15 Best Organic Skin Care Brands You Should Know About

Different brands that offer the best organic skin care by country.

By Adina Mazilu
15 Best Organic Skin Care Brands You Should Know About

While today’s modern and very polluted world becomes more and more difficult to live in, people have begun turning to various products and brands that can offer some relief. This is how organic skincare brands have initiated their growing popularity among people who want to use all green products and forget about the chemicals surrounding them. The good news is that the number of people who have chosen this path is continuously growing, prompting new organic brands to keep being created.

So, in order to inform you regarding some of the best organic brands that exist on the international market nowadays, we have created a comprehensive list of brands from various countries that might become your new best friends. Countries like the USA, France, Canada, Australia, and Korea are the leading forces when it comes to organic skincare, which is the reason why you should know more about some of their most popular green brands. Here we go!

Top organic skin care brands from the USA

1. Live Botanical

The USA brand called Live Botanical promises to deliver only the best herbalist-created skin care products that are free of any harming chemicals. Their philosophy is based on herbal traditions that are centuries-old from which a large number of special products has derived. Their goal, according to their official website, is to formulate perfectly-balanced skin care routines for every person using their products. All of their products contain all-natural ingredients like waxes, butter, plant infusions, unrefined oils, and botanical extracts which are meant to take care of your skin in the simplest way possible.

2. Herbivore Botanicals

Herbivore Botanicals is yet another US-based organic skin care brand that was founded back in 2011 in a small Seattle kitchen. They also promise to bring completely non-toxic, safe and effective skin care products to you. Moreover, one of their most interesting promises has to do with the fact that they don’t use any filler ingredients, meaning that everything that you can find in cream is active. This is why their products are highly-effective, concentrated, and pure. Also, it seems that the brand only tests their products on themselves and never on animals. They promise to deliver treatments that are full of minerals, vitamins, and botanic ingredients.

3. Little Barn Apothecary

A small USA brand based in Atlanta, Little Barn Apothecary is the definition of effortless efficiency. Or so they promise. In their mind, being simple means being luxurious, and this is the philosophy that helped them create their skin care products. The brand promises completely cruelty-free, vegan, and natural treatments without synthetic ingredients or fillers. This is a fairly newer brand, having been founded in 2015 by Brad Scoggins and Joshua Morgan after realizing that their interests were common. It all began when they wanted to find a natural remedy for psoriasis symptoms but this resulted in the brand’s very first product, and the rest is history. This is definitely a skincare brand to try if you are also looking for something natural in a world full of chemicals.

Top Korean organic skin care brands

4. Innisfree

The people at Innisfree, one of the most famous Korean organic brand and the first one ever created, like to call themselves an “island”. Their philosophy is based on the idea of healthy beauty and nature that can coexist. By using natural ingredients from the island of Jeju, the company has created numerous skin care products that promise to deliver amazing results. Their laboratory is located in the middle of a tea farm, surrounded by nature and fresh air so that the products created there have the same attributes.

5. Whamisa

Whamisa is yet another famous Korean skincare brand that wants to make people believe more in the preservation of the benefits coming from all-natural ingredients. They promise to create safe, effective, and long-lasting skin care products that are both vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Apart from the natural preservation process, they also use the skincare fermentation technology, which makes these products one of a kind. Moreover, those contain only botanical formulations and are never tested on animals.

6. Aromatica

This is definitely one of the most popular Korean skincare brands that produce organic products with visible effects. The company says that making cosmetics is easier if you do it the traditional way, but making something completely safe and green is very difficult and takes time. Their ambition is to make the world better, safer, and more green-oriented by making such products easily accessible to everyone who wants to make a change. Aromatica is also part of Vegan Society and has Ecocert and EWG certifications, which make it a trustworthy source of organic skin care products.

Top Australian organic skin care brands

7. A’kin

A’kin has a pretty simple mindset when it comes to their products: authenticity, paraben-, sulfates-, and artificial color-free, as well as purity. They are using botanical extracts in order to make their products effective for the skin, to nourish and protect it, the same way nature intends without any outside dangers. A’kin was launched back in 2002 in Australia and has been promoting natural beauty and cruelty-free practices ever since. They also do not use the dreaded palm oil and are completely vegan.

8. The Jojoba Company

This company was founded out of sheer love for the amazing Jojoba plant and its fragile, bean-like fruit. What’s interesting is that the Jojoba “oil” is the only one that acts exactly like our bodies’ natural oils, unlike other such ingredients. This is the very first brand in the world that has created an entire skin care line made out of this precious ingredient. There will be visible differences after using these products, as your skin will become healthier and better-looking. A father and his daughter are the founders of this company, and their journey began back in 2008.

9. GAIA Skin Naturals

This brand creates all-natural and organic skin care products that are specially made for sensitive skin and its problems. Their products are both clean and green, affordable, and will come as a shock for those who are used to incredibly-high prices for organic products. A husband and a wife are the minds behind this business that was founded back in 2002 after their baby developed eczema.

Top Canadian organic skin care brands

10. Wildcraft

This Toronto-based company promises to only create 100% natural skin care products that do not contain any harmful ingredients. This is why their entire line is handcrafted and comes in small quantities. According to them, all of those synthetic ingredients that promise wonders do nothing else but damage our skin in time. On the other hand, nature has created the perfect recipe for skin care which, unfortunately, is not used by many. This is where Wildcraft wants to help.

11. Smith Farms

Two sisters’ ambition to create completely natural skin care products for people everywhere led to the creation of this company back in 2008. They only use all-natural oils, butter, and extracts, and promise that they get involved in all stages of creation. The products are cruelty- and gluten-free, and they never add synthetic fragrances or any other fake ingredients. As for the packaging, as luxurious is it may look, it’s made entirely out of recycled or recyclable materials.

12. Urban Alchemist

From the Toronto base comes a line of skin care products that promise to be perfect for the modern hippie. The people working here want to make their clients trust the products that they apply on their skin. The products do not contain any harmful ingredients, and moreover, they are trying to get the ingredients from local distributors. Their packaging is also special and attractive, making this brand a very nice choice if you want to change your lifestyle.

Top French organic skin care brands

13. Absolution

French organic skincare brand Absolution promises to make people return to their original and natural beauty with these products. They contain over 50% all-natural ingredients that heal and soothe the skin while making it look fresh and beautiful. This brand believes in the beauty of the bare skin, the sole connection that we have with the universe.

14. Patyka Paris

This is an old brand that was founded back in 1922 and which still continues to be popular. Parisian women came to adore a special beauty elixir that started the fame of this brand when an apothecary invented it. Patyka was also the first brand to be certified as organic and premium. They don’t believe in choices and want people to enjoy luxury products that are both effective and safe.

15. Melvita

Probably one of the most famous French skincare brands out there, Melvita came to be in the Ardèche, in the south of France. They base the creation of their nectars on the precious argan oil. All of their ingredients are natural, organic, and their products do not contain artificial or harmful factors. They like to think of themselves as bees that work to create something beautiful and necessary.


In conclusion, there are a lot of organic skin care brands out there that you can choose from in case you have decided to make a change. It does not matter where these brands come from as long as they are right for your skin and you feel at peace with yourself using them. After all, it’s a matter of choice and perspective. It’s up to each one of us to realize what is good and what is harmful, even if we are talking about skin care products.