20 Foods To Help You Lose Your Annoying Belly Fat FAST

Sometimes the sweetest foods can produce belly fat quickly. Here are 20 foods to avoid in order to lose that belly fat fast.

By Joyce Ann Washington
20 Foods To Help You Lose Your Annoying Belly Fat FAST

Foods That Help You Lose and Avoid Belly Fat

We all like snacks from time to time: a cookie here, a few handfuls of french fries there, but with those foods, it's easy to gain a little belly fat. Sometimes exercising isn't enough to lose that fat and you have to avoid certain types of food to keep that belly weight off. Below is a list of 20 different foods to avoid to reduce that belly fat quickly.

1) Processed Meat

There are many foods like hot dogs and ground meat that you should avoid in order to lose belly fat fast. Processed meats have high levels of saturated fats and calories. They are bad for your belly because they don't contain fiber which makes it harder to break down and therefore sit in your intestines longer.

2) Pizza

Although we all love pizza, whether it's pineapple and bacon or chicken and barbeque sauce, pizza is one of those foods you need to avoid to lose belly fat. Not only does pizza contain high calories, but it also contains things like processed meat, which we talked about earlier.
Not all pizza is bad though, and there are healthier options to enjoy, such as homemade pizza, but commercial pizza has a lot of fats you need to avoid to lose that belly weight.

3) Soft Drinks

Soft drinks, like soda, produce a lot of belly fat and should be something you avoid to lose some of that belly fat. Soda has a significant amount of sugar and empty calories which is hard for your body to break down and therefore packs on the belly weight.
Also, despite popular belief, diet sodas are not any better as they contain artificial sweeteners that aren't good for you and adds on belly weight.

4) Baked Goods

Baked goods are also foods that you should avoid to lose belly fat. Things like doughnuts and mini cakes may be tasty, but they do have a lot of sugars that aren't easy for your body to digest. The sugars in baked goods often increase inflammation adding to belly fat, making one look more bloated.

5) Margarine

Margarine should also be avoided when trying to lose belly fat. It contains a lot of trans-fat and increases cholesterol levels. To lose the belly fat, try using real better to keep that belly fat down.

6) Dairy

Many dairy products gas a lot of gas, which causes blotting, and should be avoided to lose belly fat. Foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, and ice cream should be limited in your diet, and you could find alternatives like lactose-free milk or ice cream.
There is also Greek yogurt that doesn't have the same effect as dairy yogurt and can keep the blotting away. 

7) White Bread

White bread contains white carbs and a lot of sugar. Studies have found that two slices of white bread a day can result in 40% more belly fat. White bread also causes higher levels in blood sugar. Try healthier options, like wheat bread, to keep that belly fat away and blood sugar down.

8) White Rice

Like white bread, white rice should be avoided to lose unwanted belly fats due to being a white carb. White carbs, which are processed, digest by being stored into your body as a fat. Try brown rice to avoid that unwanted fat stored into your belly.

9) Cereals

Cereal is another food that should be avoided to keep off the belly fat. Not all cereal is bad for you, but the amount of bowls eaten in one morning and eating sugary cereals pack on that unwanted belly fat. To lose that belly fat, try leaving those sugary cereals at the store and use portion control, sticking to one bowl a morning.

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10) Candy Bars

Candy bars are delicious and convenient snacks to have but to lose that annoying belly fat; you have to cut back a little. Candy bars are full of a lot of unhealthy sugars and are high in calories, also containing a lot of oils. Not only do cand bars have a lot of sugar, but they also don't have a lot of nutrition, leaving you hungry for more.

11) Unhealthy Fats

Unhealthy fats, saturated fats, and trans fats can cause inflammation and lead to belly fat. There are many foods with unhealthy fats that should be avoided to lose that belly fat. Foods that are packaged or highly processed or some candy can cause weight gain and should be avoided.

12) Fried Foods

Fried foods should be reduced a lot in your diet as they are unsettling for the stomach and cause a lot of belly fat. Not only does fried food sit in your stomach like processed foods, they also cause a lot of heartburn and acid reflexes. Because of the high contents of fat presented in frozen foods, they take much longer to digest, adding on to that belly fat.

13) Excess Fructose

Excess fructose, which can be found in foods like mangos, apples, and watermelons, is something else you should avoid to lose off the belly fat. Excess fructose can cause diarrhea, bloating, and gas.
Other foods that contain fructose are honey and asparagus, so try to lessen those in your diet to help melt off the unwanted belly fat.

14) Most Fruit Juices

As I touched on earlier, foods aren't the only things you need to avoid to lose that belly fat quickly. Many fruit juices are full of tons of sugar and highly processed. Not only does some fruit juice have just as much sugar as soda, but they also lack fiber. To lose belly fat, it is best to eat whole fruit instead of just drinking sugared up fruit juice.

15) To-Go Salads

Other foods to avoid to lose belly fat is to-go salads. The type of salads that you can get from gas stations usually have a cup of unhealthy dressing with it. The dressing contains a lot of trans-fat that can pack on the weight in your belly, along with the processed cheese added to the salad. To lose that weight, try healthier dressings like olive oil.

16) Garlic & Onions

Garlic and onions are other foods that should be avoided to help lose belly fat. These foods contain fiber that the body can't easily digest called fructan. This sort of fiber is only bad for you when you have an excessive amount of it so try to lay off of the piles of onions and garlic on your next pizza to keep off the belly fat.

17) Salty Snacks

Salt can be found in many foods and is one of the main ingredients that produce belly fat. Salt causes the body to retain water, causing weight gain and belly fat. Salty snacks like potato chips should be avoided foods to help you lose the belly fat.

18) Ice Cream

Despite how good it is, foods like ice cream should be avoided to lose unwanted belly fat. Ice cream contains high calories and is loaded with a lot of sugar. Being mindful of the amount of ice cream you intake can also help keep off the belly fat and help you lose some unwanted weight.

19) Some Alcohols

There are many different types of alcohol that will pack on a lot of belly fat, especially beer. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and leads to belly fat if drunk excessively. Heavy drinking is what leads to increased belly fat, so if you are trying to lose that belly fat, drinking less can go a long way.
The good news is with a small amount of alcohol intake doesn't have that much of an effect on belly fat.

20) Coffee

Coffee is something else you should avoid to lose belly fat. Although caffeine keeps us awake on those early mornings, the things you add to your coffee, like sugar and creamer, packs on the belly fat. Like soda, coffee can equal a whole meal because it also has a bunch of empty calories.
There are substances in coffee that boost your metabolism, which burns belly fat, so black coffee is the best option to lose that belly fat you want to avoid.

Keep That Unwanted Belly Fat Away

There are many other ways to keep away from and help you lose that belly fat quickly. Try tracking your foods and how much you intake on a daily basis to keep the belly fat away. Reading the nutrient facts on all of your foods and using portion control can go a long way.
Also, try cutting down on carbs, and sugary snacks can help you a lot in the long run. Lastly, try to keep your body in shape by remembering to exercise daily to stay fit and healthy.