or loosen some strands from the bun to give a messy updo kind of look. The fringe perks up the entire look. 


16. Quick Twisted Updo

In this super cute style, you need to keep twisting hair and securing them with bob pins a little above the base of your neck to create a messy updo type of look. 

17. Easy Headband Updo

Try creating your updo with a headband. It looks really amazing. 


18. The Quick Twist

For medium hair, wear a headband after twisting hair from the front. Take it all back and secure the edges with bob pins to give a twisted bun kind of look. 

19. The Chic Updo

Pretty and elegant, this one looks great on a busy mom!

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20. Top Knot

A little like a ballerina bun but it does not have the same neatness. This one is a messier version of a ballerina bun!

The crown of a Mum 👑 #topknotbun #mumbun

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21. Chic Chignon

A chic chignon looks great on long hair and is definitely not a casual hairdo, so keep it for formal events. 

Rihanna in 2006 rocking the Chic Chignon.

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22. Simple Gibson Tuck

Gibson Tuck is known after the celebrity hairstylist, Ted Gibson. It looks very elegant and chic. 

23. Holiday Bun

Let your hair up during scorching summer heat with this stylish holiday bun. 

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24. The Easiest Braided Updo You’ll Ever Try

Braid your long hair and twist it in a bun as shown below. 

25. Gigantic Messy Bun

A casual hairdo, this one looks great with long hair. You need to sweep up all your hair in a bun on the top of your head and then loosen some strands to create a messy look.

26. Knotted Bun

A knotted bun is all about knotting your hair and securing them in a bun. 

27. Messy Low Bun with Brown Waves and Crystal Clip

A casual updo, this one does not need any expertise. Just half tie your hair in a knot below to create a messy knotted bun kind of look and leave some bangs loose. 

28. Wonderful Multi-Braided Bun Updo

Make as many braids as you want from your hair and now secure them all in a huge bun a little above the base of your neck. Braiding also adds a lot of volume. 


29. Twisted Low Updo with Textured Waves

This hairdo looks good in textured waves. Twist your locks from the sides and secure them with bob pins somewhere in the middle as shown in the picture. 

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30. Messy Updo with Side Braids

Braid two locks from the sides of your hair and sweep them all together in a messy updo style. Loosen some strands to create a messy look. 


31. Low Side Bun with Twisted Hair at the Back

This updo looks very chic and stylish for an evening function or date. 

32. Smooth Low Semi-Circular Bun Updo with Puffy Top

An ultra-stylish hairdo, this one will turn all heads. Make sure you create a puff on the crown area. 

33. Low Wavy Elongated Updo with Waves and Bangs

An elongated bun looks dressy and perfect for a wedding function. It will complement your evening gown perfectly. 


34. Huge Highlighted Updo with Pouf and Accessory

Make a style statement with a huge bun and a pouf in your crown area. You can use any accessories like bows, clips or diamond pins as add-ons. 

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35. Ballerina Bun

A ballerina bun is a neat and high updo worn by ballerinas. These look very chic and pretty for formal events. 


36. Braided Back Bun

Make a simple low bun and a braid from the front of your face. Take that braid and outline it over your bun as shown below. 


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37. Braided Bun

Just twist up your long braid in a horizontal way by securing it with bob pins as shown below. 

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38. Elegant Chignon

Divide your hair into two sections and make fish-tail braids in each section. Cross each braid to the other side and secure it with bob pins. This fish-tail chignon looks very elegant. 

39. The Bow Bun

Just make a simple high bun updo leaving some hair at the base of the neck. Twist this leftover hair and use it to divide the bun into two parts to make it look like a bow. This style is super cute and fun. 

40. Side Braid

Make a simple high bun updo and add some elegance to your side by braiding your hair from the front right till the back of your hair. 

41. Side Bun

A casual updo with a difference, this side bun adds a lot of class and elegance to your normal bun. 

42. Twist on the Low Bun

Make three sections of your hair and twist and roll each section into a spiral bun at the base of your neck. Highlight your bun with a pretty floral accessory. 

43. .The Sideways French Twist

French twist looks even better when done on the side. 

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44. Messy Top Knot

Leave your bangs as natural and messy as possible while the rest of your hair is secured in a knotted bun. 

45. Side Bun with Knots

Make a knotted bun at the side and leave some bangs in the front to create a natural look. 

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46. Braided Twist and Pin Mini Bun

Make a simple knotted low bun and twist your hair in a thin French braid from the front towards the side as shown below. 

47. Soft Braided Updo

Include a thick front braid into your low bun. 

48. Voluminous Braided Updo

Braid from both the sides of your face and include them in your low bun at the base of your neck. Twist the edges and secure them with bob pins as shown below. Also, create a pouf from the hair in the centre before you hold them in the bun. 

49. Rolled Up Hairdo with Textured Waves

Use a waving plate to add a wavy texture to your hair. Make a messy bun with your wavy textured hair. 

50. Curly Hair Swept Up

Curly hair looks great when swept up in an updo as shown below. 

Choose from any of the above easy and cute hairdos to style your hair.