50 Cute & Small Feather Tattoos For Behind Your Ears

A pretty tattoo design behind the ear looks dainty, delicate and discreet. Here are 50 cute and small feather tattoos for behind the ears.

By Amanda Palmer
50 Cute & Small Feather Tattoos For Behind Your Ears

Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Delicate and dainty feather tattoos on the inner ear or behind the ear look dreamy. They are quite popular amongst women and girls as this tattoo is tiny and are easily hidden behind the hair. People can relate to small tattoos as they do not look too obvious.

The person himself or herself finds it tough to see this tattoo design as it is hidden behind the ears. This prevents the person from getting bored of it. A feather tattoo hidden behind the ears adds a mysterious aura to your personality. These tattoos are also very small and hence less painful to get done. 

Tattoos behind the ears look cute. These look good on every type of skin color. One can choose from hundreds of feather tattoo designs on the ear and inner ear and get a similar one for themselves. You can also take inspiration from these designs and craft one on your own.

Inner tattoo designs look pretty and ornate on the ears. Women with inner tattoo designs appear as if they are wearing a pretty inner ear earring. The best part of such tattoos is that you can have them 24/7 without ever having to remove them. 

Floral patterns, diamonds, hearts, birds, names, and fishes are some of the most preferred behind the ear or inner ear tattoo designs. Feather tattoo designs are also gaining quite a lot of popularity for behind the ear tattoos. 

Behind the ear, tattoos are apt for those who are craving to make a rebellious statement and yet be within limits. These are small, dainty, delicate and yet forever. Tucking a feather tattoo behind the ear looks awesome, bold and outstanding. It lets you be discreet and yet show your love for body art. 

More and more women are getting feather tattoos inked behind their ears. Do feather tattoos have a meaning? Well, sometimes, women just choose a feather tattoo because they find it delicate and pretty and for some, a feather tattoo has a deeper meaning. 

Feather tattoos have a deeper meaning of characters found in birds like courage, truth, freedom, bravery, travel, and flight. Many ancient tribes and cultures of the world gave a lot of importance to feather tattoos. Some cultures even considered feathers as messages from a spiritual world above. Women who get such tattoos engraved on their bodies believe in these meanings. They want to spread across the message of bravery, courage, and freedom. 

A feather tattoo behind the ear is an ideal way to let the world know about your beliefs and values. You can easily hide these tattoos and tuck it away behind your ear, covered with your hair when you want to be discreet. 

Here are some pretty and stunning feather tattoo designs for behind the ear and inner ear areas. Take your pick or get inspired from these selected below. But before that, we will get an insight into the significance of feather tattoos, their meanings with different other designs and their importance in the ancient tribes of the world.

Significance of Feather Tattoos

Every feather is unique as it depends on the bird species and also on the cultural context. Feather tattoos symbolize freedom, faith, spirituality, beauty and elegance, immortality and resurrection. The peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world and to get its tattoo symbolizes beauty and elegance. A dove feather is white and pure and symbolizes purity and spirituality. 

Different bird feathers symbolize different virtues. A phoenix feather symbolizes immortality and resurrection. A raven bird's feather symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. Even an owl's feather indicates the same virtues as that of a raven. An eagle's feather symbolizes bravery, fearlessness, and strength while an ostrich's feather symbolizes truth and justice. A turkey feather stands for fertility and wealth. 

While many people go in for a single feather design tattoo, some also add other complimentary designs to enhance its meaning:

