20 Low Budget Home-Based Business Ideas For Moms

As busy moms, we aim to make an extra income while raising our children. Here are some home based business ideas that are low cost and easy to start up.

By MJ Faublas
20 Low Budget Home-Based Business Ideas For Moms

Moms, Housewives, Women, Couples: Busy People

As busy moms, housewives, and women, in general, having a family and bringing an income home could be challenging. However, in today's modern technological era, having a home-based business is easier than ever. No matter what your talents are, be it a salesperson, homemade products, or the use of technology itself; being a home based business owner is easy to achieve. There are numerous ideas that you can start as your home-based business. These ideas can either be things that you're interested in or ideas that take you into new realms of your creativity.

The point of having a home based business is to accomplish your hobbies (homemade products, things that you like to do or sell) and make some money while doing it. In this day of natural living, the ideas are unlimited to where you could take your home based business. But, busy moms now have a simple list to go by and begin establishing themselves in the world of home-based business owners.

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Low Cost Startups Ideas: Homemade Products

The idea of homemade products as a home-based business is countless. Imagine bringing the ideas you've been having circulating on your mind to life. If you're a great baker, your ideas of having your own homemade cake making business can be realized. How about the ideas of the soaps, candles, lip balms that you've been sitting on for years now. Busy moms can make a lucrative lifestyle for themselves using these simple homemade home based business ideas. Who said moms only had to change diapers and wait around for their sleeping children to wake up to have a busy life. Moms are accomplishing more with the many ideas that they have and are making great income and impact in society nowadays.

1. Home Based Business Ideas for Moms: Homemade Baker

This is one home based business ideas that are low in cost and investments and ideal for business-minded moms. From simply watching a few Youtube videos on ideas to design your treats, you could have your own successful baking home based business. The low startup cost includes pans, baking ingredients, and silicone molds. 

This home-based business idea requires a bit of creativity on your part. But the ideas are immeasurable to the countless designs you could create moms. However, you will have fun in creating these magical memories for your clients. And to start, you could make low-cost cakes for friends and family members and get word of mouth going.

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2. Home Based Business Ideas for Moms: Natural Hygiene Products

Think of homemade natural soaps, lotions, lip balms, moms around the world are looking to keep their families healthy and this home based business ideas will keep your business busy and profitable. These homemade products are essential to everyday moms, women, couples, and homemakers. Why not create your very own all-natural personal hygiene products with all those creative ideas roaming around in your mind and have a home based business that will fill your business with great product ideas. This home based business idea is low in cost and investments are a little as a few hundred dollars to get you going.

3. Home Based Business Ideas for Moms: Products Sales

Candles enlighten a home's ambiance, and everyday moms love candles. Moms, women, and couples could have their very own home-based business that will bring joy to many of your future clients. This home-based business is low in cost as everything is homemade; all you'll need is wax, candle silicon molds, labels for your candle jars, jars, essential oils, and a candle making area. To start, your kitchen works well. Overall investments for this home based business ideas is in the lower hundreds of dollars, but the overall joy you'll get from owning your home based business is worth each dollar spent.

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4. Homemade Business Ideas: Home Made Jewelry

Many moms have had these ideas to bring your love of gems, crystals, and beads into a home-based business. But did you know for a low-cost investment your idea can be a reality that you live and enjoy? Moms like you enjoy jewelry, and this home-based business requires little startup costs. Moms could make jewelry that is centered around couples, as a matter of fact, the jewelry making home based business ideas can be a family affair. 

Low Investment Cost Home Based Business Ideas

If you're not looking to make anything, but still are interested in having a home based business, these ideas below are low cost and will bring your dream of owning your own business to life.

Tag a mom that needs to hear this... 👇🏽 ⠀ ⠀ I’m a good mom. I’m a bad mom. I took so many great pictures. I didn’t capture one great moment. I want all the snuggles. I don’t want to be touched. I could stare at their faces all day. I can’t handle one more bit of grump-face. ⠀ ⠀ Motherhood is this crazy roller coaster of highs and lows. A ride that can be beautifully amazing and adventurous, and downright hard the next moment. Celebrate those great moments, and in the harder stuff (because there will always be hard stuff), lean into grace and compassion for yourself. We’re all human at the end of the day, and none of us were designed to be perfect! ⠀ You are doing a kick-ass job! Keep it up you beautiful badass!

