Benefits of Amber essential oil and how to use for skincare

Learn About Amber Essential Oil and their Benefits on Skin

Benefits of Amber essential oil and how to use for skincare

It’s possible that you may have been hearing about Amber essential oil but may not necessarily know what they are or the benefits of using Amber essential oil. Well, not to worry because in today’s article I will be discussing everything you need to know about Amber oil and the benefits of using it on the skin.

Where is Amber essential oil from?

There is actually a lot of confusion when it comes to the meaning of Amber Essential oil and where it’s gotten from. Amber essential oils are known to be very unique oils because it is derived from amber, which is the hardest resin in ancient history.

Amber essential oils are natural aromatic compounds gotten from seeds, stem barks, flowers and other parts of plants. Amber essential oil comes from the distillation of an ancient conifer called Pinus Succiniferra. The resin is heated at about 200 C (392 F) until it becomes liquid.

Amber essential oil blends well with other oils such as sandalwood, cedarwood and frankincense to produce the famous amber blends. These essential oils blends are used mostly for soap productions, lamps for aromatherapy and can also be used to add scents to household cleaning products such as detergents, antiseptics’ etc.

What is white Amber Essential Oil?

Amber White. Concentrated Unisex Fragrance Oil

White amber essential oil is a fruity-floral scent combined with Indian sandalwood oil. It is used mostly in perfume making because of the strong and powerful aroma. White amber has been since history, one of the most treasured oils due to its healing benefits. The white amber essential oil has an amazing shimmering effect on the skin. 

What is Black Amber Essential Oil?

Black Amber-essential oil blend, natural fragrance, musk, perfume, gifts for her, spa gift basket

The black amber essential oil has its origin from Indonesia. It is usually gotten from tree resin that is fossilized. The black amber essential oil is widely known for absorbing negative energies and turning them into positive energy that in turn stimulates the body to heal itself. The black amber essential oil when used on the skin absolves pain and promotes the balance of healing.

What is Pure Amber Essential Oil?

Amber Essential Oil (Pinus Succinifera) 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade - 1OZ-30ML

Pure amber essential oil is a type of essential oil made from 100% amber resin. You can use pure amber essential oil with other essential oils to make your own blend. Essential oils to match with are Geranium, Cypress, Frankincense, Lemon, Orange and Rose Absolute. Pure amber essential oil can be really expensive because an ounce could cost some hundreds of dollars.

General Benefits of using amber essential oil.

Using amber oil has numerous benefits that improve our health. This includes benefits ranging from calming the mind, increasing blood circulation in the body, dementia and arthritis.

Here are a few benefits of amber essential oil on the body

Reduces stress level and anxiety

Using amber essential oil can be a perfect remedy for treating the body from stress and anxiety. This works either by inhaling this oil or putting some in your massage cream, it helps the body to relax and you are assured of a wonderful sleep.

Reduces pain and inflammation

Throughout history, using amber essential oil for pain and inflammation has been known to reduce pain. It is traditionally used as a remedy to soothe muscles and inhaling this oil can help heal some inflammatory diseases in the gastrointestinal system and inflammation in bronchial tubes.

Encourage blood circulation

Amber essential oil has stimulating properties to increase blood circulation to the body, making you more energetic and mentally alert.

The list of benefits on skin from using Amber essential oil

Because of the powerful antibacterial contents of amber essential oil, it sure does have some amazing effects on the skin. Constant use of this essential oil only improves the health of the skin.

The benefits include:

Improves skin elasticity

It improves skin elasticity and new skin cell growth: continuous use of the amber essential oil on the skin improves skin elasticity and new skin cells growth thus slowly prevents the skin from wrinkling and improves skin firmness. Using this product continuously only means that you are on the road to looking younger every day by slowing down ageing. This is achieved by adding a few drops into your bathing water or mixing a few drops into your skin moisturizing cream and lotions.

Rejuvenates the skin

It serves as an agent that repairs and rejuvenates the skin into a healthier and glowing skin.

Reduces skin inflammation and other skin diseases

With amber essential oil, skin inflammation would be really hard to get through to your skin. What this essential oil does to your skin is that it clears your pores thereby making it quite impossible for bacteria to stay in.

To treat acne

Amber essential oil is rich in astringent and antimicrobial properties that help blend the skin and prevent acne troubles. The oil helps in unclogging skin pores thus reducing bacteria that forms from the excess clogging of the skin.

How to use Amber essential oil in skincare

With the amazing benefits of amber essential oil, it sure does play a major role in skin care. Well if you plan on having an amazing skin and want to do so for a long time, this should help

For Dry Skin

For those who may be suffering from dry skin. The amber essential oil can serve as a skin moisturizer. Adding few ounces of amber essential oil to your moisturizing lotions and creams gradually improves the over dryness of the skin. Using this essential oil continuously during the day and night would only tend to give you a soft and moisturized skin.

For Oily Skin

Some of us may be suffering from very oily skins. As we all know oily skins are quite prone to acne. However, a few recipes with amber essential oil can help heal this imbalance.

  • Use a bowl of clean water
  • Add about 20 to 30 drops of amber essential oil
  • I teaspoon of vodka. The vodka is added basically to make the oil blend into the water.

Using this therapy daily, preferably at night before you sleep as it would go a long way in helping reduce oil in the skin especially in the face.

For Anti-aging

The frankincense and labdanum properties act as anti-aging properties. If you seek to look younger even at your 70s, I would advise adding amber essential oil to one of your numerous cosmetic product. Using soaps, creams and other cosmetic products that have amber oil as a major ingredient should be good enough to give you a much younger look. Look for cosmetic products that carry amber oil or maybe you can get amber essential oil, mix it with your cream and see the amazing effects of the essential oil.

For Skin Inflammation

Using amber essential oil in preventing inflammation on the skin is very necessary. The ingredients and chemical compounds found in amber essential oil have been proven to help reduce inflamed skin. Using this essential oil only but promotes the appearance of the skin and heals every sin inflammation. So if I were you I would probably be looking for where to get amber essential oil.

Where can I find amber essential oil?

Reading through the numerous benefits of amber essential oil, you may be wondering where to get amber essential oil. Well, it’s not really difficult to find, whether you intend to use them for personal ser for reselling, you can find them in cosmetic shops, laboratories and maybe at the market.

Side Effects to note

Yes, Amber essential oil has some amazing benefits on the body and skin generally but I think it would be necessary to know some side effects of amber essential oil such as skin inflammation, stomach upset, and drug interaction. But these side effects can be avoided by open conversations with your doctor about any health condition you may have before using the essential oil.


The world is going through a lot of technological revolution and a lot of researches are being made for the improvement of one’s health. The amber essential oil is one of the successful outcome of these researches. The use of amber essential oil is one thing that continuous use provides a lot benefits for our health generally.



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