  • Arrow with a feather
A feather tattoo designed through the shaft of the arrow signifies triumph, liberty, and independence. 
  • Tribal designs
A feather tattoo with tribal designs co-relates the significance of feathers in the tribal communities of the world. These tribal communities believe feathers to be messengers of the spiritual world and regarded them as holy and sacred. 
  • Geometric patterns
These have no particular significance. They look modern and beautiful. 
  • Dreamcatchers
Dreamcatchers with feathers symbolize that bad dreams get stuck in the web while the good dreams land on the person from the feathers. 
  • Various animals
Every animal has a different symbolism in tattoo art. 
  • Floral patterns
Every flower has a different significance owing to its color, rarity, and characteristics. 
  • Different birds
All birds have a different significance and so do their feathers. 
  • Native American headgear
This particular design symbolizes that the Native Americans use to consider feathers as holy, sacred and messengers from the Spiritual world. They used to design a headgear for themselves with feathers showing the importance of feathers in their lives. 
  • Compass with a feather
A compass with a feather tattoo design represents new directions and new beginnings in a person's life. 
  • Clock showing the time
A clock tattoo symbolizes eternal love, and a feather along with it represents love for the almighty.  
  • A skull
This tattoo could mean that the wearer has no fear of death and only believes in the power of the Almighty. 
  • Letterings or dates which might be unique to the person
A person might get a feather tattoo engraved with some individual alphabets or numbers holding special significance in their life. 
  • Butterflies in different and vibrant colors
Butterflies symbolize the afterlife and transformation. 
  • Beads
  • Sign of infinity
This means that the person believes in rebirth, reincarnation and never-ending eternal love. 

There are numerous bird species in the world. One has a wide array of feather designs to choose from. These feather tattoos come in various shapes, colors, sizes, patterns, and add-ons. Feather tattoos are unisex tattoos.

1. Dark and Mysterious Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

A dark and mysterious feather tattoo behind the ear shows off your strong personality and also carries the meaning of your bold spirit and carefree attitude. This one shown below is crafted with perfection.
The lines are fine and clear, and the design almost resembles a real feather. You can leave your hair open to cover your feather tattoo when you do not want it to be seen.

2. Red and Black Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

This feather tattoo design has taken its inspiration from a traditional feather. Ancient tribes who gave a lot of importance to feathers often tied them up with red and black beads. They believed that feathers were messages from the spiritual world. Getting such a feather tattoo inked behind your ears boasts about your belief in spirituality. You are someone who always believes that the spiritual world is watching over you and with this feather, you can connect with the Creator.

3. Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo

Dream catchers are used by mothers to prevent their little ones from getting nightmares. Dreamcatchers are pretty hangings made from thread, wool, feather, and beads hung on the cots of little children to help them get good dreams.
To get a dreamcatcher tattoo behind your ear has multiple meanings. One meaning is that the feathers of all evil will always protect you. Another meaning is that the feathers help you catch pleasant dreams while the bad dreams get caught in the web of the dreamcatchers. A feather in the dreamcatcher also symbolizes breath and fresh air. 

4. Convention Dream Catcher Feather Tattoo

This one just like above is a dream catcher tattoo but is slightly different from the modern dream catchers. This one is a traditional dream catcher tattoo design which is made only of feathers and beads. 

5. Bird Feather Behind the Ear

A bird feather tattoo behind the ear not only looks dainty and cute but also symbolizes a deeper meaning. It means flight, courage, bravery and the desire to travel all over the world.
Wings symbolize freedom and to get a bird feather tattoo behind your ear could mean that you crave for all these virtues. You try to tell the world that you are a free bird.

6. A Delicate Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Tattoos behind the ear are generally delicate and small in size. This one is quite artistically done with clarity and minute detailing. 

7. Colorful Peacock Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

A peacock feather tattoo has a deeper meaning. It symbolizes the purity of the soul and the fact that the soul cannot be corrupted. It also stands for resurrection and immortality. While some people may get this pretty tattoo behind the ears because of its delicateness and the vibrant hues, some get this tattoo inked because they want to tell the world that they are pure of heart.

8. Dainty and Delicate Feather Tattoo

This particular feather tattoo is so small and delicate that it can be easily missed at one glance. It quenches your thirst for getting a tattoo and at the same time is easily hidden behind your hair and ear. A small feather always on your body could symbolize that you are always connected with the spiritual world.

9. Sacred Behind Ear Tattoo

Beads and feathers have always had a lot of importance since time immemorial. Many ancient tribes used to make pretty dreamcatchers tying beads and feathers together. These not only protect you from bad dreams and the evil spirits but also lets you catch pleasant dreams from the air. The vibrant hues in this tattoo look stunning. 

10. Red and White Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

A small red and white feather and beads tattoo has something to do with the age-old significance of feathers and beads. The ancient American Indian tribe also had red and white colors in their attire mostly. This red and white feather tattoo relates to the American Indian theory of feathers which regard feathers as spiritual messengers.

