45 Ridiculously Cute Hairstyles Only Short Curly Hair Can Do

Are you looking for cute ideas for you short curly hair? Then check out these hairstyles! They are super cute and you will totally want to try them out.

By Katherine P. Haley
45 Ridiculously Cute Hairstyles Only Short Curly Hair Can Do

Cute Curly Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

Have you ever thought that only people with straight hair can do short hair? If you have, you are totally wrong. Curly hair looks so good when it is short! There are so many different cute hairstyles that you can do when you have short curly hair, so be sure to check out these 45 cute hairstyles below. You will not regret it.

These easy hairstyles are totally something anyone with curly hair (or anyone who likes to curl their hair) will want to check out and try out.

After the 45 hairstyles, there are also some tips on how to achieve curly hair without heat, as well as some more hairstyle tips for short and curly hair.

Wear Your Curly Hair Down

If you have short curly hair and you want to do a more simple hairstyle, check out any of these hairstyles that involve wearing your hair down. Some of these are such easy hairstyles that they're actually totally natural! Isn't that neat? If you have naturally curly hair, these are the hairstyles for you.

1. Curly pixie hair
2. Curly crochet hair
3. Curly lob hair
4. Curly Dominican hair
5. Soft curly hairstyle
6. Loose curly hair 
7. Curly bob hair
8. Natural curly hairstyle
9. Curly bangs hair
10. Balaya curly hairstyle
11. Textured curly hair
12. Straight bangs and short curly hair
13. Afro hair
14. Short mohawk curly hair
15. Fine thin curly hair
16. Phone cable curly hair
17. Short highlighted curly hair
18. Curly beach hair
19. Medium curly hair
20. Short short curly hair
21. Short and retro curly hairstyle
22. Short curls with an undercut hairstyle
23. Fluffy curly hair
24. Bob curls with highlighted hair
25. Volumized curls with a side part hair
26. Short and brushed curly hair
27. Side-swept bangs with short curly hair
28. Choppy curly hair
29. Short and slicked back hair
30. Short colored curly hairstyle (this one is just fun. Your hair can be any color you want and it will be totally cute!)

If you want to keep your hair super short and totally on the more natural side of hairstyles, these are the hairstyles for you. However, if you are looking for more of a curly and cute updo, check out the section below for some curly hair ideas.

Wear Your Curly Hair Up

Do you want to try out some cute updos with your curly hair? Then check out these 15 hair ideas below for your neck look. These are simple hairstyles great for anyone with short hair, but who doesn't want it to be extra short.

31. Braided curly hair
32. Scarf head band hair
33. Short side-braids hair
34. Short faux bob hairstyle
35. Old Hollywood glam curly hairstyle
36. Braided headband hair
37. Bohemian headband hair
38. Sock bun hair 
39. High bun updo hair
40. Sky high ponytail hair
41. Full side braid hair
42. Sleek upknot hairstyle
43. Short and messy half bun hair
44. Short low bun with braids hairstyle
45. French twist hairstyle

That's it for these cute hairstyles. I hope you found a style that you want to try out. Check out some final tips for short curly hair below.

Some Final Short Curly Hair Tips

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Sadly, not all of us are blessed with beautiful naturally curly hair. If that is the case for you, check out some tips below to achieve curly hair without heat.

Braid your wet hair and let it dry overnight. This won't make your hair cute and curly, per say, but it will make it cute and wavy, which is pretty close. 

You can also try foam rollers that you leave in overnight (or a shorter amount of time with a hair dryer) for some natural looking curly hair. The rollers work better on longer hair than short hair, but they do make some for those with cute short hair that makes smaller and tighter curly hair.

Now, if you want to use heat to achieve natural looking curls, check out some of these tips below.

If you would rather use heat, there are there methods that you can use to make your short hair curly. You can use a curling iron, a straightener, hot rollers, and even going for a permanent. These methods, as well as the one's listed above, are great for creating short and curly hairstyles.

And don't forget to use heat protecting spray to protect your hair from any damage that these tools may cause.

Final Advice for Short and Curly Hair

If you are interested in short and curly hair, but afraid to go for it, don't be! These hairstyles look great on practically everybody and will totally look great on you.

So, try out these short on curly hairstyles at your next hair appointment. You won't regret it. Remember, though, to do your research beforehand if these short and curly hairstyles will be a bug change for your hair. 

Have fun! You'll look great with your new and different hair!



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