The comprehensive list of essential oils for your guide

Your 101 guide to the list of essential oils for everyday use

By Aey
The comprehensive list of essential oils for your guide

Introduction to Essential Oils

You must be aware of the benefits that natural plants offer. Different plants have a lot more to offer than just to sit in your garden. The question is how to consume it? The answer to this question is through essential oils! Essential oils are highly concentrated natural oil that’s extracted from the plant. This oil is made through a process that involves the course of distillation with water/steam.  For this purpose, number of parts of the plants is used such as the stems, flowers, roots, barks etc.This process results in a very concentrated form of essential oil. Such oil will reflect many characteristics that the plant possessed such as the smell, its healing properties and other benefits.

People underestimate the strength of essential oil. The benefits of incorporating essential oils in your lifestyle are unlimited. As you continue reading, you will discover how you can easily select a few types of essential oil that suit your personality or help you with issues in your life.When you use 1-10 little drops of the oil, you might think that that’s not enough or it won’t bring a major difference in your life. While you are at it, you should know that one tiny liter of rose essential oil is produced with fourteen lack hand-picked rose blossoms. This boils down to roughly forty thousand rose blossoms an ounce and 67 roses in one drop of that oil! Now, can you underestimate that little drop, huh?

Complete list of essential oils and their benefits

Allspice oil

Benefical to induce numbness incase of pain. Protects wound from sepsis and for relaxation of mind and body.

Anise Oil

Beneficial for arthritis and provides protection against sepsis. Furthermore, helps with congestion and eases the breathing.

Basil Oil

Beneficial for skin, stress disorder and blood circulation problems.

Bergamot Oil

Beneficial for skin healing, balancing mood and solving digestive problems.

Bitter Almond Oil

Beneficial to eliminate warm problems, high fever and inflammations.

Carrot Seed Oil

Beneficial for protection of injuries from infection, detoxification of the body and regeneration of cells.

Cassia Oil

Beneficial for depression, low mood and stool problems.

Cinnamon oil

Beneficial for chest congestion and colds. Also helps with body pains.

Clary Sage Oil

Used for hormonal regulation and helps with depression. Also helps to ease menstrual pains.

Clove Oil

Beneficial to relieve pain, nausea, acne and bad breath.

Eucalyptus Oil

Beneficial for flu, cold, repelling insects, promoting mental calmness and chest congestion.

Frankincense Oil

Beneficial for stress, digestive problems, slow healing, swelling and itching caused by insect bites.

Lavender Oil

Beneficial for healthy sleep and dealing with stress. Also have numerous benefits for skin and sore muscles.

Lemon grass oil

Beneficial for curing inflammation, fighting dandruff and repelling insects.

Lemon Oil

Known for the benefits it provides for asthma, allergies, treating nausea and reliving stress.

Nutmeg Oil

Beneficial for nausea and pain relief. Also reduces spasms and repels worms and parasites.

Oak moss Oil

Beneficial for protection against septic and promotes wound heals.

Oregano Oil

Beneficial for inflammations, allergies and menstrual cycle.

Peppermint Oil

Beneficial for bad breath, flu cold, bad skin and nausea.

Pimento Oil

Beneficial to induce numbness in case of pain. Protects wound from sepsis and for relaxation of mind and body.

Pine Oil

Beneficial for metabolism, relieves pain, mental health and stress disorders.

Raven Sara Oil

Beneficial with depression, low libido, infections, urination and spasms.

Rosemary Oil

Beneficial for headaches, digestive problems, mind clarity and repelling bugs.

Rue Oil

Beneficial for inflammation, bad digestive system, coughs, cold and menstrual cramps.

Sandalwood Oil

Beneficial to cure mental clutter and unstable emotions.

Spearmint Oil

Beneficial to protect wounds from sepsis, bad spasms, gas relief and brain health.


Beneficial for foul body odor, inflammation and uterine health restoration.

Sweet Orange Oil

Beneficial to helps with anxiety and obtaining stable breath and lifting up the mood.

Tagetes Oil

Beneficial for spasms, infections, inflammations and nervous system disorders.

Tarragon Oil

Beneficial for arthritis and rheumatism. It is also helpful to increase appetite.

Tea Tree Oil

Beneficial to for scalp, pimples and skincare.

Tuberose Oil

Beneficial for decreased libido, bad body odor and relaxation of body and mind.