11. Black and Grey Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

A pretty feather tattoo design behind the ear, this one is very artistically done. The fine lines and the minute details make it look almost like a real feather. The benefit of getting a feather tattoo tucked away behind the ear is that you can hide it with your hair whenever you want. A pretty updo hairstyle showcases your beautiful feather tattoo design.

12. Neo Traditional Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Although this feather tattoo design is not small, it looks dreamy behind the ears. This one can be taken as a neck and behind the ear tattoo. The vibrant hues make it even more attractive. The traditional design symbolizes a deeper meaning. Feathers are considered messages from the spiritual world and this tattoo behind your ear will protect you from all evil and keep you connected with the Creator. 

13. Cool Behind the Ear Feather Tattoo

This small and delicate tattoo looks too real. Anyone can mistake it for a real tattoo. The fine lines and the minute detailing take it a step further than the others.
The work of a true professional, the tattoo has added benefits owing to its size. It is so tiny that anyone can easily miss it at one glance. It allows you to be discreet and yet gives you the satisfaction of having a tattoo. If you believe in the spiritual world, then this tattoo could mean that the positive vibes are always with you protecting you from all evil.

14. Beautiful Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

A small feather tattoo behind the ear, this one is done in a vibrant blue and white hue. The fine lines and the small size make it one of the most sought after feather tattoo designs for behind the ear. 

15. Tiny Feather Tattoo

People can almost mistake this one as an extension of your earring. Such small and delicate feather tattoo designs tucked away behind you ears satisfy your craving for getting a tattoo, show your bold spirit to the world and also look ornamental. 

16. Peacock Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Someone got a cover up for a fairy tattoo behind the ear into a peacock tattoo behind the ear. The vibrant hues of the peacock tattoo look mesmerizing.
A peacock tattoo has a deeper meaning. A peacock feather symbolizes the purity of the soul and immortality. It could also be possible that this was the only design with the capability to cover up the earlier messy design. Whatever the reason, it sure looks beautiful and meaningful.

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17. Dark Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

This one is not done exactly behind the ear. Starting behind the ear, the feather tattoo tapers towards the neck. It can be called a neck and behind the ear feather tattoo design. A lot of attention has been given to the minute detailing of the feather making it look realistic.

18. Floral and Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

A pretty combination of flowers and feathers, this one is one of the most sought-after behind the ear feather tattoo design. It is a clever cover-up of the earlier messy letters and now looks dreamy and meaning. The flowers symbolize purity and beauty while the feathers symbolize courage, bravery, and freedom.

19. A Wing Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Someone got their birthmark hidden cleverly with this lovely wing feather tattoo behind the ear. Show the world your spirit, courage, desire to travel, bravery and purity with this dainty and pretty tattoo design behind the ear.
Feathers have fascinated humans since a very long time and getting pretty feather tattoos on the body shows that we are still intrigued by this delicate part of a bird's body.

20. Pretty and Colorful Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Again a clever cover-up of a name tattoo into a feather tattoo, this one is done is bold and bright colors and showcases minute detailing and artistic designing.

21. Fine Line Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Strategically placed behind the ears, this feather tattoo looks as if it is an extension of the earring. The minute detailing with black and grey and the clean and neat lines of the feather give this tattoo its unique appeal. Behind the ear, tattoos are not visible to the onlooker at a glance. They enable you in being discreet yet fulfilling your desire of getting a tattoo.

22. Small Peacock Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

This is a smart cover-up peacock tattoo. The earlier design of the baby elephant would have been cute for some time but later would have made the person cringe even at the mere sight of it. The peacock feather tattoo is a smart cover-up and at the same time a very ornate design for the area behind your ears. The vibrant hues of the peacock green and the fine line detailing in the feather make this one a very eye-catchy design. The orange eye of the peacock feather has wonderful hues of yellow, orange and blue.

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23. Small Feather Tattoo Hidden Behind the Ear

A very tiny feather tucked away behind the ear, this one looks quite chic. In a classy updo hairstyle, this delicate feather will be visible. Make sure to match it with stud earrings to make it pop. When not needed, this one can be hidden behind your hair.

