Top 10 Bachelorette Party Destinations To Head To For Partying

Best party destinations for the different types of bachelorettes.

By Sarah
Top 10 Bachelorette Party Destinations To Head To For Partying

A bride’s bachelorette party comes second only to her wedding day, and that is no surprise. For a woman who is about to get married, enjoying with her friends one last time means a lot. It is a time when she is already quite stressed and needs the support of her girlfriends. Furthermore, there is no denying the fact that after marriage, things do change. The frequency with which a girl meets her friends decreases and the responsibilities of married life eventually catch up. Though it isn’t the truth, she thinks this is the last time she will be able to let loose and have all the fun possible so, her friends should give her something to remember.

Tips on Organizing a Bachelorette

Every single woman is different from the next. Each has different dreams and hopes, and obviously, each has different plans for her bachelorette party. Some want to party it up and go wild while for others, partying might mean sightseeing or even participating in their favorite sports activity such as skiing. On the other hand, others might think that lounging on the beach is the best form of partying.

Finding the exact thing which suits the bride comfortably, fits your budget and suits everyone who is supposed to join the bride at the party can become an absolute nightmare sometimes, with the bridesmaid going crazy trying to figure out all the details, all the while ensuring the bride herself is unaware of the happenings.

Know what kind of person the bride is

However, once you really think about the kind of person the bride is, it becomes quite easy to understand which location will suit the bride the most. Just pick one of her favorite hobbies and find something which suits her needs. Though we have a proper list prepared, one which will be further elaborated on, here are some examples to help you understand which locations can suit which type of bride:

  • The Wild One: Las Vegas - This one is a no-brainer. The city is meant to lose control and just forget about tomorrow. Though that isn’t always the wisest decision, with her friends along her side, there are no chances on the bride making decisions which she will regret in the morning.
  • The Relaxed One: Hawaii - As a complete opposite to the example mentioned above, here is one for someone who wants to relax and enjoy the beach. Going to Hawaii can not only be a delightful experience, but it can also help the bride let go of all the stresses of planning her wedding-something which might be just what she needs before the big day.

Hopefully, these examples help you get an idea of which characteristics of your friend can guide you when it comes to planning her bachelorette party.

The Best Party Destination In The World For Bachelorette

Now, telling you which destination the best in the whole world is is practically impossible.

This decision is one which can only be made by keeping into consideration the likes and dislikes of the bride in mind. I could tell you the best destination for the best bachelorette ever is the Amalfi Coast. Situated in Italy, this stretch of ocean and land is possibly one of the most exquisitely beautiful in the world, with numerous books and movies set in this location, all because the magical beauty of this destination.

However, you might go with this destination, only to find out the bride was hoping for a bachelorette where she could get pampered thoroughly in a high-end spa resort. Not only will this disappoint her immensely, but it will also be a massive loss in terms of the financial aspect, leading to major disappointment. There is no saying that she won’t enjoy her party, but if her vision doesn’t match what she gets, the experience might not be as sweet as she wanted it to be.

So, choosing the best destination in the world is only possible once you know what the bride wants. While many bridesmaids try and keep this a secret from the bride, it is a better option to communicate with her before deciding on the destination. This way, you can’t really go wrong, and when it comes to surprises, you can plan those for when your group reaches the destination.

Top 10 Bachelorette Party Destinations

The destination which you choose will be one which, depends on what your bride wants and unfortunately, depends on your budget as well.

Each of these destinations has something different to offer and will definitely appeal to a specific type of bride. So, let's discuss these destinations further based on what they have to offer.

For A Unique Experience

Though we will elaborate on the destinations which are slightly more frequented by brides and their girlfriends’, sometimes, the bride wants to experience something different.

1. London

For a bride who wants to experience the true magnificence associated with royalty, London is the perfect place to go. Everything in that city has historical significance, and for a bride who finds these things fascinating, it is the best place where you could take to her. Sites such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Hyde Park, and the London Eye are attractions which people living on the other side of the world know of as well.

2. Turkey

Another unique destination where a travel-enthusiastic bride will love to visit could be Turkey. You could limit your trip to one city such as Istanbul or branch out to other countries in the country. Grand mosques such as the Hagia Sophia wows everyone who visits with the intricate architecture that is associated with the country.

3. Ibiza

Another unique destination which is often forgotten is the Mediterranean Island, Ibiza. This island offers a wide variety of attractions. For those who want to enjoy sparkling beaches, this is the place to be. Alternatively, for those who want to party at a well-renowned nightclub can also visit one on the island so.

All-Inclusive Luxury Experience

4. Bali

Located in Indonesia, Bali is a top travel location, and for a bachelorette party can prove to be an exciting location. There are numerous activities which can be carried out in Bali. To begin with, the bride and all her friends can enjoy spas which are known all over the world for their high-quality services.

For brides who enjoy the beach, Bali is home to several beaches, and the best part is the water sports which can also be enjoyed, which include surfing and scuba-diving. The list of attractions which Bali has to offer can go on and on so let us move on to the other options available.

5. Hawaii

As we are already discussing beaches, it is best to mention Hawaii here as well which is another tourist destination which is known for its’ stunning beaches along with the warm welcome offered by the locals.

6. Martha's Vineyard

For brides who want to enjoy a sophisticated bachelorette party, Martha’s Vineyard is the place to go. Other than the wine, which is a huge attraction, the scenery which allows tourists to enjoy a quaint location-which most of us haven’t really experienced-is something which attracts many.

7. Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one which has already been discussed but, the beauty associated with this location cannot be stressed on enough, and for a bride who loves nature and enjoys landscapes, this is the destination to take her. The island is unique in the sense that the mountains on which the houses are perched on, give the island an extremely different look, one which is breath-taking in its’ beauty.

For The Bachelorettes On A Budget

Though many of us dream of taking our friends to the most luxurious locations available, this isn’t always possible. However, this doesn’t mean that it should stop the bachelorette party from being a huge success.

8. Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the city which is on the top of our locations for the best bachelorette party destinations, is one which everyone should visit at least once in their life and go there with your friends can only make the attraction of the location even more appealing.

9. New York City

The famous New York City is another destination which can prove to be an amazing one for a bride and her girlfriends as the attractions in the city are numerous. It all depends on what the bride likes to do. If she wants to enjoy a walk-through nature, you can take her through Central Park. For someone who loves modern art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the place to go.

Alternatively, going to the Statue of Liberty is something which is probably on all our lists so, fulfill all these travel goals while ensuring the bride-to-be has the time of her life as well.

10. Nashville

This location may come as a slight shock but Nashville is home to hundreds of bachelorette parties every month! It's a central location for everyone to meet if you're dispersed around the States. It's also the Vegas of the South! You can rent a place for the night and enjoy their wide range of bars and clubs. Nashville is a great destination if you're a music lover, the music never stops in Nashville!

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Choosing from these ten destinations will not be easy after reading about the numerous attractions on offer, however, regardless of the one you go with, there is no denying that the bachelorette party will be better than any held before.