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5. Home Based Business Ideas: Pet Sitter

Regardless if you're a cat or dog person, you might realize your passion for being around these furry creatures on a daily basis. Some people make a great living pet sitting. And if you're too busy being a mom, housewive, or life as a couple keeps you on your toes; you could dictate when you pet sit. 

For example, you could open your business for weekend pet sitting only to keep the startup cost low. You could even bring the kids into the business, and prior to them starting school, they could get great skills from your new home based business idea.   

Of course, to keep cost low, you would have pet owners bring all the essentials that their pets may need. You would only provide the general items such as baggies for walks, toys (which you could get from the dollar store), and water.

6. Home Based Business Ideas: Youtuber

Being a Youtuber was never something that moms thought they'd get paid to do; however, many moms have found true success in being professional Youtubers. As a home-based business, you might want to use your Youtube channel to follow your pregnancies, the growth of your child, or even the changes that you're going through as a new mom.

The possibilities are endless when you take control of your daily life via your new Youtube channel.

7. Home Based Business Ideas: Blogging

If you're a mom who loves to write, then blogging would be one of the home-based business ideas that would be the lowest in investment costs and would keep your mind active. Numerous free websites could be suited to start your blogging business ideas. The key would be to have ideas that resonate with moms like yourself and to keep your topics light and fun.

8. Home Based Business Ideas: Virtual Assistance

This home-based business requires little start-up cost; all you'll need is a computer and time. Virtual Assistance conducts most of their work online, and so this will allow moms to work from home while taking care of their families. There are no products to buy or sell, so as long as you don't mind sitting at your computer doing varies tasks, a home-based business as a virtual assistant will be a great idea for you.

9. Home Based Business Ideas: Web Designer

This home based business idea does not require any homemade products, only your designing expertise, and your computer. So, if you'd like to put that degree in web design to work, this home based business idea is perfect for you.

10. Home Based Business Ideas: Event Planning

Moms love to party, so why not make a living by planning such parties. Your creative ideas would be challenged, and you could have fun while working with people to fulfill their dreams

11. Home Based Business Ideas: Social Media Director

This is a new age business idea and doesn't require much from moms outside of their love for social media.

12. Home Based Business Ideas: Photographer

You got that very expensive camera years ago, and to be honest have put it to little use. Business ideas in photography would be ideal for you as you already have the equipment. The only ideas you have to focus on now is whether you'd like to photograph people, nature, or animals.

13. Home Based Business Ideas: Tutoring

The idea of tutoring is productive as it will help you with your children's future education needs. The point is to decide on a subject you're an expert in and build your client list.

14. Home Based Business Ideas: Resume Building

Resume building is something that most people need help with, so this business ideas would be essential if you're an expert in resume building.

15. Home Based Business Ideas: Gardening

Your love for nature could become essential to your home based business ideas. No matter your status, moms, women, couples, etc., you could have fun bringing beauty to the homes of your clients and earn a nice income in the process.

16. Home Based Business Ideas: Grant Writing

You left the corporate world a while ago, but you still have the skills required to help nonprofits attain the financial assistance that they may need to operate. This business idea is ideal if you still wish to keep in contact with clients that are more corporate oriented.

17. Home Based Business Ideas: Medical Billing

Working with doctors, physicians, and other professionals that need help in attaining financial security for the services that they provide to their customers could be an ideal business for you. It allows you to work from home and maintain a professional relationship with others in the process.

18. Home Based Business Ideas: Accounting

Don't let that degree in accounting go to waste because you're a mom now. You can continue your accounting practice as a home-based business providing services to clients on an as-needed basis.

19. Home Based Business Ideas: Life Coach

Moms everywhere need help in the transition of leaving corporate America behind to incorporate diapers and sleeping patterns into their lives. As a life coach, you will be the shoulder these moms will lean on when they need such help. This business ideas is low in startup cost and only require you to have an open heart and mind.

20. Home Based Business Ideas: Inventor

Sounds complicated, but every mom is an inventor to a point. That idea you had to make everyday mom life more simple could be a lucrative invention. Just talk to a professional and see.

Let's Make Some Money

As you can see, the ideas are limitless and busy moms, homemakers, and even couples can work towards an idea of being a home-based business owner to live. The only thing missing is deciding on the idea to follow and creating a plan of action.

Otherwise, you will be ready to make some money.