Vanilla Oil

Beneficial to cure oxidation; promote sexual intimacy, depression and bad sleep.

Vetiver Oil

Beneficial for inflammation and protection against sepsis. Heals scars and cures nervous diorders.

Wormwood Oil

Beneficial for getting rid of warm and larvae problem. Also helps with menstrual cycle, digestion and all over body health.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Beneficial for depression, protection again sepsis, nervous disorders and blood circulation

Top 20 essential oils and their uses

1. Lemon Oil


  • Used as an antioxidant
  • Used to help asthma and allergies
  • Used to help with nausea in pregnancy
  • Used to relief stress

2. Cinnamon oil


  • Used to clear up chest colds
  • Used to soothe body pains
  • Used as an antioxidant

3. Lemon Grass Oil


  • Used for its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Used to repel potent insects
  • Used to fight dandruff

4. Clary Sage Oil


  • Used to regulate hormones
  • Used in aromatherapy for its antidepressant effects
  • Used to get relief from menstrual pains

5. Lavender Oil


  • Used to induced peaceful and deep sleep
  • Used to relief stress
  • Used to speed up skin healing
  • Used to relieve pain and sore muscles

6. Tea Tree Oil


  • Used to clear up dandruff
  • Used for issues with scalp
  • Used to manage pimples and blackheads
  • Used for skincare

7. Eucalyptus Oil


  • Used to avoid flu and cold
  • Used to repel insects
  • Used in aromatherapy for mental calmness
  • Used for chest rubs for congestion

8. Rosemary Oil


  • Used to repel insects and  bugs
  • Use to treat headache
  • Used for treatment of digestive problems
  • Used to obtain clarity of mind

9. Sweet Orange Oil


  • Used to help with anxiety
  • Used to calm the breathing
  • Used for its cheerful effects on inhalers

10. Peppermint Oil


  • Used to freshen breath
  • Used for prevention of flu and cold
  • Used to get clear skin
  • Used to get relieve from nausea

11. Bitter Almond Oil


  • Used to kill warms
  • Used to reduce fever
  • Used to sooth inflammation

12. Carrot Seed Oil


  • Used to protect injury to become septic
  • Used to detox the body
  • Used to promote regeneration of cells

13. Cassia Oil


  • Used to help with depression
  • Used to uplift the mood
  • Used to cure diarrhea or loose stool

14. Oregano Oil


  • Used to soothe inflammation
  • Used to cure allergies
  • Used to promote a healthy menstrual cycle

15. Vanilla Oil


  • Used to repair damages caused by oxidation
  • Used for sexual arousal
  • Used to fight depression
  • Used for healthy and deep sleep

16. Sandalwood Oil


  • Used to enhance mental peace
  • Used to stabilize emotions

17. Basil Oil


  • Used for skincare
  • Used for stress disorders
  • Used to help with blood circulation issues

18. Frankincense Oil


  • Used as to relief stress
  • Used to help with digestive issues
  • Used for its healing properties
  • Used to reduce swelling or itching because of insect bites

19. Bergamot Oil


  • Used for it skin healing properties
  • Used to balance mood swings
  • Used to treat digestive issues

20. Clove Oil


  • Used to relief pain for medical perposes
  • Used to treat nausea
  • Used for acne
  • Freshens up the breath

Are essential oils safe for pets?

Essential oils can pose danger to animals and pets. Especially when applied directly by mixing it with their shampoo or conditioner. It is best to consult with a vet as to which oil is safe to use around you specific pet. As to the most common pets i.e. cats and dogs, following is a list of essential oils that shouldn’t be used around them.

For cats:

  • Ylang ylang
  • Wintergreen
  • Tea tree oil
  • Pine oils
  • Peppermint oil
  • Pennyroyal oil
  • Oil of sweet birch
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Clove oil
  • Citrus oil
  • Cinnamon oil

For dogs:

  • Wintergreen
  • Tea tree oil
  • Pine oils
  • Pennyroyal oil


Essential oil can be used in a number of ways. These include aromatherapy and incorporating a few drops into water and drinking it etc. Essential oil has a prominent history of being used by different cultures and tribes for medical purposes in form of medicine for their numerous therapeutic benefits. It is always a healthy addition to your home. Other than being careful around pets, only thing this addition will bring are benefits that will keep you healthy and happy!