18 Classy And Creative Baby Shower Ideas For Girls

Cute and unique baby shower ideas and decorations for girls only

By Diana Nadim
18 Classy And Creative Baby Shower Ideas For Girls

Unique Baby Shower Ideas For Girls

Baby showers are amazing as they allow us to celebrate the delivery of your bundle of joy, or the expected birth you’re your baby. Baby showers also help to bring you closer to your family and friends this is why having a unique baby shower is important as it will leave them all in awe.

The following are some of the unique baby shower ideas you can use:

1. Bunny Themed Baby Shower

Source: itscakething.ca

Animal themed baby showers are one of the coolest. There are a lot of things you can use to this theme to stand out. You can start by using a chalkboard sign to write your welcome message which will be the first thing your guests will read when entering the venue. Adding balloons outside the baby shower venue is also a great idea as they help to get the guests in the party mood.

When it comes to the cake, you can have one which is covered by fondant flowers while the cake stands and the folks can be made of wood and embellished with flowers. Including some honeycomb balls in your décor is a good idea as it will add some color which will help to spice up things.

2. Umbrella Themed Baby Shower

Source: Pinterest

For you to be able to pull off this theme perfectly, you will have to include a lot of raindrops and umbrellas into the décor. For example, since umbrella is the main piece, you can use it as the centerpiece for your table with raindrops décor on the side. You can also include clouds and raindrops banners and balloons which are perfect for this kind of theme.

In order to keep your guests entertained, you can decide to include games such as bingo. Alternatively, you can introduce other activities which are equally fun such as painting parties. This will keep your guests happy as they try to awaken their creative inner self’s.

3. Tutu Cute Theme

Source: lobang.club

Source: Sweet Designs

This is a beautiful theme and to bring it to reality, you will need a lot of tulles. To embellish your table, you can use a tutu cake stand using tulles as your centerpiece. You can elegantly dress up your buffet table with girly and colorful things such as a toy tiara and little ballet slippers.

When it comes to food, cupcakes would be perfect! Since presentation is essential, you can add icing on top of the cupcakes to make them look like little tutus. To spice up the whole event, you can add a game such as ballet trivia which is perfect for this theme.

4. Little Miss Sunshine Theme

Source: pinterest.com

This theme is all about summer baby showers! This means that even the color pallet will have to be bright which is why bright orange and yellow shades together with small shades of either white or blue for contrast are perfect. When decorating the venue you will need a lot of balloons. To create the clouds and the sky, simply blow some blue and white balloons with helium and release them to the sealing. Create your centerpieces by placing yellow flowers such as sunflowers in vases and you will be good to go. When it comes to the baby shower food, you can decide to use a cake that has yellow icing or cookies with the shape of the sun. Also, do not forget to add your favorite summer drinks!

5. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme

Source: Pinterest

As the title of this elegant theme suggests, it takes its inspiration from one of the most popular children’s songs in the world. All you need for decoration is a lot of moon and star shapes which you can easily cut them yourself from a paper with the color of your choice. Since stars usually appear at night, it’s good to set a night mood and you can do this by using dark shades for your banners and adding fairy lights. For the food, having a cake with the shape of the moon or even star-shaped cupcakes would be a great idea.

Cute Ways To Decorate The Party Venue

6. Floral Balloons

Source: Pinterest

When decorating your baby shower party event you can never go wrong with balloons. To make floral balloons, attach either real or fake flowers to the string which you will use to hold your helium balloons. The end result will be elegant pieces which will make your baby shower party venue to look amazing.

7. Wishes And Advice Envelope Banner

Source: Make and takes

Banners are a must have for baby showers! You can use envelops that has notes from the guests containing their advice to the mom and wishes to the newly born or yet to be born baby girl. If the mom-to-be is a first-time mom she will need a lot of advice and the information provided by the guests will be very helpful.