24. Small Dreamcatcher tattoo Hidden Behind the Ear

A colorful and pretty dreamcatcher, this one need not be hung above your bed all night. You have it right behind your ear, and it will protect you from the evil eye always and ensure to get you pretty dreams always.
The wonderful color combination makes the design pop, and you will definitely get a lot of compliments for your classy choice. Tapering towards the neck, this one can also be called a neck tattoo.

25. Small Feather Tattoo

The chic feather tattoo tucked away behind your ear will not go unnoticed when you sweep up in your hair in a dreamy updo. A high ponytail will also make sure that the trespassers catch the sight of this smart feather tattoo.

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26. Small and Light Behind Ear Tattoo

Shaded with white and grey, this feather tattoo appears realistic and light-colored. The objective of taking such shades was to make it appears real.
It is very small and delicate and can be easily covered with hair when you want to be discreet. This one is a pigeon tattoo, and it symbolizes flight, courage, and bravery.

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27. Stunning Behind Ear Feather Tattoo

A traditional tattoo behind the ear, this one has beads and feathers only. A traditional tattoo is made from beads and feathers only.
Feathers often symbolize ascension and spiritual evolution into a higher level. Feathers were adorned by Native American Chiefs to signify their communication with spirits and to show their wisdom.

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28. Small and Delicate Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

An elegant and clean feather tattoo behind the ear, this one is so small that one can easily miss it. The fine lines are very artistically done and this is the work of a professional tattoo artist.
Feathers have a deep and insightful meaning in the Bible also. In the Bible, the feathers indicate a kind of 'covering' or 'protection.' It signifies God's loving care. According to the Bible, it is understood that God will cover you with his protective feathers and keep us under his refuge. In the feather below, do notice the designing. It enhances the overall look of the feather.

29. Artistic Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Strategically placed along the ear line, this tattoo is quite thick and more manly. The neat haircut along the feather tattoo enhanced its location and design. The defined lines of the tattoo boast the artistic inclination and perfectionism.

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30. Small Fineline Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Tapering towards the neck, this small feather tattoo cannot be missed and makes its appearance felt behind the ear. It is simple, done in complete black, and with clean and fine lines.

31. Behind the Ear Lotus Feather Tattoo

The vibrant hues of this tender and delicate lotus feather tattoo look even better because it is done on pale skin. The blue enhances the pink of the lotus in this tattoo. 

32. Behind the Ear Mandala Tattoo

A Mandala feather tattoo has a lot of traditional significance. A mandala tattoo got its name from the Sanskrit word, 'Mandala.' It means a circle or like a circle. A mandala means wholeness. The circle also signifies perfection, balance and eternity. It denotes balance because the distance measured from the center of the circle to all the points always measure the same. Behind the ear, mandala tattoos show half of the circle attached to the area behind the ear. This one has a feather hanging on to it.

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33. Small Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Inked slightly below the ear and tapering towards the neck, this dainty feather tattoo cannot be missed. It looks ornate and delicate especially when you tie up your hair in an updo or a high ponytail. 

34. Tiny Feather Tattoo

The beautiful combination of blue and white in this traditional feather tattoo looks lovely. Because of the vibrant hues, this one is easily noticeable.
A traditional feather tattoo indicates that the person has a sincere belief in the spiritual symbolism of feathers and to get one inked behind the ear to indicate that the person feels content and happy with the feather always by his or her side.

35. Inner Ear and Behind the Ear Feather Tattoo

A unique feather tattoo design, this one is done strategically behind the ear and also on the inner ear in such a way that the tattoo behind the ear looks like the extension of the tattoo on the inner ear. This tattoo on the inner ear becomes an ornate design forever.
People generally dress up their ears with earrings, danglers, hoops or studs. To get a tattoo done on the inner ear indicates having a permanent ornament on your ear forever. You need not change your earrings all the time as you always have an elaborate design on your ear complimenting your hairstyle, makeup, and dress. 

36. Traditional and Colorful Tattoo

A beautiful tattoo art, this one is the work of a professional tattoo artist. The person wanted a pretty, ornate and colorful feather tattoo design, not too small and not too large. He or she got this average sized traditional feather tattoo design behind the ear so that one can easily cover it up with a scarf or a hairstyle when one wants to be discreet. The bright colors and the intricate detailing in this feather and beads tattoo look mesmerizing.