8. Butterfly Balloons

Source: Etsy

Another easy and exquisite way of beautifying your baby shower party venue is using butterfly balloons. To create these great pieces, all you will need is to buy balloons of your favorite color and some paper butterflies. Glue the butterflies on the balloons which are inflated with helium and you have yourself amazing pieces of art.

9. Baby Socks Rose Flower Bouquet

Source: Pinterest

This decoration idea involves a bucket which is filled with cute baby socks and rose flowers. This colorful bouquet is perfect for a centerpiece as it allows you to be creative and it brightens the room. When the baby shower is over, the mom-to-be will also be left with the cute socks which she can use o her bundle of joy.

10. Baby Blocks

Baby blocks are some of the most popular decoration ideas for baby showers and it’s for a good reason – they are gorgeous! You can either choose to buy some ready-made baby blocks or you can make yours from scratch. If you decide to go this route, you will need some cardboard boxes, letters, and wrapping paper.

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DIY Crafts For Girls Baby Shower

11. Rainbow Water

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the easiest DIY crafts for a baby shower you can find. What you need to create this amazing scene for your baby shower table is water, fresh flowers, clear glass jars, and food coloring. Put water in the glass jars and for each jar use a different color so as to bring to life the rainbow effect. Place the fresh flowers in the glass jars and your work is done!

12. Confetti/Glitter Glasses

Source: Pinterest

These glasses are simply magical! In order to create these beauties, you will need confetti or glitter, mason jars, glue, and candles. If you are using glitter, you start by applying some glue to the areas you want to have the glitter. Then sprinkle the glitter on those areas of the jar and shake off the excess glitter. The last step is placing and lighting a candle in each mason jar. This kind of decoration is perfect for the tables.

13. Ribbon Chandelier

To create this beauty you will need supplies such as a hoop, ribbons, glue, and scissors. The first step involves you gluing the ribbons all around the hoop. Hand the ribbon chandelier and use the scissors to trim the ribbons so as to get the desired length. You can make a one tier chandelier or a two or even three-tier chandelier, all you need to do is to add the number of hoops.

14. Paper Pinwheels

Source: YouTube

This decoration idea is not only easy to make but it’s also breathtaking. The materials you will need include a craft paper with a color that matches your theme, pins, straws, pencil, ruler, scissors, and beads. Start by cutting several squares from the craft paper depending on the number of pinwheels you want to make. Fold each square from corner to corner then unfold. Using your pencil, mark on the fold lines about a third of the way from the center. Cut along the fold lines and stop at the marks you have made with your pencil. Then bring all the points into the center and secure them with a pin to and stick it into the straw. You can place the pinwheels in clear glass jars and them to decorate the table.

15. Glitter Balloons

Source: ebay UK

These pieces are elegant and will make your baby shower look classy. To create them, you will only need balloons, spoon, and glitter. The first step should be pouring the glitter into the balloons and you can do this by using a funnel and a teaspoon to scoop the glitter. Then inflate the balloons using a pump to avoid inhaling the glitter. 

Pink And Girly Baby Shower Ideas

16. Ladybird Theme

Source: pinterest.com

Ladybirds are elegant little creatures which make this theme ideal for a girls baby shower. You can decorate the venue using pink and black balloons, tablecloths, and paper plates. You can also decorate the table by using clear glass jars that have black rids and fill them with pink candies.

17. Princess Baby Shower

Source: snackncake

This is the most girlish of all baby shower themes available. Welcome your princess with this exquisite pink and gold baby shower theme and your guests will be blown away. Some of the decorations you can use include pink and gold balloons for the venue and a pink cake that has a tiara on top.

18. Little Birds Theme

Source: Etsy

Birds are cute and this is why this using little pink birds as your inspiration for your baby shower is a great idea. One thing to keep in mind is that this theme works best for garden baby showers as you can easily be able to add grass to your décor. Having little pink cages resting on chunks of grass with little pink birds will be perfect.

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With these 18 baby shower themes for girls, you are now equipped with more ideas on what type of theme you should go for. Go for a theme that you enjoy and make this party a joyful experience for guests and yourself!