37. Beautiful Peacock Tattoo Behind the Ear

A peacock tattoo symbolizes beauty and elegance. This particular peacock feather has been inked behind the ear to make it look chic and discreet. The person has not used black outlining or any other dark shade so as not to make the tattoo too obvious. Black catches a lot of attention. This peacock feather is done only in the original shades of the peacock feather. 

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38. Artistic Colorful Feather Tattoo

The beautiful shading and the multiple colors used in this feather tattoo look stunning. It is done on the pale skin here which pops the colors and make it appear more vibrant.

39. Bright Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Dreamcatchers have been used in tattoo designs for a very long time. Apart from their stunning designs, these have a deep and symbolic meaning. The person who gets a dreamcatcher design believes that he will always be protected from evil and unpleasant dreams.

40. Dark Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Done only in a clever shading of black, this feather tattoo has beads and feathers entwined traditionally. Tucked away behind the ear, this one can be hidden when you want to be discreet.

41. Inner Ear Feather Tattoo

A beautiful peacock feather lying in the inner ear looks bold, dressy, ornate and chic. You don't need to buy different earrings now as this one will always add an ornamental look to your ears. While behind the ear is a common location for small tattoos, a tattoo on the inner ear or the earlobe is relatively new.

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42. Black Inner Ear Feather Tattoo

Get this smart feather tattoo on the inner ear to give some character and style to your ears. Earrings and studs are passe now. The inner ear tattoo is the new trend and to get a feather tattoo engraved on your inner ear showcases delicacy and softness. 

43. Delicate and Artistic Feather Tattoo

Strategically placed along the hairline and ear-line behind the ear, this feather tattoo looks just like the extension of your hair. It boasts of neat lines and minute detailing and owing to its location; it can be easily missed at the first glimpse allowing you to be discreet.

44. Fantastic Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

Inked just behind your earlobe, this feather tattoo gets noticed along with your dangling earring. The dark feather tattoo in a traditional design holds a deeper meaning. The person who got this tattoo believes in the ancient significance of feathers that they are the messengers of God.

45. Inner Ear and Feather Tattoo

The designs are done on the inner ear and behind the ear together make a complete design. The pretty and dainty feather inked behind the ear is enhanced with the blue floral pattern on the inner ear.

46. Feather Tattoo on the Inner Ear

Get this pretty feather tattoo design on your inner ear. The exquisite detailing and the placement make it look chic and stylish.

47. Simple Feather Tattoo on the Inner Ear

A clear outline of a feather design, this one is quickly done and looks chic on the inner ear.

48. Small Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

A simple feather design, perfect for guys, this one does not have any black in the outlining. Choose this one if you want a simpler feather tattoo design.

49. Colorful Feather Tattoo in the Inner Ear

A beautiful and multi-colored feather tattoo design, this one looks perfect nestled inside your inner ear.

50. Stunning Delicate Feather Tattoo Behind the Ear

This dainty feather tattoo design with turn heads wherever you go. The dark black pops against the pale skin, and this pattern looks mysterious hidden behind the ear. 


At times, people go in for big tattoo designs on visible parts of their bodies. They may like such designs at that time and even for some years after that, but soon the huge designs get too irritating. They cringe at the sight of such big tattoo designs. Feather tattoos designs are always small and delicate. Getting them behind the ear is ideal because most of the time, you do not get to see it. For those believing in the spiritual importance of feathers can be rest assured that they always have a protective spirit riding with them all the time without being visible to the world at large.

Tattoos behind the ears are ideal for first timers or for those who are getting a small tattoo for the first time. They will get to feel the pain. For a first-timer, to go in for a big design can be really shocking as there is a considerable pain while getting a tattoo inked. If you are not happy with your tattoo design, removal is not easy, and you will have to go in for lengthy and costly laser removal techniques. Sometimes, removal takes years and years for your skin to become as clear as before. So think wisely and give it some time before you get yourself inked permanently. 

To avoid regret later, it is better to browse through plenty of designs first and only then select your tattoo design. These designs above will give you inspiration and ideas about feather tattoo designs. You can choose one from here or add on certain other elements to make it more meaningful. You can even take two or more designs and club them together to get your ideal tattoo design. 

Tattoos tell a story, so no matter the reasons why you are getting one - choose your ink wisely and find the feather behind the combo that tells your story the best.